Should You Play Company of Heroes 2 in 2021?

Best way to uninstall steam gamesark on steam deck COMPANY OF HEROES 2 i have been meaning to talk about company of heroes 2 for a long time my desire to cover relics at times controversial sequel date back to the original days of this channel and peaked after my video of the original company of heroes in 2019 that was almost two years ago and at that time i said i would review company of heroes 2 soon my apologies that in this case soon would mean waiting almost another 10 of my life to do it despite buying it on release in 2013 ive not played a lot of company heroes too maybe i did just get it for the included team fortress 2 items but im pretty sure i intended on playing it like everyone i of course loved the original and returned to it often but after 15 hours or so of the sequel i just stopped and id say ive played it no more than three times since then until this video of course but why the game reviewed pretty well and by most accounts it was an all-around improvement on the original gameplay-wise and benefited from a fresh setting to boot perhaps it was the seemingly step backwards in terms of content or the initial price of admission or maybe it was something more sinister all that and more coming up as we answer the simple question should you play company heroes 2 in 2021 as always time codes and relevant links in the description right below the like button right from the beginning company of heroes 2 was marketed and advertised with its headlining feature a focus on the soviet union and their fight against the germans often in horrifically freezing weather the lack of the red army in the original game was felt throughout its life cycle so much so that a group of people created the eastern front mod to compensate not only are the soviets now their own entirely fleshed out fiction but the games main story sees you take command of the red army in some of world war iis most defining conflicts while unreleased company of heroes ii only included two factions throughout its life three more would be added in dlc the us and british forces for the allies and the german over commando west to go alongside the existing vermact each faction plays differently to each other with diverse rosters of units and mostly unique light-based building mechanics and for the returning factions from company of heroes 1 theyre largely unlike those incarnations too i guess changes had to be made somewhere because for the most part the gameplay in company 40s 2 is very similar to the original you start with a simple compact base and gain resources by capturing control points across the map which in turn lay out your territory and subsequent battle lines these points need to be regionally connected to your base in order to supply your war machine so its vitally important to man the betterments and not let enemy forces sneak in behind and cut you off a couple of small refinements to the point system have been made which i think are for the better for one capturing a point now requires you to simply be in the vicinity of it rather than actively attend to it giving the player taking it a better chance to react and fight off whoever is attacking you also supply points now provide all resources not just manpower and while fuel and munitions flow is certainly less than what youd get from their dedicated points that combined with having population caps not be tied to how many points you control help to give someone on the back foot a better chance of fighting back one of the things i love about the original is how important each individual unit feels in the context of the battle and that emphasis remains at the core of the sequels combat perhaps even more so units and upgrades can be expensive and it often takes a while to save up the required manpower munitions or fuel to get them making each deployed infantry team or piece of heavy armor that much more significant in another returning system from company of heroes most types of units can be upgraded further after deployment which might take the form of a handful of thompson submachine guns for a paratrooper squad or a roof mounted 50 cal for an m4 sherman further emphasizing the importance of select units combat and company heroes 2 is as intense and frenetic as ever and again like its predecessor its heavily based around its unit counters it aims to be realistic realistic in the sense that an anti-tank gun is likely going to have trouble wiping out a nimble infantry squad and that no matter how many squads of conscripts youve got small arms fire isnt going to break through the plaything of a heavy armored vehicle at least not on any reasonable amount of time it makes combat a constantly evolving battle where each player is trying to best counter their opponents new units also planting their weaknesses of your own at the same time that combined with the upfront cost required to deploy each and every unit leads to an overarching feeling of tension that keeps company heroes 2 really exciting theres a certain amount of risk with every action you take do you risk rushing to capture a point with your infantry and hope the enemy doesnt have a machine gun covering it do you move your fresh tiger tank to the front line to counter enemy armor without infantry support and hope there arent teams of anti-tank soldiers waiting for you with mines laid on the road by engineers these will be the moment-to-moment questions you silently debate in your own mind each one just as important and potentially devastating as the last line of sight has seen an overhaul on company ferrous too relic calls it true sight and its meant to be a more realistic implementation of how units would see their surroundings in real life instead of having a classic radius-based system where a unit can see anything around them up to a certain distance truesight attempts to use real-world obstacles and cover to realistically obscure these sight lines i love how its implemented and gameplay-wise the effects can be impactful ambushes are now far easier to pull off and breaking line of sight at a key moment by say running around a building can be just what you need to gain the upper hand in an engagement as the game setting focuses on the eastern front relic decided to go further than simply adding snow and cold weather as a texture or visual effect instead freezing temperatures are included as a gameplay mechanic that will affect the way you play in more ways than one rolling blizzards can drastically alter how you play the game as not only does it limit visibility it can also eradicate exposed infantry if youre not careful this can be counted by keeping them close to bonfires or garrison inside buildings or vehicles its a great system that i really enjoy as it encourages other forms of gameplay you might not have utilized a whole lot of such as basically requiring troop transports to move in for tree long distances if you dont want them to freeze to death a smart player can utilize the restricted movement options imposed by the weather and it adds another layer of depth to an already exciting gameplay loop and thats the same for frozen lakes which are an excellent piece of dynamic map design providing a risky shortcut that could prove deadly if your opponent drops a well-placed artillery shell forcing units on it to succumb to a cold watery grave company heroes 2s mechanical development while small is excellently complemented with its slew of new units abilities and commanders honestly its fantastic and from a gameplay standpoint i cant see many reasons not to play this over the original but i can see some ill probably cop some flack for this but i personally really dislike the way commanders and so-called intel bulletins are implemented here customizable before a match you get three slots on each faction for both commanders and these bulletins and while i appreciate the level of player choice enabled by this system the way it has been done is clunky confusing and just plain messy for commanders its the layout and lack of comparison that really gets me theres no easy way to put one commander next to each other as far as i can see and trying to decipher which have want abilities is not easy especially if youre a beginner id prefer something a little simpler perhaps a system a bit like the original game maybe three slots are available but each can only have commanders from a specific category armor infantry etc that with a fewer number of more distinct commanders would be a positive i think as for intel bulletins i wouldnt mind just having them removed entirely to be perfectly honest i get why theyre there but i feel like its relics attempt to push this as a competitive game more than anything else each bulletin is essentially a small bonus to a certain aspect of your army but theres just so goddamn many of them and its impossible to compare them all i got disinterested scrolling through seemingly endless options really quickly and didnt find them to be very impactful either as im not a pvp player for me thats either campaign or more likely co-op at least if you arent bothered by it you can just not use them maybe the competitive folk can flag me for saying all that but hey its my review also all the micro transactions available for commanders interbulletins and skins its just sad and its a bit irritating to see and theres not much more i want to say about those than that strangely like the gameplay company bureaus 2s visuals arent exactly much of an enormous upgrade of the original more of a refinement with a few extras company heroes already looked pretty great especially considering it was released in 2006 and it even still holds up pretty well today and if you hadnt played the original in a while youd be forgiven in thinking company heroes 2 looks basically the same but putting them next to each other does show some clear differences terrain especially is of much higher quality as are the environments in general with sharper textures and more intricate effects the units and vehicles across all factions are lovingly created and their associated machine gun fire or cannon shots look excellent so yeah even though the sequels visuals arent a night and day improvement over its predecessor it does do enough to make a meaningful difference and it certainly doesnt look out of place at 2021 like the graphics company of heroes 2 sound design upholds the series legacy of excellent audio while the soundtrack is certainly good and has its moments most of the time it takes a backseat to the outstanding voice acting and effects im repeating myself a little here from my original company heroes review but i really really love all the little things that make this series feel so authentic first are the engaging contextual unit clips hearing a soldier shout about a sniper when noticing them or yell at comrades when theyre taking fire is not only immersive but its also usable information that can help you quickly decipher the situation and secondly the sound effects i reckon these are maybe the best in the business in terms of implementation hearing machine gun fire riff and tear across the battlefield and the engines of a massive armored vehicle raw as they advance is awesome and it along with the rest of the audio and visuals combined to make what is easily the most detailed and authentic world war ii strategy game ever put to screens depending on who you ask however authenticity is something you perhaps wont find if you venture into the games campaign mode where you play as the red army on the eastern front gameplay-wise i cant fault it its a genuinely great time missions are varied and interesting with a lot of unique scenarios that enhance company of heroes gameplay style as any good campaign should do where controversy struck however was in the games depiction of soviet commanders generals and other members of high command for often committing cruel barbaric actions against their own men and while some of this may be based in historical fact this controversy was strong enough to have the game banned from sail and russia entirely and saw trailers and videos downvoted into the dirt on youtube but despite whether it is or isnt accurate there are more than a few confronting moments that make for an interesting and entertaining if sensationalized narrative if nothing else while were on the topic of campaigns lets talk a little bit about ardennes assault the games single-player dlc surrounding the american forces in a lot of ways i think this dlc is excellent as commander of the us forces in the area you take control of three different companies with the goal of overcoming and pushing out the german occupation of the area theres an overworld map and from here you dictate how you achieve your goal any company can be controlled at any time and any route can be taken however you see fit winning battles will earn you requisition points which used to upgrade personalize and reinforce your companies battles can have unique objectives or be more general skirmish-like scenarios with victory points and such and i really have to give a shout out to the math design here which is fantastic maps are hugely varied and often youll find yourself in dense forests cramped streets and more watch encourages varied gameplay opportunities where youre forced to really think about your army makeup and composition far more than a regular company of heroes 2 game i really love the gameplay of adams assault and id recommend it based on its merits however it does have some significant issues that have earned it the mixed reviews on steam it has today first is around the monetization frankly its pretty expensive for what it is and not only that this dlc has its own dlc in the form of the ranger army who cant be selected at the start of the game unless you buy them separately also you dont unlock the us forces and multiplayer without ends assault you still need to buy them separately really couldnt throw them in when someones paying this much already further to all that its irritatingly difficult at high difficulties and you straight up cant save the game unless you use the save and quit option making quick saves at pivotal moments or decisions impossible i even had the game crash on me at the end of the mission and due to not being able to save throughout had to restart from the beginning look i like the idea of an iron man mode if given the option i get it but just give the option dont make it mandatory ive also heard a lot of people talk about bugs and while personally i havent run into too many except for this one i think its worth noting so yeah big old asterisk next to this one id recommend getting it on sale and make sure youre aware of what youre getting yourself into as for mod support company of heroes 2 has no shortage of community content available and thankfully a ton of it is just a click away in the steam workshop i love how easy it all is just subscribe to what you want then toggle it on or off to your hearts content and game as for some standouts weve got massive unit packs excellent custom maps combat overhauls custom campaigns partial and total conversions such as the advanced powers and the living dead and more i find it amusing that a lot of these side step relics rampant monetization of this game particularly in the custom skins department so if youd rather not pay for a new coat of paint for your panzer and lets be honest who would then dont worry the community has got your back however regardless of how many free mods you play youre still going to need to shell out the asking price for the game on steam which unfortunately for something released 8 years ago is quite significant especially if youre looking to pick up any dlc after the fact i dont think its a coincidence that company heroes in total war both have pretty egregious dlc prices for older games and expansions the developers are both owned by sega after all the base game at 20 usd is not bad but once you add only three extra armies at 13 each add ends assault for 20 and the various mission packs it can get pricey thats not even mentioning all the micro transactions available in game or in the steam store itself its confusing too i wish there was just a fifty dollar buy everything get everything bundle or simply reduced prices in general its an eight-year-old game guys come on now id recommend waiting for a sale rather than pay at these numbers luckily they occur fairly often so you shouldnt have to sit around too long i will give credit where its due though i do love how mostly everything is standalone you can buy a single army and play without needing to own the base game and the same goes for adams assault being able to pick and choose what you want to an extent is nice and its a great way to get a friend into the game for cheap but for the majority of the time id say once youve played the game for a bit youll almost certainly be itching to experience the rest of it and just buy it anyway so long story short whoever decides the prices please just make it all cheaper people will thank you for it the player base would hopefully increase and it wont seem like youre trying to fleece people on a nearly 10 year old game so thats company of heroes 2. after waiting and putting it off for so long it feels good to have finally covered it and im glad i did ive really enjoyed my time playing the game over the last couple of weeks sure it has its flaws and downsides i really dislike the monetization and pricing structure and some additions like the swath of commanders and intel bulletins are a little much for me and just quickly the main menu is just the worst ive ever used its incredibly laggy and unresponsive and its all down to these videos in the background if you delete them from the games files the menu smooths right up heres the files you need to delete in the folder youll find them in but besides those once you actually get into playing the game its a darn good time the gameplay has evolved from the original and while its not entirely dissimilar at its core it offers enough changes and additions to where it feels fresh and its still incredibly deep plus the new mechanical additions around the weather system and true side help a lot too for modes its got everything you need great single player campaigns and scenarios and excellent options for co-op and pvp matches and if youre happy paying up a bit of cash then theres enough content here to satisfy you for a while alternatively you can just download mods until youre sick of it you should absolutely play it in 2021 just know that its not as simple as buying one game and calling it a day look into the dlc and decide whats best for you if you just want to play co-op with your mates dont buy adams assault for example if i was you id start with the base game and go from there or if you just want to get into multiplayer for as cheap as possible choose one of the fashion packs and go from there whichever way you slice it if youre into action rtss and you get it for a good price company of heroes 2 will not disappoint you in 2021 thanks very much for watching if you like what i do here consider supporting me via youtube memberships or a new patreon page and if you do so you can join these lovely folk id like to say thanks to chocolate shake dakayo crispy robo chicken jeremy algood and t edits and for those in the cavalier tier or above feel free to ask questions and have them answered at the end of the video heres one from jeremy algood asking are you excited for rome remastered later this month and if so do you plan on covering it this is an interesting one i am interested in it and i will probably give it a try but im not sure if ill cover it ive got a few things coming up ive got two videos in the works as well as the age of empires event that id like to probably do a little video on so well see if i do it will likely be delayed so dont expect anything uh pre-release or on release for that one but thanks for the question thanks again and i will see you all next time Music Music you best mac steam games reddit Company of Heroes 2 is a game Ive been meaning to play, discuss, and make a video on for a while now. 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