I completed VANGUARD and Ill NEVER play it again..

How to turn on steam overlayjust cause 3 steam CALL OF DUTY®: VANGUARD gameplay another day another vanguard video refreshing so today will more likely be my final vanguard video for the foreseeable future not because i havent been enjoying grinding these atomic camos and playing the multiplayer but because after today after having every single weapon non-dlc and dlc included melee weapons i wont have anything to do on this game at least the multiplayer so all i have left is the skullcrusher melee weapon as well as the katana yeah on the skull we only need three more stun kills go get that real quick ive been recording for three minutes and im already pissed off hello akimbo shotguns i hope you know your disappointment okay snoop dogg and im done and that is why i do not play ship hoss with the katana we have a little bit of work to do so we just got to get 41 more backstabber kills get the slide kills double kills everything thats pretty easy besides the stun kills there its like literally the most annoying challenge i would much rather take getting 30 bloodthirsties with a melee weapon than getting 30 stunts you guys are probably annoyed with seeing mayhem 24 7 now but listen its like the only mode thats good in this game i also wanted to officially reveal my custom g-fuel shaker cup if you guys want to cop your own custom g-fuel shaker cup its going to be available i think saturday on the 7th therell be a link down in the description you can use my code my code is going to be 34 off and by all means please if you end up buying my shaker cup tweet at me ill retweet it follow it im looking so forward to the launch of this when i first started making youtube videos as a big fan of g fuel like early on i always thought itd be so cool just be sponsored with them and now i got my own shaker cup it actually has a weapon inspect thats dope id be lying if i told you i havent been enjoying like this camo grind on vanguard its giving me something to do its like i hop on i play the game and i unlock camos over the years thats like been like my favorite thing to do is just make videos unlocking camos i dont know why its like something about like the completionist aspect grinding these camos getting them done its like rewarding i feel completed please no thank you oh oh oh oh and im dead hope you guys are enjoying the videos and i mean if you dont like vanguard i mean you dont have to see it much longer come here step mom oh no youre stuck in the dryer now oh my god oh my god yo yo come back here come back here oh oh my god thats what you get for camping and yes i became the guy that runs around the right shield on his back what was that Applause the closer ive been getting to finish all these weapons the more ive been thinking i wouldnt mind like an obsidian type camo grind on vanguard right to jail right away nothing to the level of obsidian like that grind is just nuts i only did it for a handful of weapons not everything i think the initial challenge on modern warfare was 15 kills with the weapon 150 times they could like drop that to like 75 or something and i would honestly do it on i dont know about all weapons but probably most that was so he was like hold this you thank you nope not um oh what oh my god thats embarrassing for you bro come here what the hell come here come here stop sliding come oh my god people move so fast in this game okay im dead yep oh god im dead im dead im dead am i am i though yes i am oh my god i gotta get a hundred on Music as im using a melee weapon but go off kid man had 92 kills while using an mp40 i had 74 with a melee weapon just imagine if i had an mp40 i just looked over to my obs and noticed that my face cam has been frozen i really hope it has not been frozen this entire time flank of a lifetime right here easy kill going back here watch this oh my god completely off topic i got some news that you know im just excited to share with you guys on top of the shaker cup for the better part of like a year ive been doing like this weight loss kind of like goal ive been trying to get in shape and you know exercise more i made my goal to eat better to go to the gym five six times a week just the other day after i finished my workout i went to the locker room i just wanted to check my way i usually dont weigh myself i take update pictures pretty often something ive learned over the last like year or so is weighing yourself every single day at the gym sometimes can like get you demotivated if you dont see like big change on the scale all the time oh my god its a dog its a dog me drop this so i went and i weighed myself and im actually the lightest i have ever been since i graduated high school like seven or eight years ago in total ive lost almost 30 pounds so far and i am feeling amazing i saw some picks up so you guys can kind of see my physique as of right now ive dabbled with the idea for a while now about doing like a workout vlog or like a day in a life or something like that usually i dont do much but play video games and stay inside and go to the gym but you guys want to see a vlog for me you guys want to see something like that just let me know this video gets 15 20k likes ill take my camera off its tripod and ill bring it to the gym and ill record a vlog if youre curious on like what im doing exactly to lose weight interested in what im doing im just kind of watching what i eat making sure i go to the gym i do cardio every single day about 15 minutes on the treadmill at a 10 incline and i just walk at a three speed for about 15-20 minutes depending on the day 24 backstab kills nine more double kills eight more stuns i didnt want to make this entire video playing mayhem because ive done that for like two videos in a row now but its literally the fastest way to get this done and at this point time is of the essence Music i dont even know how i just survived that god im so good with this melee stuff its either gonna go really good or really bad all right stun kills are done come on theres one im actually impressed on that one one of us needs to die bro and its gonna be you all right 30 double kills is that the final one i dont even know how im still alive so let me stab you guys in the back like five more times and well be friends my backstabber thank you thank you 360 on them oh i wear diapers yes you do cause i just on you backstabber im like diamond yes keep going im just im going in im going in oh im gonna vote for myself because i felt like i did very good that game gotta go to my rock and oh its like im holding a fruit roll up so yeah im quite literally done with vanguards multiplayer now obviously ill come back whenever theres a new update cover the weapons i will then also get those atomic camo i hope you guys enjoyed this video if you guys are brand new please consider subscribing its absolutely free and were getting really close to hitting 2 million subscribers so thank you guys so much and ill see you guys in the next one peace Music you steam best mmorpg games My mission to unlock ATOMIC CAMO on every weapon in call of duty vanguard is now complete. 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