ST Zangief is still ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING! Capcom Fighting Collection Online Matches

Steam games create accountsteam hospital game CAPCOM FIGHTING COLLECTION game holy Music seen no pocket fighter yet right weve gotten some dark stalkers weve got some a lot of st right once again st is probably the most popular game on here technically pretty cool thats the english version its not owl bath yes mixed up Music Music okay bernie became a sand fish out of nowhere freaking sand fish this game this game wants your money quick right get your money in there fast theres no rounds your characters done same same second life bar go crazy ah Music  __  weird there we go goddamn felicia she throws some  __  out and it works dude my god dude you just put stuff out there and it works holy  __  i have a damn good felicia well shes about uh three minutes old by damn good i i know what her buttons do thats about it Music pink hair 10 felicias always been a favorite jesus yes right Music yes god damn it i try to get the otg Music oh god this big otg  __  and she yinks the rat and the rat jumps on her head cute super cute no more fan art no fan art to be addresses felicia please dear god eve okay here we go im  __  im super  __  theres so much nuance to st man once once i dont get away with my uh holy done  __  i knew it i can get out of this i can get out of this Music there we go jesus christ me with the old rope-a-dope Music Music oh that sucks jesus hes definitely going to switch off keefe oh hes not all right hes sticking to it lets go oh  __  im an idiot Music nice Music holy  __  i threw him in between the lariat intentional Music i got the reverse dp i did get the uh the crosscut dp he blocked it somehow Music how did you get this not far away okay  __  Laughter good  __   __  oh good  __  all right here we go actual final round Music okay i got the uh three at combo Music god damn Music ah good  __  good  __  green end is a physical attack that also negates projectiles quite good Music nice i think im close to dead not dead Music i know it yeah that  __  goal the  __  go thats some good  __  thats some good  __  puzzle fighter two terrible ill play ken king thank you whatever Music what hes doing hey Music okay Music Music okay Music okay getting hairy chat Music oh Music foreign Music is turning into a game here this is a game Music okay Music huh Music okay okay Music damn i almost died from it barely just barely oh Music okay Music oh Music huh Music Music oh jessicas asking me to move my window the bottom layout okay sorry honey sorry honey Music hey its gonna hurt Music huh Music there we go one more Music lets go lets go lets go lets go oh its a first to two every single time oh geez oh is it is it i dont know lets make wife proud lets make wife proud Music oh i got some pretty big risks here Music survive he really survived okay Music lets go lets go okay yeah its first to twos Music that was dumb crap hey Music rid of the greens Music Music oh Applause Music damn it i was holding on i was holding on definitely trying there we go round three those guys Music nothing falling into place the way it should Music okay Music oh Music oh part of the plan Music Applause lets go hardcore going hardcore we both have one i guess we both have one yeah maybe oh Music Music Music Music okay thank you for the unlimited power thank you Music hello Music all right foreign Music what i am oh Music no i needed one more for the goddamn diamond oh i fell apart i fell apart im so unfortunate damn it man i fell apart im so upset with myself right so upset with myself it was so close Music you steam physical games #capcom #capcomfightingcollection #streetfighter Max jumps online with some more Capcom Fighting Collection, challenging folks in Darkstalkers with his Felicia, doing his best against a ST Zangief veteran, and getting some nail-bitingly close matches of Puzzle Fighter! Check out our Livestream! Our official merch collection! ►►► Follow Me on Twitter! steam community profile bundle free hide and seek games steam how to pirate steam games how much are pc games on steam steam games to play with girlfriend