HOW MANY T-34s DOES IT TAKE!? — Company of Heroes 2

How to view steam recapsteam db sale COMPANY OF HEROES 2 game oh so close look at this oh no what do you mean gg in numbers we are great im building more t-34s i think we could turn this around 4234. its coming in thats crazy are you kidding me uh shrek blob again why do they have a shrek blob its six minutes oh thats why they got shreks to destroy another caches weve lost two out of four caches yeah this is not ideal its a real bummer losing the fuel caches wait ill get rob ill repair your crowd bar back up get out of there oh so close we cant roam around as a blob they have mg-42s covering it well that wont work yeah i think we screwed up not yet i just wiped a squad oh that 120 hit was nasty yeah we gotta just roll over all the sport weapons with t34s ill have one in about a minute or two theyre just marching up machine guns here in the middle i got the machines on the left wiped nice oh my gosh they have recon here i think these guys are pro gamers oh yeah theyre marching up theyre theyre leapfrogging mgs all right t34 building once we get four lets do a push all right a minute away from being able to build mine im quite far quite far oh that 120 hit we just have to send the 1434s down on the main street here okay i need i need a t held middle yeah my teeth at four is on his way im gonna lose this fight unfortunately gosh darn it wheres the other 234 gosh darn it whys the t-34 so bad i think im going caddy man i cant resist it i love that this guy said gg i think we could turn this around anybody having a craft mode got pounds of falls on me oh my gosh lots of force on me yeah yeah i think im going to save for an su-85 thats not a t-34 i think were giving that up negative no you still want to rush they have shreks and panthers now skippy get your engineer on that okay okay okay come on guys repair faster better get out of that operation stolen panzer four panther panther brother why is my tank spinning on the spot man i dont know oh im hitting the mg out of my t-34 this is gonna be mg is gone i love that you have propaganda its the best youre welcome oh tag push on me paris help okay come on come come in youve summoned the horde and we have arrived ronnie you guys want to do our push now up top with all our tanks thanks why not why not i have one tank available thats okay in numbers we are great careful theres a lot of vacations around here oh panthers all those bounces found the at guns going for the rear armor there getting side swiped my panthers theyre just bouncing bouncing bouncy theres a wounded panther back there coming to help coming to help guys if they blob their tanks were going to do a ram and at overwatch combo okay with our t-34s got one what do you guys want to do looks like youre attacking yeah i had to push in im going to caddy the red guys for you rally you want to attack up the middle theyre theyre pinching them good theyre pincering them all right nows the time sending what ive got got a pincer i dropped overwatch back there oh those two tanks youre a tiger ronnie a rally i rammed up this panther has no gun thats crazy get him that was insane theres so much repairs im building more t-34s im building more t-34s oh heres a horde rally you ready all right all right they backed away they backed away i dont know why theyre cowards oh here they come hes going hes coming to us overwatch is gonna overwatch is dropped overwatch is dropped my rocket strike got bundled dropping propaganda on these guys guys if you can from the top nows the time to push theyre all suppressed there got the warfare building more 234s i i committed all my tanks to that push overwatch overwatch dropped behind him goodbye oh hes coming for you pack swarm thursday fudge they just have raketons hiding everywhere oh my gosh guys look at this guys im pushing it im gonna kill that elephant for stalin yeah im sorry but im unable to assist i mean skippy doesnt need us its skippys king did you see that crush that was amazing that felt really good i have a thousand manpower four two thirty fours do you wanna dive that king tiger rally do you have a run do you ever run a rocket run you got it okay im gonna ram all right sending in one two three four two assist here comes the retreat get him get him get up how did they run you missed really bad dont let them move oh no careful 18 theres 80 walls dont go in dont go in im trying to hit those ats im barraging them all the at overwatch yes because im hitting those thats it im gonna have to run no you dont big boy oh my gosh this game is freaking epic oh so good oh good oh its so good i lost 11 t-34s built 12. now that is russian i even lost the panzer four how many t34s did we end up with then in the end it was mainly got eight yeah i produced 12 lost 11. same as me rally how many did you have id have built 13 lost 12. so we had 45 t34s i can already see the intro to that video gg what do you mean gg Music you steam already own game in a bundle Enjoy the content? 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