CoH2: B4 Madness! (Company of Heroes 2)

Islanders steam gamesteaming cabbage COMPANY OF HEROES 2 gameplay the new the new british soundcloud wrapper okay here we go  __  it im going to give it hes going to snitch on everybody ill be that guy in the south park episode warcraft make love warcraft where im the bad guy and im killing everybody you will die no youre crosstalking raging over getting killed all the time firefly place the unibrow say get the sheep right thats right kraken uh okay well let me let me get off this game then and youre youre his  __  he paid for you ill i will go for some snipers yeah we think we need the chat support here chat like we need more eyebrow comments eyebrows im sorry man i dont know if thats possible same time for the real world either your mom or your sister has like a devil you can  __  on your forehead sorry can you can you say that again youre trying to get it what the  __  did you just say i dont know it just came out im sorry maybe the next one the next stream why i mean all honesty compared to everybody what has been said its like it doesnt seem so tired are you already being already yeah sure i mean all you are already know uh watch out theres a machine gun here probably three quarters of a battle grey goose and like a quarter of about jager so yeah this is the closest thing to going out right now because austria is in a  __  lockdown were all in the ship yes also im pushing over here Music oh come on you got that off he didnt need the powers to do that got him hmm Music you got the white its pointing at the car my car is fast oh they have another one here dont do not shoot with a your snipers gonna shout out by machine gun oh do you have already theres a recruit mg here oh yeah ill try and push up with my sniper smoke this week yeah should i smoke it now yeah smoke it down and grab it oh no i have a car setting up as well its more crying but you got it also coming up with a whole bunch of  __  all right get some 80 tank guns out soon lads and flanking amg soviet hq now includes a field hospital but only for those its gonna die in two seconds water here pull back a bit remember to turn your camera cameras off guys turn your cameras off get some bad lag again yes again sorry you want me you set it up that way no i didnt i pointed it at the mortar  __  stupid game well now we dont have to enemy no we dont we should well its pointing at us though never mind better to be correct i want to back on please dont do this to me theyre spamming words for our side come on guys wheres your ac at whos on my side over here dude okay yeah i need to take it already yes hans got the greatest tattoos ever and theyre totally real and this is his new existence hes gonna be the soundcloud rapper right wheres the nc wheres the mg over here ill borrow you with me six nine and hes gonna snitch on everybody what there it is oh thats like one shot away from dying i dont know how bothered is this just stand already okay im gonna try and blow up they can regrow do you get a new mg nope because hands is in the tunnel thank you for the follow really will oh its all right thank you for the followers guys thank you uh so the molly and really will for the followers guys welcome to the channel how you doing so im in like focus mode when im drunk im like Laughter thats why you got me from focusing on the chat uh yeah you wanna do it again its in your base oh i i mean do you want this one yeah if you can set them quickly yes well this is yeah thats a psych smoke the uh mid again if you can and if any one of you guys are flying about get some fuel caches down did you slide the enemy sniper by the way yes i killed two snipers a t-gun as well over here no voice noise and we started together with this one its pretty low enough ill give this one yeah i should just put on the cash uh kill the fuel damper umg would be nice mg bunker down as well as the mortar on the right standing by im so sorry are you ready to vote before uh in a quarter of cp time roughly yes uh and a rush in the middle you to pick it up holy  __  before is happening oh jesus come on people good good good nice im gonna run back like this goddammit yep ill do this Music that was great never mind b4 hits directly like that holy  __  uh uh remember to find a few mines around getting activated before target peoples turning Applause foreign almost Music um i seriously never i wont hear you cry about rng boom Music an 80 game now Music it took care of their anti-air we can push up there now oh the pack gun freaking took off helped my slide but Applause shaky foreign Music almost oh my god uh almost Music to fix it Music i need more b4s i need more Music ah dude i just hit him with b4 they come up with armor yeah all right dont worry lets get ready be happy nothing to worry about nothing to worry about so i got two ml20s im firing on this Music i cant believe your opponent isnt called foreign poor guy kronzo the funny part is um here god that how far over there with the ebay right look at these babies uh are you target Music Music now what well you can repair it yeah but im too hot thats pretty interesting im sorry im so mispronounced probably but its drunk some saturday yes mushrooms what do you need i got three peoples firing every self demand careful they dont encircle the pocket on us guys yes yeah left side is falling apart can you take care of it why the  __  no the  __  was that did you just kill my uh  __  cowards mission Laughter can you stop with the rmg planes on my artillery piece its not funny oh ready yes i love how the axes havent got any off map artillery let me just blow it you know these are three pieces killing them they wouldnt even have enough of my material to blow all these up seven four before the 64 three ml twenties rose of its amazing day today before before yes im shooting yeah im providing with my peoples there i i am charging in with my ice tuna all right so firing again look around if i find anything yeah why not oh Music yes hans is still drunk up his arms the before that one ability is direct like shot or tank so if they get close its like territory a lot of times mistakes the enemy has only 50 points remaining another b4 firing it stands ah got the pigrettes up and set to go  __  this oh he blew up right five direct five three five shots right five shots im  __  dying yes god it is its direct fire shot dodgeball no another stuke no ive never seen anybody dodged you have another one i just want to run away oh never mind god guys can you imagine being on the opposite side of the team i would be oh he kind of slightly Music experience how it sounds on the other side of this because its every time we dont have off-road battery in hands its getting frustrated oh t34 i can build more b4s man thats what i care about i lose that what no somebody move up naveed in discord i could use a few repairs on my fire oh what happened there lovely jumbly oh dude youre just more often great Music was really helpful whats up with my mg ready um as well we didnt win all right i got this i got this bomb dad yeah give me a second give me two seconds here we go the dead the dead dont worry itll come lets b4 is about to kill them oh theyre dude look at that oh we dont get to see it the amount of  __  medium vehicles i wiped with the freaking fireflies i mean with the airlines of course yeah you wiped them with the peoples awesome honestly that was so much fun im not even joking it was really fun hey guys thank you so much for watching that video i hope you did enjoy it and if you want more content click on the link here and over here also make sure to click on the notification button down there if you do that youll be notified whenever i post new youtube content also i stream really every single day on twitch my twitch channel is helping hands and ill catch you in the next one guys take care best games with friends steam A game featuring mass B4s on a fun drinking stream night. 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