Company of Heroes 2: Cheat Mod - Showcase

The day before steamwarno steam COMPANY OF HEROES 2 gameplay hey guys helping hands here today ill be showcasing an awesome mod for you a mod that i use to make most of my company heroes two videos and that is cheap mod 2 by gennady 252. would you like to build a ton of king tigers like this perhaps you might want to add any type of commander ability to your arsenal when playing or perhaps you want to do some testing in a safe environment where enemies cant attack you like using this gag tiger to see if you can shoot through this hedgerow here so first things first if you want to download this spot all you have to do is go to company heroes 2 go to the workshop page on steam for company heroes 2. then just type in cheat mod enter and then you want to download and choose the one this one here the cheap mod 2 not the first one because the cheap mod 2 is a better version of this so thats more up-to-date version so you click on that and then you just click subscribe and then it should automatically uh download onshores steam account so then once youve done that you want to go into a couple of heroes too you want to make a custom game and then you can go to options and then what you want to do is you go to win condition and then you scroll down and you want to select the cheap mod uh two version that you want so youve got cheap mod two with annihilation cheap or two with no victory conditions or cheap mod two with the victory points in play if you choose none youll the the victory points and annihilation that theyll the victory points will just turn into normal capture points okay so once youve done that there you go you go youre pretty much set to go and then you load some enemies and some ai or whatever and then you can test it out now i must say that this is a cheap mod for testing things out and for having fun with your friends in customer matches this isnt a cheap mod so that you guys can cheat in automatch because i do not condone cheating at all and youre a scumbag if you do all right so once youve done this youve got um allies nexus and then you just click start game its just say here cheat mod command mod 2 victory point control here and then you just click start game so as soon as you start a match what you want to do is if youve got ai in it you want to stop the arrow from working right if you just want to test things out so what i do is go up to this top youve got this little option up here cheat mod command mod 2 click on that and you want to go to game and ai then you want to go to ai itself and then you want to click all and then click disable and then all the ai now will just stop working theyll just theyll theyre theyll move to do their last move command that they issue to their units but then everything else will stop as you can see here right and then next thing you might want to do is stick on the fog of wall and then turn it off and then we can see through the fog of war on the other side the map and see the enemy location you can see the it also turns off all the enemy ai as well when you click that okay if you wanted to you can turn one ai off or whatever or increase the difficulty if you wanted to do so you can enable them and turn them off or whatever so you can manually turn on and off each individual ai if you wanted to do so as well now all the ai is offline so you havent got a worry about fighting going on that and this that and the other so you can just focus on what you want to do so the top resource youve got here youve got resources and population cap so this is what i do next you go to resources and then you can go set infinite all resource types so pay attention to the manpower munitions and fuel and also your command points if i click on this ability now boom that all goes up to max so 32 and then youve got 9 999 plus and then that never goes lower than that okay if you wanted to you could only you could just add 100 of each or sorry a thousand of each here and you can reset that with that and it all goes back down to zero again so if you wanted to cancel that out so its a nice way to go backwards and forwards on that if you wanted to do so so so generally what i do is at infinite and then another thing i might want to do is speed ups so if i want to make everything a bit faster so if i want to build my structures up quicker i go to speed ups and then i can do enable all or enable individually each one so if we were going to enable instant production if i was to do this and make a conscript squad it takes some time to make them if i click on that boom the squad is instantly made so if i want to make some more squads i just click this and you can see them coming out instantly right if i want to delete any unit that i dont want so ive made too many of something i go selection i can kill them or i could delete them depends if you want to make a nice screenshot if you kill the guys off their bodies will lie on the ground and blood will be in the way but if you just want to delete them selection delete theyll just disappear without any blood splats or any bodies or anything like that next one will go to the speed ups again so well go instant construction so you want to be able to save one its quite slow to build that then we click on that and then boom it builds it super fast same thing goes with like mines i wanted to put down a mine ill just tap it boom done so its really quickly then and then instant ability recharge that is your commanders so if we go down to this commander down here and then we wanted to do the r2 bombing strike if we were to lets just blow this house up for instance you see its got 50 55 seconds to recharge it if i were to click on this ability instantly ready to go again so this allows me for instance to drop multiple ones of these uh bombs so you can have a lot of fun with that there you go so you get the idea there also i just want to say that with the ability recharge you can it also acts to recharge your uh units abilities as well not just your commanders abilities so if i throw a monotop you can see as soon as i throw it i can throw it again theres no cooldown on there and i can ur as well and just keep roaring potentially spam it if i wanted to do so like that so you get the idea you can also increase your population gap up as well if you wanted to do so and lower it you can also reveal the fog of war and unreveal it for individual players and ai those really matter with the er now weve got the clipboard this allows you to copy and paste things so lets say you had um Music a flamethrower and you wanted to replicate the flame three you could press copy and then you click paste and you know as long as youve got the unit selected you click copy uh so then again think if we click both the squads and click copy and then click paste well get two of those guys so basically anything you youve selected you click copy youll be able to duplicate it which is quite nice you can clear it as well so that you know youll reset that that thing you can hide your taskbar which so if i whenever im making a screenshot right i always do i press this button here i only go for 30 seconds so i can angle my camera right but ill just do it for 10 seconds to show off this so that hides the entire ui for 10 seconds so you can come up nice and close get really nice cool screenshot if you want of your units if you wanted to do that uh youve also got health monitor suppression monitor director and grid i have never used these before because im not really sure how to use them myself uh maybe there will be a tutorial in the future on how to use these ones but generally um these are just for people who want to kind of make little movies and things like that suppression monitor um obviously for you know just showing how much suppression your unit has um okay so then youve got individual um factions here so youve got austin soviet okw u.s and british and here with for instance were playing the soviets looking at the service you can click on infantry and you can spawn any type of infantry okay you can also click on uh team weapons here im just wanting to protein weapons artillery and things like that got neutral so you can just spawn in just an abandoned band of weaponry if you want like so youve got light vehicles here you can you can call them got tanks the t70 is you got the isu you know basically youve got everything you can think of and then youve also got even campaign things as well for instance the things that youre not normally allowed in the you know in multiplayer matches like um anya shes a campaign sniper youll never see a durian you know youll never see her in a in a multiplayer game and some other things like this these are transport trucks which are kind of cool so you might have some fun with those if you wanted to to do so um and also build things of construction so you can if you want to just to quickly build down your your tech structures and your base you can even rebuild multiple hqs as well which is cool and then you can drop in slot items like the flamethrower you get the dps and the ptrs rifles you can pick those up and then lastly your commander abilities and this is pretty much every commander ability in the game you can add so for instance if we just so you can see right now if i take off you know press that and we get rid of that whole lot the whole list you can see weve got five abilities lets say we wanted to add i dont know uh so your soviet commander ability lets give us a for instance the ability to call on a disk there you go click on that and now youve got the ability to call in the disk heavy machine team on the field okay just want to quickly say one thing guys that people might be caught out by if you want to spawn in units on your side you want to make sure you always click your own self uh anything that you own so that you can then spawn some squads in and itll be your units okay so for instance if we wanted to call it on an okw unit as a soviet player we would have to click ourselves and then wed be able to call it in so if you click on an enemy structure or enemy unit for instance and then spawn in something itll be belonging to them as i know indicates lets make an austere panzer in there itll belong to this okay debbie player lets click on now uh for instance this pioneer squad and then come over here and then we may you know if we were to click on them and then we could make a soviet unit for instance lets see if it would be belonging to that access faction so if we were to click on for instance as t-34 and then were going to come over to the base and then try and spawn in it in a t34 it would be or an su-85 for instance it would be an enemy one right so you can easily make that mistake and then you know before you can react you know the s35 hits something you know any tanks fire back on it this could be it could be annoying nuisance for you right so what you want to make sure is always click on something you own first or the faction you want to spawn in for uh before spawning anything in so there you guys go have fun with this cheap mod 2 by junior 252 you could do all different types of things you can test things have fun you know play with friends its a lot of fun and i use a you know to help me making my videos and i hope you guys will use it now yourself so take care lads and ill see you in the next one hi lads thanks for watching that video if you want more content click up here or click over here to click on other content but make sure to click on that middle button to subscribe to this channel okay and i stream every single day on forward slash helping hands catch you the next one guys take care best free steam vr games This video showcases and explains how to install the Cheat Mod 2 made by Janne252 which can be found here: #companyofheroes2 #coh2 #mods #helpinghans shark steam and scrub mop steam from ears how to download steam games on external ssd steam mod download steam war 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