Capcom Fighting Collection – ¿Qué tanto tiene?

Hack steam games freeexpensive steam games CAPCOM FIGHTING COLLECTION game Music Music how are you atomics friends welcome to a new gameplay today as you can see a new compilation is playing a very special one of which there is a lot a lot to talk about for the games that your friends contain on the day of Today we are going to be reviewing the cap comparing collection, it is already arriving precisely, it does not arrive this week precisely on the 24th, specifically, on all platforms and we are going to be here reviewing it a little together with you, he talks about fa friends and I am accompanied today For who is going to be at the controls, who is going to be showing us a little bit of all this compilation and all this game, my dear, something like it is alone, where here where it is, its a pleasure to be here sharing another gameplay with the atomics band and well what better than with a collection of capcom not quite special we havent been starting what the prudent thing to say is going to play with keyboard and mouse and how brave is it not that for what did that state come out when the pc version we found more about it I might as well start to see it use a review for the two that it contains not to stop as much as that of the one on the table so this is wrong and removing the eyes it contains how many are there in total there are 10 and this one is 10 and 5, that is, practically half are from the star wars saga the doctors and this 3 appeared in america and two from their first time leaving japan sure zombie is something I have a list of when they will Its that theres an extra one and then I think theres also an extra one for the physical version, maybe we know why, but well, well, well, friends, this is basically lacap with the tune collection factory. stokers collection in fact because basically half of the collection is from arak stokers and it could be dark stock es and guests not because nothing else was missing rather there is there as there are some aggregates superchivos I add them __ la neta yes especially the theme of the pocket fighter to me it seems wonderful but well lets see lets see adam aldo tour of the upcoming games I think Im starting precisely with night warriors so this kers the night warriors or vampire the network and lets remember the series the dark touching in japan is known as vampire so thats where it goes no but first the tour aldo nothing first we are going to go through each of the games and obviously we are going to show them how they look and what they look like and the display options and all that and then on the right we have night warriors dark stock and revenge from 1995 then van fire survivor vampire survivor delort one fire from 97 then vampire hunter 2 dark stoker revenge from 1997 this one has to start it you have to like underlining leonardo there That is to say, the merchandise looks at the time it leaves Japan, this game is the first time it leaves Japan and as you can see here you can only choose the Japanese version Because its the only one where there is freedom, maybe high, it shows us a little more, but in most games it lets you choose between the American and Japanese versions, which to me seems to be in very fine silicon, then we have vampire vampire followed by 97 also the first time this specific game came out of japan after we passed it there you are knowing bots giving the one on the right geimer bots the most incredible metal is albert watson metal marn is from 95 later he put obviously obviously couldnt good what is this super well fighter two turbos he plays that is the only non-fighting one in the collection and its like they dont support him fire the one that doesnt fight this gene and in fire its this pocket fighter because if he has an area like puyo puyo style thats a well he game is a well game by quite quite interesting next we have super game fighter no aka super few super well fighter no which is an amazing game language with the first time that you saw the first one that placed it in play 1 I screwed up today I couldnt believe it cool that it looked and obviously friends I couldnt miss a fire in collection shrimp without a street fighter in this case we have hyper street fighter 2 from anniversary edition which is a good Now well talk about it I dont want to anticipate another one well talk about is the specific version and then this something that this is probably the most special of all the end of the reder collection games because its a game that is the first time weve seen outside of the farc And if there wasnt a fighting game that was quite quite particular, very very peculiar in how it works, its not a game from 96 right now, well review it, but with any businessman with a dark stoker, a new side to start to see how they look and with the version the gringa version I say now we put one of the Japanese versions but lets see something this yes I dont know if you want we start to tell how the games feel in general and then go to the visual options that I think is always very important in these collections or where or important you want to go something that I think we start with the controls heard that it feels good to detect that unlike the originals if it has like a little bit of and a little bit of button delay button and write and action button but outside of that I think everyone feels very good I think if they were never in artist they wont notice it friends made because they live art vera was super important and also nothing more dark stoker also if you cant the issue is to stay in a very fast very fast game or be a super game they are super super fast games and you never never know where to pick up those very very fast fighting games much faster than selling and staying stokers as a series it looks beautiful and aldo I do it very beautiful it looks incredible its a game its a series precisely not today and its also q Well, yes, our collection, well, basically this is this tour of this time as the home of the parks, but if a very, very strong time for the Capcom ark, specifically of fights, no, because there are no fights that do not fight, it actually has its peak until not the 90s and we all had it precisely at that time and I think that giving this kers because it is a series also carry china because a madrazo that is, it was a knife that even began to at times start to shadow street fighter to what was happening with street fighter at the time not what was happening with this the fighter 2 after what was alpha that alpha alpha to street fighter alpha is basically the team and there we already have a video of alpha 1 go girls but basically alpha was an answer to give capcom touches was answering I am not saying the next step is that the country has to be something like darkstalkers because I do not know how you lived it aldo but I remember that the p The first time I saw an ark hit this, what if after this one of the games in play 1 etc. I mean, my pants fell off, can you say, that is, it was a metal-type impact, that is, metals, which are also few, are contemporary, that is to say web it cant be that a game looks like that that was a moving cartoon it was not practically when with a cartoon it was super super shocking to see that an arcade dax touches at the time yes in fact when I saw it for the first time it was in the store here near my house, that is, they had artists on carving, no, but it was secure paid stationery and they sold a lot of stationery and novelties, not one of those little gifts and pure crap, but I think they were the farc its that was meant by more than swimming stokers and well I saw it for the first time and I said maybe youll see me it would be genesis and I said why dont you look that close to cider it was very impressive but well they already saw it open a little in action the night warriors and I think it will be good to move to another aldo if I want to see Japanese with sauber bots firefox and more we will teach him there you show us a little bit of the old Japanese to see the Japanese version and it works that you please show us a little about what display options to try and this I think the best way is first by fighting and then change the display to be able to see him in action I dont know how to see until recently I didnt know that this character is here It came out in marvel vs capcom in which in 1 in 1 it is not a river there is no water and what to know bots as you can see is a game in which you choose pilot and you choose mecca it is a balloon that would be books of medical fights it was incredible incredible it is now going to see it in action it is sure also beautiful it is this beautiful this __ collection the net but lets see until the fight starts and you show us because I have a had to l tried various display options, right now I see that you have it, its very nice with its skyline, yes, the whole thing to see, lets see through it, and tell us a little bit of songs, its going to look good, well, first we headed here and it has some filters, really but the blows sorry if the ones from the background of the game that you can choose nothing I always or you can choose the ones from the game itself or those from the collection as they are then they are fine or that is the least of it that is if my recommendation its whenever they can play with no no but well and then the filters start to come out ok that makes it change already like for example they already saw that the light this change behind is changing that shocks me and I dont know how I dont do this They have just corrected well in the collections and that was done for example the wonder boy collection that they tell you filter type of type I dont know what it is also they dont let me see what change the screen is making so for example put the type e for example no I say yes so to see what the type does you have to get out of the menus I do nt know on TV as well as much beyond the low light or know what change he made and when he did if it went down the intensity of the colors and he put scan line on them that girls is so I dont understand how common in these collections they dont give you a preview precisely because look for example the one from Wonder Boy the collection of a very pretty terrorist because when you do the changes it lets you see a thumbnail of what the image looks like and if you press zr on the switch more if I remember correctly the right trigger does things for you, they put it on full screen and you can just change the filters or the changes that you want to do to the image to see how these changes are being seen and leave the image just as you want so there are very uncomfortable issues that have not been corrected but well, there you have to see this which one you recommend balance Right now I say this I am watching from a distance and it is difficult for me to judge which one I like better but which filter does it recommend that I also like sports better because the brightness does not saturate us so much and it is not like what to see but the one left is put scan line yes no yes a little bit if it comes out under the brightness to the image itself it does nt look exactly it doesnt look so so saturated unless I would like the color a little more saturated but look friends here on the subject of visualization outside cut surely translations of usual aspect do I do not know if they have to speak outside of that of not putting it stretched that yes we definitely do not recommend it at all a theory on the subject of filters and that I put is to leave the image as you think Its better if it suits you, not how you like it the way it is, that is, its not like there are correct or incorrect answers. I love playing it, well, right now this options, bringing an aspect, reiterated, chewing, you will see them, this is the fol k I suppose its the whole thing, I mean, its not 43 as it is because it doesnt stretch a little more so that its a more complete square in the after until 4-3 ok 43 the original of the chest, what does it do to see, then later you can go out to see it in originals that later these that say original is a vision that looks as if you had watching it on TV the one that looks super city I liked ways and it is the spirit of the original and with lips that I would recommend and this one maybe It looks very nice ok and lets go we are doing the original the original in four thirds but that is confusing what that means that was like original 432 is original or not well and the white therefore for tribute is played later so this this option It is the one that we definitely do not recommend. I think that any of the others, as I told you a little at the end, is a matter of taste, but you are, if you are how the original goes, you have to choose, lets go one and one goes this badly chosen. But its your turn, you have to choose now, whatever we see, I want us to go to why it says that it is going to leave it in Japanese and I adore this game that this game is, well, see, I also dont know the Japanese who bring what all their interest and all the things they do who want to do dzib and if not then thats because fighter pocket fighter is basically a street fighter against dark this not basically thats it but in chivi versions so this beautiful game is precious precious as __ Just look at the graphics, the animation is terrific and if I tell you this was a game that I originally played 1 well and then arcade came and yes and there came a time precisely when I didnt have play 1 yet I created the 4 way There were no games for me in 1984, this I was saying, no mames way, remembered by touch fighter, it is incredible today that the USA, what a joy that they have put it in this collection, I do not feel the end of these in every sense of the word. undo that I think that many of us are going to buy for this and it is for this and in our wells to interconnect my riders enlace also saw the simple idea of ​​ having the heifer the darks porkerias jona sectur bo attractive as the complete collection, it is not like that anymore Thats why I even have it on my computer and it happened and all that that the switch 7 the mere idea of ​​ having all the artists in history makes me super attractive yes but added precisely as pocket fighter king network network the insai vervotte seems to me To others already for me that transforms it into the unmissable collection oops and there is no more topics like there is no way to let it go I dont feel if it is not it is not like the typical ones that are always attacked with street fighter that was and everything that the last one that universal released this impressive aldo the time it was the 30th anniversary of the one it brings is from 1 to 3 no but every time and there included alfa way all the versions of a good one thats good one all the versions of two all the versions of three and alpha way higuey in the background that collection is also really hot and it also puts us in covers how many people are going to go looking like albert capcom fighting collection hoping it would bring much more street fighter I dont know if its like in the back door pocket fighter iv 3d river but since its older this list is very reider subtracted from leonés it must be retained not to go down he called up understanding love and wins high this dark stoker is very not reder but I would say that it would be better to find out what it brings in case you want pure street fighter but nothing, of course, not if the people who are watching us obviously do not apply and I was referring rather to perhaps the one who arrives at a store and he sees it in a store or the vein loves with etcetera and says he has previously for the capcom street fighter pairing collection obviously you think of street fighter but it is not the case he brings things and In my opinion, like the ones that are not so available and that were worth much more to put them in the collection or, above all, that there are things that finally come out of hatton, they pointed like red erbol to that price horse, lets go us because they are a good game and I dont want time to run out, I have to choose this one and I say that the pozol of the ones youre alluding to me to finish with pocket fighter and I love this one its incredible Lets see, tell us a little bit about this game because its definitely like the sheep, the black sheep, not from the collection, yes, its bad for us, no, no, because its an ugly game, dont get me wrong, simply because its not a fighting game. specific well this is basically a post the one that looks quite similar looks a lot like this well I just have different things so I dont say yes it was super common dont worry about the wells stealing mechanics it gives us cu many clones of bread to put a few clones of puyo puyo de tres and what to say to encourage and well here you have to be doctor Mario of course if the vet you have to put together the colored gems so that it gets bigger but when for example you put 34 together they will not disappear as in other cajasol games but until you use an orb of the same color they will disappear as it absorbs right now they are the little balls these ok sorry it is a little more complex and the idea is simple friends this as you go putting together combos, the stronger your combos are, the more __ your opponent falls on, no, basically its uncomfortable for those who have the cool ones on the right, those of number 5 today, having asked how disappointed you think he bought this, a believer at the time, well, he bought this believing it was a fighting game and how much do you think there were of those six months that they saw another another pocket fighter and reached an almost say no like when they bought in fire emblem what has to fight Music if it is not this I imagine that this type of confusion is how one should be confused with what one is buying but it is interesting that this specific game has been added, no If a well the game in a fighting collection I also ca nt imagine how it would have been debated in the Capcom offices so keep going Kenitra Leonor well no because that is part of little if it is part of a saga of fighting games yes it is We were going to be there because fighter for both of us does not say that if you fight and that of and that you dont choose the well I dont feel I think I already appreciate that it comes in this collection I definitely love it too and I think it is also one of the reasons why I wanted it because I was looking for it in its versions as well as for the playstation las corts Music look just a little while ago I also bought the one from casinos 34 years old that came out bring commando also father that collection t It is still available on amazon japan look from there I bought it and it is the best as much noise accentuating as I feel that the fire in collection is making more noise almost nothing and it is very cool the truth yes yes this one has more or less the same treatment but I want to say that these collections are super special to me, especially for what I wish for because of the availability of friends for making available many of these games that are or were precisely completely forgotten, the issue of availability is very important I dont think that these collections exist, which, as I told you, are called cusps and they come to you or digital purchases and I dont know if youre playing and enjoying everything they come with on the menu, well show you a little bit of the extras because they come with extras and were changing it to see if it changes now its your turn its your turn you have turning in a way lets go now yes for brett andaluz nothing more friends ryder its time that we put something first theyre going to __ with how the game looks if its a mega impressive game in terms of graphics mega mega impressive I think that s forest also if you go by I put in Japan no basically because of an ark and you saw it not red the The way I arrived like this I understand that this is the first time that bear cake has come out of the chests and I was walking around confusing a little bit but this is networks of friends it was one of the few ps3 games cpc 3 put this third system from capcom to gates the most popular by far was cpc 2 it was where there were more games and popular also had a lot to do with street fighter 2 specifically but 73 also not only if you can I think its in street fighter 13 ps3 right If this is milk, it runs like it runs in the same jean, which is the spyker 3, to check, those graphics are seen just like street fighter 3, the other one because you stay, create this next, this next generation of graphics in 2nd generation. ation of sprites, do you know the animation of the __ dinosaur that aldo is fighting with, its wonderful, and it helps from the bosses, the network of networks is a bag of networks, its a game in which there are only four, there are four characters that you can choose from to four characters and they are only fights against people, that is, the level was going up, it has rpg elements and then this one believed heir, it is a half game and a fighting game, half of rpg, this half is powerful, the 2 ross, or there is this little mother and the computer not aggravating way a little poison they also live half runny the middle all wish game is difficult it is a bit difficult yes friends of these games being this park they have this nature of being a little ruthless but I say that later they will try them we can not stay for See our other character, the ninja Pérez, Im going to the networks. I think that this whole collection is also worth it, and aldo, yes, its really worth taking it out and letting it end, yes, and what a good thing. Well, Ive already come out like this, look like this, it has a lot to do precisely with street fighter 3, this beautiful game on the net and as we told you, imagine the value it has is the value of this specific collection, the fire in the collection, by finally having precisely Networks outside the FARC is also notable. I mean, I ve been playing for years, not in the terrible ones, its not wonderful, but on my android, illegal simulation, many of them, the mind is super good. No, our point is, they dont count. take into account as part of the victory of the game what is official is what counts the ceilings have so a demon well see the size of the sprites see all the detail of the sprite and all the animation that the sprite itself has inside that is, it is a bristle network erneta this is out of this world and how good this collection is terrific something every time I fall more in love with today I think I think that the compilation of games that it brings and Its heavy, its very rough, its very good, and then they tell us nothing, but how come I think it costs about 50 dollars, if not 40, well, here in Mexico, 50, lets say, a thousand pesos, and they say theyre old games and its very expensive, but its also another issue that Its not even worth knowing to discuss, its people I know who do nt value the industry that doesnt have any kind of value, you dont know that it does nt have any kind of context, it probably doesnt have any kind of context and well, they dont value it and in the end for them Videogames are not something that is fleeting and on the surface it is very understandable, that is, not the truth is that the world would not survive 2 and all 3 of us were the ones who, with us being noisy, obsessed with this type of thing, would not survive as a species then. Its also good that there are those who complain about today, this boss is very phallic, very tentacle of anime, not one of those who has been doing his own thing, but removing it at the end of the day. Yes, we understand it perfectly, not everyone has to give it perhaps the value it deserves, it would be great if it were given, but not me personally, I fear a robbery, man, yes, I am paying 40 dollars for the entire collection to give this to dinner kate reader and the wells fighters then and know robot we even saw the game I think well we are going to lend fighter where else not to leave them and tell them what kind of versions because they know that I think it was the right choice for this for this A specific collection, according to what Im telling you, is hyper street fighter 2 from the anniversary edition, a version that came out for specific lawsuits in 2003, here they reach us until 2004, there is also an xbox version, by the way, of the original xbox and its basically super street fighter 2 up all haha It is basically super street fighter 2 turbo but it has the peculiarity of this version that it lets you choose which version of person you are going to play with, that is, come Im fighter 2 had like 14 different versions this game in this one meant it says that I can play now that it chose paths that change history I didnt see the big ones super low it says ok square with cam and which version of here do you want me the one from super the one from The one from turbo will not be extended, so this is an interesting product, and I imagine at the moment when he came to say to see the cup compadre in the collection, he needs an egg in street fighter sexual studio walter, you obviously put in a street fighter 2 which one street fighter 2 you put and they said lets go with this what we could say is the most complete version maybe at the end of the day of street fighter 2 Im not it has to be the best or the fan favorite I just say such is the most solid in content maybe something that basically has all those mentioned in this trailer 2 except for the hd obviously but I think it was the right choice because if they put each one separately Yes, it was not going to be a collection of 60 games and it is in each round the theme was the theme, but it also does not lose value that it is not this collection of 40 games either, that is, this __ one already appears, this what is it called the family the pirates that brought 60 thousand games in 1 its not about spd to turn this into something generic not at all on the contrary I think that capcom at the end of the day is being super generous with these projections I repeat the case of reselling all the boats because he backed out, its crazy that they come at the end of the day. I think it s more that it doesnt feel generic because they could easily have put all the wool in verse and collection, that is to say, all street fighter as well and have Put even more as it repels that he has to put his to his credit but I repeat he is not a bit about that this region was very beautiful aldo also it is not seen very detailed as if it were as is and I file when the case and it is totally great because we have time for one more next door I say found stoker we do not have to close I say that with a kers junk and one that has not left Japan you do not have to choose if I say it is vampire hunter do is not worth very well this is also jewelry friends the first time we have it outside of official japan it also seems incredible to me that it has a value that exceeds its per per I think it is like well things you say about this that were banned as well as for years and that people have never had the fortune to meet and they always say and it is always good to discover how this type of thing even though 30 years have passed in fact I think they look at him look I have already said it is true is that I dont remember where in what content whatever but I think I think that as video gamers and enthusiasts this I have always said that part of your gaming time has to be yes to play it new of course it fascinates us new ones we love it to be playing new things but I think that another important part of your game time is also going to be playing old things I think that having context is always important and I m not just saying it as well as taking mind they have to to cultivate and that is not so, on the one hand, yes, but on the other, it is net, they do not know what jewels one finds, net, they cannot imagine what things you say to yourself, dont kid yourself that this has been out for 30 years, dont kid, that this has been out for 25 years, and yes Im just playing it and I m enjoying it and thats precisely why I say that this type of effort is this type of collections and now were also going to review soon not to put it that came out of pacma I liked to go reviewing preserves or even these types of products that you make these types of games available at such accessible prices for you to arrive and put them on your switch play 4 on your xbox and start playing my internal very important issues precisely that we facilitate Life is so very much for those of us who want to take steps backwards, not to see what the hell was happening behind in the middle in any of its genres and also for us as communicators because it makes it much easier for us because I m already thinking obviously I want us to do it at some point a video only to pocket fighter but only to networks to speak well and the depth of the history of these games or only to some of the dark stokers so I think that already having the collection here opens up a lot of possibilities for us so my recommendation friends If part of their gaming time and part of the resources they have to buy video games, I would tell them to put it in at least these collections, I am not going to tell them that they have to go buy the stellar cake from the night warriors, they are not going to get it a reverse cabinet no no I dont want to know how much well a render, that is, it should cost 680 thousand varos, no, I dont want to know how much it costs then I m not saying that, but well, thats why it makes it even more important to me that these types of products are available to everyone. If its like a gift from Capcom and the truth, then theyre almost doing their good work there, of course, but its something. comforting and I always repeat with the theme of the reviews of the games is like in the books friends imagine that we did not have the little prince available because nothing else because the first version has already come out and the fans of the books are angry if a new version of the book comes out imagine that impossible to read book the little prince not for example or any other harry potter or don quixote or harry potter imagine that harry potter had only come out the first versions in the mid- 90s at the end of the 90s that is, it could no longer be there was no way future generations could read harry potter and i mean im going greene with literature and time but its important to my point its important I hope there are revisions but hey, lets go to the extras, aldo, stop now, to close this classroom, this beautiful video because friends and from waka we are going to be able to teach them both the embargo and I know that we can only teach them 5 arts something ok 5 arts and They recommend us not to put one of the music because you see that the best musical so I say to review first and the first one that comes out doesnt stop Music then do they are true I spoke to him its a no but just as they could have friend its the collection brings its music and its soundtrack, that is, in addition to the games, which in the end is the most important thing about that mother, dont kid me, how can I not try the png to print a giant poster like this, dont kid me, if this personality sees nothing more than precision, then I tell him in addition to the games, which is already the most valuable drive drive art of each one of them and also includes the soundtrack and each one of them has broken the goal 40 dollars average I think it is losing there it is like xbox with glasses like this I think that capcom he is losing today with this he sees as soon as you locate yourself sas is the third valdo is the third you always always go out I love being able to do their good but the day I want to see uy states this is enough to have it in lithography I think They should already begin to consider that these these collections in some way you can send to print like this cb nothing was missing if we take four to the last to see you say I think that to finish correctly correct street fighter well it is this cover that is good the one does not come the cover of the box, but if its the dessert, its fair, its the cover of the play 2 and xbox game that I always think of as sangin, son, because its there in the foreground, it always caught my attention why they put it there in close-up with that eye and its the mischievous tote way and it does look like these old paintings as a type of screen and all this at my service I never liked it too much with hair like this, beautiful but my medium hair from this one never to your most incredible enrique how good it is and this one comes to him with his flat white top giving him a hug to the rock dj face to the bottom tony hawk by son until Music zagat and well there it is friends a small and good a great look at the cab with fire in collection the truth is that recommend it and great friends I think its unmissable I think they are fans of crazy fighters its worth it if unmissable in my opinion friends the cup company in collection available at all prices on xbox war on playstation 4 nintendo switch ipc very well put there vélez giving another goal waldo to the one you want in which we are going to go into ions whiter please again but well it means what you are going I am saying goodbye cordially and Very elegant, as you know of course, well, then we would like to cordially invite you to go to the atomics channel, subscribe, they were already here, I apologized rather than if they give us a like in this video, share it with yours Your friends give us your comments and they are going to buy the collection, which games did they already know, which game are they most excited about trying this speech ? Its worth it, the collection is good sauce and well, let them tell us, yes, in which console are they going to buy the collection or switch? If you are obviously a switch, it is the default answer, but to put it to the test, they wont be able to surprise you and say xbox Its like that, waves, to be able to say steam, this destination, maybe its very cheap, Im not sure, it costs 100 pesos and obviously they share the clear video so that more people, this life of the gates, joins this community, life, I say that of gaming well we have never been very arcadis lately your visas now I have even more art videos planned but hey there it is friends Ill tell you all Im also almost available on the 24th of June unio already available this planet collection the great moment and practice that the same day parametric fire emblem also comes out what for when this minute is probably the safest thing is that this week you can also check our coverage there so be on the lookout and nothing great balance where they follow the high and low in option 1 on twitter very well I am like alberto de facto that we are like all of us crises and gifts and wonder and well nothing friends enjoy the compare recommended collection and sima and nothing friends think a lot we continue to see each other here in atomic bye bye bye Music harvestella steam demo Esta misma semana se está lanzando la Capcom Fighting Collection, la cual, agrupa a varios de los juegos más queridos de peleas de esta importante marca, incluidas algunas entregas que nunca habían salido de Japón o de las arcades. 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