How to see when i bought a game on steamhow to remote play steam deck CAPCOM FIGHTING COLLECTION game Music bro what is up everybody this is justin wong and the capcom fighting collection offline was such a banger we have to try out online we have to try out this robux netcode from capcom and im not gonna lie its its just really good we go through the games and everything and we have a special guest rufus monger is gonna be playing with us um you know were gonna just have a little chit chat and everything like that get to know each other but make sure you guys show him some love show him some love his channel uh like share subscribe all his videos and everything he does an amazing job of fgc content as well as other content but other than that if you guys want to see this video like i said like share subscribe turn on the bells notification and you know lets try out capcom fighting collection online like the worst thing that ever happened to me to be uh as a fighting game player was to become a youtuber oh okay its good like and i have im i like oh this is old Music um i like uh what i do and all but like i have less time to play the games i have less time like i got worse i got way worse you like yeah i feel that i feel like im more more of a casual player now yeah thats exactly it like i used to uh hang with like all the best standards people in canada right yeah and nowadays yes oh its kind of playing good yeah thats right this is old dark soccer so stat squad should still yeah there we go because he doesnt have this in the visa yeah does he have the down down move i think down down punch oh uh rage gage no he doesnt oh i guess this is his first game yeah because i cant short hop either in this one yeah i think thats from the second the second one you get the short hop okay yeah im not feeling anything and like vancouver ontario is not nothing right thats the entirety of west coast east coast in the states too yeah it is hes a grappler and visa this game had no idea bro do you think so like uh we have we have a theory that like this game is like a capcom test game where its like if this game does well you might get a possible vampire saviors like in the future like i would love it like like realistically the reason anyones going to buy this most people theyre going to buy this connection is a collection rather is uh for dark soccer right what is up everybody i know im interrupting your video but we always got to give a big shout out to panda panda has been you know hooking us up with just content with pfg and everything like that so i just need you to give them some love go to varsity this jersey right here look this baseball jersey look at that look at that look at the panda work the best part is they got the number 15 i dont know if they did this on purpose but number 15 is my favorite number actually they got the letterman jackets as well too this is an amazing line and i mean summers around the corner youre trying to look swag youre trying to fly you know panda has always got you like i said go to slash varsity um its limited time as always and you already know bro enjoy the rest of the video yeah its because they so oh you just oh nice thats thats kind of nice that you get to select your character again i like that Music yeah its kind of its cuz like they heavily advertise this as a doc stalkers collection compared to everything else so its just like damn like if this does well are we gonna get another doc suckers possibly be nice like i follow the news end of things right so capcoms next couple of years have been leaked out though and there aint no marvel and no dark soccer sounds oh it says that thats sad because do you remember that video that they made at uh comic con where they showed like some type of like hd dog stalkers oh onos yeah yeah yeah i remember that then that was that was like what 10 years ago now say where is that how do i do the old shell move uh oh there we go hurricane kick is a hurricane kick yeah uh i think its is it hurricane kick yeah it is hurricane i was doing half circle because i have to back this day with half circles yeah i think that whats crazy about this game is this game has so much uh different moves like compared to like if you played vampires like if you play vampire saviors and you go to this game youre like bro the moves dont work the same they dont like sasquatch is the only character ive ever have decent with then like half myself its not the same oh are you on the gp build or the english build japanese all right because i think its rico and the english build oh it is it is i remember back way back in the day he was actually the first character i played because i had a merfolk deck in magic the gathering yeah and hes like oh hes the merfolk so actually if i wanted to play this game seriously i would play picture like in like that vampire saviors like you know like capcom has like that 7k tournament that theyre doing for vampire saviors oh yeah yeah yeah i would want to play this character just because hes like yeah he just looks cool but the crazy part is like the community is so strong in the north america for this game on fight cave Music i think its because the characters too like you dont find characters like this in any other game i think the mechanics also is just super crazy um as well like theres like the tech hit push block which they have to like slide like your hands hit all the buttons oh okay so i choose this is my favorite game this whole entire collection pocket fighter rocket fighter its the cutest thing in the world this is the game i also got very little knowledge of like i matched with it to capture video but thats about it yeah well you you chose that you chose right zangiev is actually top tier in this game is he yeah so its because he just does massive damage um so if you like did like a grab of me it would take like a ton of damage me is that you thats disconnected from me its gotta be me yeah so this game is like you do have like these chain combos right and you you transform into this character so chungli turns into a girl and a school girl but depending on the buttons you press for like like like punch punch punch or punch kick kick punch and stuff like that yeah you never want to do that you get rid of your gems its kind of like your burst okay and then the funny part about dan is like hes actually a tr like kind of like a troll character and the way i mean by troll character is like hes actually good in terms of like clients uh but when he hits you he only gives himself red gems and thats kind of a reference from his puzzle fighter okay because he only gives red gems in puzzle fighter so thats why they do it so every time you hit me right youll get like different colored gems right so if you do like punch punch kick kick for example like you say you get yellow and you get blue and everything like that and red you see you got those mixed colors to help build your your specials but dan only gets red thats why like i have like my max its pretty funny actually okay i just noticed its like telling me my motion for moves but this is pretty like its its not a game that i think you could like take like i dont think theres i dont think theres actually a scene for this game actually hey if we go deep enough youll find a scene for any game right yeah thats true i mean like im pretty sure if somebody ran a tournament theyll enter but in terms of like oh like whats like top tier and stuff like that im not even sure if thats a thing Music seems fine though like i like the idea behind it back in the day when you just make any random fighting game and stick right yeah this is just more of just like if youre a capcom fanboy uh yeah youd be like oh this game is freaking awesome Music bro you got that world warrior im just thinking bro he dont even have the sound capcom was too cheap he dont have he dont have the role boxer versus blank is not a good match whatever its the funniest thing ever is like these kids they never develop any normals for these characters like the boss characters like yeah literally this all this button is low jab this button is a little strong this ones low light kick this little button is low medium oh world war no this is a champion edition rock okay yeah well this is the first time they are able to select the boss characters world wars unless without a hack you cant play those characters Music bro that works thats the mad damage Music thats the one thing i remember the cheesy cycle crusher jab crusher beats all headbutts really yes Music here we go we got that trade baby oh i guess it doesnt give you the number oh this version of eisen does have a close light kit i cant use the tod yeah because this is hyper fighting bison yeah i remember when the hd remix came out that was all i would ever do would just go online to buy some today to people they usually try a champion edition bison hes the busted one hes the best bison in the world they actually dont know what im supposed to do with this game actually i had no i just smashed when i played it its like people like the way its definitely a very like like a lame game where you just fly around actually like a like a gundam yeah see those endless walls i played the out of endless walls now that game is cheap that game is broken its having a real game like its not like a real gundam game its just like a street fighter with crazy combos type of stuff yo thats the button thats the button that is light kick thats like the screen i do like it has like the your off kind of thing like you have to fight for it like sam show Music some i dont know its because you get it you get it back automatically it seems like like you dont have to like pick it up it seems like if you like touch it like you you pick you pick the arm back up or whatever im trying to figure out like whats my move like what does this move does its like grab heres right oh okay oh okay theres a crab like a mash too i saw a prompt for what whats this thats her tatsu tattoo with punch like punch Music i need to go watch how people play this game on like uh fight cake because i know theres people that love playing this game yeah i like the designs like i like uh i like robot stuff thats like not too anime you know yeah like more robo tech than gundam i guess yeah i mean capcom did have like that one golden age of like let me just lets just make random fighting games across the board this is the kind of game man if i played like it was available for me to play as a kid i would probably put someone in there yeah for real yeah because street fighter 2 took over the world like thats the biggest thing because that like most of my audience is like so much younger than me right and us i guess but its like no man you understand before youre born fighting games were the most important fighting like video games in the world thats true for the fortnight of video games there you go thats the gas gas is a different motion Music so this game yeah i was so surprised i was saying this ill surprise this game like you know how like you could choose english in japanese yeah so i guess theres two stalkers games that only came out in japan and this is one yeah uh i could be wrong my understanding of the story is because um dark soccer takes more memories than the other cps2 games ah yeah those games have different rosters like vsaf2 does not have sasquatch yeah i know yeah because they just literally couldnt fit all the characters on the board well thats unfortunate yeah i just never seen it even like because they have a dog stalkers like japan tournament where like everyone like they just run a dog suckers marathon like all the dog soccer games and they dont advertise like hunter 2 and xavier too at all even like the little black like the black like icon like thats nothing there it just looks so weird yeah like its like somethings missing there hello okay oh you dont got anything hes just a little out i i can still do the big hop but i cant cancel short hop in the jab in this version oh so i dont get the instant overhead nerfed no balance dude i think dawn like if there was a tearless this guy has to be top tier i mean it has a dive kick you see how good that dive kick is and i i dont know like i dont know about donna because hes not on vampire savior right like oh yeah thats sick whats this dude i dont know what this does oh thats your uh yeah dark force vision mode or whatever yeah dark i just dont know what what it does for him i have no idea i remember qb lets her have true flight yep thats the only one i remember one worth doing all the characters im like oh thats a god normal right there i literally have no approach oh there you go you just did it oh timings definitely different yeah okay yeah wow thats so fast i never knew how fast that was thats definitely thats not reactive whatsoever thats the game right is the short hop and then go for low or overhead or then you short hop short hop again short hop hit then command grab like hes baby mo top tier thats why i like them you good over there im living im living i was not expecting this was not expecting this that sword is cheap right there hes just chillin i wonder oh you see that no and theres so much love in these games yeah wait is he is he just asleep the whole time oh okay there it is now thats actually thats actually sick thats why the series is like still persist man because like no other game has personality like that right i probably cost like an extra thousand dollars they didnt have to spend the energy you know like im actually im actually glad i appreciate you uh coming on and playing with me appreciate it man nice talking to you let me if you want to talk to too many people im always like busy working in an island of myself if that makes any sense no that makes sense um im not part of any group im not sponsored i just im the guy who does my own thing right yeah and if you ever need like to do something let me know im always down to help out too oh i appreciate it man thank you very much xbox game pass steam link My boy @rooflemonger and I decide to test out Capcom Fighting Collections ROLLBACK. 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