Battleground game steamasparagus steamed recipe CAPCOM FIGHTING COLLECTION game so welcome to my review of the capcom biting collection available for switch xbox one ps4 and for pc and this is a highly anticipated collection for myself and yes it is another capcom collection of fighting games i know theres been a few of the years theres the anniversary collection here and then theres a beat-em-up section here for the belt action and that was really good and i really enjoyed their collections but this one has been highly anticipated and the reason why is finally in one place on one card on one desk or downloading it all of the dark stalkers games and that is the big deal thing here and one thing that ive really been looking forward to and theres 10 fighting games included in this collection and im just going to list them at first and then im going to go through the settings and what i think about them all so to begin with we have the dark stalkers night warriors and this is the classic original game known in japan as vampire the night warriors and that was released in 1994 we also get night warriors dark stalkers revenge also known in japan as vampire hunter dark stalkers revenge and that was released in 1995. we also get vampire savior released in 1997 and vampire hunter 2 released in 1997 that was japan only vampire savior 2 in 97 as well japan only and red earth we finally get red earth im so excited also known as warzard right so its known as red earth when they release it over here this is the big one on the collection that im most looking forward to i will talk about it ill get to it we also get cyberbots full metal madness that was released in 1995 and another really good one in here as well is super puzzle fighter 2 turbo and that was released in 1996 also known in japan as super puzzle fighter 2x also included is the hyper street fighter 2 anniversary edition released in 2003 and last but not least super gem fighter mini mix also known as pocket fighter and that was released in 1997. so those are all the games that are included in this collection and pretty cool to have all those dark stalkers games that is for sure most of them havent even played i only was able to play the ones that were released over here now theres offline play we can just play the arcade game at your leisure theres also a tutorial mode theres also an online mode and when i was reviewing this game i couldnt find anybody to fight so i dont know if that was set up at this time so take that as you will going forward i wasnt able to test out the online applications and theres also a museum mode in here to capture all of the original pictures and artwork of those old arcade games and i appreciate this because in the past i could only see them in my capcom illustrations book right here and theres so much great artwork included in all of these games and im glad so many people will be able to go and see the history especially with the dark stalker series and with red earth also included in the museum mode is the music in there so the music for every single game is included and you can play it so pretty cool to have that and one thing that i really really appreciate is you can turn off the border artwork thank god i mean i hate these games where its wired in we have that border artwork and you cant turn it off i never liked that i always liked the original games 4x3 or in widescreen whatever they were presented in originally but get rid of those borders and here you can just have black borders so i really appreciate that being added and theres a lot of different filters you can use and i went through these all and i gotta say i found a filter its called filter like d and i loved it its the one that i used for the entire playthrough of this game so if youre watching this game i played using this filter d and i just thought it kind of captured that arcade look perfectly where when i went to the original uh mode without any filters i was like oh it is showing its age because some of these games are a little older but you know what you can pick what filter you want and what suits you theres also an option to turn on or off graphic content within the game im thinking thats the blood content going on so you can turn it on or off which is really really good now the big selling point for me to get this compilation and ive ordered the switch version and the ps4 version because i wanted this so much is that i have always wanted to have the dark stalker series in one place because theyve been all over the place theyve been in japan theyve been on the saturn theyve been here there i wanted them in one place to play them and this is the way to do that and they look great its its really interesting to revisit dark stalkers after all of these years i you know i remember going into a 7-eleven back in the day looking for my street fighter 2 and seeing dark stalkers and going wait what is this what is this im like this is not street butter im like whoa this is really cool and i just loved the dark style of characters within this like vampires and all sorts of things like frankenstein it was really a unique fighting game at the time and boy did they get nuts with it especially in japan with all the sequels i only played the first few games so dark stalkers was released in 1994 it was released and called vampire the night warriors in japan so there was a name difference there and that version is included so whats fascinating is the different namings of those old games you can change them so theyre originally there from the japanese version and the english version and night warriors dark stalkers revenge was known as vampire hunter dark stalkers revenge in japan so yeah these are the changes that they have but what i really love is theyre all included and vampire saviors there vampire hunter two was there vampire savior two is there and whats fascinating vampire hunter two and vampire savior two were released japan only so this is the first time that theyre coming over here officially at least now the big game on here that i absolutely wanted this collection for and theres one reason behind it theres one reason i have the poster up here on my wall its been there for years and years now because i always loved the artwork from this particular game as a fighting game with rpg elements and thats what i always loved about it and that is red earth warsaw is finally included is finally been officially released and we can play it and its pretty cool its really an old school style game but the one thing that i really appreciate about this particular game is the size of the characters and the adventure elements that are thrown in so you can actually level up your character within the game and thats pretty neat and its neat to see warzard red earth finally released its so crazy because ive had the post on my wall and im like man thats lost in the past well never see that and i played it in a lot of arcades here in vancouver back in the day so i always knew what it was and im so thankful thats gotten a release finally and another game i used to play in the arcades quite a lot cyberbots full metal madness this is pretty cool to be released here as well its a one-on-one fighting game with max and its funny i was replaying this game and im like back in the day it was all about sprite-based fighting games and everything was a sprite-based fighting game and we loved it and i remember when i saw this in arcades i was like look at this stuff like we actually have mecha action fighting games now its like before we had you know character fighting games and now we have mecha fighting games and thats what this kind of ushered in and was really cool to see a lot of really good animation and it really looked nice with the pixelated artwork super puzzle fighter 2 is obviously a puzzle fighting game and i remember this always being in arcades near me and playing it and its a novelty it was its not an amazing uh you know a puzzle game but it was a novelty to see the characters in there from all the capcom games that was cool but it is a pretty fun puzzle game nonetheless and we have hyper street fighter 2 anniversary edition as i said this was released in 2003 and whats cool is you can access all the past games and that was the big deal with this when it was released in arcades its also on ps2 back in the day and its fun to revisit this game and im like oh my god its its so crazy to see like super street fighter once again and and play all these different characters now this is a gem this is a little gem on this collection i really ive always liked this game i knew it as pocket fighter when it was released in japan but its called super gem fighter mini mix when it got released over here and this is just capcom fanboying to all the fans it really is its so much fan service going there with the characters and its just a silly fun fighting game with gems in there as well it is and one of those ones that me and rob used to play back in the day on the ps1 is when we played it and i always loved the animation i always loved the characters and the fan service and all the things in the backgrounds i thought that was what made this really cool and so nice to have that included in this collection so is this collection worth it it is for old school arcade fans like myself people who grew up with these games you saw all these games in the arcades and were like this is awesome and this is part of our time period right so its nice for us to be able to get these collections all in one place like the street fighter collection and now this collection with all the darks stalkers games in one place i like that i like having a collection of that uh so i can always say heres all my capcom arcade games thats what were getting to know and im really enjoying that and how did the games play perfectly fine just like the original games in the arcade and i have to mention it sometimes in the games i noticed a little bit of slow down and i dont know if thats the emulation or the original game so thats just something to note uh but it might be just the original games running a little bit slow because theres a lot of animation going on and some of these games yes will feel like theyre from a different time because they are so theres not a lot of animation at certain times and things like that youll feel like were missing frames at times thats all part of the old arcade experience and im so happy that its all in one place and i can just play these games i mean to play the dark stalkers games again were an absolute blast to see all of those characters and to relive all those memories i love it and just to have warzard red earth finally available over here for new players to play who never got to play that old arcade game i think thats whats really cool here and so yes i would recommend this for any fans of old school arcade games that want all this stuff in one collection its all here and its great to have and theres all the different versions that you could possibly want or all the versions i could possibly want thats for sure so anyways guys until next time prison escape games steam Capcom Fighting Collection review is an upcoming fighting game compilation by Capcom in celebration of the Street Fighter series 35th anniversary. The collection includes arcade versions of ten fighting games originally released by Capcom between 1994 and 2003, including all five Darkstalkers games. It will release on June 24, 2022 on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Windows, and Xbox One.Darkstalkers: The Night WarriorsLike the show? Support the show! Patreon us! SUBSCRIBE! and add me on Twitter! Facebook us! Join Johnny Millenium The Happy Console Gamer as he discusses new video games and reviews forgotten games that not many people know about but should! steam rom manager gta definitive edition steam amazon prime gaming steam keys best steam porn games free steam controller on android