EASY EIGHTS: NEVER SURRENDER! 4v4 USF Nordwind — Full Match of Company of Heroes 2

Starfrit hot dog steamerhorro games on steam COMPANY OF HEROES 2 game Music that thing is killing me back addressed to you too many tricks guys are getting too hard much infantry I need that meat out brawny becomes the Katie oh gosh look what Im dealing with them irritating rage Smith its like everyone needs everywhere of every phone hey comrades welcome to another exciting company for us to match today I am with the usf and I brought my three Soviet buddies and theyre gonna be dropping me fuel all game long I wanted to see how many American tanks I could pump out with their fuel donations and Im unfortunately struggling with the stomach bug and this game took every ounce of energy that I had to get through it I wasnt really prepared for this kind of a grant but this is the first game in a while where I felt insanely disorganized in my brain I knew things were dying I knew I was making mistakes and I had to just accept it in order to move on and keep fighting and man it turned into a barn burner I think you are gonna like it by the way comrades we stream every Tuesday and Thursday on Twitch 12 p.m. Pacific Standard 9 p.m. Central European Time Id love to see in the Czech come say hello join our discord link in the description also I have a second YouTube channel where Im uploading all of our live streams unedited so if you want to see some of the games and memes that fail thats the place to check it out drop a sub over there if youd like Im trying to hit a thousand really appreciate it Merry Christmas guys oh and one more thing Ive been seeing more and more comments of people kind of critiquing the gameplay and guys Id love a good productive feedback on my gameplay because I know I make mistakes and Im still learning things about this game but guys I just have to say if youre new to the channel and youre looking for a player that plays perfectly never floats manpower never chooses the wrong units doesnt mess up engagements youre watching the wrong channel I mean Im just here to have fun do the best that I can and a lot of times guys I I cant keep up with everything mentally with the stream like Im just not cut out to be competing at a high level and I know that and thats part of like our brand here is to just do the best that you can with the experience and the skills that you have and I really just want to bring you entertaining games that are fun to watch so thats what Im doing definitely not trying to be the highest level gamer to roam the planet so if youre okay with seeing some mistakes youre okay with knowing that Im a human being and a and at heart a total newb then youre in the right place thanks for being here I love having fun with you all oh and one last thing theyre gonna see some strobing in this video guys i do have my second stream pc still working out the kinks and i realized I had the refresh rate wrong so my future recordings will not have this but if you notice Im strobing thats why enjoy the game guys Ill see you in the next one yeah nice job at ING with that mg Ronnie dont agree oh please moving so theyre gonna push this fuel on the top yep skip you deaf lanky man G can you help was it doing we can wipe the stand focus sister how does he live how is he alive oh thats  __  is ridiculous Iver Iver we have a snapper middle to oh okay w moved on dem Gs coming back OMG 9% just a negative covers a negative universe wiper now hes focused on me Cuban I think the maps too wide I dont like the wideness lines I think I need some more defining features - it just looks all the same except for up here theres like a frame the city my favorite but Im just glad theyre adding your Maps cant complain really now the game is all of its noise thats it I pushed off two guys taking Top Fuel a medical building here Soviet gulag inevitably doesnt know how they it doesnt have us they got a two to three here realistic Yuna animations off I dont think so whether always machine why would you ask such a good welcome to Germany we have machine guns machine guns and Makena sadly no Im speaking of him jeez oh my gosh oh my machine gun machine gun fire so many Im going to lose Kubo turn with penis you gotta die in common these are so many machine gun you have to drive that kugel to Berlin that was from like doom machine guns dont wear loose can you get a mg on the fuel Ronnie getting a piece of good view of these where are you can dont you leave my kugel wagon Oh Lord this mine stolen spirit cause thats why you stay in your good cop we know it no thats machine gun thats another way thats a black track my Gotham juice time is real yeah I know everywhere oh this will work in the Lord of the Flex rack is time we go away oh wait ow ow ow ow ow my tea somebodys about to lose again supply these are my keys Wow Maya Teigen is missing against Scout Cup 5070 Loski its a flat track after that dont make a certain decision Im backing you up Skippy oh you went for nukes its a cap this will repair Im diving them a little bit but you kept pushing Oh the square is already up is it active yep to survive any want to collab tier I cant kill deficit weights get very ready for fuel yep any fuel oh here comes to planes oh here comes the fired oh my dish I wanted to see all the planes of fuel crates drop American cheese more coming wait thats a lot of people oh my gosh yes steal it Oh what big blob coming up top holy smokes again with the mg spam what Im getting my mg up oh my gosh Rex why would you reverse in the battle Stuart bad Stuart though he votes another flat track no now we got to see that pillow alone what it Shrek rage is my safe Ronnie got it to that one ah theres mortars this game look at Vince theyre still in their cyber ethic yeah this guy okay W guy felt another flag right James like full retreated there for me and all more feel confident for you Skippy Oh beautiful beautiful already building a first shirt yeah but were gonna need it this weird oh Im playing good shot down theyre playing mines on the fuel I need help theres so many of these I lost my dishka I think there are oMG Nam sure are bleedin I can smoke the fuel if you have Im sure to push actually I can push it my infantry is still coming no flak trackpad transistor news s turn news this Ronnie please those guys are free I supply trucks head a lot of indirectly big blop lets give me so many bazookas on these guys thank you they have a doublet rule am I gonna do right now to that empty phenols shoot it harder than that oh they set up another Oh Miami ID kept the fuel more on coming Ronnie Im coming back meme thanks repaired I need to retreat you guys on a shift from bottom to mid to be done Ronnie look at the kugel Applause bring its mark on that mg again oh yeah lets keep them off the point I do okay W is pushing a lot of pressure and I very much think that offensive same on all sides a league just did all that was a lot Applause theres so much infertility that indeed citizen Angie please Machiko was just walking around like elf got my head healthy yeah I was looking at my teeth look at all this stuff okay oh I got miss beefy a little skip but in a lot of here mean Im fighting okw guys admit thanks for the few jokes comrades kossatch on the last one nice Im gonna push my Panthers anybody ever knew not again not again yeah but Im pushing up mrs. Gump double-double Panther again give them conscripts thank support is here Sherman ready this is Dyson watcher caddy I just gotta throw this ball squat oh come on other Panthers wounded a tall one has engine damage Ive got infantry ready to push through the brave 270 the modest retreated I can push out three Shermans ready I can push I have succeeded in my duty be my god its about three are you happy now get it to Berlin governance oh no red smoke why must to stop I made it out its crazy dude Im dealing fighting so many guys this is crazy theyre constantly moving yeah one Panther was pretty hurt trying to get it the guy they have a lot of bazookas and trucks guys you got to go maybe pee or bleeding too much oh I finally got the fuel we cant give up bottom because theyre gonna push us thank you mom II mean I theres no way we can take both babies wifes father follow us alone I mean were gonna have to counter push together Im getting Matthew cheers Thurston Applause ready back over I wish oh its all tanks Coburn answers Im not a of anything near there shrink up the cash I have enough manpower Ill gun destroy it nice Candys not ready yet yeah I got this tool like a new I was that leak I got my caddy ready for those two miles well they just demolish that too all yes chef Im sending in the tanks to the bush theres a Panthers she was covering have you to sup stay stop sir why we need more fuel Sherman Tiger up top Oh who hit nothing my troops know they should my plane thats called English truck solo Pete Rock movin oh its Panther man therapy is that come on Panther yes tank support is here Sherman ready see theres a lot of junk yeah just keep caddying back here tons of stuff oh yes the fuel Olli Music come on everything at medical bunk three machine is sitting together Music push me up tab mean the bad thing is that I only have a su sending in the Panthers out here getting messy all talk essential to prevent mathur damaged oh gosh look what Im dealing with up here three Panthers in this room tiger Oh I gotta go in me nows the time mr. powers are taking a lot of fire while my caddies are almost ready these guys are hurt a medium tank was just lost theyre hurt babe man theres too many deities back there wait where exactly are there I can use ready fetcher where am I going with so many this guys 355 which gets yeah those are commonality kb200 canal same piece of Jacksons good job on mobile does that easily they have a lot of cool though a rude toilets rude TV thats why it papa bear all right well try seem to be getting better games today do it the enemy is over running one of our capture points you guys dropped you all next time drop it up here we can only drop its face oh you can okay well we cant take when you drop here thats HQ okay oh theyre hitting my s you its not going to survive its long KATUSA youre a little bit sooner I could help us suits not putting the kv-2 Exige but I dont want to boast rim Tigers coming infantry pushing on the VP term Tigers buying this building Bob what the heck is he do watch your caddy they could just walk a watch our red smoke could be already straight oh thats just there any more fuel drops coming soon I just got Stu kebab in hospital - coming I didnt even hear that Ronnie yeah I never like very vegas-y didnt think it was here I heard Clarence they can see my cat East all the time thats what Im afraid of turn tiger I could blend him snare dude caddy here all nice I can wash out some Tigers come in some Tigers coming back up that its just coming Ive taught the Phyllis turn tiger oh my gosh hit you Ill leave my cool like a loan not iike man panther no got some good push storms grab it Ill Ram it Ill Ram it you have a caddy not yet 20 more second law I need help i need help and you know Jimenez Rex our path thing is killing me back across to you too many strikes oh my god yeah look at it is that your red smoke because you just run Dobsons this is too much my thanks for week I think were just they just have a horns or Shreks and Panthers I actually didnt lose that much iron oh yeah we have to rally up guys watch here yeah he can just pull the us no lets go make him pay for it no no no why are you facing that way gave you two trying to retreat by kv2 is that youre gonna set the fight dance and thats pushing my su we dont know at least put up some resistance were gonna have a very very angry I said if we dont go to VPS were gonna display doubt Im doing some temperatures hey before our cruel how they will be able to get it alright I think were gonna have to we are I will come down there if you want you gotta do something together senators rather squishy its a bit they got through so many thumbs us up here yeah dance tracks dont go alone all right here we do see Im gonna push on that Panther we got to go help him down the bottom meme I think Im gonna try to go set Panther Im afraid theyll just push us if we help them at the bottom well they can we have to do something different this is not working fine lets do the bomb suit Bob oh no no no tracks and cars are diving oh this life wait might get user can fire as were getting diehard please 100 points I say again 100 points theyre gonna lose three pounds us a lot of stuff yeah but weird we got to get the points under control as you gotta get a VP under control 78 points we have to take more than center take the top cover bottom as well I mean I guess push top like it uses ready but I lost to our shacks need some infantry up up it wed have to take something we have to take a VP quick website to be peace going to move on south but uh we need to get center youre gonna guys good okay all right lets get on mid lets get on mid me theyre taking bottom get on mid stat stat set do you want that back up front firing its an infantry go middle what Oh Oh tooth bomb somewhere an infantry middle please lady captain Oh Constanta to knit do you have it does anybody have any more infantry closer Im running Im here cover whose tanks what else youre doing whitey backwards we can hold out were gonna focus red smoke red smoke careful theyre in another later of course a facility Oh No - two mice they focus on the community another panther up top I didnt lost in this map I cant keep track of yeah same shes stuck about moto lets run on my penis now gonna step this town if I have three just got stood the ball everything looks the same as you got to stop that VP cap gets you saying sure pants are blocking everything oh my gosh Kippy lets go guys at the cap it did the cap it we need more defense on bottom two they didnt thats Austin thats a dead Oz run to the hospital all right you guys hold bottom you think thats appeal on all my all I have done theres that kv2 stern Tiger focus your essays on man ended up on the sleepy oh thats real verse wife skip you can throw your thang Ill prepare my ASU  __  off I need more up on Mizuki Applause okay although the still get a still target and Ill - fire - you Oh its loaded slowed - Panthers for sitting on top dont tuck us almost that electro very masculine call the pushing on South this doom telling us that I lost my kv2 were about to lose south feeling the contortionist all know the Shrek tracks at this point I wish it had solvency oh my god things that save money - you but they still killed mine a bit more fuel and I can call it another day be so much infantry I need heavy tell Ronnie my tanks are we dressed kitchen they have so many bazookas were losing south I can probably take top here Im supporting you I think I got him too for a tree there might be two Panthers appear 18 points go in the VPs guys yeah crying but the pink are big blocks my path arts that are killing engineers surprise to the Google my thanks are very weak like all right Oh No sweet tears and its me my ninja cook are you guys there taking minutes I cant be everywhere feels like we need to be all I went well since you says 53 kills again dont leave the trailer I need people helping I returned my texts I cant our station looks like a nanosecond running running that way can we tell you Rhonda Belle to repair stations being from my residing me I got top boys I might get to charge this year we gonna buy all its a vet five commander I need help theyve about five commitments thats why I asked you I dont know if I can do this everything Oh building relations here forever Im gonna put meme Im gonna need you okay youre gonna go mid you gotta hope you can hold it Im defending South for now its like everyone needs everywhere on every front like look at this this is a blob we lost a gun crew Im not gonna reel the halts sustaining fire decapping meds Im not getting any model waves so many manners oh my gosh Im barely holding them from yes I stopped it no what are you doing dont mess you we can do this but I just thought it was getting together I can choose just almost ready I this might assume King tiger which pretty Im sending you both Matthews mommy can you hold the temples of lips anyone need I can just draw it start dropping cool I need a second to breathe and see what I should be doing because Id just like skim focus just losing some feet 950 here Im like throwing things at a desperation its kind of crazy I care 40s users well there is a her Panther back there oh theres kid Katies right here here comes the blob blob yeah I have to mgs up here should be ready Mike its fuchsia up there yeah theyre just sitting by that mechanized interfering Im gonna get Micah to shove the barrage that too theyre flanking me on the top at you shots firing the katys pushing I might just give up the bottom for the top and come help with the hold mid this is too much two guys two guys that guys thatll lose a lot of their cap in midday watch us use at least we pushed the Katie Boeck about us whose weight can we kill it that thats nothing I think that Katie theres a panther theres a panther back there with it right there just fired orange panting okay we can probably take it oh youre there okay Im going lets try the side youre dead there it is coming up there to respond Oh help help help bunch of caddies watch your caddies nice its Reimer now theyll stay out there into the Madison for the under bits syndra will shut her down at this bount all right I think we I dont know how were still in this fight up here good job on the bottom two guys this is crazy and as long as theyre not pushing off that hard on the bottom I could put this ODonnell Im actually getting ready to push them push that red guy why phosphorus if you guys encounter like a big support blob you think I can get my candies thats seventy seven kills coats Oregons want to live I believe just anybody have recon you can just see what theyre up to no never mechanized is dead on the ball I think we hurt them tank destroyer is ready for orders dont just come to not theres nothing oh my gosh you got to be kidding another Katy up here enough later theyre not done fighting up here here comes the Katy Im gonna go snare him the red guys fans down starring the powder Katys snood Im staring the Panther - its already we can go finish off that Goethe theres just what all the others a Yank what I dont have a business and in an innate Egon I can take care of that the unit weve completely pushed them off good job you guys ready - like fully demolish zookas oh geez Im getting that yard concept so the follow word come on skip you a lot more hits okay Im gonna go near yes you should get him thats something Im doing ads elephant good job Oh bleeding guys have a triple Cabots oh my gosh they just had an elephant thats too good that game was unbelievable I thought we were so gone that and thats why you never give up my heart is so there was a time where its just like all three points we were just grinding yeah they were constantly just pushing troops they pushed a lot of that was an amazing game yes dont sketch what abilities 185 like that got to the point but cuz the map the way that map is like I just had to shut off and be like all I can do is focus on whats in front of me and stuffs dying all around its just like I I just mentally like checked out I was like are all thats gonna die all I can do is focus with good job guys to the matters thanks for the hundred bits again my damage rate is not very good I was just there with all those tanks on the bottle thanks to the mob trying to keep him off that and I was microing a cool to keep it alive at that three but look at a game like 54 minutes 54 seconds and Im I like eight points Music Music you steaming crablegs Enjoy the content? 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