CoH3 preview 1v1: AE as Brits vs. Vulcan as DAK - Great game from the London press event.

Free steam game macsteamer de vapor COMPANY OF HEROES game so Im here with Vulcan HD gaming is it this guy is a steel uh division Legend and hes got a beer in hand Ive also now got a beer in Hunter were about to theyve put us the only community-ish kind of people in a 1v1 together of course so all the Press are getting to play each other and the actual uh the Youtube dudes are gonna play it out on Garden so thats what Ill be showing next Vulcan he actually competes in all of these RTS tournaments hes a damn good strategy gamer and a professional he does this for a living so me with my arrogance my Swagger an eventual complacency I thought I was going to steamroll him my only two problems going in is I was aware that all of the Relic Executives and uh managers were kind of behind me looking at my screen which was a bit stress inducing and I was a bit unhappy that he was insistent on playing the Dak the Deutsche Africa Corps an army I currently consider to be the most powerful in the company Heroes 3 Alpha situation pretty sure its a beta by now but whatever Alpha lets call it Alpha and um and yes weve assigned our teams but you know the Brits are steady and how relic of described them thus far is pretty damn accurate they are generalists they are the most similar to company errors to meta you will find were not  __  mission have it were taking that position and as you can hear their voice lines nothing to worry about I am going to talk throughout this video to give you some kind of retrospective analysis to hopefully fill in some gaps but Im also Im also conscious I need to let the game breathe so I will allow you to enjoy just the ambience and yeah the sound starting now come on Stoppers hang about stop in for a move commands done lets get man on the front line you can see this map Gardens um is an interesting map lets say I mean theres a lot of purists from Company of Heroes uh twos Community they might be a little bit like huh its like Gardens and its a big mansion and yeah it is it isnt the usual kind of Master League kind of tried and tested sensibilities the victory points for example arent in a horizontal axis across the map equidistant lets say were taking that position but to be honest Ive Ive found this map very fun to play on and coming here is three Ive found very fun to play with so far so yeah oh here you can see Im studying the Indian battle group ending artillery buffer group and Ive selected them and the reason is the mortar teeth is ready for really good Ive never played with it at this point in time but Ive had it played against me but I play I Believe called small teams and um and it was really bloody good and Im just like right okay thats my strategy next time I get to play Brits Im gonna play with the um the engine artillery and Im gonna get the mortar out Its gotta be also theres the dingo light Scout car Ive just selected Im feeling you know Im feeling like Ive got a bit of a probably probably got to come in here as micro mechanics superiority over this player so might as well deploy a light scout vehicle and and do some of that tenacious harassments kiting you see theyll use tactical map quite a lot this is an unfinished version of the Tactical map all fingers crossed this is just a placeholder I believe it is quiet down and listen up the dingos gonna go some capping for me oh we did instructions sir you can see I study the situation I see that he goes to the West position so that means I can harass his fuel another thing Im hoping for in this game is this guy doesnt understand how valuable fuel is which lets face it is probably destination put the inventory behind heavy cover and let the Vickers go to work and now I go for the dingo push and this is is to be honest it does server function it stops The Entity firing at my infantry but also it serves a psychological function its an arguably an advanced tactical company Heroes history and hopefully should give him a psychological shaking up I did find it they saw a little bit of an auto Vault there Im not too happy with how autovault currently Works in code three and to be honest I think its going to help the Casual players and possibly at sometimes be annoying for the kind of experienced veteran players but you know lets hope they put some way of ensuring that you cant always automotive and stuff its like an option I hope theres going to be an option in the finals so yeah the victors is doing a good job but here comes the BMW sidecar which they did have one off at the event and then theyd sit on the rear one pretty cool Im gonna try and hold the line behind heavy cover but he has gotten around the side and hes shooting me in the face the Infantry section is coming up close behind hoping they can save the situation ideas look at the acceleration with the motorbike light vehicles are so much better so just um retreated the engineers which works out perfectly for me because I do have the dingo waiting to be repaired spent a long time in a state of ill Repair actually about time I got it back look at this side car its decapping all of my territories on the back lines and being a nuisance quite frankly all right so Ive just got in the next um you may want to pause the video at some point so you want to study the text um three and the options available in each building its our time commentate over this the best to come from my memory there we go so I see that I want the Stuart but firstly I have to requisition the M3 Stuart light tank and theres a lot of these side Tech gates in code three just like there were in coming Heroes 2 especially within balance patching that was done over time and co-wan had a few as well and Im a fan of them to be honest it allows Nuance within Tech trees a few more options fixing infantry section pushing for these Munitions now I contested these Munitions a lot and if you think about it maybe I shouldnt maybe I should have pushed more to get to plus 10 fuel a bit further in I would however have exposed myself get it past that side blocker Im gonna do my best to store youll notice in this game a lot of people I I think this was a tactical misplay I possibly should have pushed him with the flamethrower I dont go to Decap some territory sectors instead and hes pushing hard on me here hes got four patterns of gun ideas yes some more suppressed but hes gonna get around the side he takes out the dingo and my positions vulnerable Im gonna try and flip the energy but lets see if it even works Troopers gay cane like  __  through a goose line so far lets see who wins and Im gonna have to get out of this position right M3 is on the way Music no heat grenades needed the hard way you will notice that a lot of the territory sectors are squaring Pro 3 and I like this change its like a penalty box in football yeah and to be honest Ive spoken to one of them its mostly on roads and like Urban kind of style features that youll see them what sector loss bloody hes built to l640 flight tanks from the Italian armor Division and he is now massacring my infantry on retreat thats right hes pooled his resources and hes gotten two of the buggers out and my infantry section has been annihilated the first non-light vehicle Squad wife of the game First full infantry Squad to die and uh Vulcans inflicted it on me this person Im not even aware plays coming to hear us clearly he just played a bit lets go on the first Squad life its not Goods got a lot of work to do eager as well ever be president to the county force behind his Keepers there hes got a pack a punch get me back in this game hes got more victory points than me and Ive got no territory sectors connected right now hes analyzed better where the cutoff is than I have and um that water sounded scary then you saw my cam removed to it well theres a few things in this game Im not used to the audio cues yet I think the British announced is quite somber sometimes when you build a unit sounds like a units died instead and the river sounds surely the Stewart can start inflicting some damage on the Panzer ideas soon Health numbers Applause all right there it is theres the attack the uh Indian mortar squad one of those powerful units Ive identified in the game um at this point in time ready to destroy something Im really hoping its going to work against me but to be honest Im not really against support weapons Im against a lot of mobile infantry so maybe I shouldnt be so tunnel vision but its too late thats what the blinkers on were losing a fuel point to enemy action ready you see that there that Panzer going to be has caused me all kinds of problems going around the back lines and disconnecting all of my territory he identified where the cutoff was basically and I didnt and its going to cause me so many issues in this game an infantry section is present I became aware of two two things at this point in time by the way all of those Relic executive Mega producers were behind me and talking about my play and um Vulcan was a lot better than I expected ammunition s what elected some of the finer mechanics of the Infantry hes making up foreign music doesnt help its bloody you know Michael Bay City isnt it from the l640s been Ive not seen them in closing number while hes surely preparing for something deploying for service Royal Engineers were taking 4.2 inch heavy motor team has come out and uh attention oh there it is what a flank on the six pounder I left it out and exposed it I was building mines thinking Id be fine but clearly not yeah I think Squad wipe comes in against me there the only thing I have going for me is the minds have just wanted maybe Ill get a zombie kill oh there it is a zombie kill from the grave the engineers Strike Back you get a kill and there we go kill one of the L 640s about disabled to hear them all to get it into action come on guys Music loving the Indian accents as well a big part of British culture is um is basically the idea and culture especially accents the enemy have wiped out great comedies on British BBC television growing up with uh Indian accents it was a very like familiar its cool for me I like it I like seeing I like hearing Indian voices in the game thats losing a Munitions point to enemy action all right so I think hes got the eight ride is it now the eight Rod I mean Im gonna use this for this sound like many tournaments it actually had a radio antenna on it that was uh notorious for giving um adjourn and crew members cancer thats not yeah its certainly an interesting one oh side hits on it there come on Stuart forget him enemy hands oh theres six was it the six pounder I even got that still have hes got it there it is tracking me I need to get it oh my God so hes under a bit of pressure again now oh theres that motor she needs to shoot him surely I can get the kill here theres a lot going on for me I think the other mine must have caused some Devastation too I finally identified by the way where the cutoff is finally and Im starting to put the hurt on him one thing I will notice that the bases are a bit squished and the buildings are big just like they were reported I like the big buildings but I dont like the Jenga sort of Tetris you have to do in order to get it Ill always working to be Game ending if you accidentally build two of the same structure in code one famously with Panther Elite its very easily done I love the sounds of the Vicars its got that pounding death from March of um the World War One battlefields so eerie present to the county forces Panzer pioneers theres nowhere to be seen lets take it but um yeah I might have pushed him back a little bit there maybe leveled it up in terms of material but you will notice hes got a lot of victory points okay Im choosing inordinate amount of ordinance off my artillery judging my heavy tank options okay with the Matilda Crusader perhaps a Munitions point is being overrun just I think I want Matilda Ive got 77. expand to show what you can do when it gets that nasty eight rad AR Im sure it has some functionalities like an observer stuff like this I just Im not aware of how to use it to us at least if I can sense really calling salt Grenadines Im going to call them and hes got them in the uh 250 off track stalled straight out of the field wipes the six pound now hes after the Indian water who cant the street by the way so the Stewarts going to keep firing on them Vickers is forced backspace look at the Bedlam that causes the power Spike from the calling the innate ability of the Deutsche Africa tour is this a half track ability and um there it is and its gonna cause some big problems have I spotted the issues fast enough oh doesnt look like it I do have vet 3 Mobility bonuses on the Stuart though is it gonna be enough to get me out of there were losing a mortar three of course was um an open top self-propelled anti-tank gun used by the the Vermax to basically make use of captured 76 millimeter Soviet divisional field guns he suffers to help me out I found the Stuart somehow survive highly in like unlikely there you go its a Roman Candle because Music yeah and here is the Matilda two heavy tank has been constructed can this save day for me now big shout out to mirage by the way I had to stop the cast of the play asking what the name of the murder was and I I know that but its early in the morning unit lost theyre all gone foreign going along is no difference you will note that the uh the size of the tongue the enemies oh we dont want to pick that up so Im gonna have to go back to base first and into the location and Im not going to find the mortar so I give up on that and reverse back home the enemy is pushing hard down to 250 points 250 points remain not looking good I see I want the brand light from light machine gun package on my infantry its a lot of uh money or Munitions rather so Im gonna have to wait a while for that much like the kind of paratrooper double else light machine there we go its a triple cuff against me so Im gonna have to focus on VPS the enemy have taken our territory back in position ready nothing to worry about right down listen up ready for trouble really got me back in the game now this was interesting from from him um hes gotten this afternoon this is not going well in the slightest oh there we go six pounder to the rescue positions destitute at one point this game had three three squads at around the 20 minute Mark but you know its not looking much better now come this British classic one-click artillery get me back into things there we go kill me Panzer Pioneer HMG order secure that position look he keeps this squad behind heavy cover for a really long time distracting me and basically dying for the Third Reich there and its ah maybe he was waiting for artillery I dont think hes gonna Escape for that dude its kind of the same kind of tactical sacrifice as you see in steel Division and I know that the fact that they just keep  __  work you know things in a destruction setting and you do a lot of reconnaissance and harassment its all about preservation there you go send in the uh the Crusader Music take that territory job for us Ill do it in the game quite frankly at times Music you need to be careful so taking up that mortar was a big thing recurring the six pounder when I did not stand by for all that hadnt happened this might have gone very different now Im starting to scout on the Villa complex a little bit more meaning that my yes 4.2 inch Waters team can be a bit more behind the Hedgerow weather most useful so Im trying to figure out what to do medical Converse looks like a thing but its also got that polston 20 millimeter anti-air conversion ground needs taken you can still want to have these trucks given to you in CO3 and you have to make use of them but is it sometimes like a Fools errand do you feel like its a waste of Munitions I mean have you ever suppose thats balances and its what theyve got to accomplish so Ive built a second because Im basically going to sold or Style listen up fix some ground fuel pointers being overrun oh hes coming in for a fight you can sit on the mini map on the bottom left theres multiple units coming into view now ah just requisitioning the grants at the moment monolith of guns machine guns are so such a monster uh Frankensteins youre gonna see exactly what I mean were losing a munition point Bronx media mediums are available six pounds has got to go over the bridge but its very light and nimble oh its like a hybrid in this game I supposed to be in the lighting somewhere in between I say these ideas Music its a very reminiscent of CO2 on the field some German mechanized commanders who have something similar so yeah they are very reminiscent its good to have some home Comforts and units there it is again he has got his own heavy artillery and its the perfect antidote to support up in place so again just really really good strategy gaming tactical and strategic choices of Vulcan thank you foreign Ive identified Ive got to cut off that flanking route now so Im gonna try and push the mg up but oh no check the minimum here come the Cavalry 60s and hes gonna go for it on the flank engines yeah Victory Point under enemy control probably a little bit earlier with the Crusader there can I get both look at that maneuverability Tony Hawks Pro Skater that were there oh my God supporting no its not its not that actually it is um an lefh I believe its not self-propelled its hes got yeah hes got a toe piece on the field quit whinging in March were ruins so you can see Ive really stabilized now Ive got some good breakfast should it be attacking for something bigger badder and better right now medium tank available for use I definitely would have had a tiger out by now if I was him but it is understanding of how to get it is is a little bit wonky this isnt the headquarters requisition attention tones of the Welshman there here like Shermans half brother they keep under the stairs something like that Victory Points been taken I need to be careful here from side hit notably there guys side hits incoming Heroes three really good feature thats a lot of uh depth to tank battles importantly makes them a 2d object in terms by an axis that didnt exist previously it was very very One Direction theyre basically just a line now its a 2d plane which is amazing hits the water features at this point in time how is the vicar surviving that Ive actually seen I guess always eager to serve light machine gun is on the way securing it yeah were ready pull the position Cavalry cant be too far off orders jump to it Lads on your feet ready for trouble lets get the job done were roaring to go suppers eagers will ever be so beautiful hes gonna push through the center hes had a lot of luck on the flanks this game yeah lets see if I take The High Ground over here thatll be really helpful numbers back up ready for action again Stoppers Victory point is an enemy house you see that little elevation simplifier there hes not in the position it doesnt go any faster here we go Ive discovered the lefh there with the Infantry section s then I think maybe I could take it yeah that didnt end well for him enemy looks likely big Michael Bay Fireball there not overly helped inaccuracy of five balls in this game there we go leave the three one Squad in a position and that that is really brutal when you have your artillery piece taken off you foreign no one likes to see it thats why hes throwing a big meeting today I mean technically its a human operation to crew that so could go for it again ready come on I do something even funnier I pull up the Vicars here Ill just come in for the kill I dont feel hes got enough against my uh tsunami of British young support weapons always eager to Surf mg reported keeping up the pressure ready to fight Matilda or grants Matilda or Grant or crusader Zelda what do I choose click the ground button mate youve got so much yay I knew I was recording footage most likely so I was like variety or Devastation variety or spam and Devastation well I chose spam get back in there my friends profile mg say the word lets go looking for trouble shall we  __  it up Lads weve got our order sleds do I realize I can actually pick up with a three-month Squad Im not losing the entire Squad doesnt seem like I do oh I went for another 80 gun Im just solidifying the win ah Im disappointed with myself but to be honest guys you have to understand the pressure we had one shot of making this video were all going to the restaurant afterwards and only one game so unless hes got a big support weapon surprise coming out sorry heroin weapon surprise coming out for me thatll wash me off the face of the map which is very possible and go through right now I should win this should be in the opportunity oh Vickers wasnt in position Beggars are threatening a victory point but you just there is the double struck four length so hes identified that he can get these coolants now some of them are really powerful hes upgraded his his duck callings and one of them is a double stucco I think its 500 Manpower something silly at the moment and yeah two things alph G stunts the the ones that can Victory kill tanks basically the fuel pointers being overrun nice side hit there oh I can definitely go for him here do that surely yeah dodging the artillery and pushing forward going to kill some stugs and get the artillery piece this is gonna end well still just a grunt but importantly I do have the six pounder back of me up cant pop the artillery there but I cant put it here so here we go Ive got my own artillery and his artillery oh meaty look at that and another game again I cant put it in the base lets put camera on the edge which Im sure many of you uh present to the county Force sir almost ready to go suffers should be finishing him off now lets uh Judge Me by how long it takes me two grunts on the edge of his face dont want him to get that six pounder off me always eager to served back position the tricks of the trade are very similar say the word pulling back there for some reason perimeter monitor quit winning March and hes retreating right now so this could end up absolutely Im gonna mind his base X is just to absolutely ensure that he cant get back in there we go Im just going to survey the scenario oh she did on the retreating squads get the grunts in there as well how can anybody survive this I mean he still does have a stood Italian Mega infantry yeah the gastiatories defeat Finders Keepers thats anybody Hold Us report it looks like that isnt it Indian water up now but yeah probably just pushing further probably should be flanking in with this Music I guess we get to see him absolutely grounded and pounded American army style no need to lose any lives right anothers still calling is it Royal Engineers time to Market boys get in there come on finish it off now itchy scab needs to go guys you know what happens to people that are out of Base guys they get stuck in a hard place I believe a lot of stuff may have just died here definitely ranks repaired I can see that yeah get in there Matt you know the time is nigh and so does he unless youve got a mega ball incoming its a dangerous taking away his material and his men thank you dead victory is ours yeah lets crack out the good stuff and I I think you guys should have really enjoyed that I certainly did um which goes to show that CO3 looks very likely to be a pretty damn enjoyable game Music so yeah Im excited guys Im sure you are too let me know what you thought about this in the comments section below and if you uh werent aware of my channel previously Please Subscribe a lot of great content coming out for all games in the coming Heroes franchise thanks for watching and have a lovely Christmas steam angry poop This is pre launch footage with many UI elements etc still being worked on and graphics not at full. 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