Battle of Bougainville - Pacific Front - Call of Duty Vanguard 4k

Sapiens game steamretro games for steam deck CALL OF DUTY®: VANGUARD do you speak japanese ah  __  up theyre still alive yeah no  __  got them free im aviation machinist mate third class hernandez being grateful once lieutenant jackson we got shot down thats why were here thanks sergeant james washington army 93rd infantry division lenny pass this man up you got any plans we need to get back up there flames we lucky they gave us ammo that was dead weight just gonna slow us down yeah im right here you know how to use a gun i went through basic just like you started Applause i gotta control the stick now lieutenant youre just the one for the ride all right lets get moving Applause oh all right on me eyes up people long way to go better than loading trucks thats the damn chore hey you guys said you were 93rd never heard of it bet you aint never met a negro before neither we aint exactly in the credit getting business oh colored regiment yup you see any snakes or centipedes let me know well get the cookout ready hold up Music see something no but when that sniper got thompson he was in a bridge just like this so how do we cross we draw the snipers out feel free your names up hope this grits in heaven my fate you volunteering then shut your mouth and keep those eagle eyes on the canopy go spook when i get a word i want to see your best jesse oh please run  __  fast now everyone all right still get all my parts okay we need to get to that tree line into the grass and stay low regroup under the trees if you make it to the other side going for it thats far enough Music sniper down what the hell why the ropes these crazy  __  strapped themselves up in trees what are we doing out here anyway brad shipped in the 93rd to help the 23rd take this rock this japanese base not far from here its protected by a hollowed out ridge the rest of my boys are stuck behind a locked door and were the key the hell does that mean wait just shut up and do what he says clear out that ridge move on that base hey how are we going to get into that ridge booker knock loud hey how about we play these fools from duke ellington everybody loves a cotton club you find me a trumpet lewis and ill take you up on that got to pack mine before we shipped up get off the road foreign Music oh Applause wow man  __  this place ladies of god now our obligations to our country never cease but with our lives that doesnt sound like lenny john adams well someone gave lennys gun to john adams we can use the help well do what we can but dont get us killed and that might be enough i have a brother fighting in europe if mama loses her boys to both nazis and japanese well yeah hitler aint got nothing on mama howard that the ridge thats the one oh  __  if youre kidding are you insane hernandez youre with me welcome howard youre a dragon once we clear the wire well be under heavy fire i need you to turn up the heat on these bastards you got it sarge jackson a word yeah youre gonna help private howard get that wire and then youre gonna keep them covered on the other side understood look in the sky im your man but this im not the die face down in the mud type then you shouldnt get yourself shot down theres a difference between suicide and sacrifice you do well to learn it low and quiet boys howard jackson to the left the rest of you on me jackson give me a hand time you got your hands dirty after you quick boy Applause all right lets hit that box go light them up jackson Music Music ah lets go holy  __  that thing is insane go take out that Music sarge infantry jackson last candys all yours dont let them escape keep the distance feel free shoot the flare lets see him stop us now are you  __  crazy why would you fire that dude you just gave the entire japanese army our location the invites not for them is for the rest of my men right on schedule lieutenant here come my boys can they finish the job check out the hangar thats you know anyone could fly this was your plan all along my man can take the base slow down the japanese but if we had someone in the air wouldnt that be something im your man sergeant i was hoping you would say that lets get down there do you even know how to land that thing whens that ever stopped me lets go regroup with the tanks Music push down the hill theres blue to the tanks good to see you boys make yourselves at home jackson hernandez lets get everyone else oh hmm well push you out of the hangar take this cover us while we get you in position find us some runway and well handle the rest keep moving those legs that keeps shooting weight almost there wont be eating this anymore show us what you can do lieutenant all right lets see more or less i should have known youd say that here we go play behind the tank Music Music come on lets go the men of the 93rd changed wade they showed the flying daredevil from the clouds what war looked like in the dirt down there he learned the only way to win was to have each others backs if you get past this talk and you see his actions you know who a jackson really is Music you swat steam game Teaming up with the 93rd Division in the Jungles of south east asia against Japan in WW2 in Call of Duty Vanguard. 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