Capcom Fighting Collection Review

Steam-o-ramasteam you already own this game CAPCOM FIGHTING COLLECTION game hey guys its moogler here and today im here with a video game review much more specific a very special game review and i want to be transparent with you guys because just last week capcom had hit me up sent me an email and said hey we would love for you to reveal one of our games and that game is the capcom fighting collection and i was caught off guard i was not expecting for capcom to actually approach me and give me a a game review copy um to present to my audience so i really appreciate that and hopefully well probably get some more of this um in the future and you guys know me im gonna give you my honest opinion regardless of what developers uh give me promotional uh goods or give me review copies so were going to dive right into it because i really want to express my thoughts and how i feel about this collection now that the embargo has been lifted and im able to talk about it so lets get right into it now you know on this channel we talked about the capcom fighting collection and what this mean and how this is important moving forward when it comes to um the capcom ips when it comes to fighting games that we have seen havent seen in a very very long time and i said to you guys hey if capcom produces a really good product within this collection definitely go out and support it and show capcom that you guys want to see these franchises be revived in some shape or form um in the near future and im just going to just give you just a quick um thought of how i feel about it i personally love the collection from what ive played um so far over the past week with it and i want to go through each of the titles or just go over some of the features to explain you know this overall package starting with the presentation um capcom and hip hop for some reason just go hand in hand it just work we see that in street fighter third strike weve seen that now with the recent reveal of street fighter 6 and seem like this collection they are also pushing that theme when it comes to the overall presentation with the fighting collection i really love the fighting collection original music the moment you boot up the collection i love the music it has a very very 90-ish uh hip-hop uh uh feel and vibe to it and i definitely definitely love that and the funny thing about it is too as well they decided to add the movie trailer voice guide from honest trailers he actually does all the announcement features for each of the titles and the option menus um in this in this package and i think it actually adds an overall flair um and touch to it and i really really like that now as far as the menus are concerned as far as the options and what youre able to do its very simple you have your online your offline uh mode of course museum fighter awards and your options now were gonna go to the museum for just a second its because when it comes to the museum this is something that capcom i guess you say really feel proud of or this is something that catcom really want uh the og classic capcom of fans who love these fighting games to really enjoy so capcom left specific instructions for me to not really show off the museum or show whats really in the museum itself so i can pretty much just tell you what they do have and just give you my overall thoughts about the museum one thing i can say about the museum is that if youve been playing capcom games since the early 90s up until now this is something that youre really um i guess you would say respect and you will get that nostalgia bomb because when you look go through the museum you each classic title thats in this collection has its own museum so you will find a lot of concept art that was proposed for these titles and you will also see some of the promotional advertisements that they had for these titles back in the 90s and when i look at these titles all those different titles when i see these advertisements and i see all these art drawings that was in video game magazines it just hit me with so much nostalgia and it just always takes me back to what i was doing back in the 90s growing up you know in school with my friends and going through game magazines looking at this advertisement and going to the arcade with my father and my uncles and seeing these games and seeing these advertisements and these posters and these artworks being plastered all over the arcades and it just takes me back to their time so for those you guys who enjoy stuff like that and been around during the era the museum is a perfect place for you to go check out and just relive some of those aspects of your life just by simply looking at the artwork and i say the artwork is beautiful i think artwork back then especially during the 90s was so much better than a lot of the artwork that you see um see today it just has that charm to it for that era and then of course you have the fighter awards now the fighter awards essentially is more so like your achievements um for this title so for those of you guys who are completionists and those you guys who like trophies and and you know xbox achievements and with nintendo have with their achievement systems youll be able to unlock achievements for each of the titles found in this so youll definitely uh will check out the requirements what you need to do maybe land some combos or at least just finish you know just complete the title itself and everything so theres something for you to enjoy so it gives you that replay ability especially if youre just going just to play by yourself um youll want to go and just be that uh fighter award hunter you just want to hunt those achievements down so those you guys who are into that type of stuff with achievements um theres a lot to be found here as far as thats concerned and plus the achievements have some good some some nice little emblems and artwork applied to those achievements as well which is also pretty awesome and pretty cool so youll definitely enjoy that so now well talk about the options for a second because the options i guess i would say is really important because it actually affects how you want to experience your play with the fighting collection now the options will give you the different type of filters that you can place over top of the game as you playing it me theres about like six to seven but me personally i just stuck with the scan line um filter thats placed over top of the game itself because it gives you that that 90s um old school classic you know arcade vibe and feel to it and to me i think that enhances and enriches the experience to me and i just keep the filters on i mean come on even in in eichmann i do the same thing with within eichmann and put the filter on it just makes the sprites look much better and it just gives you that that feel of what it was like when you know during the time these games were were out especially around in the 90s and then of course you have your borders because the games are in their traditional resolution for that era so you have the side borders you can choose up i believe six to seven different borders or you can just go with all black border if you dont want the borders um on the sides because you dont want to maybe distract you or anything so those are the options as far as thats concerned now were going to talk about the game selection because this is what the collection is about its about the games where the games like so there is essentially a total of 10 games but theyre from theres six different video game titles and the six titles are adult stalkers uh red earth street fighter 2 anniversary edition uh gem fighters um mini uh mini mix super puzzle fighter 2 turbo and of course cyberbots now the reason why theres 10 is because adult stalkers have about four different versions on itself now what i find cool is when you go into the menu and you will select these titles at the very bottom of the of the titles that you of itself you can choose which version that you want to play you gotta either play the english version or the japanese version of these titles now when it comes to dog stalkers uh when you once you get to dark uh when you come when you go to dog stalkers and you play the vampire saviors the vampire saviors is essentially the only version that can only be played in the japanese version then the thing is going into doll starters and you if you guys can follow me here on this channel um i always stress that ive never been adult stalkers fan and the only experience that i did have with dark stalkers was back on the playstation when it was released on the playstation one i cant remember which version it was i believe it was just gold stalkers i believe thats what was just called on the ps1 that was the very first one that was released on the ps1 and my cousin had it so i really didnt have much time to actually get into it when i was younger and the thing was i told you before that im not really into fighting games its based on creatures and monsters and stuff but i would say this when it came to this collection when i actually got a chance to actually sit down and play with play with it i would say i have much more respect for the dog stalker series and ill tell you why the thing is time has changed for me one i mature more and two im in this era compared me to now into when where i was a long time ago i play fighting games now i enjoy fighting games so now im going im going into dark starfish with a much different mindset im going in as a person who actually play fighting games now and and because i play fighting games and i see fighting games in a much different light i have a lot more respect for dollstar because it actually enjoyed my time actually playing the game and the thing that was so crazy about it is i didnt realize how good of a soundtrack that dog stalkers actually have now when i played doll stalkers the various different versions one i like the opening intros they all have a a nice i guess you say nostalgic feel to it especially with each um version of the game they have a different character holding little lilith body head which i found kind of funny and then introduced whatever that character is thats featured in the new version of the game now i did notice from moving from adult stalkers the combos had chain combos and then once i got into the to to the vampire savior it seemed like the the chain combos were removed and they decided to go back with link combos like your traditional um capcom games now essentially of course um as far as character selection is concerned i chose of course a morrigan and i decided to try to uh john taubeen for the first time and i see why people like the character i enjoyed my time playing the character very rushed down heavy and really enjoyed on johns hollow beam now the thing is when it comes to doll stalkers there i can see why uh fans are so passionate about this title because it does have its own original flair to it especially for its time and how they introduce these these brand of characters that everyones grown to love and like i said before i have so much much more respect for it so for those you guys who really enjoy doll stalkers youll definitely enjoy it and now the thing is since i have little knowledge of doll stalkers i have nothing to really compare it to compared to what it was a long time ago to now to actually tell you if its any good but what i can say is from my experience with it and from what i was playing with the game i really enjoyed it so hopefully when the game does release and you guys happen to get it we can play some doll stalkers online now which version do you guys prefer i dont know because like i said i dont really have that much knowledge of doll starters but they also do have save states where you can actually save in the middle of these matches and then revisit these matches all together if you if you guys want to do something like that this is for the single player folks who just want to play the game in a single player feature so the next game i also want to talk about um which is uh cyberbots now i will say this cyberbots out of all the games in the collection cyberbots is my favorite of them all now i never like i never played cyberbox before in fact i never heard about cyberbots until i started getting into moving and the funny thing is jim was one of my favorite characters um in marvel vs cadcom and i had no idea that was the game that he was featured in which was cyberbots now the thing is i dont know why my arcades never had this or maybe i just ignored this back when i was a kid kid in the 90s but cyberbots was is really really fun i like i like the fact is that one theres only theres only like a very limited amount of characters but when you select the characters you can choose with uh which cyberbot that you want to select from but within those cyberbots theres different body parts or different uh yeah bodies that you can choose from and each have their own different play styles so thats in a way you know giving you multiple different characters so you just choose the pilot choose the robot and then choose the parts the the different bodies for those for the robot so i choose the blow deal which is uh um the default robot that jen uses i decided to run with that and when i when i booted up the game i like the fact that they have this little story sequence for each character and the thing that i like about it is its just total destruction as youre fighting as youre fighting the opponents the actual background in the stage actually interacts and things actually blow up in the background and the fact is that body parts and limbs on your robot actually fall off which actually messes with the capability of your robot and then you have a boost gauge depending on what attacks you use affects your boost gauge this is so much fun to be had with this game and im im saying to myself how did i miss this game and i spent my i found myself playing this more than any of the other games in the collection i had so much fun with this so hopefully in the near future we can definitely see another cyber box because i think this theres a ton of fun to be had with this game and a ton of different experience experiments with the different um uh uh body parts with the different cyber boxes you can choose from which i thought was just pretty pretty cool and i really enjoyed that and then next of course uh super puzzle fighter to turbo um just one of my favorite street fighter uh one of my favorite cat comp puzzle game and the fact is that they was able to just blend puzzle with street fighter or just with capcom characters in general i think it was a pretty genius move to capitalize on that puzzle market and its exactly how i remember it and if you guys enjoyed it its the same thing you know the way you were the way you remember it and then of course one of my other favorites i think this is my second favorite within the collection itself is the super gen fighters mini mix and for those who dont know they pretty much capitalize on the puzzle fighters uh and decided to make that into its own fighting game and this is much of a much more simplistic capcom fighter um its its pretty much for casual find its like more like more like a party game and you actually see some of your favorite capcom um characters do things thats out of their character in a sense you know ryu has like a molly like a bowling chain molly a mace and everything like that chun li turns to jill valentine it has a rocket launcher morgan she puts on different cosplay and everything so its a wacky fun type of game but it was something that i really enjoyed especially growing up as a kid in the 90s playing this game on the playstation one and in the arcades and everything is still there and intact and just having a filter on top of that just makes it feel even more authentic so for you guys who are looking forward to play that youll definitely still get that same enjoyment now the game that root thats really com like odd or interesting to me and i think its very unique and you dont see this anymore when it comes to fighting games and that game is red earth i never heard a rare earth until i started playing movie now rare earth is kind of different its a different thing that you would probably never see capcom ever do again but i think this is very unique and i think people will find interest in this this game is a hybrid of a rpg in a fighting game and which is quite interesting so you take control of a a protagonist and they each have their own storyline and plot that you follow through on now the thing is i chose uh whats her name uh les ming i believe thats her name i chose her because shes one of my favorite characters in mugen so i decided to go with her and you travel the world map and you fight these different you know elemental spirits or beasts or whatever like that and as youre fighting the the enemy the enemy will drop these experience points and as you collect the difference as you collect experience points your character actually levels up and when you level up you get the ability to be resistant against earth elements fire elements and just different type of elements in general and you power your character up then a good the another thing about it is you can actually save your specific version of the character by using the password system i load up the password you can load up your current state and your current um version of character and i just found this very unique because you dont see this at all in any fighting game for that matter um such as red earth this is very very rare and its something that it looks like the capcom was very passionate about and wanted to try something much more different than what they traditionally make and i can see why this game is like its a niche so those you guys who never played red earth and never heard of it i suggest that you guys actually give it a try theres a lot to be had here and plus the music is just awesome love the music and like i said when it came to capcom and the sprite work the sprites in this game as well is just something tomorrow and i really enjoyed it and then last but not least is the street fighter 2 anniversary edition now we played street fighter tons of tons of different times numerous times street fighter 2 and this is really no different its the anniversary edition and when you go to the character select um screen you can actually choose which version of street fighter that you want to play of um these characters within the character select screen so you got the champion edition you have super street fighter 2 turbo super uh super street fighter you have all the different versions of the uh of the street fighter characters and the street fighter games all packages all packaged into one game so those you guys who are old heads or just love the og street fighter theres ton of fun to be had and a lot of everything is there you know so thats pretty much it for this for the selection of games now the elephant in the room hows the roll back now since this is this is the early version i want to see the early version but i would say since this is the review copy theres really not many people online for me to actually stress test it the way i want to i was able to get into like a couple of matches um during the time schedule that capcom had pretty much essentially had uh given us to actually try to find a perfect time to actually link up with people now from my personal experience from what i tried with a little bit of time and the matches i was able to get it worked completely fine to me the rollback felt fine i didnt really i didnt experience any hiccups any lag or didnt experience much of the rollback that was going on at all i actually had a smooth gameplay experience from the little bit of matches that i had but this is off a little bit of matches because this is still the game still not out yet so my thing is i would have to make a separate video once the game actually like releases or as you get close to release because then more people will get their hands on the game uh much earlier than some people theyre not able to stress tests even more to actually give you an overall feel of what i feel about the rollback but from just a little bit i did play i had no problem with it so if if thats enough to convince you um then i would say that overall the capcom fighting collection is a complete package that if you guys enjoy fighting games or just get into fighting games and want to know the history of capcom and the new summer of the past titles that they had released from back in the day especially in the early 90s then i suggest you give it a try if youre og fan and you just want to get your hands on modern versions released on modern hardware um this is this is the best collection that you can possibly get um from the capcom fighting collection if you want to play red earth and the uh super street fighter uh the super fighter mini mix and also cyberbots this is the only place youll be able to get these games um you know on you know in the mainstream market so if you guys love this review you know thats pretty much it i really enjoyed it im got my arcade stick right here because im currently playing it right now i just feel like let me just let me get this review together so i can have it up for you guys wants to embark and lift this you can make your decision whether or not that you want to actually give this game a try and as i said before in my previous videos if the game is worth it and its at a good value for you guys and you know and you want to see these games make a return sometime in the near future then go out and support this game if the pro if you deem the the quality of product is good especially for the price that its at so definitely give it a try if this is something that youre looking forward to or looking into definitely im im enjoying it and still playing it right now and i cant wait for once the game actually launches im able to play online because i will be live streaming it too so ill be able to play online with you guys as well so that wraps this video up if you like the video hit the like button hit the subscribe button and also hit that bell to be notified for more capcom news and just video games in general this is movement lore signing off ill see you game things later peace out best pc game controller for steam KeoLancer Channel: DxStrike Channel: Donate: Facebook: Twitter: steam removing games from library steam game acquitted how to buy a steam game for a friend civilization game steam good otome games on steam