CoH2: 1v1 Hans (OST) vs OrangePest (US) - Company of Heroes 2

Steam game priceskullgirls steam COMPANY OF HEROES 2 game hey guys up against here bringing you an awesome match on mill road im playing up against orange press and im austere hope you enjoy this 1v1 here we go right try again here we go okay right so um a pioneer squad caps this then goes here instead covers that up why is that side off thats what well do and then mg goes here and then ill have a flanking angle on there thats what ill do yeah if he does go and try and cap that my mg is here and itll shoot him and then migraine well see how it works the building well ive got a green cover there if i need it depends if it goes in the house though yeah thats the point its done maybe we cap around first maybe we might get lucky here how can Music each other weve got restaurants on the left side right side most likely chase off the restaurants here sitting green cover there thats better isnt it there you go and we can stall here then we can maybe push his cut off he might try and cover my fuel thats fine well bring you here you go there you just push ahead the enemy is attempting to steal our sector oh  __  here comes another one  __  um okay mgs needed now yeah actually this is not a bad idea were bringing him away up enemy forces are securing our territory Music our opponents are seizing a sector we have been granted access to superior arms i get sitting up good might you you push here you stay there cover there are losing a sector wait well let the healthy one go first followed by the second one now is he gone hes backed off okay good timing Music we have a new scout card uh territory time i have to do anything here emergency medical station the enemy is taking our territory no let me restrict you  __  okay thats happening is attempting to steal our sector is are securing our territory the enemy is taking our territory Music we are losing a sector oh sniper thats what we need next a sniper um the enemy has broken our supply lines oh moving to elementary that was good that was a good win for me then um taking up is a bit too far away from me at the moment i think next another gren would be good here uh you stay there you there than there next grin goes here youre good to go pull back right now and i imagine his two its going to engage me on the left in a second because hes seen my pack on the right just move my left do you go there then enemy passes are securing our territory the enemy is taking our territory Applause oh we are losing a sector boom an baby oh this is what i would do if i was him  __  the enemies Music okay ive wiped two of his rifles squads and happily lose a pac gun if he wants that Music the territory is out of context and we should be okay get us there Music is too risky to tack up to tier three with just one pack done right now with his double uh vehicles ive got to play quite defensive and and tight for a minute or two go down are securing our territory now we can suck up territory Applause our opponents are seizing a sector we are losing a sector manufacturing capability has been increased Music airborne okay another leaked squad thats made work to my advantage enemy is attempting to steal our sectors get us out of here is what are we thinking boys very close match so far back how it sir it probably yeah could be retreating early nice right we get panzer four outs hes got i think hopefully hes gone for a scot if youre lucky hes gone for a scott and on panzerfull might have a bit more room to play a here ah  __  the enemy is taking our territory till i can get this thing i just lost a grin annoyingly headquarters attacked the enemy has broken our supply lines get i think we have to rebuild that grin dont we or do we is ready for that time demo Music i want to see what hes put down there all right Music oh  __  up just  __  up hey guys gg ah crap what am i done Music oh you couldnt  __  up harder than that boys Applause no hes just thrown away Music but he just threw away stupid that was a clear win that he could have just had but he threw that away what do we reckon do we think he just threw that Music yeah he could have had that and killed me and been fine but actually it wasnt so bad ill take that and his armor is weakness so i can push him Applause bloody soups received vps arent too bad i can make this work i feel like Applause what do we want to do yeah command squad its only a strafing one in it enemy forces are securing our territory is taking our territory is attempting to steal our sectors Music kids Music oh  __  my sniper Music machine gun crews get us out of here i generally didnt know what um what commanded to pick then i think you did pretty well just the one stupid hold of them miss play with the pack gun oh lads thanks for watching that video if you want more content click up here or click over here to click on other content but make sure to click on that middle button to subscribe to this channel okay and i stream every single day on forward slash helping hands catch you the next one guys take care how to steam mussels and clams A Company of Heroes 2 match between myself playing as the Ostheer against OrangePest on US. 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