Vanguard is BETTER than Modern Warfare 2

How to let others play your steam gameshow to feature games on steam profile CALL OF DUTY®: VANGUARD game um I dont know why Im doing this today as yall can see today we are here on Call of Duty Vanguard I dont know why but today I just had the urge to come back to Call of Duty Vanguard this is the we all know this game was was kind of a joke I think a lot of us majority of us would probably rather erase this Call of Duty from the timeline let me know in the comment section you guys played this game um wow this is uh really interesting to come back to man oh my Im getting like crazy PTSD yeah they just added the ex1 the laser gun from advanced warfare in the final season that just goes to show you that the developers just stopped caring about the World War II theme and Im not gonna sugarcoat it I I completely you know I destroyed this game when it was the new Call of Duty app I hated it Gene splicer reactive Mastercraft when did they add this again it was a World War II Call of Duty game and this game had some of the craziest looking guns yo we need this stuff in Modern Warfare too Im not even gonna lie bro I will say Vanguard had some of the best looking weapons weve seen in Call of Duty like this Godzilla gun is insane I just wish we would see some of these weapons in like Modern Warfare 2 man we cannot forget about this one the whole anime Boombox thing this one was iconic we cant forget about the 8-Bit ex1 that they added I I have no words man what is this before we jump into todays video Im only giving you guys five seconds to drop like if you guys dont drop it like you fail the mission and you get bad luck so I want to risk it is Mastercraft have a cool inspect at all I mean its glowing it looks insane wait what is that Ive never seen this Ive literally never seen this before what the hell uh okay so man if Call of Duty Vanguard can have this content why cant we have this content in Modern Warfare 2 the newest game oh my God Im slide canceling and Im freaking playing radar which is Dome from Modern Warfare 3 and thats what Ive been playing the most in Modern Warfare 2. Ive been playing Dome this is this is trippy as hell why does Vanguard actually feel really really good uh coming back to it in 2023 after playing MW2 like I feel like its it shouldnt be like this typically the new game is supposed to feel the best I I guess I guess not this time okay let me know in the comment section were you guys a fan of Vanguard I Im assuming most you guys werent wait this gun it looks like insane bro I dont even know what Im looking at yeah I feel like obviously a lot of people didnt like Vanguard just because of a World War II theme the World War II theme Im not gonna lie hes probably the worst era for Call of Duty games is when they go back to World War II they really go back to World War II and its like I dont know man they they intentionally make stuff worse because of like you know sticking to the timelines and and stuff like that when in reality its freaking its Call of Duty man its a video game its supposed to be unrealistic wait wait this gun just keeps getting better and better yeah kind of sucks that like we dont have like any uh Master crafts or anything like that in Modern Warfare 2. well we got the attack dogs I guess I guess Ill put those on man I wish the slide canceling was in Modern Warfare 2. like this this actually feels so much smoother compared to the movement like I dont even know theres no movement in MW2 but it feels a lot smoother compared to MW2 oh my God dont why why why are you gonna Im not gonna sit here and praise Vanguard because Vanguard was Im not gonna lie man they made some horrible decisions for this game this game for the most part like 95 of the time was boring as hell and I just I I never wanted to play it Music how did I die are you kidding its crazy that people are still playing this game I wonder why why are people still on Vanguard like I Im not gonna lie like Modern Warfare 2 is a better game to me what what are these guys doing I dont know what that was man thank you bro I was on such a fast streak I was on like a 20 or so I think I was like four off the V2 foreign Music s are wild I dont even know where to go I genuinely I just dont even know where to go theyre spawning theyre spawning like next to me bro yeah like a UAV or something bro thatd be sick just dont spawn next to me just dont spawn next to me I try and get over to see I think theyre spawning like in that back left corner oh my God Im on a 20. Im on the 20 bro I know Im kind of like chilling but I also just want this V2 so bad because these spawns can just flip within like a second like thats the thing you know they could spawn under me like again got him Im on a 21. 22. literally just triple capping like I I I cant do much oh were triple capping you know what I mean like I just cant do much we have at least one flag Id be confident to move but like they they dont even have a single flag they just dont have a single flag well thats the V2 thats the V2 this is why I hate triple capping and domination games because it just screws up the freaking spawn and they got like shipment though more in Modern Warfare 2 than I did in Vanguard because Vanguard you could climb in those spots and I dont know it was just it was way more like hectic and chaotic I feel but with this but we should made a Modern Warfare 2 I feel like its way more grounded like theres no verticality to it and that honestly thats something that I love a lot to be real I definitely dont miss Vanguard like I definitely do not miss this game but I think I missed like a lot of things when it comes down to it like I think I definitely miss like the movement I like Sly canceling a lot more and then like the no movement type of style in Modern Warfare 2. I dont know man let me know in the comment section what you guys think I know van Gore was a very controversial Call of Duty game for sure and uh yeah I dont know man I I bet a lot of you guys definitely dont miss this game we have like no time hello can you call it in thank you the nuke in this game was 25 kills instead of 30. I feel like 30 is a lot better its definitely more of a sense of like an accomplishment 25 kills is like a little a bit easy for me I dont know about you guys but uh yeah theres the V2 rocket back on Vanguard like we never left oh man that felt really weird to be real before I get off this game I have to use this gun this gun is just so ugly this is the ex1 the whole 8-bit variant the gun just looks like its lagging its just the gun thats lagging thats for sure its not the game does this gun have no recoil overall man let me know in the comment section um do you guys plan on going back to Vanguard anytime soon do you guys think that Vanguard is a better game than modern warfare 2. like I said I feel like there are aspects in Vanguard that are actually better um than what we have in MW2 overall I will say I I think Modern Warfare 2 has a lot better replay value to it I think its also better just I dont know for like the Casual offense to the casuals are a huge part of like the Call of Duty I guess fan base and like the you know the consumers so I think they also have to cater to the Casual fans when it comes to making a call of Duty game and again I really do miss like a slide cancel I really really do I just think Sly canceling is uh a lot better when it comes to just making Call of Duty a faster paced game overall but uh do I miss Vanguard in its entirety absolutely not man this game kind of made me fall out of love with you know multiplayer Im not even gonna lie with you guys this game made me truly kind of hate multiplayer and like making multiplayer videos on YouTube it was mainly just for the simple fact that this game just felt old and got old very very quick I just pray Call of Duty is done with the Whole World War II era it is arguably the worst era did that guy just scream yeah the World War II theme and era is arguably the worst era Call of Duty does with Vanguard they took it so seriously and tried to make it as realistic and one-to-one as possible and it just ruined the game I remember they just didnt have trophy systems in this game because there werent trophy systems during World War II like for competitive players like this the Call of Duty League there to be trophy systems like there needs to be trophy systems in the Call of Duty league and you know incompetitive the wall bang that I feel like this game was the end of like an error we had Modern Warfare 2019 Black Ops Cold War in Vanguard those three games I always kind of book them together now we have a new era with Warzone 2 Modern Warfare 2 and uh theyre theyre kind of done with this engine and moving forward I guess but yeah let me know in the comment section which game do you like better Vanguard or Modern Warfare 2. easy to run free steam games Vanguard is BETTER than Modern Warfare 2#CallofDuty #Vanguard #ModernWarfare2 ▶ G FUEL 30% OFF! - Code RAID ▶ Use Code RAID for 10% off KontrolFreeks! ▶ Use Code RAID for 5% off ScufGaming! ▶ Use Code RAID for 10% off CTRL! 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