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Casual co op games steamaverage game completion rate steam COMPANY OF HEROES 2 game so Im going to run down through the basics of what you need to know and Company of Heroes - a lot of people seem intimidated by this game when they first see it but its built in a logical way so thanks for an easy understanding of the more complex systems once you get to grips with the basics so as of January 2016 there are five factions and competitors - that all play very differently the verm act and the Oberkommando West are part of the axis Russia the US forces and the British forces are part of the Allies each faction placed very differently to each other that has strengths and weaknesses that will depend on your playstyle if you liked this video Ill proceed to cover each faction in depth later there is of course single-player and company pairs - but Im going to focus on the multiplayer aspect specifically victory point mode victory point mode is simple there are X amount of victory points located in the map usually three and each team starts with X amount of tickets usually 500 the flag can be either allied neutral or enemy blue white or red if there are more allied victory points than enemy points the enemy tickets will deplete and vice versa the more points owned the faster they will deplete for the other team once the tickets are depleted to zero its game over okay so lets start a game and look at everything on the hood Ive chosen Soviets to start with us theyre the default a live action so from left to right we have the radar map pressing the numpad 0 button by default will full screen this one this map is key to knowing the ebb and flow of the bottle it shows the movement of all your allies and what you can see of the enemy when a territory is being captured and when its being lost surrounding that we have some options and shortcuts we have the player list the ping - which alerts your allies to something going on idle infantry and vehicle buttons to zoom to a unit not doing anything and the fullscreen one next over we have the commander points and three commander icons commander points go up steadily throughout the game but faster if youre performing well points arent spent but act more like levels instead when you feel like you want to choose a commander their abilities will be locked behind a certain number this is the number associated with your command points once you reach commander point five you can then use the ability that needs I have to unlock generally speaking more powerful abilities are locked behind higher command points and saved for late game use remember dont think of it as spending points think of it as a level required to unlock something before going into a game you can choose commanders each commander has a set of five abilities that will help you win your fight you bring three into battle and then activate one once activated you can swap them out for someone else this means its best to wait until youre sure what commander you need to use below is the current selected unit or vehicle the blue bar represents its health the stars represent its veteran seeing and the number represent the kills it has achieved the gold bar represents the experience the unit has before it attains a new veteran sea level to see what effects having a veteran unit gets you over over one of the stars its usually different for all units some repair faster take less damage aim better and so on the information panel is in the middle of the screen and will describe the unit selected vehicle or building on the right of that if the entity can be upgraded youll see the little upgrade buttons these can range from new equipment such as equipping a unit with a flamethrower to giving them extra spotting distance remember upgrading a unit isnt always a straight benefit attaching a flamethrower to a unit will mean that a man loses his weapon so instead of four mgs youll have three mgs and a flamethrower meaning youll need to get close to do more damage once you think about it practically it makes sense units are actually carrying weapons and these weapons have damage values and range above the info panel to the right is the resource monitor comm previous to has three resources and a population capacity manpower fuel and munitions are the essentials to the game manpower is intake per minute is a high value by default and lowers overtime to higher your population manpower is usually needed primarily when recruiting new infantry and vehicles but can sometimes be needed to build defenses and equipment to fuel and munitions are influenced by what territory you on there are four types of territories default capture point fuel point munitions point and victory point the result so sometimes a repair point and medic point but theyre not that important and not very common so theres no real point covalent a default capture point will give you a little bit of view munitions and a little bit of fuel a munitions point only gives you munitions but a large amount fuel points give large amounts of fuel only victory points dont give resources obviously you want to get as much resources as possible so taking the points to increase the amount you can build is the aim of the game lastly on the far right is your primary building section in here depending on the faction youll see what you can recruit and what is needed to unlock the other buildings capturing points is pretty simple just stand a unit in its zone of control and itll capture the more units in a point does not affect the speed of the capture once captured the territory is now yours and will produce resources however the territory needs to be connected to your base in some way if its isolated or surrounded by enemy territory you wont get the benefits of the point or territory most defenses bunkers MG nests and placements can only be built in connected home territory so its important that you dont get cut off you can also build resource caches on default capture points only certain units can do this depending on the faction but it will construct a small defense on the point that generates either more fuel or munitions the benefits of this is having more resources coming in and the cache needs to be destroyed before the enemy can take the point they arent hard to destroy with any kind of explosives but infantry will be sitting there for a long time before they can take it over lastly Im going to cover some important game mechanics first off is taking cover infantry can be in four states posed not in cover in half cover or in full cover infantry generally perform better in cover and take less damage and are harder to hit always place your units in cover where possible cover is dynamic both being created and destroyed with the flow of battle this includes garrisoning buildings the bigger the building the harder to kill the troops inside because theyre spread out likewise putting a unit in a very small building would make them an easy target for a grenade this one might sound obvious would never let a unit completely die as an example a unit usually costs around 300 man power to create if that unit enters battle with four soldiers and three of them die sending the unit back to base will allow you to replenish it replenishing the unit costs roughly 8% manpower per soldier to regain so you gain 80% of a unit back for 24 percent of the cost not just that but the unit retains its experience and veteran see and any upgrades it had this is the single most important thing in company fairs - in my opinion and applies to vehicles infantry defenses and anything else if it can be repaired or replaced it needs to stay alive another important game mechanic is suppression and close quarters combat knowing your units makes a very big difference if you have rifles keep your distance in cover to do optimal damage if you have submachine guns get right up in the enemys face to do maximum damage a light machine gun is very important this gun displays an arc of fire that if another unit gets caught in for about one to two seconds will drop to the floor and become suppressed suppressor units dont fire accurately and scatter if they are suppressed long enough without getting out of the way of the mg they become pinned at this point the unit will not move nor fire or react to orders units cannot capture points while pinned either the only available option most of the time is to retreat the retreat button is used to tell the unit to evacuate the area and run all the way back to base or to retreat point if a unit is about to get wiped out hit retreat to potentially save them heal up and replenish whilst retreating the unit cannot receive any more orders so you have to wait until they reach their retreat point there is a basic rock-paper-scissors to the game as well machine guns are usually counted by mortar fire mortar fire is usually counted by infantry and infantry is usually counted by machine guns on top of that vehicles are multi-purpose - with light heavy medium and artillery variants vehicles are exposed to fire from behind so best to reverse out of coma for the most part as its generally more protection and faster than turning around you buildings while great cover do also take damage pull your units out if you see the building is about to collapse which is visible by the health bar above it or when clicking it red smoke indicates artillery or air support strikes to get out of the area if you see it and green smoke usually indicates Scout planes or support drops lastly line of sight plays a role in company peers - if your troops cannot see it then you cant see it either unless you have air support also for a brief period or specific abilities that intersect enemy movement I think thats about it for my god - Company of Heroes - those are all the mechanics that define the game playing co H - and I hope youve enjoyed the video if you like this then like the video and Ill start going through the strengths and weaknesses of the factions in the game until then thats all for me and Ill see you in the next one rim world steam Ive created an essential guide for all new COH2 recruits. 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