SEGUNDA GUERRA Mundial em RTS 2v2 - Company of Heroes 3 Pre Alpha Gameplay Português PT-BR

Play steam games on tabletclam steamer pot with spigot COMPANY OF HEROES game and hey guys here whos talking today bringing you but the new game on the channel this time the game is called Company of Heroes 3 for those who dont know its a franchise and asking for cold company that are there are these very famous very successful ones that become in the second world war some of the best in the world are now finally coming out the third in the series Na Helena is in a pre-alpha so I have temporary access to this game right Soon this test that they are doing multiplayer will end soon but not case here we are playing so the mode the mode actually the single-player mode during the multiplayer test okay Bobby solo So lets start capturing some business here and then Ill do it let me see theres a little pocket is all the other side huh old man I trust you Im going to do this here right here and Im going to send you to the other side and we re going to talk a little there so guys what is the company wires And then the time great pleasure r shorter penalty 50 anyway accompanies virus is an rts that popularized in this style of game where you dont have to make a large army and destroy the enemys base in fact you do then several control points on the right map and you have to fighting to capture these points here gives him a strong feeling, too, so I think the two popularized it a lot In this style of play, we also completely forgot to build soldiers because I was talking about it here, but anyway, so what do you you have to control the points and then you will gain resources for example here is giving me the five of ammunition for not being per minute I think for me Im not here there are five more too right Here there are more 10 of ammunition too and these points here are some stars there that you have to get At least for the most part you will take points from the enemy, right when you control them until you finally win the game right so thats the objective thats what we have to do fear defend against the ping ok here is the little button we have to do a construction here lets do it on the side its going to be a little easier anyway we have three resources here but the capacity is not the limit of capacity so what are these here I think empowering me basically dispenses here just for playing really well sending all the guys here can be for playing and you also earn a little when you capture some points on the map So these are important resources let I see if I get that other one over there and then you go there to the other side, right? A these are important resources, but its not ammunition. being able to make vehicles that are very, very strong and not just any attack can damage vehicles so there is also that advantage there to think about the beauty of the game too we were playing here that I think some Americans against the Germans, right? So guys there are running away. at super high speed and its harder for you to die too right the place hes with a bang I dont know if theyre coming back and do the You have a low performance When you go to the corners you can see that he gives a little work And the species goes to hell so theyve been trying to fix this here for a while but I dont think theres anything to do guys for now were waiting like I said hes a pre-alpha hes not even the alpha yet youre in a position exposed There its good huh there they are too much to take there and if you go here in the corner theres already said create he puts a bullet right its going up grandfather grandmother tries to kill tries to kill hes going to miss a church read kills disgram Hi Rê good ce rto we took out the little guy there very very good lets get another one here were going to continue our fish beauty here we re also reasonably well there try to disturb their lives a Ok get this one of important fuel and lets keep pulling pull have where I plant manage to come here more or less right street put a bullet in them o cover also guys its directional so from here i have to govern hot its taking that direction theyre in the middle of nowhere right in the center where to lose two sides so they re running back and forth that not even a silly cockroach and well this is not working out very well for them shooting here Some weapons are better by far others on vacation right but that nobody we have here in their pack in fact they are obviously the best up close or to be broken they were another good one so a point of them here a and let me see how we use resources lets also do a rap come on go you come here and reload go alone and make a mechanized command center setting up there hit the group and this thing Its crazy theres Loureiro beauty ending here Oops or for those who want you because youre here look Okay take it see here son get out of Rio do Rio or are you more vulnerable than normal I took it out there are five crazy people in there But theyre running right down there and theres another group getting there putting bullets Oh my dear but Great our ally is coming back here theyre already retreating I dont think hes going to be able to survive not ready pa lets hit one less Okay theres a point here to get parts grams here and we have captured that interesting place it would be interesting opa opa opa opa take put see dercos we have here the thing ok ah ok here the thing on the side right I can do the stuff ex a vehicle Zinho no yes recognition good lets do it here see if we can help and safe there it can be its so catching here the business not trying to keep the group open no oops Oops youre dying you went through some cursing over there if machine Gun really the fact is that a bunch of people are coming sometimes to take curves put a bullet there send them to see Speaking of which I can take another grade let me see everything from 40 de fuel unfortunately they sent the price unfortunately Uai you are not well not at all well and the guys over there will see if we can help and they have it here in the coxinhas there and they think taking ours. Chain apparently requested by an engineer without looking at life we ​​ make another one here thats it I can do this thing but it will be fuel I dont want to marry you anyway I have the chain if you see icozinho beauty you cant catch here he catch these guys are running away it almost killed beauty This is very good it is very very good when we completely eliminate a group that way I get them I think I wont need to go back lets take this thing here and leave these guys here look at Arrow I dont need to upgrade grenades to yesterday take a safe buy the stride you wont be able to attack its not the boss theres a chance of achieving nothing in this here huh and its very light very light very light theres how bad it is to fly ask for Granado its taking a while its leaving there you look here for the Whew, the one from Granada is good, Gohan, one more, Elvis, bye, one, its those guys, guys, beauty 10 oclock are going Beauty, you can now use the wreckage like Ube r lets go to the field there can also be McQueen right Santos if he can come here look and happy we have one more thing no there is one more thing you have to do it my old man but dont try to pass it he will pass glue glue now pass it to me what it only has a fixed angle andthats it Andthen and where is Grenade disgraced Ready good Oh and another one coming already and its over o Its right to do this thing now fan the best for our soldiers thats right come here or dont run and no totally miss the group If possible with that down here its more difficult to catch well we survive are surviving ok You can fix these guys thats it ok I dont have much access to the ball we caught it there in the corner to play a joke and then this here until here beauty old man stopping close you are here I would have flamethrowers to do I can do it so have it done and for those who are also so good leave our scout here on the side thats it Alright well apparently they are only au rifles tomáticos Alright Youre replacing the troops ok for you here youre going to need a lot of things quite a lot you managed to unfortunately So its not complicated I can summon these guys 60 or I can even summon them But you re kinda expensive Let me finish so here lets see if we can you can do it, so this one is very cheap, right? Do this stuff, there you go with the arrival of the Cruzer Force, nothing here, they are builders, okay, and then the daughter is under attack, huh? here, and there, crazy people on fire nearby, a group of people up there and youll have to send reinforcements to the star, although it already has two stars, we still have this control here, so its good to do a counterattack Ill try to get it Like this here of them she sends all the movuca and you oops you shouldnt be here oi oi bocó Rico he doesnt have anti-tank capacity hes quiet leave it alone right and go run-run ready its all right Ah t lets do it then Oops Im trying to steal my business there no huh there no because we have here in this stuff here God access to a Sniper a Bazooka squad I shouldnt have taken these guys I love the light versus long range the anti vehicle such when dry interesting before vehicle or light vehicles I need a vehicle Send it over to certain ones who left whats missing thats it the beauty got it back very good you react right here youre already noticing the more go see him these guys here we go see if we can do something please everyone with a rifle and thats it and thats it everyone is going to get a lot of soda there brownie the softhouse sends it to see Oops got it exclusive very good councilman and now in theory we can get this one stuff back right theres a crowd here you dont need to be able to injunction in a while be careful like luluca be careful with luluca the right is here oh hello good good good good and they see that its not going to kill for good its ok Its nice for you to mark it here, look, I did it. Its cold there and it has to be a grenade now, its not going to be cool. its coming You get there we can do but not much right take snaipa a Okay you come here lets go get this thing Hi its okay Hi good afternoon to the face Im not going to try to run wow theyre not going to run in the middle of the crossfire this is not going to end very well for him, see Everyone died very good and we have the guy here apparently he has a very good range Okay, these guys here, you know, a Machine Gun spear is doing great damage, I can support it will be Its a baby opa opa opa The guy is coming and three go go go go go go the good one is And then boy good good good good close here we can get rid of it beauty beauty beauty beauty its all right we take it here lets try to get the his fuel for them to stop sticking to these tanks, its true that here on the air bridge on Rogério a good damage before everyone a damage before actually Im wrong hes good against Infantry but I dont know if he really is an anti-aircraft function or if he just didnt have Infantry really but anyway close you stay more or less there O oops oops Hello Okay and if you leave here right Free Andthen and get there, take the line for free Street at the moment brighlette, luckily it didnt work Ah, its loading here the grenade apparently he doesnt know what to do to say one more good one Ah thats right Celso Youre also the one whos ok again oops opa or pass news from here o Its ok if you can stop there Im grateful Hi babe how is that bullet in them What it is Careful these are before you see the basiquinha over there, it s not a toy and she takes a cover here Hi brother-in-law, put it already gave what it had to give and will take it from there daughter, no, dont do that, its not and its also bad, you are whats up well you can make a joke to see her its a holding back guys were holding back but theres a lot of people right here but in heaven please that hes pretty huh it was nothing there its going to be pretty practically the cassava in the square and theres another guy coming beauty hello its close give you the nipah a stay more or less here look there is a good view maybe what ours is getting good we have resources I think it can be done we can make a light tank over there is the stuff that takes I dont know if its a good idea Im going to do two of this one, but I also want you to be okay. once I played for real it was on one to read more or less there it was a little more I didnt care very little on two to do a campaign there a and that was it Trust me its not otherwise its going to be fine here not pert the and shooting the snipper he s taking the sniper out there from time to time hes going to shoot a few shots and we saw it And then its kind of bad if Samira is here but okay what do we really have to get these guys out of what Back from the sniper and theyre going to annihilate the power guy theyre invading the dead old man left that the same what he is and unfortunately not and went to the bag Lets get a Machine Gun send it here and then send others Neiva can be and lets make this barracks here for us power chain to do like this, not to make a real tank This is an anti-tank, right? they make a contract here on this side you are Ah okay so get a bunch of people here look over here another Malia tells me a little bit about the letter from the world right Ah okay you really Would do not cover here in the area with this machine gun So it will be a little longer s video pass below here they passed several times over here also in this one they pass there machine gun goes like they live so very good now its getting to do it from here after its still building beauty do it there theres more church man wants montal interesting is it the production city for you to work out well do it there and want it to be given to invoke here a call to 640 plus 120 and to build Its nothing because hes doing good lets go we are dominating here 300 contos we have the three points here very good people cover a sniper come along Lets go, youre here, youre stuck in this bizoiando thing, where does it come from me? picking it up will be beautiful the grate is still beautiful one All right, you guys here shooting or part of it will kill huh and no no drugs you wont make it Ah ok then stay here And then theres something coming I think I can do a bombardment book Mauá is alright back off we got a good bombardment go there o Olá I took the grenade out why not because not because it made a mistake right it made a mistake here you can get it I dont know what he does but ok Law lets move thats what he does Okay and the snipper is the only one here too And then, well, there are some kits that you use here in the people running away, well, thats it, right? okay then we can try to get it over there and then theres a little bit of slime covering here that will help in the fight unfortunately he didnt catch it go straight to the ground like this guy here they wont be afraid of the Slider but its still well cool this here is an antitank Im afraid no what good now that thing over there has to be afraid yes he loses more drugs if I cant get out of here no huh to appeal is go there look this here antitank its like I think theyre the same practically not the one is for you to give it to give it a hiit exit beauty and it took it on the side there but thats right Elvis ended up smart he goes in reverse doesnt get too close not the chicken their main base so well take it easy Ill try to sleep here think guys here, its already quite right when she goes over to give a sermon bulldoze good it was a call here normal thats it the field great beauty took their point there beauty I took it as if you are not important right Sniper anti-tank lets say this isclose and as were doing well well well well well well and its good I think I cant take this one here I can only one side, right, I understand vehicles plus all engineering well whatever it is ok I stop at Campo here too thats it oh no I know if I should go oops oops oops back off the fire wont be good you wont need it here o And then compete with almost survived survived survived and dont shoot him get out and now win Miguel ok youre not ok leak d roga I took my attention completely already already chipped okay send the smell hand coming here theres more to do theres another send it Ill send it there let me see the blue that school I wont need a surprise here to take this stuff there but money is ok with you so thats what you did if you did a little better things okay Hi Kátia these guys here look at the theory the well nearby try to make it hellish for some children to get in Wow on the back back here look and taking the back good well that was it then rhinitis was not so good but so good wow different it wont attack it doesnt leak backwards and And then also different and it wont lock no certain stuff theres one there cursing old man get out run dont become disgraceful Music wheres your brother and okay arriving arriving arriving Resgate o Cruzeiro could have a machine gun go there come here on the back Go a affection died in addition to winning one ours it doesnt pass old I can had Go one now he will suffer but he will suffer I can start running out I can do it good grandma there only my money comes here to fix it okay You are fine at home and still taking these guys out here so run away but I dont think youre going to make it No okay come here you are you you and you And then its all right with the theory you can send a group of two there to make fun Applause and leave to survive even very good the vehicle here allied passing the person we are there to win the there is a point back here we were not captured we were in vain attack them if youre not very tanky and you re not horrible either Okay, you have to do something here, Henrique, seriously and And then hes going to come out And then Andthen ah, you see this thing is that hes running away from the other flame coming here fix you too thecare Andthen I want to stay further back you come here then go there a foot of rett is the guy who couldnt give it thats not a Oh yeah the side of the bullet João beauty and Andthen andPedrali the street smart right where are you old man youre stalling like __ and if you stop yesterday All right you dont have to take that Monteiro Monteiro its pretty boring And then the macumba Take it off there go ready in the class I have a shot here okay be careful with these guys you go there you try to take it from afar, right, and then look, go there, look, you can see a machine gun, it wont even spoil it, its not against the domain of that doorman who is still there in their heads, okay, okay, there you can start taking the base of the Maluco and now here and then son how is it fixing it well dont do it next keep fixing it from here in front there is also the villain there is something here well there are some guys there but the ally to take care of everything is ok and he will talk to them about the money right away Beauty lives and its better than that stop making you become a Commander, you dont have to stay here ready for him Commander, everyone is looking for me when Im not used to it, right, but then, look, if you stay a little longer close to what you already get cake see a Andthen thephoto Andthen I was with them there leave the tanks listening to give a problem structures are basically winning in room 1 Hi and send one more there first Here I also wanted to distract here have to see if I get close dont talk about them there is And then getting close isnt it and talk about them is silent side let the Rocket guy get close isnt it and if you can bomb it bomb it and it should be also get out Okay now here too These guys are everyone is backing away from the side of the map we are basically finishing everyone is the theme is going to curse I had left the backpack more than it already was that the Sniper is alive back here damn it is Andthen the outfit Oops has a Machine Gun Kelly making fun of me you wont be able to leak lets go there Okay Field repair and say there son and Applause Thats right you didnt win 11 points with the enemy thats it Andthen And then Andthen Andthen the car has a friend 3 U2 its a break rando all victories well guys so this was the experience of Company of Heroes 3 in it is being created there I saw a map on the one written here on the Steam screen that makes me look and makes me believe that maybe a map is not the command there campaign is kinda like Total War if you have us on your strategic turn And then you enter the map for those of the fight in real time it can be very interesting Thats why people came to ask why not make a Total War of the second war old man there is no way to win no one used the Total War formation but if you want to see a combat, right, like Second War an rts I think the closest you will see it will be a game it will be the game as company the son I am fine well thats my form good guys so i 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