My Fav RTS game is back - Company Of Heroes 3

Best vr co op games steamhow to sell steam game keys COMPANY OF HEROES game yeah but that takes a lot longer oh well see about that now lets go Im gonna go full stoop real quick lets go what do we have okay what I like about Burma though over Africa Corps is for me its easier to lock down an area faster like the machine gun you get super late in Africa which is a bit annoying company oh is this the first one we played on yeah and Im on the same side okay pioneers around thinking supplies and kept your thing down and dead people are really underestimating how strong a motorbike is not by damage but just for the captain clock because its so fast and it can be like eager and sandifest in some positions but again I have I mean Ive played Brits and Americans as well and honestly it was also pretty decent just thanking the enemy real quick I dont know well see they have to learn a lot Slumbers theyre all new players yeah Music um zenward over see like now I have machine my machine gun already in building which took takes like ages with Africa core my mg is being built right now were going to location no contact s have secured a location no contact in the middle of saying that they got shot at Music what secured on our honor our honor its only  __  Warzone I love this one your point is being lost oh they have to break windows Ionia is ready fixed now get back in Im responsibility and mg42 2 and crew ready were getting out dont forget your gear I just want your head is ready get it to him lets get there is ready moving on location they got an mg in the building and I got an mg in the building and theyre shooting at each other right now I cant competition you go no you go Music oh  __  they got two genus here Music I should not have pushed hyper deployed he needs orders 230 yeah what do we get here if I jump Pioneer are airborne and ready to deploy keep forgetting about the heel in the beginning an issue here yes I also have an issue right now Ill help you as soon as I can climbing to the top changing sides over there eight centimeter mortar is ready to provide support do you need my services Music advancing on your mark staying cautious oh come on territory got it covering ground you need a motor crew in new course getting there fast as we can March come on oh come on gotta be  __  me a high explosive enemy infantry keeps them back come on dude dude no I lost my slime yeah and Im about to lose my  __  Motor Squad what is our assignment its going far worse than before Im not gonna lie I got this talk in a second acquisitions we will get there what is our assignment hovering ground but now they got a vehicle with a heavy machine gun here at least the enemy has claimed our territory for their own come on kill kill kill it yes one of the flame flemen welfare pieces of  __  is gone I think hes counting my sniper yep oh DMG Nest is killing that thing you have command points available Music combat groups okay time to shift the odds in our favor foreign thats our new Nest crew trying to retake the middle theres our assignment on your feet pioneers carefully pioneers in due course speed shops fine nope I broke the middle we have vehicles ready to be deployed secure those resources push here look at that  __  its not fast capturing look at that  __  its not very capturing oh  __  they got trophy Music the point to the field s give us a Target I got a lot of  __  here oh god he has a packed under oh thats unfortunate yeah thats a bit annoying you didnt have to go all the way yeah but I didnt expect him exactly in that position oh Im murdering the  __  out of this machine two Wibble ones now I got a lot of problems on the other side we have vehicles ready to be deployed another trophy here I also got a crusader on my side now thank you you need a problem removed Im moving but after were hovering like infantry ready to miss our assignment enemy points at 300 confirmed oh wait a year ago on the hunt Pioneers reinforced we are losing possession of a capture point no they wont see me oh my god oh Crusaders thirds have secured our territory from us maintain the products left even in green cover he just nailed that sniper so fast oh my God Victory Point lost oh no no no no no no no no no no no its gonna be a problem get repairing I think we started them Music anytime you ready bro the enemy has 200 points at morning Music  __  run yeah now they got an M8 here as well yep I am in full  __  retreat I need to rotate mystery nail polity Im getting completely spanked nowadays as well yeah its just hes got eighties and hes got tanks himself now and I have one puncher strike that  __  oh it is waiting orders Ive seen first yeah boy were ready are you shooting another one I need a little bit more XP for the uh black 36 emplacements are available for construction a machine gun has been destroyed Music we will get there pioneers what time is it hey Edwards commandant dude why is my 88 not shooting I need to manually click it is this a joke oh thats not funny that is not funny what the  __  plus the lady aint nice Music wow I wish my Bazookas were that effective this dude what the  __  did I just Witness aircraft ready to strike position back we must use our available Manpower the enemy is stealing our territory from us you can put people in it again you know that right yeah were ready for it and that weapon light infantry ready split up rapids on the sky the enemy has claimed our sector what are your weary positions oh my God 88 for real now the black prince thank you Music oh this is hilarious this 88 is  __  useless Im not like no joke no joke bro yed if you want to thank you for the problem this is Gigi Amiga infant three are ready to be power truck wow one  __  trophy caused all this I dont believe it already research completed okay I might get a spectrum Music yeah we will wrestle that point from here were not engaging unless giving a manual attack order Music weapon is available Music  __  shoot idiot started working yay lets  __  go ionias reinforce moving there were retreating yeah Im slowly winning bad territory thats good Im keeping it at least busy if Im not going further that clipped me what now hey Captain here we go Sherman freaking sermons foreign Music pull them back be careful though they got a lot of guns Im building another 88 I just need time foreign Music ERS have captured a victory Point yeah hes breaking my bunker in the north hes gonna try and flank soon Music understood mg42 upgrade on the way I cut them off the territory here oh  __  yeah wow my 88 stop shooting the focus on this one and then again you got away ears are dead okay theyre both everything I had you cant get this thing you just show many of them here why are 88 so stupid I dont get it I dont understand how they  __  Pioneer oh my God Music its crazy without wall broke yeah were losing North now as well I really am not sure like why 88s are so stupidly designed they literally refused to shoot unless you manually click like why to the Target area dude they took our 88. one of them at least you know how  __  where are we are right now Music Music okay come on boys almost oh my God almost oh my God is Crusader here oh my God hold of the first 88 I also got the brown bear it will only fire its main gun at the hospital vehicles I want you to go engage Music oh  __  important on stage Music boy 200 points remain we are losing our grasp forward lets have three black prince holy  __  you have your hands full yeah but I could retake at least a point we should spend our Munitions at once ready to be deployed a spare Plumbing weaper Ive seen this more territory should we take some of the territory but its only a matter of time before he comes back number one oh I popped the chuffy look at my base then pushing me fully now you know all those things in then oh I cant require no command what do you mean oh Music dude that Mike ring of things holy  __  is so far painting their HQ is under attack keep the guns the targets Jokers doing their job I hope yeah they do it what are your orders wheres my tanks I didnt go for tanks where the  __  are they building here what is that constant fire until their targets right now Academy because she was by default here we are Im gonna try and build an 88 at your side okay okay a major offensive with a billion Strokes yeah Ill build it somewhere in front of you thanks yeah Ill get a chance oh if he doesnt kill all my  __  Pioneers in the meantime I can maybe get a pen for soon  __  hell wait wait its a panda bang or maybe you can get them okay Ill do a major offensive now on this side blow it up no blow it up oh my God the tank is gone Music to the field Im about to lose this position yeah about to take out the 88. everybody hey this is ridiculous what the  __  no way bro okay Sherman down Jesus  __  you took way too many casualties to take that  __  down fresh fried in my diet Im reporting for Duty they are the panther got a panther yeah Pioneers standing by e bad friend Music exclamation two best friends I am busy as busy as I can be Music what the  __  is gone beautiful Music all right we can use that with me Im going for a full push now yeah Im barely holding Ive ran out of ammo thats essentially how I managed to retake stuff and and kind of hold status quo Music again Applause got seven four points left only Jesus Christ okay were bleeding points on them yeah and Im  __  them up in the north lets go bro yeah infantry for the win lets go foreign yeah how do you like A.D  __   __  your tank ah lets go I can build 80s as well Im about to take their victory points yeah do you have a one under control we got all three then yes  __  that douchebag o never mind there wasnt a big difference long oh theyre gonna get desperate now theyre about to lose the game in the last few seconds essentially if they dont succeed in the in this push the enemy is down to 75 points oh God its okay as long as Im holding this point they cant do  __  hold on for as long as you can I got an 88 up front and Im building focus and he cant do  __  bro ah the mg has me pinned 25 ball around 25 holds us being overrun where are you going God this he cant he cant capture his own shes keeping busy thats it we dont need that one ten points seven points left ah yes  __  them dude oh my god oh yeah yeah I realize its not a breakfast because he could have only had one oh thats true I was like wandering that was a hard match that was a hard match oh dude youre doing so much more damage than me its insane like my damage is on par with theirs they got 80 I got 81 then this guys got 97 and you got a 147.  __  hell oh my God and Ive taken by far the most damage look at this  __  dude this was crazy good but I need to drop off now yeah I gotta get ready for my grandparents however that sounds oh my God Im I Im already exhausted yeah GG well done um enjoy lets see its a ton of fun thats great yeah it is and have a good one bye-bye YouTube oh my God that was a good game 41 minutes and 12 seconds that was a really good game and the longest one we had so far by far the longest one we had so far because usually like these games uh on points one team just overruns the other and its its pretty fast uh but this 2v2 was badass this was by far the longest most fun and hardest match so far but trellis is always doing like insane amount of damage uh our two play Styles at the moment at least are very different uh I like to try and take the middle and then entrench with some bunkers and mg nests and snipers um mortars and trying to make it really difficult and grindy for the enemy to actually push through me right um and then reinforced with like some I dont know double weapons and more infantry and um Weber wins everything was going really well until they showed up with the chuffing M24 Chaffee the problem is that that thing is a tank and I cant really  __  it up I only had one puncher trick at a time and he started bringing in 80s for my Weber wins so I couldnt really apply the pressure on Infantry as much as I wanted uh Music he was um his infantry was also grinding us pretty hard then mortar strikes Stuka strikes and all that jazz and on top of that uh I I couldnt simply deal with his tanks for the longest period of time and I couldnt figure out those 88s bro just how would they not working and shooting on their own um and that was really really messing up both with my will and and morale um and interest and everything but damn it was it was a fun fight when I finally managed to establish some sort of a foothold and my infantry got a little bit more experience and I started adding it even more ATS than the tanks that he was having uh were not doing so good anymore and I could still deal with his infantry because of my Wibble winds and I spend a lot of ammo on bombarding him meanwhile journalist was pushed all the way back to his base uh because they went like super hard there but that opened up my front now heres the thing two of the three victory points were on my side one that I took in the beginning and then and I never lost it and I was fighting for their Victory Point thats why they couldnt really give it to me um the one in the South was the only one thats kind of neutral and tremless was fighting for that one when he lost that I managed to push in the north intake and establish dominance and take their own Victory point so theyre essentially trying to kill one one of my teammates uh but theyre losing the battle and essentially they had to try and do anything and everything and then trendless made a comeback as well it was a good game it was a really fun and good game cant wait to do this again I will be probably uploading this to YouTube so if you are watching this on YouTube as always I would appreciate a subscription a like share leave a comment let me know what you think uh the game just came out yesterday essentially and um its a ton of fun I was aching to play some more RTS so any support is appreciated steam game awads Company of Heroes is one of the best RTS games of all time. Unfortunately 2nd game wasnt as good or successful as 1st, but now we have 3rd. It has its issues, I wouldnt call it fully completed yet and there are some balance issues but it is fun to play. Ive been sinking a lot of hours in this game lately, and I really do hope they fix everything and balance it properly because it is good to be back, Enjoy this CRAZY good match with Trenlass and me vs 2 random dudes ;) If you want to support the channel you can either follow & subscribe here: OR directly donate here: Invite code for new players - Visit my merch shop - Support me on Patreon - Join the team on Discord - Follow me on Twitter - -- Watch live at cara download game di steam transfer steam games from one pc to another worst reviewed steam games game steam gratis terbaik get origin games on steam