Company of Heroes 2 | Campaign - Stalingard #1

Deadpool steam gamesurvival multiplayer games on steam COMPANY OF HEROES 2 gameplay hi woi Cui its good again in advancing the game ih Okay according to the request of the second Company of Heroes Cui just go straight here I m going to VR like this about this game so it tells about the struggle of the Soviet Unions red Army against Nazi Germany dude and here its really cool Coy from the gameplay all kinds of story graphics are cool, thats all Coy and Im going to try to make subtitles like that from the story, all kinds of things, so we can all learn from history, right? new campaign just go straight to coy difficulty Just Chatime, yeah, its really bad if you tell me to generally do that because were deliberately going to cut hai hai hai hai Hai teteh NU ucbrowser Ginga bogor-sumedang MP3 OK Google edar minoz KW girls WHO catches Hi by benitez Bhojpuri hai hai OK, Google, tomorrow you just send it, bro, the dandruff system, subscribe, hai hai hai hai hai hai hai hai hai hai hai hai hai hai hai ha i hai Hai car wallpaper too Chairul ya Hai kamu mau me from March sub wushu me know I want to the soul hai hai collection hai hai Yo whats your life by covered in the Seventeenth cover Hi more by this first camera softlens channel Crush Hai at the train station Stalin Gods fire September 1942 Stalin guard user Germany and the Soviet Union sign a non-aggression pact before the invasion of Poland In 1939 their agreement is short-lived in the summer of 1941 Hitler launches operation barbarossa ordering 4 million German troops to invade the Soviet Union across the same front stretching for 3000 KM during the first months of barbarossa Stalin and his generals struggled to build defenses but quickly the Germans had pushed their way into this Soviet cuy which was protected by huge troops and the hostile winter of autumn 1942 the German army had reached The current Salim guard g his city is called vogra but it is very strong Cuy again sakovic met thousands of conscripts on the banks of the volga river where he escorted them to besieged city hai hai hai hai hai hai hai hai hai hai hai hai hai hai hai hai hai hai hai hai hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, I m starting to feel that way, the graphic calligraphy is going to be mental again, for sure, okay, and tweeting the graphics, its really bad, because by the way, I already played the first virus and when it comes to graphics, all kinds of things are far away, this is a cool life, parasitoids and here were going to fall when the office starts. So we become like this, hamrad can Taufik, right ? I purposely cuy on the screen the rest of the politics but when I get to the colonial, I immediately say if Blade is like that Oh, thats right Oh yes, its good were going to be together Lets go first, were told to go out first, coy, and were told to inject or t-34. Take a look, nutrition, well support right away. recover cuy and take a straight look first, Cuy, before taking over, thats because there are all sorts of things like that. Coy, for example, if you forget to cover things that are red, yes, the symbol, dont do that, its really dangerous, and if its green, its even better if theres one Squid Bokeh wih crazy reminds me of the cool movie Enemy at the Gates, thats exactly like this, you really have to have a birthday. dont just go right away coy we are told to recover the cost of the object here cuy Im also really good This is the cave where the oxygen is just one here one here this is okay, well give 2 kg of crushed old, I want it. tank broke Okay, lets teach you the ratio Here, okay, the film is Anjir, its already out, bro, Hi, Ill make it tomorrow at Hi, its called the referee Felix Brych Germany for these are well water persistence Snowman khai or Lik khai A Reason Hi crazy, OK, I was told to kill the gamis machine, it looks like a fool it looks like that okay and here its really crazy like in the film Enemy at the Gates the temperature is on and By the way in that film its like the Soviet Union soldiers are really desperate to defend their city like that even if for example there are soldiers who run away backwards like that going backwards was immediately stolen by his friends like that. really i-dead Boy and for history Nia I read that the Germans lost fatally in this city tweet in the city of Celine Gartini DVD like that, Putins soldiers are okay white is nt here yet the leader here is this dude what was his name earlier I forgot to copy it, thats why the name has always been tough but here its changed nowadays and the name has changed so if its a local product its Coy Okay Ill type it right away the yellow You have to look at that but its really hard to adjust, its like the yellow dots are everywhere like that, OK? Hi. Okay, well just go there, theres a flying rod and we go straight away. here, okay, here, its safe here, theres an enemy Cracking first, Flying Wow, theres really BoBoiBoy, great to go first week. gal one person like this, bro, just go straight to Kil. Okay, it works. Im behind it. Finally, go straight. If thats the case, just use the other grenade. I have two of them, put them in here, we dont give wokeh. Boy action. The teams defense ran out immediately. thats really crazy Hi destroid German howitzer okay where do we go first were going to come here first I think okay okay be careful Ma these guys lets just be like that okay Hi just Blooming over here lets Slank first lets go cuy Come on lets die Uh whats going on new mission again Currys Club de Tracys choice Wow, there are so many crazy ones, lets explain this. theres a lot of people here okay, were going to be in the team, theres someone who needs us, were going to be over there first, lets take cover first, okay? Im not being told to come here, okay, I need this, why is Nadia Anjir, this enemy, Boy, just skip it Hi. crazy mukiyo died too Hey Im not going home just this way yo yo yo perch Boy its safe were told to kill the troops who are here first because our friends are under siege cuy He said thats okay rich again Cuy Gemini cave Granata so really Medan was surprised that I was only there, according to him, he knew that he had come here first, cool, Hi, hello, over here, the troops are here, only pu then its just me wek wek woi woi woi Hi Anji go ahead Hi come on yo keep on killing Oh yeah yeah the howitzers put it together okay Okay then Ill wait for another troop of mine to come here Ill give you a grenade straight away yoi hi sorry Bokeh I got a grenade grenade its okay, its good, its good, Febrina protects it, its ruined, its not me, Im fine, its fine, thats it, OK, where else, Boy, hi, how are you doing? this is crazy surrounded Well you 38 of my friends are enough here cuy there are only seven left Anjir really long Lets teach this from behind Well like that Hi Playboy is crazy not boy Yoke uh crazy the effect is 10 tastes Bodrex Okay Flag beko tadzarni they are them wa Gilang origin Crazy fruit, lets do a prank first here, woi. Okay, hajaro betrayed again. winkler can cement that weve survived that cement you tell me what to do again destro theres one more here if for example its over here Ok turn on kyler here its real Hi immediately Im here again yes my troops earlier Lets go troops again Im shocked Im always surprised Im playing this game e- SMS book is funny but extra careful because we dont know whats going on here, I swear the sound is really crazy and feels like a real war, Im crazy wow! Be patient, Pak Pedan has a machine like that, bro, thats it. surround Woi, no more Boy, lets go with you Hey, this troop with stripes is scary, maam, how do you do it, its really easy, its not easy, its so modern, hes like that, okay, lets just shoot it, we can give it a break, lets give it, OK, its almost cool, its almost please he jumps you Bokeh there are a few more stages still not finished woi woi woi woi woi woi Relax first, get stepped on crazy, where do I have options? njer yes Oh yes armored For German, Panzer Front, thats the nickname of the German National Team Okay, I ll come here and then Roxy cant do e-commerce, OK? Oh, I want more troops over here Hi. not shrinking the point Woi absent No really people dont ouch okay they die wih bullet particles are really cool too Okay come here tomorrow bro try Dont be there its the same Anjir I swear this troop is in Tsui Wow the numbers arent crazy funny hi okay Japans try another grenade over here Sit back yo yo beg beg beg and now its dead again Slank is offline, I ve had to be like this before to fight tanks, what can I do to fight tanks like this, okay, we cant grenade again, right ? not in our area Boy, hi, hi, honestly, Solo, for the update display, its here, okay, the grenade tribe is dead, how many people are there, okay, Ive got b Well, its safe icuy so that I can get more stars Whats with that there are a lot of pluses Hi Okay Im going to the back of Fengdong crazy where else Boy Hi the plane is rushing here Im here waalaikum fruit Laila Ria Anjir my face is really reckless and okay okay Im a star its really high, its rocking, the three of them, there are three stars, okay, we have to come here, cuy, crazy, stop there, MJ is trending, Cosmo www, were going to Ngasem, okay, first, come over here, okay, immediately flanking Flying, can I do the game or not, I said the vacui helmet is cool thats the game, uh, lets grenade the door, check directly blackbeard, there are other people here. Done, lets go straight to this, you can just jump and click. Thats satisfying, okay, lets move it to this side first, lets ask, where are you, uh, lets beat it there Wow, its crazy good from behind. Iggys armored personnel carrier Yes, its not yet wis hes really surprised. this is Ivan, like that, until someone backs off, hes shot at the one behind, thats it. Okay, Ive got the cheese pantople. Okay Oh, theres Ken Arok here, lets jump first. no, this is really true. Cuy, to teach people like this, well have three doors, just a short stay. Slank admits he needs more people. there are troops More to give Wow, this is really sorry, simbah, already a big star, right, its a shame too, if you die, its okay Okay, its time for us to destroy things like this, boy, okay, well pick up the clothes that were destroyed in the end, Knuckle refer to rejoslamet I swear I wont die -This guys dead Do I have to go first like that okay Im dead too Bokeh got 22 this is a lot of 32 Ill just accept it dude Wow this is crazy right now Hi eliminator machine gun Okay where is my hair here ? I dont throw a prank, right? Well, thats it, four, thats okay, its okay to die. Im just asking for more, but theres a loading here, its not coming anymore, fortunately, yes, hi, hi, okay, my troops, oh, theyre dead, Hi, Doodle, okay, just come here. you can jump, you can jump, okay? Steady, grenade first, Cuy. I cant go too far. Okay, two flush grenades. Crazy Boa. Slamet, this three star, yo yo, grenade, lets go. Oh, where is No. 42? again Boy grenade Boy So brother say okay okay beg beg beg beg no more ah ah die again koala this ghaniya machine Gosh that means its not behind This dude this gane machine cui Okay then lets beat this grenade first and over here this is dangerous I have to pick it up first, lets give it a smoke bomb first, okay, the mass is finished, woi, the ducks, yo yo. Lets kill this first, this weapon, this weapon, I have to stick to sharing first, lets go together. Mulyos got to be mad at the fangirls, OK ? Im dancing again, well Yo whats if Allah is also a real person a lot G2 is leaving again cuy taking turns like that so his friends want to be clear and taken again okay Square everywhere the team is again here there are more tanks okay yo yo my unit needs it again Hi JG really Advan tengel doesnt have tea, what is this, how come we dont have a date, for example, if you already have a stalk, then its fast, OK, Ill beat it first, Ill cook it first, Ill go in, boy, the sepet flower is really good, the smoke bomb first so you dont get hit by that, right? invite, okay, okay, Noahs family is ruined, okay, come out, okay, back off. Lex is boiled in the morning, hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey okay the first mission came out, how come its cool, its really crazy, from the story graphics, all kinds of gameplay is good, all of that, coy. this is Coy Thank you cuy tiny tina wonderlands steam release WoyoooooSesuai request cuuuyyyCompany of heroes nicccc gile ggwp ini game recommended parah dah Dah gitu aja fun free games to play on steam get free games on steam steam workshop sfm mw2 or steam succubus game steam release date