Company of Heroes 2nd Edition - Board Game presentation, gameplay & whats new (4K / 60 FPS)

Warriors game steamcan i give a game to a friend on steam COMPANY OF HEROES game Music Music Music hello soldiers this is adam aka weekly game night and today i will be covering one of my favorite war games company of heroes subscribe to my youtube if you want to see more of this sweet content and now lets get to it company of heroes brings acclaimed rts pc game series to your table its publisher but crow games found a sweet spot between a board game and tabletop wargaming and brought you this world war 2 strategy game that includes tactical choices growing economy unlocking buildings and units and of course there is combat a lot of combat company of heroes is a competitive game for 1 to 8 players depending on how many expansions youre gonna get in its core two players will clash on a giant map in order to win scoring victory points or destroying enemy base in the annihilation mode and right now company of heroes is back on kickstarter with its 2.0 version and you can find the link to the campaign in the description of this video below in this video im going to do a game presentation show you rules basics and if you wonder whats new on kickstarter dont worry i got that covered as well youre ready lets go company of heroes is played in rounds and players will clash on one of the double-sided maps maps are divided into hexagonal fields of different types land water and structures and with terrain packs you can elevate the experience and the table presence but well get to that for now just check out these painted buildings i did and theyre at at the start of the game each player will receive a dashboard to track the current resources income victory points and experience points on the dashboard you will also find space for your commanders depending on which one you choose it will greatly expand your strategic options much like in the pc game you will also have a chance to expand your base to gain access to new units well with that being said who am i trying to lie we all want to see these great resin vehicles and soldiers miniatures in company of heroes you will find five playable factions united states the great britain soviets vermont and uber commando west each faction comes with a set of soldiers models light medium and heavy vehicles oh and there are cannons machine guns and mortars as well oh boy and if that wasnt enough you can always go for a little unit expansion to get access to the most powerful units including pershing joseph stalin the third and of course kunistiger and if you really want to make your field of battle pop out then you should definitely check out the terrain packs in terrain paquan which by the way is a must you will find buildings sandbags trenches objective poles and anti-tank obstacles while the terrain pack 2 brings you some ruins there and fine looking bunkers and because why not there is a huge cathedral miniature as well and guys if you want more i gotcha theres a sea of expansionistic companions of heroes both big and small cop solo stug assault packs pathfinders eastern reinforcements um be sure to check out the kickstarter to see them all and if you are like me then why the hell not go all in baby hey hey hey welcome to the gameplay basics in this simple scenario soviets are fighting vermont on the stalingrad map playing this standard game mode trying to be the first to get to the victory point threshold the game is divided into rounds and each round has three phases maneuver phase in which players determine the turn order and then take turns spending command points to move their units to have damage phase teams simultaneously assign damage by placing damage dice and gain experience and finally we get to the supply phase in which youre gonna adjust and receive income capture victory points and you can spend some on the units buildings and upgrades lets start with the maneuver phase then at the beginning of the game determine which team is going first in the round one player from each team rolls three white dice and the team with the most green symbols then black symbols as a tiebreaker goes first this time soviets will start and now each side has 3 turns to move their units on each turn you can spend 3cp to move your units as you can see soviets started by pushing with their conscripts to capture that victory point the players alternately take their turns marking the movement with the colored cubes germans are not giving up that victory point and they are trying to push forward in order to destroy a soviet unit after all the movement is completed its time for some combat aka damage phase company of heroes features this spot system all your units can see and shoot within two hexes but with its poster or special abilities that distance can be extended for now what you need to know is that you need to see you need to target it on this field of battle there are multiple battles going on but lets focus on a single one fighting for that victory point funny of heroes there are four damage types anti-infantry armor piercing high explosive and flame your units will generate a combat dice which players will assign to opposing units this example german panzer iv tank generated three dice two armor piers and one infantry while their medium vehicle generated additional two dice our brave soviet conscripts generated only one attack dice which is infantry dice that can be only assigned to medium vehicle it is now time to check the special defense matrix because in this game instead of rolling for attack you will have a chance to roll for defense example soviets have five dice assigned but can only defend against three of them which are armor piers so lets see how they do now its time to roll some well actually they managed to survive them lucky bus starts this is how heroes are born conscripts suffer two casualties but they will manage to capture that victory point now its time to deal with the german medium vehicle it has assigned one infantry dice but as its a yellow unit type it will roll for our defense well lets roll then its a mess no damage then by fighting units will yield you some experience points that you can spend on various upgrades but well get to that later with all the damage assigned the damage phase is done and now its time for the supply phase first you check if there are some new victory or resort points captured or lost and yes brave soviet conscripts managed to capture one victory point now we gonna adjust income and add the resources once we are ready with that its high time to buy some new units and some cool upgrades as you can see i will spend 2 manpower and 2 oil to buy me some su-76 well but thats not all i will also spend some experience points to buy me some commander plenty of commander cards that will affect your tactics but lets buy this one so i will spend two experience points and gain access to the first level abilities i both knew assault gun but i can still upgrade that so i will spend four ammunitions in order to give it plus one health and one experience point in order to expand unit site Music once all players are done its time for another round and so the game goes round by round you will try to get to the victory points threshold in order to win the game this is just the beginning company of heroes is a well thought tactical system that includes covers pinning sight distance special commander abilities smoke reinforcements and repairs wow there is a lot to it make sure to check out the latest rules to see how sophisticated and fun to play the system is and there are some new rules as well so lets check out whats new on kickstarter and whats new to the 2.0 version of the game alright once youve seen all the components and gameplay basics now its time to focus on whats new to the second edition of company of heroes and whats new on kickstarter start with the game itself you could probably hear community feedback that battles are a bit too static and its hard to deploy most advanced units well thats also my opinion by the way but do not worry bad crowd games have hurt our voices and introduced tons of changes first we get completely rebalanced units for each single faction now british dont have so easy to deploy its outposts and uber command the west newly spanned units will get slow feature but basically every faction has been reworked next all the commander cards are redesigned so that each of them have at least one ability to spawn a free unit thats not all the newest version of rule brings some real nice changes as well we get new abilities like overwatch that will cause damage the moving paint units talking about pinning now machine guns can only pin one unit and can shoot only at the paint unit perhaps the most influential changes are neutralizing and assault at the beginning of the damage phase all the unions that can capture objectives will first neutralize the objective this way even if you dont survive the damage phase they will negatively influence the opponent income and if your opponent will keep his unit on the victory point then you can still use the assault to attack the hex and take control of it also all the maps have been reworked with the cosmetic visual changes but also with the new hex grid system that are now allows to connect all the maps any way you want and there is a mission booklet with tons of new missions and setups oh and objective points are now not printed on the maps instead they are part of each scenario setup there is more but i advise you to check out all the changes on kickstarter what i saw with these new changes is exactly what this game needed and i cant wait to try it out but crow games have taken completely different approach to this kickstarter campaign there is completely different expansions and core version breakdown and also they have distinguished content for new and returning backers marking it with blue and brown color respectively lets start with the new backers then new core edition brings you two new maps moro river and our dense forest inside the box you will find the us and vermont factions and of course everything you need to play this game and now each other faction has its own box and is available as an optional expansion and of course you cannot miss the terrain packs to really elevate the table present and experience and if you want to access the previous maps then go for legacy map pack and remember that these legacy maps are reworked to match the two new ones so its also an option for previous backers and if you are like me and you are returning backer then there is a second edition update kit for 49 that provides you with an upgrade to the second edition and includes two new maps complete set of commander cards and base buildings cards new rule book bonus pip dice and many more definitely worth grabbing thats not all there is a completely new solo focal four expansion and lost brigade expansion that brings new units new tactic options and faster spawning of more powerful tanks and there is the terrain pack tree with 40 rock walls and tree covers plus mega structures which i cant wait to see as usual there is more there are still stretch goals but well see that on kickstarter as soon as they are unlocked well this is it im adam aka weekly game knight and if you like company of heroes be sure to check it out on kickstarter thanks for watching the video and see you on the battlefield what game has the most reviews on steam Available on Kickstarter: Please note that the game comes with unpainted miniatures, and the miniatures included in the video were painted by me*** 🧑🏻‍🤝‍🧑🏾1-8 Players (1-2 Players in core) 🎲 120-180 minutes ⚙️ Strategy, Economy, Tactics, Wargaming, Competitive, Solo mode, Miniatures In this video: 00:00 Intro 00:50 Game presentation 04:52 Gameplay basics 11:04 Whats new in 2.0 Edition 13:20 Kickstarter campaign breakdown Giveaway winner: Petr Ovesný steel steamer steam powered train game population steam shark rotating 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