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Best cheap pc games steamthief steam COMPANY OF HEROES 2 game tank in the game the king tiger notice standard for vehicles of its hello there i have not been able to get rid of this little guy hes been extremely affectionate today havent you but hows he going people jack here with another video so you may have noticed that there are some boxes there in the background is not a blur its just my camera nvidia stuff doing oh my god but thats because your boy is moving out especially because my education is done bachelor physics done over with and i cannot focus on doing this full time yes not the physics part but youtube just to clarify so that means more uh quality content that are more my own and uh yeah well well see about that with time but todays video is from seth zintag on apparently more modern video games which is a nice thing especially those that i know of this is on company of heroes 2 which i havent played but ive played the original one it was pretty good and i once went on steam to check out if i could get the second and i did not because for a game that was for definitely a good price uh it had an amount of dlcs that were too expensive to my liking that is of course beside the fact that i spend a similar amount of money on all the dlcs on total warhammer 2. yeah i may be selective with them but i still have principles and if everything else fails one can always play the mandolin come on we all love andre 2 2. but in any of the circumstances we have company of heroes 2s review by seth lets check it out hey people seth here fellas i got to confess im down bad i got caught peeing in the sink i dont think thats weird its a victimless crime just like punching someone in the dark if the sink is so forbidden to urination then why is it placed so perfectly my hesitation but uh i feel embarrassed no not because i did it but because i got caught im not seth has never used a spanish or like sovereign european toilet has he go to countries like france italy spain where my parents currently live when i once visited them i saw they did a house they had a bidet now if you do not know what a bj is is that one little bowl that you can use to clean your ass without toilet paper and i almost peed in one of those and its fine you can do that but like it kind of looks like a ball so if you want to have like an alternative for the sink seth i highly recommend you get one not gonna stop ill just get better for the future im to trick shot my stream around the sink bowl thats a silent projectile effect wow im applying a suppressor to my gun barrel that way members of my family cannot ambush me so easily and i will not be shamed by people who immediately revert to authoritarian fascist statements such as we have two toilets why did you use the sink listen i saved water i saved lives maybe a few decades from now thered be entire villages in sub-saharan africa singing songs of praise over how much water i saved and you know what all i had to do was unload my  __  what was that firehose in a kitchen sink theyve got super soldiers in africa now enough is the topic of this video im im sorry hold on a minute youre telling me some african state and im gonna assume this is ghana because only yo ghanians are like ah except for the roads that almost kill you they are pretty freaking cool but insane they escaped the step of making a black panther right based on natural herbs and all that and went straight up to iron man thats kind of badass not gonna lie in sub-saharan africa singing songs of praise over how much water i saved and you know what all i had to do was unload my fire hose in a kitchen sink company of heroes 2 strangely enough is the topic of this video it is an old game played by old men namely yes company of heroes 2 whoa okay i see them all the events of world war ii a fictional war where germany hired hugo boss to design their fashionable blitz of europe russias to kill 24 million of their own people and the u.s they had dripped back then increased the temperature of two neighborhoods in southeast asia all this happened while he sat in a corner still wondering why marching all your mens single file into machine gun fire during world war one may impact variability to participate in the sequel basically uh a sequence of events so absurd that we depart from the realm of fiction into history everything seen here is not only real its historically accurate yes radius of a single grenade approximately the same size as everything you love and cherish yes the trajectory of a mortar shell statistically by random chance will always land perfectly on a soldiers head killing at least three more yes a machine gun will pin every squad on the map that is unless you own the machine gun in which its kind of funny though because they did play on that historical accuracy but like the tanks here are operating in the same manner that a very popular movie that if you like war movies uh especially those surrounding tanks whats uh t-34 uh this is well its named after the russian tank its incredible everything there the combat goes in slo-mo is pretty funny which case it pins one enemy gets flanked and eats a molotov to the face tanks counter infantry anti-tanks or at counter tanks but pray tell what counters an anti-tank answer the same tank driving towards you combat is a mystery sometimes the enemy calls in air support pinning our infantry so logically i shoot them down the burning plane crashes into my friends base taking out the rest of his infantry is the largest tank in the game the king tiger noticed standard for vehicles of its speaking of t 34 ill assume that uh having an i go paint job gives you this its like having extreme amount of poise in elden ring like you can do basically anything like bullet shell will ricochet off of your tank thats powerful stuff this time the traditional german ahagal paint job one of the greatest features of this game is custom content because when i pick a shitty anime faceplate you get it in the matter you are forced to download the same shitty anime faceplate closely reveals instructions on how to make meth i believe central intelligence can employ this in the future we join someones game forcibly download illegal content to their pc and do a sting operation on their residence if they start screaming civil liberties or probable cause cite penal code 129 paragraph 27 subsection c which states anyone caught playing hearts of iron 4 europa universalis or company of heroes 2 is probably a domestic terrorist pinnacle 120 128 until i think 160 is exclusively around actually you know im gonna do that just for the joke you go down please grapes look i still dont know how susan reacts to these things okay i dont want her to pop off and try to kill me and if youre wondering how i know that ive got a new hobby watching some of the gcs videos so some of the criminal stuff gets covered in there i also really enjoy setting my victory strike to fps killer i almost feel like its an obligation you see one of my friends doesnt exactly have the best computer this encourages him to play his very best because if he loses hes not just going to lose the game oh my frames he didnt die killing him in the explosion but uh im getting off track gameplay you produce units to capture and hold territory the more territory you hold the higher your income to spend on units and upgrades your objective is to either take and hold certain key positions or destroy the enemy hq very simple infantry come in squads of four to six each of these individuals can fight and die on the battlefield but as long as the squad stays alive you can replace your dead soldiers this is infinitely cheaper than ordering a fresh new squad micro intensive rts where positioning matters theres a cover system four dudes hiding behind a cow isnt great but its better than getting capped in the middle of the street sandbags broken vehicles or even a domestic dwelling offer the best protection however terrain is dynamic of course a tank shell can transform brick walls into brick memories you can get over the paint jobs into rubble and any men inside into red stains and artillery fire causes deformation of the soil leaving craters that provide cover in the process basically in 1941 we already knew how to terraform we can take anything we see and make it worse theres also ice i dont really talk about it because having ice implies that youre playing a winter map which nobody does because they suck ice breaks on impact its a great form of population control and a good way to lose your tank vehicles are a little different in general the distance angle size wind resistance conductivity and horoscope of the ammunition against the horoscope of the armor determines damage most 88 millimeter shells are made in june making them a cancer oh my god  __  god was late september making it a libra cancer typically defeats libra unless mercury is in retrograde shut up yeah the way that that artillery shell just struck my tank and made a big massive hole into it was such a big move yeah real leo behavior doesnt match which case all bets are off uh tanks armor is strongest at the front which means the back and side is a ripe for fatigue fighting it wow directly is a terrible idea your shots wont do much if they even connect youll know true terror when you see every anti-tank gun shoot the same target only to hear a characteristic ting which means their front plate is so thick that every shell just bounced off on the back side the heavier of a tank the slower it moves so we flank outmaneuver and ambush them instead and if that doesnt work theres always the soviet approach where i take a t34 and ram it into your tank yes germans had the best tanks but the soviets designed their gas pedal in reverse once you start the ignition you press to stop the tank if hypothetically your head has been blown off by shrapnel your foot will release the pedal the engine will accelerate and take out one of the best tanks in the world Music and then you make another disclaimer i dont know if this is true my sources are some schizophrenic guy whose bathroom was red with chicken blood and before you say seth i dont think he sounds reliable oh i its great okay okay over the years ive seen a similar thing than what happened with fps russia the guy who reviewed all those guns happening with tanks the amount of individuals who are now manufacturing homemade tanks its too damn high but its also kind of amazing ill have you know hes a practicing doctor lets talk about the races theres five in total dont be the sweet moments in life where youre watching a movie an enemy whatever it will be you still see an individual rocking the adolf and you think wow first lets talk about the bad guys the british i im kidding im kidding the orcs are addicted to a dork eater they can lock down large areas of the map with emplacements and their tanks feature some of the best armor in the game oh whoa i never saw the decals close up oh by the way this is the biggest thing normal uh british tank this is a real catwalk oh the churchill by the way the reason why i said do people eat her it was like he could have made like a similar thing to the uber danger joke from the maxwell video well his nickname was the bulldog churchs persistence to not wanting to give up against nazis was pretty much similar to a bulldog that wanted to give up on any child i mean that literally the same thing oh this is real everybody gangster until the churchill starts vaping they temporarily suffer from a lack of manpower that is until you reach late game where saruman begins to command the very mud to rise up and reinforce your squads with urakai goblins are going to give out gigantic loans with even higher interest to know their allies by the end of a war i expect their banks to hold most of a gold on the planet in this game they actually fight they can spam the basic unit and never lose a single engagement because unlike everybody else they dont retreat they just park an ambulance outside and spawn camp your base if you even dare to carry them theyll spam rangers instead homo saveticus this games release was met with heavy criticism from russia stating that portraying the eastern front is a slaughterhouse where civilians were conscripted to fight with a single lever action rifle between five or six people was inaccurate because by the time you get to use it realistically youre a group of free im not too up on my russian history i think that my historical knowledge on russia really just started um when they were doing all the whole cold war stuff thats where i begin during the second world war actually i dont know much of their involvement this game the russian army works much the same way everything and everyone is mass-produced so no comments our tanks are built like  __  our men leave their homes with teary eyes domestically abusing their wife one last time because they know full well they might not come back the high elves feature the two best vehicles in the game the polish the koopal wagon which has the highest rpm in the entire game it also dies from a mild gust of wind which makes keeping it alive all the more interesting and this is a stern tiger the gun is so huge that it must be released ive seen all of Music and this is what it sounds like when it fires is it okay to say that i was im just slightly disappointed that it wasnt going with the uh yeah i expected that noise to come out of it are highly mobile and aggressive their play style is keep pushing the front line until you win and occasionally send a kubelwagen into their back line and finally we have hey spin everything is incredibly bureaucratic oh nine in shortygun we have not escalated the battle phase please continue losing a little longer before you can authorize as a counter-measure for what youre currently losing to vermont has some of the greatest variety in units and tactics but i am very bad at playing them im highly emotional and unstable so yes this will affect my opinion theres many ways to play this game against ai against players 1v1 2v2 anything is possible but let me tell you the worst way to play this game 4v4 versus expert ai oh  __  four experts hell yeah im ready to get butt pounded what do you mean this is joy do you not feel mirth which is what weve been doing for the past few weeks its a bonding exercise a form of collective suffering that brings us closer together allow me to summarize that experience  __  miserable after that playing against expert ai is like your goku in a hyperbolic time chamber youre getting okay youre so mad so fast youre training years in just days youre learning forms of anger that takes decades to develop my life fair one of those fortnight shirts you see around town except instead it says eat sleep scream repeat i  __  hate this game i lied its not fun you go in with hope you come out a bro husk of your former self but why because expert gets everything you get except double plus perfect reflexes map hack and the ability to bend reality oh my god your first tank shell before five minutes into the game youre going to make progress only to see three red flares drop on top of you undoing all of your progress youre going to look away for a split second and see your whole squad disappear youre going to play the game perfectly and still lose in summary company of heroes 2. i hate it its great but before i continue consider the following that purchasing a legitimate copy of the base game allows you to play only two what a chat oh oh theres also that there are five possible factions thats right you only get to play verimax and the soviets the rest is dlc sure yeah thats not too bad right i mean its the least they can ask of us to buy the base game for twenty dollars and then buy the other free races for uh forty dollars but wait it gets better most of the game features are locked behind faction commanders which can be purchased with money for reference an entire faction is the same cost as for commanders however and people are very quick to point this out you could also earn them with in-game currency using the greatest loot box ever made ive played over 100 hours do you know the number of times i dropped currency free do you know how many more i need to earn a commander 27 i love simping for corporations i love cash shops i love that yummy high fructose corn syrup i love the united nations with this in mind i strongly encourage anyone interested to visit a third party instead is the master collection this should include all the races but instead of 60 dollars you spend 15. yes i know everyone and their mother is scared of cdq resellers i bought about 100 keys online every single one worked then i once bought a boxed copy of fallout tactics from the store which just had an empty case with a code inside that code didnt work so from my experience putting my trust in a random polish stranger gives me better results it really sucks though it is true you know what i still have my physical copy of assassins creed brotherhood i have a cd key that should work on steam as well it literally says it in the package i put it on steam didnt work i dont have a cd drive those are outdated not even a blu-ray one i dont care i might have to install that another but i need to get another case for that im not having a portable one any of the circumstances my point is this got a point as always more content to come so stay tuned this video is a test to see how quickly i could churn something out turns out for creative output in the absence of passion vitriol is an entirely viable substitute to the many members of a merchants guild generously funding and bankrolling these videos youre all truly wonderful have a good one yeah it was a quick upload i just finished watching some of the other the remaining of the video and yeah i was right on that topic like the amount of people having homemade tanks but this was another wonderful video by sef zintag here on companies of heroes 2. have you played the game uh is it as vitriolic as uh he made it out to be it seems like it and i really really well that at least that very last point right there would be the thing that would make me not want to get a game but obviously with friends around to play the game with you might be a lot of fun but with that said though guys thank you for checking out this video once more some awesome stuff coming very soon uh if you like the video you know what to do hit the like and or subscribe to see more and i wish you all to have a wonderful day see you guys next time bye Music you mayabath steam shower Link to the original video: Subscribe to the Channel TheChillZone: Twitch Channel : Follow me on Instagram @jack_jfit: Follow me on Twitter @The_Chill_Zone: games for free steam how long to steam asparagus impossible game steam uninstalling a game on steam steam player count game