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Cheap horror games steamhow to get steam games cheap CALL OF DUTY®: VANGUARD review hey you guys and girls and thank you for watching another episodes off the export esther my name is marlies today how you ar joint play call of duty time guard annex maxi recess the campaign mode you will be a dedicated video to the multiplayer and the zombies mode of first one to show off de camping of call of duty will be spoilery at least as much spoilery es hi feature and bring if so lets just did in perth table lets see how much they do the game is on your hard drive and it sixty one gigabytes keep in mind er bleak surft space for textures and graphics and all that guy of stuff so it can take up to 20 for twenty five gigabytes in van correct also de game is not en gamepad keep that in mind and if you are going to buy this came two versions der she i third chain textbox and one person and a third chain textbook series s experts en wat al zo i roos john bundle if yes watch out when you or buying this game for the new chen pulpits it your mind ride worm is john scarlet xbox embarrassing would least edits natively it for the new jenn pulpits and lets go starred up yo guys if you like this kind of content dont forget to like and subscribe to the channel least lag forming news even morpher de channel you really helping out you can us so hot the bell icon if you want he had lead almost at eight daily base new games new rod new updates for games the balance games on my channel if yes if you want you can your collins you guys fine art yarn a lot of graphical options indes game and grown to show its been two hours the game and how run-up to 14 for tipi sex die fps what can go slow in ferry ferry types yes small parts to serve want ipi what yes this needed state it scored i such a game time already in hot right now and yes and it to get to my work well not drew to my brother little bit and this is already in game which we have little colts review yummy yes sniff with this little bit sorry ry voor de nou dit is already mee pling dat de game en he think it looks stunning tip very beautiful game his succeed wat there for a few settings you can use so first of all youve got a world motion blur people there already know my mother big fan of motion blur en ive got them both af depth of field is arm en you can use ja sangay dat dividing tee eff operator conflicts sure if it works that great cause everytime restarting game he is dividing the pot tmx on a game plan comic powder dan and their sound someone texture streaming dacs completly new and least you download high quality textures to your eyes on the internet and she played the game refining more color the tail and services of ben je ballon de show the local texture so if you hef de dont have that much internet archive jungsheft is bundle of internet message liked en ortwin tiga by jumping en he must racks meant to put this off lucas de game will constantly tape stuff from the internet even when youre playing the singleplayer campaign and turning the setting sun will get you liked want die voor expert gigabytes on your life soap keep that in mind eh tell t effect is as if luxe littlebits sharper right now the only part of this really like is dead en game place where your play in the single player mode ray tracing journal reed racing you can already ornament here the you see the reflections of that building here in the in the in the water bordeaux dog you are going down reflections argane thats always good indicated that there is no real ray tracing na lets play some of the game see this is this is box framedrops yes and pedophilia can call them framedrops ical this leak lucas it feels much more than the not cool lead extra textures of the internet and ive got really fast internet ive got one south by south en fiber glass internet connection so the sweet beer problem army we parents so apparently statement justins an every time this series s somehow yes its people come china tank theory yall push some crazy stuff how did this game and thats why did this notice there so mysore no right now location holy so its perfect final show of the graphics it seems michael bay immediately the blood becomes your there so much to go its now on well week and very by means may hurt you are mind and peace cutscenes already read in thirty fps he got myself on ice coffee oh this is a game you see this thats like the track hang percent like and this is one of the first games ever the casual leak in the single player Music how you are kick some ass and choose an balde daan and then you may be curious about the sam is mode Music Music de add more like it why call Music Music Music how Music Music checkpoint reached by an export will be and learns on this or is pilar bathrobe man to show you the facial expressions of this character Music fit ferry ferry mingle tick brain can the checkerboard rendering under the chance he is there with your new reel in etc hoe reilly really close attention habit see any difference perry cool berry neys yes the de story mode gets a two thumbs up for mee dat he already lot of people dont even play the story mode josh door radley hearin tucson piping en multiplayer what yes this is paul of duty vanguard camping running on e xbox surice s&f think it looks stunning do you guys are really want to thank you for watching this app so tough the xbox tester en de ja hopefully ill see you soon in nederland zo aanvulde en thanks for watching bye bye list of steam deck compatible games Become a super member and join #callofduty #callofdutyvanguard Welcome to my channel, my name is Maurice and thank you for watching to these videos Follow me on: Gamertag: Smartimus Prime also check out my playstation channel Stuff i use Elgato HD60 S+ Capturecard OBS Recording software Samsung Oddysee G5 32 inch Gaming monitor Razer Wolverine V2 Chroma Controller #Xbox #Xbox20 #P3 #XboxGamepass #TheXboxTester #Gaming #GamePass #GamepassUltimate #XboxSeriesX #txt steam is 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