Capcom Fighting Collection (Switch) - Hyper Street Fighter II Online Ranked Matches

Games with character creation steamsteam gameid CAPCOM FIGHTING COLLECTION game hows it going youtube and people watching this live on my twitch channel 64. today is a june 24th 2022 and capcom fighting collection is finally out on nintendo switch so tonight what were going to be doing is were going to be playing online ranked matches and hyper street fighter 2 is the main goal for tonight i think maybe next session maybe well play some of the other games but i think tonight were just gonna focus on hyper street fighter 2. and yeah lets go all right we found a match but for now were gonna play super turbo honda if you havent seen my other uh ultra street fighter 2 videos or street fighter 30th anniversary videos of me playing super turba im mainly a honda mane so well start with hunt well play some of the other characters as well but this is a very fun version of street fighter 2. if you have never played this version it is basically all the versions of street fighter 2 combined into one game its like im fighting world warrior ryu versus my super turbo honda little like its a little laggy mainly because i think im playing someone from japan right now so for those of you that actually dont know this game does have rollback i heard the online in this game is actually very good i think its because this guy is in japan its a little choppier you guys saw that right will you just grab me from my sweep cant you do better than that im jamming music high gallery rematch my burst street fighter 2. all right well pick a different version all right so were going to go hyper fighting e honda so the difference between hyper fighting honda and super turbo honda is that i could move with hands uh i dont have oicho throw theres probably more my normals are different actually they have three different sweeps standing light medium and heavy kick are all sweep i would play honda for now i think is he playing what championship guile which i think is like arguably yeah its a championship guy i think from my understand is like one of the best characters in this game oh god you know championship guile basically from what i understand in this game like a lot of the championship versions of the characters are actually the best versions of all the characters in the game like i think i want to say like championship sagat and championship bison are like the best characters in this game i know championship guy all is very good like i said i heard that the online in this game is good so dont watch this match and then have this be your example of the hotline in this game i think its just because this guys in japan right now thats probably why its a little choppy honda wins so im kind of curious how the ranked matches work do i just can i just keep playing this guy over and over again apparently okay all right well thats gg okay were player two i guess uh where am i were player two ricky hideau Music this is correct if you dont have a fireball honda wins if you have a fireball honda loses honda does insanely good against peoples projectiles or without projectiles like blanca i just destroyed long though Music so its kind of interesting is that you could play both the english and the japanese version online or you could search for either version i just do either version it really doesnt matter what version you play theyre both the same but okay so one thing i actually dont like already is that akuma is playable you can easily select akuma in this game if you dont know kuma is insanely broken in this game he just like deletes the entire cast Music also i am playing on input latency theres like input one if you go into the options menu you can change your like uh input frame delay i always forget since this game has roll back i put it to one i might change it a little bit Music honda went Music yeah we might have to change the rollback settings were just kind of testing settings oh guys see like there theres a rollback oh but quite probably arcade most people have this yeah probably a good chunk of the player base on switch for all the casual players this music is pretty hilarious though aint gonna lie okay gg gamer gg oh yeah so before i hit record again for uh youtube what im talking about is if you go to option to go to network this is supposed to be uh your rollback frame delay i believe is what this actually goes by it defaults to four you can go higher the higher it is i think it shows you on the bottom however the delay you will feel slightly longer a result so im not really too sure how this is gonna work directly but i think for now lets go back to default and well just try this all right here we go ricky hudo again all right so well change characters so okay i want to try a broken character i want to try championship guile here yeah from what i understand championship guile is insanely good in this game okay so like i put the frame delay back to floor it definitely does seem a little better you can tell it doesnt look as uh jittery i think you just need to find the right setting for you and your internet just keep in mind this game does not roll back flash kit also for people that are curious i am playing this on a arcade stick its the real arcade pro 5 or b for hayabusa hori stick it is actually a nintendo switch stick thats pretty solid im just using uh stock parts i never swapped the parts out for anything better crap oh that killed damn yeah thats not too bad i already got him thats amazing i love this music the venue music Music stand by no rip gg gg all right here we go were playing party house that  __  them up  __  them up Music cammy sure i dont care this has to be like hondas best matchup right so you guys saw me do crashing jab just stop spiraling all right spinning heel oh  __  look at that that is so good you stupid Music Music ill pick a different character um all right should i do broken  __  lets try broken  __  as character in the game championship edition bison that psycho crusher look at that chip damage its insane check i have to win im the most broken character tyson wins so i actually played a decent amount of hyper street fighter 2 on my psp actually my homebrew psp i actually played a good chunk of it on psp that trip damage thats insane oh Music lets go get lost you cant compare with my powers Music i like this music it seems like a ranked we just keep playing all right ill keep changing it all right who else is super broken in this game championships edition sagat i think its awesome broken uh how do i tire shot look how fast this tiger shots are like look at that thats insane i cant execute oh my god i cant do moves yeah i cant do moves my execution is godlike dude oh god oh  __  were gonna lose now dude i cant do moves Music oh god oh that  __  stunt damn that way more stun than i thought rip attack me if you dare i will crush you no my points Music oh exit session okay so it seems like you play three games and its just done thats thats similar to how uh street fighter 30th anniversary collection worked it worked just like that well thats a gt all right here we go were playing a bell hong kong definitely seems like um were talking about like the input but the network latency thingy or whatever in the option it definitely does seem like the higher the option the higher it is the better but you dont want to set it too high though all right i think out of all the e hondas i think i probably like super turbo also were bronze now lets go uh super turbo honda more because when you do hand slaps you move forward yo whats up jay usa isnt oh were playing online i think were playing against somebody whos actually good at the game yeah were playing online the difficulty is different usas insane difficulty ill keep that in mind all right my noses  __  look at that i barely barely lost lucky dog lets go i think this is the first person weve played today that kind of knows what theyre doing i dont know what im doing either but actually they they seem like theyre good at the video game i like this music uh i guess thats a gg were back into the training mode while were waiting so thats a gg okay all right here we go next game Music hes picking the cheap  __  i dont know if this is the real low to god or not well find out oh yeah thats thats one complaint i have about this game is theres no cross play its kind of unfortunate look how much damage i did yes any  __  rage quit you piece of  __  wow he picked the best character in the game in your age quit why would you do that well thats a gg my friend all right here we go were player two e handout picking turbo hyper fighting ryu one Music its kind of nice these past couple matches its kind of showing like what the online in this game is its good as long as your internet isnt terrible all mine in this game is really good i know youre too fat i gotta do that you do that though that beat a button hit you do better than that this guy does not want to play me anymore rip gg um all right here we go next game my fellow gamers its going pretty good playing some capcom fighting collection on nintendo switch this guys a little laggy unfortunately having a good time seems like a pretty good collection though it definitely seems like the collection to get if you are a big dog stalkers fan which im not the biggest dark soccer fan but i i appreciate it but well try that not tonight tonight were just playing street fighter 2 but i do want to try dog soccer maybe tomorrow or something or later today thought id do super match no rematch gg all right next match were fighting low tier guide again hes picking turbo slash hyper fighting ken i know is really good also ryu is very good super game boy oh yeah so i had a super game boy as a kid and then last year i imported a super gameboy 2. so actually but there was a second one i was in only in japan oh you can yeah i had a super game boy as a kid i love those cps1 sound effects theyre so good honda youre too fat oh  __  oh good  __  round three Music yeah any rage quit again oh my god oh tear god is a rage quitter okay all right here we go next game uh were player two again going against low tier god again we beat them twice and both times they rage quit so Music were going to roo roo your boat lets go first game boy was a red game boy color nice oh  __  i try to go for a grab yeah my first game boy was the original brick game boy the green one yeah any rage quit again there we go next match all right we wont pick ill pick somebody else im gonna pick gilly were gonna do championship guile gotta change it up a bit another top tier character in this game Music i cant do fireballs oh he grabbed me on my suite oh yeah thats where i got that move Music i cant do moves i suck oh  __  cant do oh moves oh god you see how much damage that did that had so much damage i think thats why excuse me um like the championship characters are just considered top tier and hyper street fighter 2 is because they do so much damage especially bison all right lets pick bison yeah so championship bison the best character in the game considered by many people in this game to be the best character in this game yes i did play the new ninja turtles i think the ninja new ninja turtles is great is it worth i think its worth the price thats if you like play online and stuff my major complaint with the new ninja turtles game is theres not many game modes okay so were gonna be bison arguably the best character in the game like look at that look at that look at that look at the damage if you could time it right i i dont think you can be stuck in psycho crusher like i dont think its infinite but i think the hitbox on is weird where sometimes you could cross up too its just cycle crusher psycho crusher is so broken for championship edition bison just got perfect i need to play streets at h4 that game looks cool i dont have any nostalgic like any nostalgia for street to rage that looks cool though ill pick somebody else um im gonna go turbo hyper fighting blanca i dont know the classic green hollow yeah i should i should try stretch reds four out cause i do like the new turtles game a lot im probably gonna play that again sometime this weekend all right so were were hyper fighting blanca which i believe is considered the best version of blanca is hyper fighting blanca Music like ball hits coming down which is really good Music oh my god thats stunned i love this game i could be wrong but im pretty sure hi or turbo blanca is supposed to be like the best version of wonka oh that didnt anterior im still ill start with long guys you can tell spamming gameplay heck yeah were playing against goll and i am blanca Music strangers four is much harder uh it could be i know uh ninja turtles on gnarly the hard hard difficulty mode is thats hard i havent beat it yet this guys kind of lagging im trying to get throws on him ah  __  Music theres like six difficulties in streets of rage yes i suck with blanca i think thats it oh my points no thats okay im not really too worried about my leg points ggs all right next game all right so were gonna change things up a little bit were gonna play championship edition e honda so champion edition honda does not have sumo splash yet all i have is head button ah damn it oh quite i should do world war maybe ill do world war next if i remember right they made headbutt like so much faster for champion edition honda oh you just have to switch light now i have an oled switch thats what im playing on right now is an old light switch its nice i love the old switch yeah also theres actually er theres a rare few switch games actually dont let you transfer your save i think yu-gi-oh is one of those i dont know why all right um were gonna do champion edition ryu which i believe is actually insanely good in this game i think most champion edition characters in this game are just theyre insanely good all right wendy champion ryu oh no hes picking lord vega oh you can Music oh thats right i cant do hair i cant do air hurricane king champion edition really doesnt have air hurricane kick i dont have that Music yeah thats the worst for yu-gi-oh yeah i think if i remember at yu-gi-oh is one of the rare few games where you cant transfer your saving to a new switch yo Music why does vegas name say balrog oh cause this is the japanese version so in the japanese version claw is balrog vega is dictator and boxers and bison thats it in bison thats japanese version the reason they swapped a bunch of these names around is i think i dont know if its true but to avoid mike bison because of mike tyson its balrog oh god is inspired by mike tyson hanger uppercut is Music and were talking about this earlier that uh you can play the english and the japanese version of games on this you can play both of them online imagine if you didnt know if you actually mash during these the multi-hit grabs if he actually mash he can do more damage like that but he didnt mash outside just destroyed his hp i like this song thats a gg good game all right we go another gamer im gonna lets im gonna do more uh dash i guess champion edition dont need more dashboard or bison boxer thats fine look at the damage oh my god look at the dead edge dude look at the damage i just stunned him in two dash punches you guys saw that right oh god this game is so broken the best way possible two dash punches and i stunned him thats awesome i dont have headbutt do i think so i think i think balrog only has cash punches in champion edition look at that sweep damage do i have three sweeps no oh my god i love i love hyper street fighter 2 its so broken and its not very balanced but its a fun and entertaining game all right thanks for watching Music ggs man gg all right were playing low tier god again all right since were playing him were were picking honda no more bison yet or balrog no now i keep calling boxer uh bison now im all confused because we keep hopping back and forth between the english and the japanese version Music you world warriors you know i saw that damage right i did so much oh my god i did insane damage thats sick so if i remember right world warrior chun li actually does not have fireball yet that is insane how much damage i did oh my god and so much damage that is insane thats crazy i did so much damage thats hilarious thats awesome im not even mad thats just hilarious Music thats so funny how much damage that does its insane how much damage i did okay so i cant do that thats thats funny though im not even mad its just hilarious yeah so okay i i want to know now theyre rage quitting again does this game have a rage quit penalty if you rage quit like this do you lose points i actually dont know hopefully this game actually does that i wonder if somebody actually knows let me know if this game actually has a rage quit penalty like they rich quit there and they didnt lose their points did they actually keep their points or did they actually lose them im actually very curious you know let me know in the comments below leave me a like while youre at it and give me all your money good game all right here we go next battle all right i want to play more uh champion edition or dash boxer im gonna box it he does so much so champion edition boxer is the earliest version we can pick because theres no world warrior boxer because hes not playable in that game also we did find out i dont have headbutt all i have is dash straight and dash upper that is literally the only moves i have oh and turn around punch i tried to turn around punch Music oh im trying to do dash punch right now its kind of hard because of the lag but oh i just killed it look at that thats insane sadly no headbutt i dont have headbutt i do have dashboard or turn around punch ew oh  __  i cant break throws i miss timed it i cant do dash punch in the leg Music tyson wins im just gonna do stan fears oh my god i love this game this game says stupid and the best way possible yo were super bronze lets go ah rip good game good game all right were playing bell again all right here we go more championship edition bull rock excuse me well they rage quit they dont want to play my ballrog rip all right here we go someone we havent played yet all right were screwing around with some t-hawk and training mode so were going to try to were probably going to get destroyed is this game cross-plate no unfortunately it isnt i wish it was im trying to get the 360s oh god the lag Music yeah i think no crossplay is a big bummer but it probably makes sense because they probably dont want to have servers i think if you want cross play for like any game you kind of need some servers like having servers makes it so much easier oh god yeah were getting ass i think well probably lose i cant do 360s in these old games yeah i keep trying  __  so the reason why were super t-hawking not super turbo t-hawk is super t-hawk could jump backwards and forward and do a dive for super turbo t-hawk you can only do it if you do a neutral jump so super t-hawk is actually much better oh you guys saw the grab right so i grabbed him but a roll guys saw that right lets go we actually won though t-hawk wit i love t-hawking uh street fighter 4. hes so much fun on that game oh why chuggy i think its because of this guys connection it was laggy um all right im gonna go back to championship edition boxer were gonna punch this guy in two hits and knock him out okay no actually lets just do stan pierce stan fears is so insanely good Music oh you can yeah i did probably go to bed here soon but we did start this turn kind of late i was gonna start it earlier but there was a chance of a thunderstorm coming so like yeah well start a little later that guys not mashing so if youre in a uh multi-hit grab like that if you mash like the opponent mashes you can actually escape faster and if i mash i can do more damage so now since im super bronze im getting way less points now my level up youre always chilling fun to hang out well thanks um im having fun with champion ballrog right now i think he was borrowed i dont know what the best ball wrong its probably super turbo ball rock super turbo ballrog is nuts  __  damn i dont have headbutt so what what would be champion balrogs best anti-air stand around actually i dont know what is my best aunt here do i even have a good anti-air besides like dash punch look at that two dash punches and id stun him barlog wins yeah thanks for watching everybody though this games fun or just like hyper street fighter 2. like it is it is a broken mess but an insanely fun way um i thought you went to bed i should probably stop here soon im just having too much fun just punching people around borrowings so much fun our champion edition ballrog is really fun i just do so much damage i do so much stun its its broken good game good game all right here we go next match oh were player two all right here we go dash or champion balrog lets go super turbo chun li oh wait so there theres okay so theres see theres a secret another version of the character in this game there is so in super turbo you can like pick the old versions of characters i forgot theyre actually in this game so theyre super turbo old chun li if that makes sense oh that sucks yeah so this is super turbo old chumley its kind of hard to explain it okay were probably gonna go  __  uh well probably go honda this guy im just trying to play ballrog having some fun then they have to pick chun li im just kidding you guys kind of laggy unfortunately  __  all right were picking a window dude wins all right picking e honda they ruined my day im gonna hand slap oh theyre platinum this is the highest level level person weve plot all right were picking honda now super x oh  __  oh that  __  stun so this is definitely the best player weve fought in tonight its kind of unfortunate their connection is garbage to me they seem like theyre good theyre good at this game but their connection is not good at all which is kind of unfortunate yeah were finding yeah were finding games now at 1 13 in the morning yeah that sucks they seem like theyre good at this game but their connection is garbage theyre probably playing on wi-fi but its kind of unfortunate yeah their connection is really bad its a really really bad i guys dont do that yeah their connection is  __  yeah thats kind of unfortunate ill play him again though yeah i can tell theyre good at the game just their connection is terrible which sucks yeah theyre playing at their local mcdonalds i think im only losing one point yeah thats kind of unfortunate oh  __  yeah their connection is really bad guys sucks its i cant really play this guy yeah its i cant play this their connection is too terrible i like to play them if their connection was not gone awful but its really bad Music i broke that throw oh wheres my throw all right you have a good night i should probably stop here soon i just started to stream late so thats why were kind of still going that doesnt work yeah that is work either yeah that sucks and i dont know unfortunately it doesnt tell you what country or what theyre from i could tell theyre a good player but their connection my connection with them its not good unfortunately if i connect to them again im probably just gonna decline good game good game i think thats the first like set we actually lost tonight so weve still been playing pretty good gg all right here we go final match of the night im gonna entire all right were going against low tier god again so were picking on them theyre just picking chun li because we know like i said we learned earlier old chun li does not have a projectile she does not  __  tea bag in this guy because he keeps rage quitting so i wonder if there is no rage quit penalty so theyre about to lose they rage quit i do super okay then they rage quit im im starting to think there may not be a rage quit penalty in this game there may not be and if theres not a rage quint penalty that might be a problem i think people just rage quit just to keep their points so all right well i think let me get to the menu and were gonna call it there probably not three yeah i think i think to my knowledge uh hold on okay were still recording here on youtube thats fine i think to my knowledge i think capcom proper actually made this game i know the street fighter 30th anniversary collection were not gonna play im done was made by digital eclipse okay let me quit to the gutting menu i can end my video on youtube yeah can i look at credits real quick check credits let me scroll through the credits maybe not because i think capcom actually made this collection yeah cause last time digital eclipse they made the the 30th anniversary one i cant skip through this capcom sound yeah so this might just be made by capcom proper thats some cool music yeah i think this is made by capcom so all right i think well end it there so i think overall this seems like an okay package doesnt seem like its too mind-blowing or anything its really nice to have uh vampire say or just uh dark stalkers on modern platforms again which is nice for the big fans the main reason i bought this game was mainly for hyper street fighter 2. these two games are also fun but i do want to try all these games at some point i think today i just wanted to focus on uh street fighter 2. this seems like an okay package nothing mind-blowing or anything the online does seem good as long as both players have a good connection the online seems like its really good in this game so which is its great and also its nice that every game has online play thats probably the biggest issue with the 30th anniversary collection is that only four games had online play were in this game all ten of them online which thats pretty good yeah i think were gonna call it there though i think thats the end i think next time we play this well probably mix in some of the other games as well i just wanted to play street fighter 2 tonight maybe tomorrow later today whenever i stream this again try like gym fighter i know puzzle fighter is a fun game maybe dog stalkers even though i have literally no idea what im doing in that game so thatll be fun yeah it seems like a like i said it seems like an okay package forty dollars maybe seems okay i guess at least its not like full sixty dollars maybe i dont know it it kind of depends it really depends on like how how bad you want to play these games i think its all depends like really if you dont like dog stalkers and youre kind of me like just mainly here for the street fighter i dont know if its worth the 40 dollars this game will probably go on sale at some point i know the 30th anniversary collection ive seen it go as low as like 20 bucks so if you want to play these games 40 it doesnt seem too bad but if youre not in a rush to play these games ill say just wait for a sale like i said this game will probably go on sale a bunch because capcom games like at least on nintendo switch they go on sale like all the time so and i do want to try this game ive never played this game before ive played some dog stalkers in the past but like red earth slash warzard ive never played this before or cyber vlogs i dont think ive ever played cyberbots this has gin and jin i know is in marvel vs capcom 2. i think it might be marvel 1 as well as an assist i think all right thats enough of me blabbing this seems like an alright collection so yeah were gonna call it there thanks for watching everybody if youre new to the channel and if youd like on youtube like comment subscribe on twitch leave a follow and then on both of them if youd like turn on notifications so you know when new videos are out on youtube or im live on twitch yeah thanks for watching everybody a great night take it easy and i will catch you next time game doesn t launch steam This video was recorded during a live Twitch ( broadcast on June 24, 2022.Capcom Fighting Collection is finally out on Nintendo Switch! 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