CALL OF DUTY VANGUARD Gameplay Walkthrough Campaign FULL GAME PS5 4K 60FPS HDR No Commentary

Best cheap games on steam 2018free steam account with a lot of games CALL OF DUTY®: VANGUARD gameplay Music Music Music nazi germany the final push into the heart of darkness the soe had recruited the six of us under my command for one reason to retrieve files on the top secret project phoenix the last gasp of the third reich a coalition of allied commandos thrown together and aimed at where our enemy was most vulnerable this was meant to be our first and only mission would you look at that hell of a wall whos up for saving it Music lets go showtime then we can pull this off if we secure the train we have a chance whos going first you have a go everyone stay close remember i dont want them to see us coming they cant see anything when theyre dead take one jerry out i bet the driver takes the other shes good novak Music looks like were doing this the hard way get on the other train and blank those crowds Music Music lets not chance it take the roof no that just took out another trap Music how many  __  jerrys on that truck Music oh heads hey up look at the sweet lnt on that truck Music were getting close to the engine car of course they are he doesnt like those trucks Music watch out Music hes fired Applause get those cherries attack Music the driver the tracks are splitting jump what was your uncle  __  me dead now that would be properly shot at might the officer in charge tell us what the hell were doing here that submarine base is our final stop once were in we move to secure the objective he wants us to secure it but he wont tell us what it is kings has been dancing around there since the get-go this aint just another easter egg hunt is here mate whats a bloody story we dont quite know you mean the eso  __  he doesnt quite know you know what im gonna go pull the prince all we have is a name phoenix oh so we got no idea what were up against thats the mission to find out soe says the krauts are moving something big out of germany it could be a document stash the holiest of holies we are here to pinch it if this is so important why did they not send an army they did theres six of us mate were not from the same army hell were not even from the same continent quiet get back why were we chosen for this  __  suicide mission grass handpicked six specialists hit the crowds fast and get away clean an army cant do that too loud too slow which is right they wont see us coming in and out with those papers before they know it do we understand the plan i shoot nazis they die thats my plan Music lets get those papers before jerrys any wiser ill cover you from this boxcar christ hate dogs light them up whats the trade trying uh Music god damn it i cant see theyre coming out fast watch out Music so lets go everybody this must be it jackson get the door we missed a hell of a party looks like they left in a hurry phoenix we must be close not for long crowds are moving their stash onto a sub see that lot lugging that chest i bet you london to a brick that is what were after so what are we waiting for time to bring the heavy stuff now were talking wait we cant go in loud arthur whatevers in those papers is the best kept secret in the third reich and the crowds kept them here in the ass end of nowhere so what it makes no sense its like leaving the crown jewels on the front porch with hardly anyone watching them the entire german army should be guarding this place were not the only ones who dont know what phoenix is youre saying nazis are keeping secrets from nazis im saying the ones in charge of the secrets are the most dangerous yeah thats why we brought the guns to shoot them are we done here those papers are about to piss off out of germany you three take the catwalk and make your bloody noise buy us time web novak youre with me well take the boat lets go Music were covering you from the catwalk man look for a way out of this truck dont shoot us or well leave without you Music take them down theyre go go this time Music Music lets go lets go Music upside down had a beautiful tree thats the self in the next pen were close keep adam hes down i saw him like the crate on that sub cover us were going aboard good luck kids i find this a way out of here theres a hatch this is it lads lets find that crate and get out of here richard watch our backs no back we have to stop this up get back get back youre all right its got to be the command room lets get the hatch open stay close tossing grenade get down moving Music theres the box go back cracker be honest with you mother the sirens are stopped that cant be good weve got to move now go back help me Music oh rectangulars australia and also you get on with it i delightfully you think youre british a cambridge man through and through you know better than to ruin a mans evening beethovens fault sonata has exquisite but demanding passages that deserve my full attention unlike you does the nico give orders in english too and do you follow them the fish is please proceed your rhineland accent during the occupation you saw french soldiers who look like me carry guns in your streets marry your women thats what i hear when you speak german jeremy we thrashed you once hear those bombs thats us thrashing you again threshing thrash with an interesting choice of words i told you already get on with it yeah thats what you want to sacrifice yourself to be a leader i am not here to give you what you want quite a concert Music what Music disposal that put the rest in the track hands off my  __  Applause novak jesus christ people die people die when command  __  up how exactly is this arthurs fault this is on him and on wade and bastard abandoning his team well youre right about wait if he shows his face again im bloody killing myself oh yes lets keep blaming each other instead of the germans is that supposed to impress me relax it does not matter verizinger is going to kill us all surprisingly the nazi the one who killed novak old friend of yours is he we have history oh yeah what kind of against fryzinger arthur will get us out of this what because hes your mate it wasnt always but ive seen him in action you lose men thats war sometimes the only way to honor a fallen soldier is to finish the mission but try remembering that while their blood stains your boots if youre meant to lead you have to learn what its like to lose men to have them die trusting you and theres only one way to learn that lesson first time i did was on d-day weve got until dawn to achieve our objective and it seems like the crowds already know were coming now weve got one chance to demolish the coastal artillery but if we dont the invasion tomorrow will fail now i trade you all for this lets not let the navy show us up so take the case mates blast the artillery and fire your flare so let them make you know the jobs done all right this is it you know the drill stand up okay standby ugh Music hes coming thank you Music thunder Music oh Music what uh hmm Music ugh um beautiful oh is again first Music Applause hello Music thunder thunder dont shoot damn you kingsley we picked you as a crowd lucky we didnt fill you full of lead nice to see you gents where do we stand captain didnt make it so were on our own now i say we dig in and wait for the rest of the sick airborne to assemble henry said we had till dawn to destroy the artillery if we dont the invasion fails so you fancy yourself the captain now sun-ups an hour away at best theres no time for a sit-down yeah theres also no muscle no cavalry coming to save the bloody day the only thing we can do here is to die or try not to you two scrapping over whos got the bigger bollocks aint gonna solve nothing those german casemates arent that far away i think we can get to them in time so i say we take them out the companies scattered were pissing in the wind at this point i know whats at stake you all do this is madness hey were beyond madness look im with arthur we finished the mission all right kingsley looks like youre in charge now casemates and valhalla are that way we should get moving whats the plan kingsley lets get a park cleared you heard the sarge clear that debris oh those lights on the cliff thats the coastal defense battery kingsley orders the bridge is well guarded and the banks too steep we secure the bridge then its our only move youre the boss keep low watch that truck we have an opportunity here stay quiet theyre falling back move up cover me im on it track split up okay the stairs Music is suppress the whole track empty mg take out the reinforcements forward now take the bridge Music the tower mg we need a grenade who remembers how to drive a blitz Music well that was a  __  kerfuffle hey sarge got it done still here arent we i suppose eight men standing against the nazi gunfort richard said i got mad sometimes a little madness is called for i think deep down he understood that and realized we were cut from the same cloth went up ahead i think theyre waiting on you sargeras theyre waiting at the table up here hows it looking sergeant lets see for yourself lets get you the lay of the land our targets are the guns housed in those casemates and can only get there through a horde of germans armed to the teeth i think you can handle taking out the lower gun i fancy my chances that bunkers our way in but its packed with mgs itll be a hard push first jobs getting across that minefield but that anti-tank ditch could be useful ive got an idea im always we can punch a hole through the mines with those blitzers there and the bunker will make minced meat out to us as soon as they hear the engines coming were going quiet then no engines better the last second let gravity do the work that should get us to the ditch at least well i love it i think you should go first all right then as soon as you hit the ditch get the men ready tommy you with me oh yeah drive through the minefield take the bunker strap some thermite to some highly explosive weapons piece of piss sarge and you get a second sun burning in the sky if our ships dont see that flare if they dont know weve won theyll fire on the guns and risk taking us with them i dont know about you but i think ill take very little consolation in knowing that the fire that killed me was friendly dont worry gov i wont forget to warm up trucks ready well be right behind you were flying everywhere godspeed kingsley uh good time to move go go uh Music blow that back up Music running on the door just waiting on your boss you take the lower case mates ill take the upper ones dont forget the flare lets move up for a search all right boys this is it youre not me trying to get back we need to clear the door all right lads off of you with me down Music theyre falling back keep pushing on the left keeping that track down keep the left half track down left half track connor is down reinforce it keep firing hold the line tracks stay behind the half track dont keep those mgs at target move this thing down stick on it stay covered so keep pushing nuts over the top lets go Music Music 77 Music Applause while you find a torch sarge bloody hell it stinks in here sands torture up ahead now look at that  __  monster never seen a one two five up close before lets blast the pass that starts one down one to go thats the last of the thermite serge i could use your help here Music i barely see a thing in here take it slow that was Music now every crowd knows were here Music good night get down sounds like webb did his part the rest is up to us go how were blasting this one were out of thermite ill feed it at bangalore lets get up top before this thing explodes you have the flare target bombardments close go get out fire the flare sergeant the flare bombardment any minute damn flares ruptured gotta be  __  joking wheres webb there lower case mate hey coming get down im going from west flair get everyone to cover we need to run for it Music Music where the hell have you been funny time to take a kip i was just waiting for some outcaster to come and save the day well lets you and i signal our boy shall we Applause we lost our captain but wed won the day and wed honored the memory of all those we lost the only way we could by completing the mission you look at the soldiers under your command and hope that they can do the difficult thing the impossible thing that flare told me id been right this is what it means to be a leader Music from all the flags waving on the streets wed never have known the nazis were about to lose the war but bullies are always loudest when theyre scared and when theyre desperate they get stupid commander herman freisinger had killed novak they need giving us a free ride right into the lions since den troops stormed the shores of europe the funeral german people ive read the field report twice this ally team is fascinating they have been captured but it was too close i want you to find out everything you can about this unit it will be my pleasure sir you will speak of this to no one else and report directly to me hallelujah this prison is now our battlefield christ what is that smell chlorine dioxide they think it hides the smell of death well this is the nicest  __  ive ever been in is anyone else hungry so i am happy and fiora richter and piss off crowd unless youve got room service for us and i have questions for you yeah were gonna wait bloody questions im the commanding officer youll speak with me even then richter was easy to read uniforms at high rank no compact metals office rat the perfect mark surrounded by three guards all armed and all wankers in all my years studying the allies i have never come across such an unusual unit kingsley arthur lieutenant service number 25232642 tell you a story i have spoken with zafura on exactly one occasion he recommended a book to me the passing of the great race by an american a man named madison grant shifura had nothing but trace for him  __  madison grant and everyone like him the book reveals that under extreme duress or unfavorable conditions your people do not deteriorate so easily in that moment i knew what i had to do right to the super stone or notch below the clavicle once we had what we needed from this racist bastard thats where i would put my knife my plan began to take shape we were being held in the basement of gestapo headquarters around and above us was a treasure trove of classified nazi intelligence project phoenix had to be there somewhere and richter was our ticket he thought he was the interrogator if he was to be of any use to us hed have to keep thinking that that arrogant nazi in his clean pressed uniform loved the sound of his own voice the hard part wouldnt be fooling richter into spilling what he knew of project phoenix the hard part would be convincing the others not to kill him first the allies somehow knew about project phoenix you must have a traitor amongst the officers i pulled their files take care of them with the other non-essentials lieutenant kings they mentioned a project phoenix likely allied propaganda the negro thought he was protecting his team no doubt to prove himself to make him their leader the allies must have been desperate he said it was their first mission that his sixth man is dead hes probably lying i will uncover the truth are there other teams like this one how did they learn of hamburg is temple half at risk of being compromised these are the things i need to know theres more stake here than im at liberty to discuss just know that im counting on you here i understand thank you so much well i see ten fingers thats a good sign at least dont make a fuss im fine listen they know about wade but they havent caught him yet i told him he was killed didnt you on the train to hamburg i dont think theyll fall for it but the hope is itll buy him some time to get us out he isnt coming back for us shes right kingsley we cant count on that  __  drongo bring out the girl she i got nowhere man ill just get out of my way whos naive Music every person on this team was a hero in their own right long before their files ever reached my desk but to say they were strong personalities would be a vast understatement particularly when it came to petrova have you seen my again its bad enough i have to wear this thing at all no its flammable last years teaching me how to shoot wasted stuck in a med tent dont be in a rush to fight dodging glory is worth nothing when youre dead but this fight it matters you matter you and me sir are all i have left Music hey be nice im always nice Music alicia what you got there empty bottles im training fresh partisans oh cameras already know how to drink these will be molotovs is it wise to give explosives to civilians you worry too much  __  oh there isnt that nice a real family breakfast bombs and bullets best way to start the day you know youre gonna get yourself killed having that old rifle in the house but now who is worried too much Music so the germans are approaching the front line is that where youre off to no he told me thats not where id be the most useful as well im training recruits at the old post it must be office it would have been nice to have a choice on the map at least you get to fly dont tell me at least you whats it youre both doing your part which reminds me if any of those who brutally get past you you know where to send them of course they will never get through never plea i need to run theyre waiting for me miss your box i swear he would forget to keep his own head screwed on without us we really are saints honestly ill make sure he gets this on my way to the med tents you help your country much more than you know and you make your old man proud we should replace your old chair never its comfy enough for me miesha and i were so little in this photo seems like just yesterday so many impressive medals papa its your mother she always insisted we display them its been a while since i played this you were a natural i miss hearing you play be safe out there you cannot believe Music the new parties on some training will crush them before they get close i believe good luck out there impossible morning save some of our men today huh Music something smells good over here before the world i saved the love for your family Music forget something youre a life saver i should be going with you you probably should i have more practice than any of these red armies are bucky keep your voice down you dont want to make enemies here fine just dont do anything i wouldnt do i couldnt even if i tried my aim is  __  compared to yours its too bad we cant trade places that would look great in the team at least try to make it back from your bomb making one piece several pieces its fine im pretty good at putting people back together yes youve made me late again ill have to take the rooftops youre gonna get yourself killed climbing around out there i promise you can say i told yourself if it happens now go Music have you been hearing dont worry the red army will handle it well be careful out there which truck broke down this way is blocked move along so shes down the other side plenty of men that need catching up today go ahead join the others oh god Music Music Applause Music yes Music uh you help your country more than you know and you make your own man proud hey get back inside you have to leave stalingrad now um Music Music that was a mistake old man is oh um taken starting cities Music Music uh Music Applause Music huh Music take care of each other Music tell mom im off to save misha as usual you are going hardly hmm okay Music uh Music yes uh thank you Music Music Music reason equals Music big Music uh yes Music Music Music hmm Music here Music ah Music Music of this Music i think theyre dead can you get us further it was incredible were going now well i i was so scared that you and me youre the one tied up take care of the others no we dont have time for this we have to get your recruits out of here if we stay here much longer were trapped youre right youre right okay lets go misha we need to get to the volca how do we get out of this building nisha focus how can we escape to the river theres an exit here we could make a run for the sewers but the germans are blocking the court here itll be tough do you have any extra supplies weapons anything i can use i know there were soldiers defending on the roof they had the radio there might be supplies too all right ill lay down cover fire from there while you get our people to the sewers if youre sure sister maybe you can reach the roof climbing up there that should get you to the roof ill give you a boost ill find a good place to cover you i know always been a better shot than me the pastor is with me now and i know he wouldnt want us to die in this post office to a bunch of obliotke he would be proud of you he would be proud of us get our people to this door ill lay them fire from the roof dont miss okay i never do okay once were out on the street stay hidden until polina is in position can you hear me im on the radio paulina if you can hear me find the radio well let him not receive it bye porsche i hope youre listening to me for once we are pinned down in the crater by the trolley you are surrounded none of you are these okay how many of those do you have left Music behind us dont head up in the window Applause i think theyre trying to pledge Music get down here Music i just looked down Music when i get back dude surviving stalingrad was no small feat escaping even greater but no one really escaped something like that the nazi war machine had touched all our lives burned away something important i think thats what made us attractive to the soe in the first place but for polina the wound was narrow deep she was destined to return the favor and that had made her the deadliest member of my team Music such a touching story you couldnt even save the life of your own father so tell me why isnt ivan with an old rifle part of a top-secret allied operation you do not scare me little mouse you misunderstand me for a line i do not need you to fear me i need only your screams that will convince your friends to talk why because i am a woman im not very good tell me what other missions the allies have in germany nothing worth talking about so what is worth talking about prolonged rising go fetch him ill confirm my story together take her back send me all the records on a commander steiner and any photographs of the russian sniper lady nightingale yes is that one and wait hey freisinger i was just coming to see you we have confirmation from the woman the sixth ally is dead is that so an american arrested a temple of trying to steal a plane this makes no sense the prisoners made a fool of you richter and now you have made a fool of me the american is being brought here now if i must interrogate him myself then i have no use for you you hurt are you blind just trying to be nice what did you tell them we traded torture tips relax i told the same lies as you did he believe you i stopped asking when i brought up frysinger when we get out of here the first thing im going to do is head to the pictures see le trois guterre let it break my heart all over again the you lucas whats the first thing youll do when were out of here hey when i get home im eating lamingtons for a week all cakes all the time i know what you miss yeah id like to have that sweet bird barbara pull me pints of my local until i forget the symphony war ever happened i dont even know if shes still alive everyone i love is dead the only time i feel anything is when i watch a german beg for his life so i am exactly where i need to be wade showed up just as id hoped he played his part well without even knowing my plan that team had written him off but i was counting on him being his usual charming self try that again crowd and were gonna have a real  __  problem your team lied about you lieutenant lieutenant now is that so hard finally some respect i know youre the sixth man what did you want with that plane you nazis you make me miss fighting in the stinking pacific oh i want to know what else theyve lied about wade had talked himself out of worse situations if you heard him talk about midway you could tell he was no stranger to hyperbole every time wade told the story it was a little different he added a wing of zeros or another aircraft carrier to his tally but i read the reports about what happened that day if wade was exaggerated it was only by a little remember our primary objective is destroying the two japanese carriers vs and vb squadrons will each take one fighting squadron six will provide cover if the weather holds well be in and out before they know what hit them this wind will give us a pacific now go out there and get the carriers as if this operation wasnt hard enough now the entire wars on the line relax hernandez i was born for this not too sure i was promised jackson they finished repairs on the plane this morning shes waiting for us on the flight deck she has a name you name the plane our plane and you didnt say anything you never asked do you think the intel boys got the fleet position right they better if we pull this off theyll be writing about us in history books yeah well id rather not be history today so do us both a favor and keep the crazy stunts to a minimum stunts ouch money and therefore you ever wonder why you havent been promoted yet why is that smart ass cuz this isnt the way jackson show amigo this is war all of us just want to win and go home you worry about keeping the heroes off my tail ill get us home hey hold the elevator Music i got you jackson take us up how many medals you think will win if we pull this off jackson after today theyre gonna have to name one after me miller just remember were a team up there and stay in formation this time of the sag will have both your stripes yeah formations just slow me down you see what i have to deal with look at that its a beautiful day for flying lets hope it stays that way its time mano salamasa a lady awake timbuks says i down more zeros than you jackson come on man dont encourage him foreign radio check for sugar 17. hear you loud and clear intercoms working fine hey theyre signaling for pre-flight check check the elevators in the back all right elevators are good okay jackson lets check the ailerons his arms are going to get tired jackson right wing is good great now the left aileron left wings good all right do an engine run up make sure she doesnt blow out shes burning it sounds good hes off okay lets get her in the air ready hernandez as ready as ill ever be strapped to you all right here we go full power release those brakes no fancy tricks youre no fun this isnt supposed to be fun been there Music so youre gonna tell me her name or what which one the plane this plane still hung up on that well what do you want to talk about fine keep your secrets Music Music sugar tan doll victor aircraft whos out of formation Music somethings not right oh my god holy  __  goddamn zeros out of nowhere theyre on our torpedo bombers fighters arent here yet s17 get on those bandits already on it you got our tail hernandez empties out keep them off the torpedo bombers taking too much heat Applause Music Music nice work guys good job boys we splash them watch that flight boys coming up on the fleet japanese league flaws keep steady i got a fail boy Applause start your run here we go guys hold on to your ass hernandez give it tight whats that trace of fire Music thats two angels three almost there hold up pull up good job we really kicked the horn into that guys full of heroes we got to shoot our way out of this interest without those air guns taking us out stay low for now boys the most Music come on youre not getting away incoming reinforcements Applause Music nice keep it up were launching another way insane where are they all coming from foreign also peter pappas is down were getting picked off we need to climb he keeps wondering its not responding too many keep it together boys bend it on your nine nice try finger got a zero on my stick we gotta go for it damn it aj going down Music got one on your five hot were getting killed down here or not weve got to climb im on fire i got a bail bs and bb aircraft regroups for the second time climb and get to the clouds were as good as dead harmony todays not the day its 17 to all pilots were bobs tighten and head up were going for the last stop whoa what get as high as we can do the second dive theyre right on our tail oh  __  why is it still shooting at us all ass almost at a rate did we lose him i dont see him  __  thats 17 you took a beating there you good shes five zero stand ahead coming hot take him out dont break formation gotta punch through Music zero coming right at it Music Applause keep getting out soon until were back over the plate shut him down oh see any more of them almost at five altitude links below line up for another run we need to get that second carrier who has bombs s18 has bombed s3 has s17 has one anyone else okay thats 17 an s 18 its all on you form up behind us and take the shot thatll be by the skin of our teeth isnt it itll be close enough all aircraft draw a fire from f-17 altimeters busted i think you better hang on back there im here now yeah its on you feeling steady wow Music wade would rather have been called a hot shot than a hero that was his contradiction he is one of the wars greatest pilots but he needed a team the problem was getting him to admit Music hey guys dont everybody rush over at once im fine isnt this a nice little reunion you lied to me for all we knew he was dead so you can  __  off do not lie to me again get your hands off me either what is going on hitler is dead what how i know was it allies reports indicate he took his own life but without the fuhrer we are lost hardly i trust you have new information uh as you suspected the american was the sixth man but i believe i have finally broken him it saddens me to see the fatherland defile by filthy russians theres nothing left for us here if the reich is to live on i must know their safe passage to temple love i was counting on you richter but youve proven non-essential no no no sir no i will get you what you require i swear your time is short i understand my fear im gonna kill him our rector is on to us were out of time i uh i tried to navigate away playing but that didnt work and by the time i got here you you guys were already locked up so i uh i borrowed a bomb from the rooskies and turned myself in we got about uh about an hour before that wall blows wide open and we waltz right out of here if we live that long we cant trust him hes just a  __  pilot a  __  ace pilot is what you mean im with the lady what the hell do you know about explosives yeah well  __  you too then ill tell you why we can trust him here we go wades more than capable of getting us out files in hand weve got company Music hang on back there Applause oh Music Music okay  __  when wade was airborne he was the most dangerous thing in the skies but if you fly too close to the sun eventually your wings will get burnt um you could have gotten us oh  __  all right okay ill get you out of here but its gonna hurt like how hey hey wade wait you stay with me wait come on man dont get up wake up wake up wade no todays not the day i need to find out where we are so im gonna have to leave you here think about the yankees your bedside manage sucks youre welcome pendejo i need your gun i lost mine in the crash the one you caused damn what am i supposed to do keep yourself bandaged up i dont want you bleeding out and missing all the fun stay out of sight till i get back Music Applause uh what happened im coming buddy oh vodka oh no can you take me Music so within range of this transmission lieutenant wade jackson requesting immediate support any americans on this damn rock foreign god thank you foreign uh oh foreign oh okay ugh Applause Music im coming wait Music oh foreign uh do you speak japanese  __  up theyre still alive yeah no  __  cut them free im aviation machinist made third class hernandez the ungrateful ones lieutenant jackson we got shot down thats why were here thanks sergeant james washington army 93rd infantry division lenny pass this man up you got any planes we need to get back up there flames we lucky they gave us that one dead weight just gonna slow us down yeah im right here you know how to use a gun i went through basic just like you guard company Applause i gotta control the stick now lieutenant youre just alone for the ride all right lets get moving hernandez for the enemy shotgun enemy troops forever all right on me eyes up people long way to go better than loading trucks thats for damn sure hey you guys said you were 93rd never heard of it bet you aint never met a negro before neither we aint exactly any credit getting business oh a colored regiment yep you see any snakes or centipedes let me know well get the cookout ready hold up Music see something no but when that sniper got thompson he was on a ridge just like this how do we cross we draw the snipers out peel free your names up pop those grits in heaven my fate you volunteering hell no then shut your mouth and keep those eagle eyes on the canopy go when i get the word i want to see your best jesse oh oh means run  __  fast now Applause Music if you make it to the other side Applause Music what the hell why the ropes these crazy  __  wrapped themselves up in trees what are we doing out here anyway brad shipped in the 93rd to help the 23rd take this rock this japanese base not far from here its protected by a hollowed out ridge the rest of my boys are stuck behind a locked door and were the key what the hell does that mean wait just shut up and do what he says clear out that ridge move on that base hey how are we going to get into that ridge booker knock loud hey how about we play these fools from duke ellington everybody loves a cotton club you find me a trumpet louis and ill take you up on that got to pack mine before we shipped out get off the road back Music hey oh oh man  __  this place lady should have gone now our obligations to our country never cease but with our lives that doesnt sound like lenny john adams well someone gave lindys gun to john adams we can use the help dont get us killed and that might be enough i have a brother fighting in europe his mama loses her voice to both nazis and japanese well hitler aint got nothing on mama howard that the ridge thats the one holy  __  youre kidding are you insane kibble belfry hernandez youre with me well go howard youre a dragon once we clear the wire well be on the heavy fire i need you to turn up the heat on these bastards you got it sarge jackson a word yeah youre gonna help private howard get that wire and then youre gonna keep him covered on the other side understood look in the sky im your man but this im not the die face down in the mud type then you shouldnt get yourself shot down theres a difference between suicide and sacrifice you do well to learn it howard jackson to the left the rest of you on me jackson give me a hand time you got your hands dirty after you  __  i need a hand quick my boy lets jack get that pillbox Music texas good lets go one Music wave look out Music its done go go all right beaufort take out that cannon dont let them escape enemy infantry enemies is all yours keep the distance lets see him stop us now are you  __  crazy why would you fire that here you just gave the entire japanese army our location the invites not for them is for the rest of my men right on schedule Applause lieutenant come take a look at this now soldier here come my boys can they finish the job check out the hangar middle radio tower foul dive bomb you know anyone can fly this was your plan all along my man can take the base slow down the japanese but we had someone in the air Music i was hoping you would say that lets get down there do you even know how to land that thing does that ever lets go regroup with the tanks Music Applause Music yeah down the hill boom so hernandez lets get your airborne everyone up Music um failed get in that cockpit yes showtime wait Music well push you out of the hangar take this cover us while we get you in position find this runway well handle the rest into it push keep over those a legs thank you shooting weight horrible wont be needing this anymore show us what you can do lieutenant all right lets see we have enough runway more or less here we go stay behind the tank Music Music come on lets go the men of the 93rd changed wade they showed the flying daredevil from the clouds what war looked like in the dirt down there he learned the only way to win was to have each others backs if you get past this talk and you see his actions youll know who a jackson really is i dont care what he did before wade abandoned us in hamburg i still dont trust him i get it but were not in this  __  because of him were in this  __  because some sodding krauts think they can crack the best team ive ever worked with now we need a plan to get us out of here were surrounded by nazis even if we escape were gonna be dead before we reach the door maybe not what an idea we were gonna put on a show for richter it was a gamble but wed come too far to give up on getting those files perlina being next gave us time to get ready we knew shed held her own nice to see you again fallen please please this is exactly what i imagined your weird little office would look like Music tell me what your team is planning lady nightingale Music Music stalingrad the city that arrested the nazis eastern expansion had the city fallen russia would have crumbled the germans underestimated russias will to survive they underestimated the city and her defenders the people looked to polina as a symbol of hope but she didnt want to be a hero she wanted only vengeance Music the arrogance of the third reich was to think they could achieve with a great napoleon could not perhaps if they werent facing someone as fierce as lady nightingale there you heard stein has been creeping around the commercial district makes sense its never far from the slaughter lets go and wait but we should see who they are with another families now knife Music short thats a sniper shot precise you think this way come on Music so how will you kill steiner lady knight in here i told you to stop calling me that the name gives the survivors hope paulina hope would win this war bastards to followers of lady nightingale anyone who gives asylum to this terrorist will face the most severe penalties do you think the sniper could be one of steiners jaeger motors we should be more careful malina do you hear that take a look there where is he going hes driving towards the commercial district you may be right about those jaeger murders misha lets move before we lose sight of him misha be careful get down what do we do try drawing fire with my knife do what just trust me drink fire Applause ready to shoot Applause i need help he can see the glint of your scope alina Music ready cover in europe Music Applause get down ready now misha move it Music ready now go bye Applause took them out lets go uh Applause Applause misha helpful get them off me misha need help misha snipers knife Music is im pushing up Music only room for once holy  __  foreign tonight Music is he finally  __  dead i think so theyre much tougher than i thought well you didnt have to fight him Music lets get out of this field Music Music well we should be safe for now two jager motors you must have been worried it means were getting close lets keep moving now look stein is vehicle i cant shoot him while hes in there lets try to get closer i cant wait to put a bullet through steiners head wait this is bad for lina we cant strike from here theres too many of them take a look get down its not as bad as it looks just hold someone let me check doesnt sound good its not we dont have time for this you hear me i need to get you somewhere safe to get you up youre not going to die here up lets move im getting you to the post office well be safe there steady your breathing Music i have you around the world  __  grenade hold on to me stay with me  __  shut your mouth Music youre delirious come on we have to move on you cover the opening i go out and flank them there is no attack i will slow them foreign okay Music you will not get away this time Music Music oh come on oh ugh come on m Music Music these men have eliminated far deadlier threats than you girl you are all alone in here perhaps youre not as healed as you think you are uh is this the best your nazi fox have to offer we are going to stop you im not the best Music all of us uh uh Music yes Music yes wow Music they gone do you feel like a hero yet lady nightingale dont have to give off youre alone old man all your fancy troops gone and youre next uh Music you are nothing without your rifle lady nightingale you cannot hide forever little bird you will not escape stalingrad alive do you wish to kill me paulina you are welcome to tribe Music you think you bested us all but you have not faced me yet i know all about you paulina russian  __  you are mine now  __  so Music you and sister you wont get away Music Music daddy teach you how to shoot fish running wont save you youve already lost you  __  nazis well all die here in stalingrad you took everything from me now its my turn you wont find satisfaction in this it wont end with me well destroy you all you wont be doing anything not me if i singer he will finish what he started what youve left me is this knife i could help you incredible youre all the same ive killed more of you than i can count and you all spout this same pathetic  __  fry singer is he supposed to scare me another piece of fascist filth dont worry ill hunt him down next god you thought youd take my city and crush my people you tried to break me but you failed you created lady nightingale and now shes destroyed Applause the infamous lady nightingale brought stalingrad back from the brink her actions inspired the russians to take back their city and go on the offensive Applause polina changed the course of the war for the allies and her people with that reputation it was only a matter of time before we found her what would frysinger want with a lowly officer on the eastern front what does it matter it matters a great deal to me fraulein Music nice lighter Applause Music from what i could gather freizinger was recruiting steiner for some special projects project phoenix could be all i know is i was sent to kale rising her theres got to be a better way out of here there is no way out of here unless of course you have decided to do the intelligent thing open that door back up and ill show you the intelligent thing you can get me out of life what i can you two-face bastard all right ill tell you what you want to know typical aussie no honor no loyalty i aint gonna be the next sacrifice in your crusade tommy i hope your plan was worth it i thought youd be the one to put an end to your teams foolish agenda you killing each other now are you there i know why you chose to cooperate i would not take orders from any growers you got it all wrong mate they dont follow i dont care what color his skin is havent you heard about the aussies and the brits we were the pieces of  __  flushed down the crowns dunny yes yes of course but your nations are allies it was more like master servant i did what i did because to every brit folks like me are expendable insubordinate churlish no stranger to a prison cell thats lucas you had to credit the soe they were very good at spotting talent in the unlikeliest of places and lucas had talent he was a skilled demolitionist with an explosive temperament and a sharp tongue out there in the desert the rats of to brook were like a family unfortunately they never did figure out how to get along with the brass today princess im savouring the moment oh im so sorry of course you are your highness hey bluey wake up youre gonna want to see this one oh  __  me play the damn cards all right this a minute wait oh you  __  donkey no way why the bloody hell arent you at your post your hands we thought you thought you muck around major convoys approaching right you rats follow me try and act like real soldiers for once sir oh yes see thats what a real soldier looks like mate what a way to stand up to him bluey good job buddy  __  off days whats going on hes even doing here in the first place huh hes a major can do whatever he wants youre lucky i was about to make me come back shut up jess youve never beaten me at anything what ah mate paul the other one the explosives are ready lucas and i set them ourselves sir man your position the timing must be perfect i need you all to focus you got eyes on them quiet over there hang on now whats that in the lead be quiet ill do the honors thing yep sir mark is that first rock yes i know thats a tank oh germans have tanks private but the armors too thick we didnt pack for a tank hit the treads its the only way youre going to stop it i need focus sir wait for the treads no no they think its a minecraft  __  you can throw a banger into that tank chad must be dead Music so i was just warming up cop it up crowd aint much left of this five lousy he didnt get very far this was a simple raid and half the supplies we wanted have gone up in smoke sir theres still one truck down the ridge well then take some rats and get after them jacobs lets go thank you for sniffing around the dirt and when youre done walk your asses back to camp are you serious i told you they didnt get far butcher ones still alive we can fix that good night kraut i thought there were more one dead in the truck other length of us have run off then we find him yeah thats more rifle than you can handle bigger the better mate fresh blood follow it  __  genius idea jacobs thats sir to you private the names dez and thats lucas and neither of us give a  __  about your rank we all know about you jacobs us quiet do you hear that whos he shouting to this way bloody hell wait this aint on our maps were not equipped for this we can take them you got me and lucas yeah oh infantry enemy troops but then were leaving hey i found something you read kraft a little of course he does it looks like one of rommels officers checked through here to visit a camp up the way i dont know what kind i dont recognize these symbols then we go take a look the crowds just lit up the sky more could be coming no we returned to base report to the major we cant report a thing if we dont know what it is that wouldnt be good soldiering jacobs fine well scope it out lets trade quietly this time lucas youre coming or what lets go farm boy this road should take us directly to the camp yeah straight into those cracks get off the road before they see us into the ruins i told you they saw the flare that glow on the horizon it must be the german camera i say we stay off the road well cut through the desert get the cover quickly do not engage looking for us foreign just ahead oh i think were clear we cant stay here keep moving another convoy go go through here quickly this way hold up Music wait for them to pass whatever these germans are hiding must be really important were clear lets go im sure youre going the right way you know the only way indeed thats enough dez this isnt a joke i need a drink talk with your man hands hes got plenty what hes never shared a sip from his fancy flask well there should be plenty to go around hes a bloody lightweight if i ever get my hands on that wankers flask its my shelf ellison hang on theres a light up ahead looks like we found the german camp where is everybody probably out looking for us i reckon look at this i think the chap on the left is wrong whos the fancy bugger seriously were gathering intelligence something you obviously lack private hilarious you sort your papers you know what i see i see a ton of  __  outside that goes boom now what do you suppose we should do about that well we should blow it the  __  up thats what i call target reach motor pool on the left ammo dump just ahead yes clipper on the right just asking to be lit up yeah here we go i know Music Music its gonna blow infantry guard tower Music down do enemy troops enemy troops im going to blow it from the inside Music were out youre gonna have to follow from the inside on the inside lucas uh Music go go  __  me that was glorious lucas wait you guys hear that thats a planet hit that donkey now while hes still searching for us hes circling around Music nice shot lucas  __  we got crowds coming up the road that covers shredded it wont take then i get a run for it watch out Music yeah thats more like it Music shoot that  __  sky wanker Music lucas keep shooting at it now open fire another truck coming up the airstrip Music oh stupid here he comes him Applause on the coast of italian libya an australian private and a group of rats had given rommel a huge black eye their actions should have earned the medals and maybe even a shred of respect hams didnt see it that way their reward was some time in the brick however all richter seemed to care about was rommel and his connection to fraizinger that fool would listen to lucas as long as we needed him too i caught tunnels what was the rest we have very little time tell me what did frysinger want with rommel i thought you wanted to know about our team answer me now or our deal is off okay okay dont get your undies in a twist lucas pounded on like a champ he didnt have to tell richter anything more than the lies that nazi already told himself that was the third reich for you their reality was delusion Music youd think wed need a miracle for lucas to pull this off the thing is he was like a magnet for that kind of luck theres that saying about lightning striking twice yet lucas had managed to find himself first and to brook and then at el alamein the world knew of an allied victory in north africa but it wasnt because of british commanders or mighty tanks lucas had the untold story and richter was eating it up Music Music he must smell a promotion after the intel that we dropped on that length this is the plan that he comes up with buckleys chance is going to work whats he saying jacobs oh hes personally thanking you and dez for being stand-up chaps its stuffed its king and country its always king and country bloody hell is that what i think it is whered you swipe that from found it lying around he catches you with that youre a dead man ill drink to that move up protect the tanks come on on the hill move it soldier drive these  __  back enemy troops oh bollocks Music yep here we go while ham sits in his  __  tank were not done there must be more of course theres more  __  where are the mourners pull your head in jess oh theres another water team ahead why the  __  is up lucas i see him focus on those border wankers Music got another okay on the front line can squeeze through here i think lucas give me a hand this way lucas lets go already uh jacobs go dance german infantry are swarming our tanks well then lets mess with their infantry oh yeah well just waltz our way through a field of death oh were not here to  __  spiders lets go mate this way come on into the trench hurry keep your head down Music Music Music get ready Applause heads down crusaders wow uh Applause hes pushing forward lets go lucas over the hills was supposed to follow us in Music wake up mate oh  __  ugh im okay im okay were being torn apart i gave you an order form the perimeter protect the armor sir you gotta be bloody joking we will hold this line our air support is  __  if we dont deal with those flat cannons theres not gonna be a  __  line you have your orders look at the orders we are taking that hill alone yeah i got me and i got tears  __  oh here take this you clear those flat cannons shoot this player nice and high then i know to radio our bombers good luck lets go ahead take its a blue he can hold out if you want it done right send in the rats just us do though wouldnt be fair to the crowds Music right it dont let them escape Music Music yeah youre welcome oh  __  off im doing all the work save it for the aa guns a.a guns are this way imagine the look on hams face when we pulled this off youre joking hell just say it was all his idea Music  __  that was close sneaky bastard check your corners Music up through here Music come on lucas  __  those guns are massive Music Music as soon as i fire it every crowd within a k is going to be up in that record im gonna have to hold them off until the bombers arrive help me with this mg Music theres fire the flare Music i didnt expect today to end like this ah  __  it why not Applause lets do this as usual to the right side the blasters are trying to flank us one for me more of that mate what you mean brought to the right side lucas cover right lucas then right on top of us ah the mg is  __  and pick up a rifle we aint done here where are those bombers they better hurry up because im winning youre not winning i am winning and youd better catch up lucas half tracks coming in to the right movement im getting closer we got a breach Music  __  the crowds are moving to the left side have a lift lucas i need you on the left side Music it lucas crowds are sending tanks tanks  __  how many it doesnt matter you just  __  shoot them yes were not done once you count these up yes yes oh  __  come on just get up whats that i must is sometimes the only way to honor a fallen soldier is to finish the mission but try remembering that while their blood stains your boots thats what i told lucas when we first met war had taught us both that lesson Music the rigid hierarchy of allied command would look at lucas and see only character flaws insubordinate churlish no stranger to a prison cell he was perfect for my team even if he does have a mean right hook Music lucas played his role perfectly he had richard distracted and doubting everything he thought he knew are you all right mate you youre looking a little bit pastier than usual please says this was never about winnings or war this was never about winnings all this was a cool this was a cool temple off thats how hes getting some help taking sarai underground and wait a minute youre not part of the plan are you well it looks like were both gonna end up on that meat pile back there one thing i learned studying allied strategy redundancy always have a plan b with the soviets invading the city lady nightingale will be my leverage i will exchange her for my own safe passage well thats one hell of a plan fritz it probably would have worked  __  no no please i wont let you go you made one mistake but it was a bloody ripper you thought you practiced redundancy mate always have a plan b ive just received word we have safe passage from berlin three years we have waited for this moment many good men were lost but i promised you project phoenix would succeed hitler has paid for his weakness and now history will remember him as we do a failure and a coward the red army is nearly upon us and berlin is burning but from the ashes shall rise our vision for something greater to the forthright hey boss your plan worked hey there buddy remember me Music looks like you got a fan what do we do with them i can think of a few things i figured youd want the honest boss no no this is your chance project phoenix i can get you the evidence shh youve already done your part right of the suprasternal notch below the clavicle thats where richard yes could buy a little mouse Music richter thanks for watching a cute hitler yeah hes taken the right underground hows he getting out temple off here come on kid shits on fire out here look we can get out right now get ourselves on the first transport be home in time for supper or we can end this hunt down verizinger bury the reich for good we might not make it out of berlin but neither will the nazis whatever we do though we do it together risinger is not leaving borderland surprise me lamingtons can white wait hey its not everything you get a chance to kill a fury cant turn that  __  down right after you lady nightingale just so you know i still havent ruled out killing you all Music these tunnels lead right to temple half theyre the fastest way with the battle overhead we see  __  in this  __  that was surprising hes getting away lets go boss can you catch up surprising gun yeah this is a tough car not a hot rod i just need to see the back of his head tough shot we taking beds i cant get a clear shot something coming up those are pack 38. suppress that gunner okay party Music keep this up focus attack on him Music Music Music theyre not useful to him so he doesnt care ceiling collapse thats a problem you got any more sacred bombs wade fresh out we dont have time  __  me dead the russians are wasting this dont place its  __  crazy out here destroy the artillery focusing on the pack keep pushing towards the airport get back were making progress um Music the airports just ahead everybody um Music Music youre a lucky bugger hey riggs can you take out those panties yeah id love to but those mgs will blame me  __  first let building over there i can get in find a window clear the gunners out of the courtyard i might like you after this do it wait lucas youre with me velena were counting on you as you should yes uh uh so im for you i need you to take out those tanks i got two of them now Music thank you oh now  __  wait youre on point well follow you in ill make this quick oh good youre still were alive Music uh foreign coming down Music Music oh you wait sounds like you expected us hey lucas you got a banger for me giving me best aah if i never see berlin again itll be too soon i cant believe im agreeing with you on something glad were all getting along rising is right out of here cant be far this is it our final winnings lets get this bass for nova and for richard this ends today its time  __  where is he hes got to be on the runway smoke ahead get good wonder brace yourselves Music break down Music still got a sniper here yourselves this is it come on man weve got this wake up i see him Music its over Laughter you cannot kill me and yet here we are and even the allies would leave that decision still inferior such as your servant we need him alive boss the intel hes got what we came for hey shoot him or bring him im starting this plane hell never talk get up donations will make sure im well taken care its payment for my cooperation peaceful new beginning life of american luxury might suit me perhaps i might even start a new family not for you there is no starting over Applause do you even know who i am the value i can provide youre not worth it suppose thats it then lets get up here how we looking out there gonna be dicey just so i like it Music hi were back in business thats it lets take a look the cape verde islands the bahamas argentina even antarctica christ these bastards have been plotting covert operations all over the world right under our noses are you like get this uganda here we go Music we hit the bloody jackpot Music come on dig in Music how about this project nova i can beat it project ether reviving the dead does anyone want some nazi gold looks like were going to be busy keep going open them all there you are i was about to try this autopilot and come back whats project aggregate secret v2 rocket facility you think you could play one of those i can fly anything hang on back there  __  wait our mission was complete but there be more forged in the fires we were the tip of the spear we were the vanguard Music you bayonetta 2 steam Call of Duty: Vanguard is a 2021 first-person shooter game developed by Sledgehammer Games and published by Activision. It was released on November 5 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. It serves as the 18th installment in the overall Call of Duty series.If you liked the video please remember to leave a Like & Comment, I appreciate it a lot! Played on PS5, recorded using external capture card @4k in HDR Note: You can use my Gameplay videos as a background video for other topics or any guides with commentary, but dont upload any cutscenes, clips, or full game on any other channel. If you enjoyed the video, dont forget to hit the Subscribe button & turn on the Notifications for more 4K gameplay videos. Subscribe : Contact email: Instagram & Twitter - @Fazycraft Make Sure to Subscribe to Our YouTube Channel for more videos like this. Thanks for watching. #callofduty #gameplay #walkthrough steam cant uninstall game play steam games on m1 mac deep rock galactic steam game pass crossplay how to purchase steam games how to find origin name apex legends steam