Lets Play Capcom Fighting Collection-Vampire Savior 2 playthrough (with commentary)

Diablo 2 resurrected steamsteam on tesla CAPCOM FIGHTING COLLECTION gameplay hows it going everybody um i i decided to do a little commentary track with todays video just because i feel like it and um just to do something different on this channel uh for todays video im playing the capcom standard fighting game collection thing whatever that just recently came out it contains like eight or nine games in there and this one is a vampire savior lord of the vampires which is the dark stalkers game and uh this is actually the second fight of the play through the first play through uh it was love versus morgan so this is actually the second single fight and i know that damn it looks like i won this one already yeah so now this is the third fight its against i dont even know how to play this game im just winging it when i was recording this i think i was uh doing a little test playthrough of it the other day as um as morgan i think just just get familiar with the controls and like for each game in this collection um you have to change the you know the button configuration to your liking you know so i basically had to change the button configuration to how i play street fighter because thats just the way how you know i ive got through a custom plane i just know that street fighter controls Music like the l1 and r1 buttons are like the light punching the light kick buttons and then i use the triangle button as my as my heart punch button and the x button is my um my hard kick button Music you could also assign the other shoulder buttons to your own liking too so i signed the light trigger button to do her special move which she just did right there Music so yeah im just like really winging it i just play a little bit just to get familiar because ive you know ive heard of her of course you know and plus uh here he is cosplaying her as her and one of her street fighter you know so thats how i got familiar too i have no clue what im doing sometimes in this fight like right now i i like it i dont go into training mode and know how to try to play these games sometimes i just wing it in the arcade mode or whatever its called all right so i alright but now im on the fourth fight i think were here against qb this is when im getting really familiar with the plane of lilith look at that i just won that first mountain and then after that im pretty sure the cpu the ai is pissed off oh yeah that reminds me im playing this uh ai difficulty on medium bow i guess 408 or whatever each game in here has its own ai level so you always got to fix that too to your liking but some pretty decent action here like i took the 8 this the ai was pissed yeah see won this round i dont know how the light bar system works in this game though and i won the third round i really dont know how it works im assuming you just have your own live bars and and then you just try to beat each other within a certain amount of health or whatever right now its against lele i am familiar with this character from darkstalkers im just constantly doing the same stuff im not really doing any expert combos because like i said im winging this guys im just trying to play something on this anniversary collection just to just to try something out just different you know i think at this point im trying to just do the same combo that ive got familiar with if any of you guys know how to play as little let me know in the comments to tell me what im doing wrong or whatever because like i said im just really ringing it the graphics is in this uh game is pretty sweet though for 1997. i had to look good up when this game came out 1997. thats when street fighter alpha one or two came out during that time so yeah the animation was in that style if i win again i think im getting close to the to the boss character now this is pyron thats where gil got his costume from in a street fighter 5 i was like oh okay thats where it came from sweet stage right here too Music fire is really coming after me Music its going both ways right now nice throw yeah see i still dont understand how the hell bar works in this game im just trying to beat my opponents whoever thats in my way oh iron got this round this animation is pretty cool now that im watching this back and recording its like voiceover because when im playing the game actually i dont have time to focus on all my animation im trying to win like right there moving on to the final boss and its against jeddah who im familiar with from the dark stalker series and there are mods for him too you know for the street fighter 5. pretty crazy stage here Music i dont know what is going on this game is in japanese its no english translation and wow thats pretty funny oh first round goes legit animation all right i got the second round i missed that throw attempt Music that funny grab motion again i think if that was in the states how are they gonna Music do that or theyre gonna censor it or what when they cant you know what was supposed to come out back then Music that twin attack is pretty cool im just trying to do whatever and jetta is really blocking it Music i lost this one my first loss in this play through darn eugetta all right i gotta continue ive actually lost against jetta a few more times i think two more times and now this is the last try and i edited all my all the other losses just to make it shorter you know at this point i i already know my my main goal as well as the same stuff ive been doing throughout the whole Music Music all right aggressive Music Music Music come on Music the whole playthrough and i dont know what the ending is because its not in english its in japanese and i put it into my uh initials for this highest score yeah so i dont know what it says if anybody can translate that thatll be nice so yeah uh i hope you guys enjoyed this little play through with commentary that i did something different just gonna try to do different things on this channel i guess now i really i dont want to lose this channel i want to keep it going i have fun doing this stuff too sometimes sometimes this is a hassle but at the same time i enjoy doing it so thats why i keep doing it i got used to doing it too so yeah thank you guys for watching and i will see you guys in the next video peace out Music you best offline games steam free So the Capcom Fighting Collection came out while I was on my 2 week vacation from posting. I decided to get this collection and had to try out Vampire Savior 2 since it was a Japanese exclusive. Pretty fascinating game here with some sweet graphics for a 1997 game. I decided to play as Lilith just because I felt like it. I rarely do playthroughs with commentary so this is a rare occasion. I feel like I really have to do different stuff on this channel to keep it going. Do I like whats going on? I sure dont. I made a few mistakes on my commentary though. Especially when I talked about my preferred button configuration. I meant to say that the O button is what I usually like to have be my hard kick button. This is what happens when Im just not used to doing commentary. It was a nice attempt. Views or not for this video, I dont care. I feel like theres haters on my channel right now. Thanks for watching this video and hope you guys enjoy this playthrough!Capcom Fighting Collection can be purchased on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Steam!!!! game played steam steamed pork bun calories games you should play on steam how to get free steam game codes 50 cent steam games