Call of Duty Vanguard - Part 1 - A NEW EVIL IS HERE..

Cooking simulator steamcan steam deck play all games CALL OF DUTY®: VANGUARD game all right guys welcome back i cant believe im saying this but we are were officially here this has been by far the longest weve ever had to wait for any call of duty period and the fact that were here kind of seems a little bit surreal if im being completely honest so i can officially welcome you guys to the very beginning of an all-new series so ladies and gentlemen welcome to the beginning of call of duty vanguard before we get started i just wanted to take a quick second to give a big thank you to my friends over at activision for sending me an early access code to be able to get this series started early for you guys here on the channel in addition to that today marks a very special day as well because today marks the very beginning of an all new partnership here on the channel between myself this channel and well g-fuel if you guys have been around the call of duty community for a while you probably know that nothing goes hand in hand like call of duty and well gfio so to celebrate that not only the beginning of call of duty vanguard but the beginning of an arnie partnership today starting today november 4th all the way up until november 8th you guys can use code hollow and save 30 off of g fuel typically something thats 10 starting today will be 30 you guys can use code hollow if you want to support me in any way shape or form the link to the website will be down below again all you have to do is use code hollow thank you guys for the love and support throughout the years im super excited to get started on a brand new call of duty campaign its gonna be lit and without further ado lets do this nazi germany the final push into the heart of darkness the srwe recruited the six of us under my command for one reason to retrieve files on the top secret project phoenix the last gasp of the third reich a coalition of allied commandos thrown together and aimed at where our enemy was most vulnerable it was meant to be our first and only mission we all know thats not gonna be the reality of life right i mean lets be honest here thats freaking dark hamburg 1945. would you look at that hell of a world whos up to saving it lets go oh  __  lets go bro no way look at the freaking were playing on the pc by the way if we secure the train we have a chance Music okay so obviously common sense approach an object and jump clearly everyone stay close okay so peek hello is there anyone here no oh look they left uh some ammunition for us how what kind of them what a beautiful gesture i will say this is a bit too quiet boys damn all right helena on this boxcar remember i dont want them to see us coming they cant see anything when theyre dead what is he a parkour master jesus christ if he does make a whole lot of sense if theyre dead they cant see us so we just we just have to uh make sure they all die and then we will be all right oh i see whats going on here were about to do a nice little uh execution Music oh you son of a  __  oh it feels good oh no what do we got here oh buddy youre about to die you dont even know it you got kids you got you got a family well im sorry hold on what do we want jerry out i bet the driver takes the other shes good i dont think he died though yeah the guy shot didnt die doors locked look for another way um sure well not not a problem dude what about this way this looks a little sus not even gonna lie what what the freak whoa bloody oh well that was dumb what is this oh thats that magnum like shotgun right well that thats gonna be interesting so much for our secret mission looks like were doing this the hard way yep get on the other train and blank those crowds we always got to do it the hard way huh not a problem check this out try  __  yo lets go give me that quad baby that campaign quad hey if you cant get a multiplayer get in a campaign right all right were going for the roof whats up  __  gangsta shut up we got trucks yo yo yo yo yo all right time to switch is that someone dude it is so dark here hold up hold up yall need to calm down jesus christ oh man these guns feel amazing i had to just kill the driver oh whoa perfect Music what the hell is that Music oh god thats disgusting Music thats so weird thats sight here take that hopefully that does something did absolutely nothing yo that is a weird gun well theyre dead whats that is that oh  __  oh one in the world this is the first mission this is wild as hell sorry bucko oh god Music oh  __  please dont kill me lets go baby now we can go up through there right yeah man these graphics are intense oh what is this what do we have here refill equipment all right hold on lets go baby yo this is our cool ass mission bro holy crap will you guys stop blocking me were getting close to the engine car im gonna heal up a little bit here we go  __  it lets go lets go lets go lets go the car is gonna blow up that truck is gonna blow up come on hurry up jesus goes dude that sucks bro oh my goodness let it  __  rip i dont know if im supposed to be shooting this but oh god oh no thats my team i love how you can for the campaign at least i love how you can um break through the walls and stuff with the bullets for multiplayer not so sure oh scg-44 with it what is that extended mags fast mags kind of tempting oh hey there buddy how you doing oh what do i only have freaking 11 oh that is atrocious let me get this back in business baby yes  __  oh sorry sorry sorry hey bro im shooting anybody on site you understand me oh god its so dark i cant distinguish friends from enemies like take yo massive action right from the start this is  __  awesome shoot him or blow his ass up see you later the tracks are splitting jump oh  __  wow that was nutty bro that was your uncle  __  me dad now that weve been properly shot at mike the officer in charge tell us what the hell were doing here that submarine base is our final stop once were in we move to secure the objective he wants us to secure it but you wont tell us what it is kingsleys been dancing around there since the get-go this aint just another easter egg hunt is yeah mate whats a bloody story we dont quite know you mean the eso  __  he doesnt quite know you know what im gonna go pull the prince all we have is a name phoenix oh so we got no idea what were up against thats the mission to find out soe says the krauts are moving something big out of germany it could be a document stash the holiest of holies we are here to pinch it if this is so important why did they not send an army they did theres six of us mate were not from the same time no were not even from the same continent quiet get back why were we chosen for this  __  suicide mission brass handpicked six specialists hit the crowds fast and get away clean an army cant do that too loud too slow which is right they wont see us coming in and out with those papers before they know it do we understand the plan i shoot nazis they die thats my i got to put on the glasses bro its too dark in here all right lets do this i mean business you understand not here to  __  around just across these tracks lets get those papers before jerrys any wiser ill cover you from this boxcar hmm i like that christ i hate dogs how thats it nobody found out anything nothings happened here everything is totally fine oh my god oh my god oh god here we go  __  it thats it there we go oh you want some of this  __  Music oh god thats embarrassing Music what the hell was that god oh my goodness Music oh no Music man this guns got some  __  range Music lets go baby nice and let me tell you this is nice this feels really  __  good look for the command room this must be it reload little stan jackson get the door all right all right we missed a hell of a party looks like they left in a hurry yikes inspect infiltrate the u-boat base we must be close not for long crowds are moving their stash onto a sub you see that lot lugging that chest i bet you london to a brick that is what were after so what are we waiting for time to bring the heavy stuff now were talking wait we cant go in loud arthur whatevers in those papers is the best kept secret in the third reich and the crowds kept them here in the ass end of nowhere so what it makes no sense its like leaving the crown jewels on the front porch with hardly anyone watching them the entire german army should be guarding this place were not the only ones who dont know what phoenix is youre saying nazis are keeping secrets from nazis im saying the ones in charge of the secrets are the most dangerous yeah thats why we brought the guns to shoot them are we done here those papers are about to piss off out of germany you three take the catwalk and make your bloody noise buy us time web novak youre with me well take the boat lets go secure the phoenix intelligence all right lets get it brother this looks awesome dont shoot us or well leave without you oh man take them down Music all right this guys going bro right in front of me what a fool oh hello there Applause oh crap what are you doing there sir oh my god its okay were fine were totally fine oh my goodness oh  __   __  bro you guys are a little intense man my goodness its getting a little a little out of hand here i do say so myself oh sdg there we go thats what i wanted to get all right were gonna lose those documents all right so we gotta go upstairs oh my god holy crap this campaign is crazy i mean to be fair call of duty campaigns im always ive always been crazy its just been a minute its been a while Music oh crap what are you doing you  __  idiot oh thats thats one of my guys sorry i didnt  __  know bro how you want me to do i saw him load the crate on that sub cover us were going aboard good luck kids ill find us a way out of here theres a hatch this is it lads lets find that crate and get out of here richard watch our backs you take the lead straight ahead oh god gotta love the close quarters this is some  __  get back get back oh  __  my face oh what the hell was that what just happened youre all right am i alive its got to be the command room lets get our hatch open will you move stay close tossing grenade lets go baby thats crazy dude i think he stunned him actually oh theyre huh throwing a  __  grenade there low ammo theres the box way back got a safe cracker ill give you honest will you all right secure the phoenix intelligence man look look at look at the graphics dude holy smokes the sirens are stopped they cant be good we got to move now go back help me Applause whoa no oh were screwed wait rectangular i know so you get on with it i delightfully you think youre british a cambridge man through and through so you know better than to ruin a mans evening beethovens fault sonata has exquisite but demanding passages that deserve my full attention unlike you does the negro get orders in english too and do you follow them oh holy  __  please proceed your rhineland accent you must be from moisture during the occupation you saw french soldiers who look like me carry guns in your streets students well equipped youre women thats what i hear when you speak german show me we thrashed you once hear those bombs thats us thrashing you again threshing thrash with an interesting choice of words i told you already get on with it shes got balls man youre crazy man relax thats what you are i dont want to die right now man to sacrifice yourself to be a leader i am not here to give you what you want quite a counter ah why me like what the hell i said you give your mother Music the only one that says absolutely nothing gets destroyed are you  __  kidding me dispose of the put the rest in the truck so the person we were playing with dies are you kidding me Music wow novak jesus christ people die people die when command  __  up how exactly is this arthurs fault this is on him and on wade and bastard abandoning his team well youre right about wait if he shows his face again im bloody killing myself oh yes lets keep blaming each other instead of the germans is that supposed to impress me relax it does not matter is going to kill us all surprisingly the nazi the one who killed novak old friend of yours is he we have history oh yeah what caught it against frizzinger arthur will get us out of this what because hes your mate it wasnt always but ive seen him in action you lose men thats war sometimes the only way to honor a fallen soldier is to finish the mission but try remembering that while their blood stains your boots this is intense man so now were gonna go back in time with this character if youre meant to lead you have to learn what its like to lose men to have them die trusting you and theres only one way to learn that lesson first time i did was on d-day dudes now we go back in time with each one of those characters and it seems like the crowds weve got one chance to demolish the coastal artillery but if we dont the invasion tomorrow will fail now i trade you all for this lets not let the navy shut us up so take the case mates blast the artillery then fire your flare so let them make you know the jobs done all right this is it you know the drill stand  __  nuts bro oh my god holy  __  imagine that oh my god bro oh god oh okay thats water were fine were totally fine we didnt oh that sucks bro what in the look at the transition in that thats insane regroup with allies at the windmill wow oh man its just wild as hell perfect lets keep it moving oh no hello is there anybody there oh thunder oh this is what we saw in the uh reveal thats right dude thats so  __  thats so messed up look at this little piece of  __  bro thats so messed up what he just did to that poor guy holy  __  dude this campaign is insane oh sorry buddy oh im so sorry wheres that body girl look at that body what about the guy we just killed here hes got nothing for us either huh weve only got two bullets this is this is fabulous oh  __  gotta be very careful here weve only got two bullets man this is insane oh god im terrified what is going on here all right perfect well go behind this poor bastard oh my god okay well wait for this guy oh dude what the hell oh my god screw it here we go what is happening here yo well this looks so  __  awesome now were gonna peek oh  __  yo what the heck dude jesus christ all right we gotta go that way i think theres somebody shooting i dont i dont oh no oh no oh my god is that for us oh no all right thats one thats two oh what the  __  bro i dont know if they can fully see me or not but lets go baby im sorry guys im so sorry oh really oh yeah im so against killing dogs but you know what it is what it is  __  it theyre trying to kill me too all right let me reload here get some more mp40 uh bullets very much needed bullets all right were good oh a little rabbit all right so we out of the fire are we like back in you know stealth mode that would be nice checkpoint has been reached all right this is what we had to come to regroup with the with the group Music as you can see right there what what are you doing man are you crazy have you lost your  __  you lost your  __  mind oh this is crazy bro what is going on thunder thunder dont shoot damn you kingsley we picked you as a crowd lucky we didnt fill you full of lead hmm richard webb nice to see you gents where do we stand captain didnt make it so were on our own now i say we dig in and wait for the rest of the sick airborne to assemble henry said we have till dawn to destroy the artillery if we dont the invasion fails so you fancy yourself the captain now sun-ups an hour away at best theres no time for a sit down yeah theres also no muscle and no cavalry coming to save the bloody day the only thing we can do here is to die or try not to you two scrapping overs got the bigger bollocks aint gonna solve nothing those german casemates arent that far away i think we can get to them in time so why say we take them out the companys scattered were pissing in the wind at this point i know whats at stake you all do this is madness hey were beyond madness look im with arthur we finished the mission all right kingsley looks like youre in charge now casemates and valhalla are that way we should get moving whats the plan kingsley lets get a path cleared you heard the sarge clear that debris let me get this mp40 that was here this little site much better thank you oh some ammo equipment uh full so we can get that thats the coastal defense battery the bridge is well guarded and the banks too steep we secure the bridge then its our only move youre the boss take the bridge head all right keep low watch that truck we have an opportunity here stay quiet and get close i know this is gonna go crazy we want to attack or do we want to be stealthy Music go big or go home baby mg oh god we got this dont worry about it yo what the  __  these desserts running at me with bayonets bro  __  them  __  them all suppress the whole track mg there we go i like that little commands you know thats pretty dope i dont know if this is gonna work bro i dont know if this is gonna work dude oh my god uh a little intense here enemies there we go lets move forward that wasnt that bad i think we did pretty good take the bridge oh my god are you kidding me holy smokes Music so we wait for them to attack and then we throw the grenade okay thats how we get cr uh closer to the uh okay i got it i see how that features working thats why you have like the little timer interesting very interesting well that was a  __  kerfuffle hey sarge got it done still here arent we i suppose eight men standing against the nazi gunfort richard said i got mad sometimes a little madness is called for i think deep down he understood that and realized we were cut from the same cloth that was badass bro prepare to assault the gun battery a damn mission where theres some sort of daylight everythings been so dark and scary man look at those defenses bloody hell theyre waiting at the table up here all right lets gear up real quick just in case police swap weapons lets get that bar very promising oh with extended mags oh look at that crazy hows it looking sergeant lets see for yourself lets get you the lay of the land our targets are the guns housed in those casemates and we can only get there through a horde of germans arm to the teeth it must have been so scary dude you can handle taking out the lower gun not fancy my chances that bunkers our way in but its packed with mgs itll be a hard push first jobs getting across that minefield but that anti-tank ditch could be useful ive got an idea im always we can punch a hole through the mines with those blitzes there and the bunker will make minced meat out to us as soon as they hear the engines coming were going quiet then no engines better than the last second let gravity do the work i should get another ditch at least well i love it i think you should go first all right then as soon as you hit the ditch get the men ready tommy you with me oh yeah drive through the minefield take the bunker strap some thermite to some highly explosive weapons piece of piss sarge and you get a second sun burning in the sky if our ships dont see that flare if they dont know weve won theyll fire on the guns and risk taking us with them well i dont know about you but i think ill take very little consolation in knowing that the fire that killed me was friendly dont worry gov i wont forget to warm up trucks ready well be right behind you and this bars only got 20 bullets its kind of all trash there we go prepare to assault clear way through the minefield oh god you can actually drive this is kind of funny this is crazy bro this guys crazy wow to get rid of the mine huh insane i was actually pretty genius oh my god holy  __  oh my god  __  oh i actually got someone thats right  __  thats right  __  oh damn they hurt me oh sorry im still in business oh my god ready on the door just waiting on your boss you take the lower case mates ill take the upper ones dont forget the flare lets move up search all the way boys this is it youre on me tell me drag it back we need to clear the door all right lets Music whoa bro its hard to sometimes see like the enemies from the allies theyre falling back keep pushing im going to throw some grenades grenades never heard nobody right watch that track oh yeah baby thats  __  right that tall fat gunner is down i had a reload reload read out read out come on Music nope oh my god holy crap stay behind the half track dont give those mgs a target bro that is crazy its not even worth it thats not even worth it i dont even have a scope on that  __  Music crazy uh we gotta be careful we gotta be careful stay together well be all right we all right oh my goodness bro freaking crap the movement does feel a lot slower than in the multiplayer which is fine its campaign but man look at this like i feel so sluggish theres only certain areas so that the movement actually the movement actually gets slower its when the game wants you to be slower ive noticed that oh  __  nice you  __  cooked up dude oh my god he burned the  __  out of him ill cover ahead while you find a torch sarge bloody hell it stinks in here wow wow no holy crap look at that  __  monster wow never seen a one two five up close before lets blast the bus that starts here thats crazy one down one to go thats the last of the thermite serge i could use your help here somebodys gonna pop up no all right take it slow wow are you serious  __  got me take it slow what is freaking  __  bro all right this ones a good we got a little egg cog or i dont know what scope that is but its gonna come in handy oh the bunkers oh god yo this is nuts bro oh god that was close yo what that stairs over here this is not this reminds me of that modern warfare 2019 mission in like the townhouse duplex or whatever the hell that was that four-story building like everythings super tight and dark sounds like webb did his part i thought he died extremely fast too that like aiming down sight speed ridiculous theres you that should be the last one im talk before this thing explodes yep you have the flare sarge bombardments close get out buy the flare sergeant the flare bombardments any minute dab flares oh youve got to be  __  joking wheres webb oh god oh my god Music holy crap oh brothers gap raining this is since non-stop  __  craziness oh  __  okay i thought that was richard what where the hell have you been finding time to take a kip i was just waiting for some outcaster to come and save the day well lets you and i signal our boy shall we the transition from like gameplay to cgi is like so seamless but wed won the day and wed honored the memory of all those we lost the only way we could by completing the mission you look at the soldiers under your command and hope that they can do the difficult thing the impossible thing that flare told me id been right this is what it means to be a leader oh yeah this is awesome this is  __  awesome steam deck 64gb upgrade Call of Duty Vanguard Part 1 Campaign Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1. 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