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Elder scrolls online steam chartsengine steaming COMPANY OF HEROES 2 game hey guys up again today bringing you a 4v4 on whiteboard Express you can see a lot of panthers this game is quite a fun one here we go all right weve got three Clan guys in a random I think so we do the machine team is awaiting orders the trolling condo how do you spell condolences okay English isnt my strong suit pioneers honor it will be ours empty here moving territory foreign foreign I did this is so slow how does he win this I didnt get it read no make seems come on behind heavy cover dude uh you gotta delay them yeah but still you dont retreat right away you gotta delay them because now look theyre gonna reposition okay Im bombarding that Music foreign we can now build night mechanized Infantry our infantry can now rush into the enemy line oh  __  we are losing a sector Music I gotta go middle has collapsed take a teacher two out oh my God Im getting double team here theyre going exactly has been converted to an emergency medical station how can we help whos strong enough to carry an mg42 we have capture others hello guys get some back Patrol back the camera that cable foreign gun kill that hes gonna try and kill my sister too cover me as I pull back down the road and he just stands his he on my chitter too Z hello Z after Z yeah okay you have to buy it absolutely how can I not reinforce here we need upgrades you havent upgraded it yeah fully Music um ready for it my best story dont play okay the house almost blown up gun has arrived careful shot goes through mid night whats that definitely theres more of a baseless how Southfield youre gonna blow up Just Gonna Keep healing that shock Squad I cant do anything together just keep hitting with Android if I get sticker out for okw and blow it up with that truck Squad is almost dead our opponents are seizing a sector Music the troops the mg set up quick Hillary that should have been a why boys um that made that rifle name boys has cheated get your legs to bombard the motor theyre going so they have so many support weapons if youve not got stickers though youre going crazy right Church down the enemy is attempting to steal our sector okay house is down good good Music yeah move away from here yeah get wine drink fire against their spam make sure you got 80 boys really another  __  get okay  __  Lucky Bastard man two squads have gone away when they should have died I guess they need every bit of luck because were gonna crush them little shucks take us there driver s bring in for a bundle on a retreat thats a good idea yeah try and get ready to wipe it gun behind it watch out there you go there you go oh my God whats your dad ah you gotta be kidding me oh my bad the HQ has been approved again heavy tanks let me know when its out all right here at least to focus the motor putting out its on the other side of the middle dont give me that excuse you can get it yeah just let me know when the league is in trouble so I can remove it Im not watching the middle that much Music get us out of here the enemy is taking our territory your league yeah fire like here not here all right bro hey somebody hey Ive got smoke bombs as well on call if you need them just let me know are they repairing the mortar pit yes they are just in some rice what save that Soaker until the price goes off but just keep hitting it with your legs for now all right find out ah youre scared of the motor t34 Center mate your pants guys whats going on here boys  __  you know my God keep going dont stop you God damn boys where was your at guns for me Christ always reverse your artillery after firing it Vals at the um t17 Center Palmetto sensor tank flanking round cover your flanks boys wheres the mines can I please love Grenade on your boys are clumped up just clue careful careful youre Superman dont you do when youre sticking but youre reversing it to the front line right come on that shot squads Gotta Die Here Focus the shot dont move flow youre moving away with your full shims okay we got it good enemy on three haircut s there the more pit is very low come on finish it off if you can Applause ever had us gun is ready for orders oh  __   __  right Applause thank you we are down to 300 points vps boys come on get the middle VP under control lets get men Jesus Impact Guns covering that middle gonna get a flower over mid one of pioneers has arrived all right come on victory points guys victory points try and get the left youre saying for a panther next oh dude activate anti-aircraft to your first party here the the um the watching record the more its just been fully repaired guys it was almost killed why did you stop firing it with your leagues because theyve been artillery in this watch forever you can fire from here you can move up a bit oh my God has arrived okay just braced it T70 TK4 on its own on the right its gonna fight were gonna try and kill the artillery King coming watch out come on Yo um Floyd can you try and make sure the rice doesnt fall okay coming in here nice hes dirty uh comedy traveling Center attack around to get it thats right here Applause foreign Music thats 25 in mid eat the pack guns there to clear that off Music thats what Im still carrying that line dont push that right side little B piece on his capping oh come on dude every last shot misses get the VP VP VPS vps guys welcome there look them down oh my God yeah such a mid I have a soft artillery ready I got munis despair so this is the anti-tankers facing off into the distance come on any people capping me there are so much we are losing the sector the panther can move on the teeth yeah yeah Im going going both tt4s are low push them couple has hit your um yeah I know I know looking got one side down I cant smoke on Retreat if you need it yeah Im good just blow the  __  up yeah I am theres a house here pull back your tank your Tanks low lets go keep going keep going Im smoke bombing just run okay activate your Spurs to shoot the enemy planes down have you got the healing get the Repair Station online it is is it yeah okay cool prepared to drop smoke thanks for the help of the panther should I blow up kick your ass we needed like they go there if we killed any decorations yeah no we need our sneaker in our three here hey Im gonna I havent got the resources actually Ive got a snooker bomb ready now I could use that to blow up some um artillery potentially if we can get a Recon in the sky over to the left side maybe thatd be good right Im ready with hes pushing here health is ready Applause alsoever in Center well its here move away from this location and here  __  artsy everywhere Ill be careful here theyre gonna cut me get some more cereal mid get ready I saw it already coming thats mine thats mine give me a vision over here weve got any Recon anywhere come on keep the main two points t34 on right flank RT here watch out your sticky if you switch it out units uh my shot really tank um get off hold fire and  __  shoot it destroyed gun damn it they pushed it doesnt really kill him dont push it come on my Ed machine got locking down right right uh right VP I got super bomb still ready to go smoke drop heading for Target take over here sjd5 and Firefly weve got another new fresh 85 coming out our opponents are seizing a sector a smoke drop ready to fly I got the left finally good now hold it yo whos with me on the right um thats me Im building an mg mg needed yeah all right with the mg to  __  hold that flank Williams the temperature just keeps rushing in there causing lots of grief I know uh I assume the enemy is attempting to steal our sector Im staring at me hes gonna get  __  yo kill this kill this attack ground attack ground attack ground nice got it good job push this push the  __  fireflies on his own come on rush it keep going keep going keep going katusha sc85 Half-Life two shots theyre flaking up flanking it help me kill it yeah yeah Im here good job crash into other things get out of there get out of there now stop showing over here Im a flow bouncing him hes getting trouble if you can push that with anything else go hes dead all right get out of there now good push Music kill their support weapons with your only 10 guns thank you but Im not far starving right now definitely lose this smoking smoke two coins both MGs stick your mg up quickly coming in losing a sector oh  __   __  ah  __  help this Panther thank you have you prepare this panto quickly thank you I got a snookabum ready to go new Target give me Vision here someone definitely the Panthers thank you first give me Vision here come on anyone popping a flare in the sky thats typical cremate here maybe on the right thing get the tiger here thats like except grounding or something for healing two comments to the fireplane center hit the middle BP under control 166 left can we get an infrared half shot like over here so we can spoil their armor push in here theyre going to come behind you two comments are going to come up behind you keep pushing boo flow you block in flow come on move come on float oh my God Im making my password sorry sorry go a good job killing the other thing Firefly there getting stun rounds in oh my god oh the bounce really five and Center oh my God those katushas are murdering me man its actually charging me but make sure your own Italian guns repaired and crewed up Ive got I still got super bomb really to go any Targets stop finding your sneakers so far forward tiger is getting fun when we pull the tiger back so it doesnt get you stop giving it free vacancy Im about to start track flopping this is yeah thats not a bad idea actually I might get the post off on this year the motor pit is like its exposed to Infantry again here housing a sector performers in the air oh my God  __  accuracy I think I just killed the land mattress careful losing a squad and Center Dragon run away so let me pray still Sexton over here devil float stop throwing in your its the second time youve done that mate please stop using your Stuka in the center where its cut the artillery is landing every five seconds try a different angles you keep asking to lose your infantry Ill tell you when you do that make sure turn off whole fight I dont know why keep using whole fire depends before its not helping anybody with that poster could I please get an infrared heart trick already on on the map so we can see the enemy armor fausting there artillery here uh  __  Peter block that reverse straight back reverse straight back  __  move  __  Panthers 75 points 75 points guess Ill get you to count the middle cannot see them got it nice my God the artillery is going to kill my  __  lots of enemy armor here repair this Rumba Music Music make sure to cloak your anti-tank guns flow theyre rushing my finger thing so were on the right nice rubber banding dude uh  __  come on oh were pushing in here careful youll move your move youre ready for a half check back here they come theyre going all in your King Tiger and play snare him already dead one is dead Im spreading forward go go go go go the  __  priest oh my Panther is a legend bet for you Jeffy Mr Firefox in our grasp and the enemy has 25 points remaining therefore the panther over here flow get out if its already loaded just preparing on the front line otherwise you will lose it so something only have 10 points remaining smoking it we have a rumbard there buddy oh my God crazy man good job freaking carry me sorry for the stupid  __  ups just microwave right yeah no just stop my leg up to the mid if youve got like no I wanted to get the mortar pit in range right and its so far back my painter was a God man Ill tell you yeah I just bet four they just couldnt pen it wasnt able to come up and three theres just a standard Panther yeah see youve got a yaketiger there Z you should have really honestly as soon as you get your ticket youve got to have an infrared half track with it to give it vision yeah but then with few days dropping players yeah youre constantly using up your medications where you might want to save it for something else Id still advise getting in for a half track this is permanent vision I mean I had a Panzer for as well no damn has just passed you by a small small Market damage wise oh yeah just a small amount 109 109 more damage you and I with the carrying wrench yeah hes uh welcome to victory points then yeah 61 was he the uh more than what is it called a line mattress one it was one layer mattress on the left but and I blew up the sticker eventually yeah it was bottom right actually reverse is top left utterly but we just lose versus four hours so guys thats the end of the video and I hope you enjoyed it and if you didnt want more content check up over here and over here and if you want to subscribe to the channel make sure to click the button down here um to catch you next video guys take care Ill see you soon best games for under 10 dollars on steam A fun 4v4 match featuring 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