Steam machine for sinussteam deck wifi 6 CALL OF DUTY®: VANGUARD gameplay nazi germany the final push into the heart of darkness the so we had recruited the six of us under my command for one reason to retrieve files on the top secret project phoenix the last gasp of the third rank a coalition of allied commandos thrown together and aimed at where our enemy was most vulnerable this was meant to be our first and only mission would you look at that hell of a wall whos up for saving it thats vedania lets go show time then we can pull this off if we secure the train we have a choice foreign foreign silently foreign all right man whats up man doors locked look for another way here novak ah hey heads up we got trucks ah easy boys oh wait a sec nice one foreign screw this im going to the roof this what the bloody hell is he doing clear out the other trains foreign foreign were getting close to the engine car better hurry of course they are Music thats one way to deal with the truck im on it man all right whats up so im gonna flank it nice one man oh that was so cute im on it hey there man the tracks are splitting jump social what was your uncle  __  me dead now that would be properly shot at mike the officer in charge tell us what the hell were doing here that submarine base is our final stop somebody reads we move to secure the objective he wants us to secure it but he wont tell us what it is kingstons been dancing around there since the get-go this aint just another easter egg hunt is here mate whats a bloody story we dont quite know you mean the so  __  he doesnt quite know you know what im gonna go pull the brakes so we got no idea what were up against thats the mission to find out soe says the krauts are moving something big out of germany it could be a document stash the holiest of holies we are here to pinch it if this is so important why did they not send an army six of us mate were not from the same army hell were not even from the same continent quiet get back time suicide missions they wont see us coming in and out with those papers before they know it is noticeable and the plan i should nazis they die thats my plan nice one christ i hate dogs lets get it done take them out all right hows that for a silent mission wait for baby six come on so wait is foreign the entrance is dead ahead keep going dogs i hit bloody dogs take out that sniper move it everyone inside Applause move man Music smoke god damn it i cant see possibly faster faster faster faster foster lets go everybody ah foreign jackson get the door im on it man move move move sign what happened i bet you london to a brick that is what were after so what are we waiting for time to bring the heavy stuff now were talking wait we cant go in loud what whatevers in those papers is the best kept secret in the third reich and the crowds kept them here in the ass end of nowhere so what it makes no sense its like leaving the crown jewels on the front porch with hardly anyone watching them the entire german army should be guarding this place were not the only ones who dont know what phoenix is youre saying nazis are keeping secrets from nazis im saying the ones in charge of the secrets are the most dangerous yeah thats why we brought the guns to Music foreign Music foreign come on okay well cover you from the catwalk and thick oh yeah baby theyre escaping easy oh enemies are getting away easy boys were running out of time foreign foreign hey babe Music weve got to push through come on come on come on faster faster faster faster move check your fire quickly the subs go to sail move ill squander on the catwalk i see them Applause foreign no Music we have to stop this up Music on it hurry cant let this thing die get back get back Music lets get that hatch open stay close all right very ludicrous grenade moving hes a team leader right are the king arthur kings leg theres the box no back youve got a safe cracker do you honest will you alright come on move now okay phoenix intelligence arthur the sirens are stopped that cant be good weve got to move now maybe help me Applause wait australia again i know so you get on with it by delightfully you think youre british a cambridge man through and through so you know better than to ruin a mans evening beethovens fault sonata has exquisite but demanding passengers that deserve my full attention like you does the negro give orders in english too and do you follow them schwarzenberger deutsche please proceed your rhineland accent you must be from neustadt during the occupation you saw french soldiers who look like me carry guns in your streets marry your women thats what i hear when you speak german jeremy we thrashed you once hear those bombs thats us thrashing you again threshing thrashing what an interesting choice of words i told you already get on with it yes thats what you want to sacrifice yourself to be a leader am not here to give you what you want quite a counter  __  Music what you say Music disposal but the rest in the truck Music novak jesus christ people die people die when command  __  up how exactly is this arthurs fault this is on him and on wade and bastard abandoning his team well youre right about wait if he shows his face again im bloody killing myself oh yes lets keep blaming each other instead of the germans is that supposed to impress me relax it does not matter verizinger is going to kill us all surprisingly the nazi the one who killed novak old friend of yours is he we have history oh yeah what kind of against fryzinger arthur will get us out of this what because hes your mate it wasnt always but ive seen him in action you lose men thats war sometimes the only way to honor a fallen soldier is to finish the mission but try remembering that while their blood stains your boots if youre meant to lead you have to learn what its like to lose men to have them die trusting you and theres only one way to learn that lesson first time i did was on d-day artillery but if we dont the invasion tomorrow will fail now i trade you all for this lets not let the navy show us up so take the case mates blast the artillery and fire your flare so let them make you know the foreign its time to go now oh  __  oh steam discord nitro 🙏🌹 DONATE to Support: --~-- Call of Duty Vanguard PS5 Gameplay Walkthrough Hindi includes a Review, Intro, and Campaign Main Missions for PS4 Pro and Playstation 5 (PS5), Xbox One X, and PC. 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