Company of Heroes: Invasion of Normandy Campaign #1

Steam nightsninja foodi steam crisp COMPANY OF HEROES game hello and welcome everyone company of heroes time thought id play something completely different tonight on stream i havent played the original company of heroes for oh god knows how many years and i thought um why not why not why not play some ive actually had a suggestion on my new lets plays video a while back uh well not a while about like a week or so ago when i put it out suggesting that maybe a lets play of company of heroes at some point because theres more stuff and yeah i want to give this a go so if you are watching this im going to export this over to youtube so hello and welcome if youre watching this on youtube this is a stream export from twitch um this should be in 1080 60 fps quality im actually attempting that stream so i should say if you guys are struggling to watch this really fluidly on twitch lower down the source quality a little bit try medium or high this should look pretty reasonable over on youtube i hope fingers crossed uh but yeah were gonna be playing the invasion of normandy if this is popular over on youtube ill do this regularly as a streaming session and export it over well go through all the invasion of normandy market garden liberation of khan tiger race causeway and the feliz pocket so i plan on just playing through all of them but yeah so lets play some of this and then when weve done all the original weve gone to company ferris two perhaps if this is a popular thing so yes i am here so yo yo yo everyone in the chat is the arena streaming all over now no no ive got loads more stuff to arena stream im just doing something different um yeah i used to play these games a lot in fact i actually used to play um the original company of heroes uh at the back of my english class on my laptop when i should have been studying so yeah ill probably do something dangerous streaming at some point as well but yeah this takes me back uh i just do a lot of this so uh also i should say when were actually in game let me know if my mic is too loud or the in-game sounds too loud or too quiet because i tried to balance it earlier and i think ive got it about right but uh yeah let me know and also let me know what the quality is like as well and if you guys are struggling watching hello hello hello everybody watching hello hello hello hello so lets begin ive obviously got to continue here because i just tried earlier im going to try these on expert i am by no means an expert this game so feel free to um give me you know some some help um you know nicely i guess no harsh backseat gaming but you know nice feedbacks always good dog life such a great student its fine i managed to get a b in my english at lancaster so its so good wookie raw yeah down cherry about to go onto omaha beach so um here we go um yep im gonna play through all them all in sequence so i was just testing these two missions out earlier just checking that it worked and go cool get tanks win i thats kind of what i remember with this it was like rush to armor tech and then youd be fine thats for multiplayer stuff but im just gonna do the single player stuff for now so im gonna play a mission go expert difficulty omaha beach uh should be a heads up there may well be really bad impressions of both americans and germans from me in this i cant help myself im afraid im sorry so yeah here we go here we go my advice dont lose that is the plan right here we go watch the cut scenes and everything like that and ill shut up during them so you guys get to enjoy them sega presents a relic entertainment production relic entertainment omaha beach oh 700 hours june 6th the rendezvous d-day is the shingle at the top of the beach use those those blades and keep moving do not stop until you reach the shingles lets move survive oh no he did next round transition into game here we go um some of you were saying that that cutscene was a bit quiet let me know if the actual games a bit quirks i think the cutscene volumes are slightly different but its the same audio slider so let me know if i need to pump it up just smidge remember to keep moving get ready three seconds oh yeah these graphics guys actually its a lot better when it finishes i dont know why its flickering so much on the screen im hoping thats going to stop any moment thats going to get real annoying yeah thats good there we go yes let me know about the game sounds in a minute all across the beach in fact my graphics have actually bugged out i think they they oh no there we go no my graphics have actually glitched um theyve actually bugged out oh there we go no oh its like a i have a graphics glitch oh there we go here we go lads fixed it its not a lion fail guys its a relic fail oh my god windows i hate you freaking oh its glitched out like i freaking hate windows coming up and telling me you dont have enough stuff to would you like to change your desktop settings yeah screw you run sniper run everyone run to the shingle grab everybody run to the shingle run to the shingle man yeah im moving my ass to the shingle going im going im going im going to work were going to need engineers to blow the wire get them windows fail cool im gonna get these engineers up there now go take out these uh bunkers not a thq fail they dont own this anymore sega fail that relic fail we gotta get off this  __  gotta take out that bunker mg-42s two of us all right were ready guys im hearing one or two of you say mikes too high but theres not enough of you saying it so i need you guys to chip in and say if theres if the mic is too high or if its just one or two of you need to turn your own volumes down let me know this is like same private saving private run i love it i love it go go go push up men theres two of you you can do it crawl man crawl such charges here we go mike is high compared to the game well if the mic was the same level of the game you wouldnt hear the mic its just the cutscene so quiet yeah i dont think theres a separate cutscene sound volume unfortunately put my mic away a little bit yes just if youre finding the mic a bit too loud just turn your sound down on twitch a little bit ill find out when this goes over to youtube its all good all right listen up so i managed to take out the bunker were moving up someone keeps asking me if i play games on console i only have a ps4 at the moment guys engineers over here im using please so i dont destroy the emplacement i always want to take out the crew oh my snipers still up here yeah you go sniper camouflage so weve taken out the whole crew uh what headphones and what microphone people are asking me im using a uh q pad uh headset the uh qh13339 really nice headset though really really expensive but you get a really good um quality headset bye bye guys yeah right get on the emplacement you three over here were gonna use this artillery beast now to destroy these guys over here boom oh you guys are so dead all right ive got to start destroying the other guns up here you dont need to store it with sexual charges we can destroy it with that artillery piece pop these guys into the trenches these guys up here destroyed that battery another battery over here excellent job man sergeant conte get on the radio tell hq our draw is clear for the tanks to come ashore secure the perimeter dog company that we are in position and waiting for them to totally did it i won a 10101 check it out i didnt get destroyed the five axis bunkers because i didnt push up enough basically so good though uh continue next mission was the game sound okay then 700 men died that morning on that tiny strip of sand another 1500 wounded 300 missing dragged into the waves pearson williams krasinski all good men by sunset over 156 000 men had come ashore the invasion had begun or as myceo used to say hell opened its gates hell had indeed opened its gate expert was incredibly easy yeah i know for that one but i always did find that um that mission quite easy the night before the largest airborne operation in history dropped three divisions of paratroopers behind enemy lines and their objective was to seize major roadways and prevent a counter-attack that could jeopardize the entire invasion success on d-day depended entirely on these men were going airborne ah wicked so william uh yeah i guess the the cult with mal is still going we havent said that were not doing it so i just need to get some time to catch up with him but i mean he works during the day so i can catch him some evenings and then often the evenings at the moment im busy so im having a much chance uh what i said do i use q pad q h 1339 uh what am i playing look at the top of your screen chip and banter oh look all the pretty lights are lighting up in the sky we just had a donation thats creepy considering what weve been looking at cheers for the eight dollars and two cents donation coming of heroes time no the germans were speaking were speaking german they just had english subtitles because you know playing the game in english creeping through the swamp thunder flash is this everyone for now were scattered all the hell shes coming down cotton crispy we have to silence that anti-aircraft gun lets move out sounds like a plan chat uh someone will say shermans still around yeah shermans got like 50k subs now right williams get me some more airborne men use grenades when you can take out this position over here to start with destroy the anti-aircraft gun okay keep it steady paratroopers and someone asking me about how i played battlefield yes ive played a lot of the battlefield games from the original battlefield all the way to the most recent crap one like hardline really cant enjoy that anyway lets move on forward and were gonna use fire up so there uh they dont hang around push up push up push up push up throw a grenade in there im going for this meant to be throwing a grenade oh there we go were throwing two grenades overkill we destroyed the anti-aircraft going completely now lets get the hell out of here yeah but the bad news is there are more of them in this area were gonna have to take them all on our objective is to secure this area the germans have anti-aircraft sites at these locations we need to shut them down in order to open up these drop zones until a sector is clear of anti-aircraft guns we wont be able to drop our troops there and the drop zone will remain closed in addition capture these strategic points to secure additional resources okay sounds good were gonna capture this point on that point lets capture that point people saying in the cheat why am i playing the original company phrase too i actually prefer the original i think company fairies to change too much kind of like dawn of war ii one oh well no not exactly actually no there were some different changes there thats a whole other kepler fish but i actually prefer the original company heroes second ones okay uh to be fair i will say this about battlefield campaigns um honestly if youre getting hung up on the quality of the single player of a battlefield game youre doing it wrong its all about the multiplayer if the single player is um good then its just a bonus basically i dont think ive ever known anyone really to go im buying a battlefield game for it single player madness i am the battlefield i enjoyed the most battlefield 2 and then bad company too actually thats the ball game construction goes up here were gonna have a little cutscene here by the house now cause these guys getting screwed some of our boys hold up in that barn the germans are shifting to counter our assault okay so theyre actually putting back and getting defensive now oh i will i will enemy unit down these guys up here and im gonna drop some more paratroops over here because weve got two panzer shreks just chilling out down here smokes dropped in they come um yeah men overall assault squad ive tried it i dont actually enjoy it as much as company heroes grenades there we go oh romney emg nest just rescued baker company boom fine cover crowd patrol two player campaign from battlefield 3 where to do that on youtube uh not on my channel now the landings will not succeed unless we control this road to do this well need to capture these strategic points german patrols have been spotted along this road well need some heavy weapons to take them out aerial recon shows that the germans have a weapons depot here we might be able to raid it for some more firepower if were going to take on a column of proud half-tracks you better be prepared a couple of landlines and some obstacles should help do the trick yeah sure troopers well get some uh recoilless rifles we should get it taken out squad jerrys waiting for everyone taking out jerry my pop cap is full keep it steady so nice its a small crew we need to increase our pop cap look alive airborne paratroopers i need more munitions now no i havent played a rocket league league yet um im not sure if im actually too bothered by playing it or not i probably will i know quite a few other youtuber guys sometimes do cops and stuff with want to play it so im sure ill play it at some point capping this point uh i wont be doing another third age with the dwarves just because i already did one campaign unfortunately i couldnt finish it but its like um lets get it done when youve when ive already done a campaign with the faction i dont really want to come back and do it again so that when the patrols come down here jerrys waiting i could just hit them with the rifles then were gonna build some sandbags over here as well watch for jerry so we can take him out from this side as well on me jerrys waiting should happy oh there we go i love it when you shoot out the driver and it just like all the the vehicle loses control so the mines got taken out were going to wait here because we um if we take out all the road patrols we get a bonus boom shredding these guys enemy unit instant suppression boom any giveaways to stream i dont have any plan no ive got some total war codes but i dont really want to give way total war codes on a company theory stream rather save them for a total war stream of which im sure therell be some soon tm uh not playing any multiplayer today no just single player gonna wait to see if theres any more ropes there should be a few more then were gonna push over and take out all these anti-aircraft guns or secure the road as well by building checkpoints so ill just build checkpoints like this it played ruse you know i really wanted to play ruse and then i actually did and i didnt enjoy it i saw all the trailers and stuff where i got really excited vehicles approaching cool watch it explode and yeah i just didnt enjoy it when i played it i played war game as well i dont enjoy it its probably because i suck at war game a lot thats why i dont enjoy it come on oh the new vehicles not going to turn up pretty well airborne look alive here we go straight into the barricade straight into the barricade oh more more that crowd is on fire ive got these guys covered boom yeah i could play a small sandbag on the mg got it that is true jerrys waiting 101. its pretty true weve nearly got rid of all the road patrols theres like one more i think that comes along mg42 well you know hes dead boom in a war i have played a bit of that lets get it done its okay when is the next roman cult with mal uh no idea no idea im hoping soon but honestly we havent been down to arrange to get together recently because again ive been busy in the evenings so i havent been able to do it much vehicles approaching uh i have played the blitzkrieg mod yes jerrys waiting yes i will play bandlord when it comes out but im probably gonna be doing a new warband lets play soon once i finish some of my current cherries um lets plays jerrys waiting vehicles on the way come on i might need to push over and take one of these other points where i can get it in fact actually you guys come take this out i dont think theres anyone over here well actually theres oh no there we go i dont know if these guys will come on the fire over here i dont i hope theres no one over here but i would have thought theres probably got to be someone airborne surely no one in the bunker oh yeah here we go with that patrol gone we can secure all the sectors near the road weve got like a an officer here enemy unit down we do have the we got the mg come on get him its going it is going to take him out oh guys holding up the road oh crap more of them run run it on these guys with the mg okay well have to bring some of the forces down didnt lets have that many over there right uh well take these guys off come on hey ive tried clash of clan kings im actually going to hold a voting video for mountain blade warband which mod to use clash of things clash yeah clash of kings flores or like any others that people want to suggest and ill do like a new series on that because im bored of waiting for bannerlord i was holding off for bandlord to do another mountain blade campaign but its just taking too long which isnt which isnt a bad thing but you know im i just really want to play mountain blade and theres no point were waiting especially when you know very few details being announced oh we are firing them in there like crazy were gonna were gonna want a satchel charge because we can get these anti-tank stances that all the munitions that people tell me about so um my next lets plays what theyll be is a empire total war maratha campaign therell be a third age campaign and therell be a mountain blade warbang campaign and um when ive practiced and played it a bit more uh ill be doing ill be trying out crusader kings too thats my plan boom ammo box we could get these anti-tank guns i dont know if we need them or not im gonna leave them there because i know where they are well come back again if we need did um you want to put codes out for arena if youve got them in the chat if you want to give them away yes youll go for it battle order was cancelled was it do the chewy raw i will do the chewbacca raw once we complete this level get them you fight them against us dogs yeah okay ill grab ill grab one while im here all right lets build up that there yes cool weve got all the weve taken out all the patrols here sweet im gonna leave the paratroops in the mg over here and take these two units over here theres some troops over here and theres a squad over there you guys run across the field position down oh wow this guys going to push the way back airborne replacements are ready to drop come on enforcement underway ah crap hes gonna lose this unit im careful run run run run run run lets bring this cannon along its just just because they havent said anything about the game for a while doesnt mean its cancelled thats just game development all right im moving forward all these guys try and blow him up with this oh hes trying to flank on round theres a squad pin down here squad last i dont know i lost him okay cheers okay i really need that airborne what are my coordinates jerrys waiting jerrys waiting is your question jerry uh i might bring i dont risk the mg really but these guys can actually creep up here this whole thank you grenade take these guys out come on come on mg reinforcement underway right now were going to get over here take these guys out got the tank against tank gun grenade into those trenches bring him down bring him down bring him down bring him down what are my coordinates you guys cap up jerrys watching jerry i should move these guys i should keep them all together rather than spitting them up lets go go go go go stand too right lets keep pushing these guys around here what grenadiers i need cap the middle spot and i need to get around here and take out that emplacement and grab this munitions depot as well quite useful jerrys waiting yep well send these guys around here you guys come around here were gonna like launch ourselves around this corner in a minute okay lets do it grenades blowing up some germans jerrys waiting airborne reinforcements yeah guys airborne replacement one left on the mg take out the munitions infantry reserves on route reinforcement proceedings keep pushing got this side first and then well come around grab everything else we need uh any chance of a medieval one lets play uh maybe but well im sure some people appreciate it its a series its probably not going to do that well on youtube to be honest and i dont like to base my series off that but um it is certainly something im going to have to consider mg crew crew lets go lets go airborne catback 101 building details forget you could build these on strategic points as well have i played caribbean uh i did when it was like early access when it first came out has it got any better since then or is it still kind of crap oh those bits are theres legs i forgot that yeah like properly dismember the guys yeah you can get this game off steam you can get in fact the complete pack off steam for 6.99 six pounds 99 pence so like ten dollars for those of you that use the dollars squad all right i need to get here we dont have to worry about the road the patrols anymore because ive taken all them out theres loads of mgs no mortars over here so i dont need to blockading the road set one of my units on to an mg team airborne barebones we need to go down this road and take out the uh anti-aircraft gun we should get a population cap boost get one of you guys to grab water uh the yeah pagan you dont need to keep spamming that but um i wont be choosing like itll be up to you guys to kind of vote for uh for mountain blade im gonna come back over here and sort out this bit over here for now but yeah ill certainly bear that mod in mind oh i see some guys over here take him out have i played home world um a little bit but not much oh my gods getting wrecked over here didnt even realize over here airborne reinforcements grenades in damn airborne reporting for duty lets move eagles watch for jerry jerrys waiting for jerry yes sir watch for jerry im going to drop jerrys waiting cherries im going to pop these guys around here this goes around here this tank im gonna drop these guys behind here enemy unit grenades how long have you been streaming for like another hour or two i dont know until i get super sleepy doing good right now oh mg airborne replacements are ready to drop airborne reporting for duty overplay the age of employees franchise yes one of the first games i ever played on pc original age of employees these guys up in the corner lets watch them fly zoom nice in bye bye point blank range is going to hurt surely except youre missing hes dead okay jerrys waiting all right weve kept that bit lets go get the munitions  __  back here fine ill go and play company of heroes i know right the sector is out of supply yeah i know because we havent we havent linked it up its cool were gonna cap this bit over here now and then push up of course weve just got uh two more anti-aircraft guns destroy and well once we capture this bit well have another road just one more bit roadsix to take out things while i enjoyed age of empires back then i dont enjoy playing them now theyre just theyre just for me too dated im afraid i cant i cant get back into enjoying them really this company of heroes one can i add you on steam uh no because i constantly have to remove people but if you want to have me on steam in some capacity then join my steam group should be able to find that down below just one left floors all flying just a resell for two months in a row thanks dude youre connected for jerry lets get it down what do we got back here airborne reinforcements are on the way come on grenade grenade airborne reinforcements are on the way come on guys attack here lets get it i dont actually i cant remember what the capping does on the uh well i know the munition points improves it but i cant remember what it does on breaking point so give me more um population generally cant remember was it just i know obviously stops people from scapping it as well you have to destroy it first is that it do do do uh there isnt a link to my steam group okay if uh one of my mods im sure can find find it for me and share it um its called lionhearts legion its linked in all the descriptions of my youtube videos had to run that far to get the line of sight on it right run run away run away run away chill out guys were friends here oh thats all right airborne okay there you go steam groups in the description so yeah id much rather you guys try and add me on there and add me on steam because i probably wont be able to accept you just because my team princess normally gets super full and i have to keep constantly clearing out and then i end up removing people that wanted to be on there and stuff so if you join my steam group um you can actually still message me through that thats it mg take him out go go airborne replacements are ready to drop oh wow where is that mortar coming from thats what i want to know i guess its just coming from up here is it yeah theres some more crew up there lets move paris i might lose a few guys here i reckon oh crap more friends of course they would move after a female grenade because thats too much trying to push through there look alive dispatching airborne reinforcements flank on around behind again at this point if i can eagles preying on back to full strength charge all lets just watch out for those im gonna come up this way and get on the ledge airborne moving to secure 101 for jerry actually well have these guys here were pushing on them multiple sides gonna cap this point then well push in look alive airborne we need to push these guys put these guys in someone in the bunker now as well boom okay a sniper up claim that last point and we got these curing objectives okay it took a while but i want to kind of claim as many points as i could weve got pretty much the whole map theres two points up here that we didnt get its all good have i played guns of icarus uh no i havent come on record it boom good work the road is secure jerrys waiting eagles shake a leg taking ammo sector ive won have no or have i got a cap have i actually got a couple of the best gun the convoy points the 91st grenadier division is moving down this road our job is to stop him recon puts the convoy a few clicks out so we dont have much time use the bunker in anti-aircraft guns to create a kill zone and ambush the convoy setting up obstacles and mines will hold the germans right where we want them all right our boys will hit the beach in a few hours and theyre going to need this road cleared of enemy movement you heard the man set up positions along the road oh so now ive got to set up positions all along here jerrys waiting infantry reserves on route reinforcement proceeding come on finish capping youre with us now cool all right guys run over here quickly squad youre spacing we got mining detail here watch your spacing and move out mining detail ready jerrys waiting slow down this whole things going on youtube guys some of you will be watching this on youtube in fact so its all good jerrys waiting hunker down on that position keep it steady on that weapon take positions jerrys building complete another line here we can fall back to if we need to its all good yeah you can drag mines if you want but i prefer to space them out so they dont just blow up all of them in one go jerrys waiting this is the second mission the convoys been delayed what are my coordinates thats a mortar that might be useful pop this on that weapon take possessions lets get it done lets finish building this lets put the sniper against this this bit here good enough for army work pop these guys up here get three of them on the motor then pull the other three back to hold this wall along with these guys yeah i should get the tank gun but theyre all the way down the bottom when i can get some more airborne vehicles approaching ill drop them down here um down here and get it i know theyre all gone theyve all gone here they come somebody telling me to plant more mines so i might need to do that we shall see hello german friends how are you doing this fine evening bloody kenworthy jeez i see you guys run off and hide hold your fire and wait for my command back to full strength out of control thats thing is because ill just set all the minds off normally as well out of control its going to go through our barricade standards reinforcements i dont think theres anyone down here so dont waste dropping guys down there if were not gonna need him come on guys it okay we cant catch him we have destroyed ten of them airborne reinforcements are on the way oh thats the engine damage no im gonna leave these guys up against here in case the unit makes it past which looks like weve got more of the side carts okay we got this trying to take our terrorists oh theyre trying to take this are they thats not very nice lets do it kill him we have a secured sector under attack cool we destroyed him uh there wont be a straw poll for my next lets play the road secured from here to omaha beach oh babel company appreciates what weve done for him sir coop tony just secured the road which means what we just did before can succeed that went well vision complete boom when will what be on youtube there we go got another mission come do i need a gaming pc for steam #1 of my Company of Heroes: Invasion of Normandy Campaign This is a Live Stream Export in 1080p 60fps! 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