Ruins Cinematic Battle | Company of heroes 2 Wikinger mod

Steam deck offline games liststeam activity games COMPANY OF HEROES 2 gameplay steam persona Footage from a match on Ruins. I hope you enjoy this cinematic battle.Mod: Wikinger: European Theater of War Map: Ruins Music:CoH2 ost Sneak attack CoH2 ost March into hell CoH2 ost Gather your forces CoH2 ost The advancing hordes CoH2 ost Za rudinu! CoH2 ost Onwards to victory CoH2 ost In Russia, Rubiks Solves You #Companyofheroes2 #CinematicBattle #Cinematic #COH2 most played steam games 2020 1000 steam games all steam games download best games on steam 2023 games like banished on steam