Company of Heroes 3 Graphics and Audio Comparison vs Company of Heroes 1 and Company of Heroes 2

Steaming crab legs in ovenwhere does steam save game files COMPANY OF HEROES game steam borrow Patreon ▶ I received a lot of comments and have read many a review about Company of Heroes 3s graphics and sound. So, I decided to make a comparison versus the previous two games - this video is reference in this written follow up here: My review: 00:00 COH1 Infantry Combat 00:23 COH2 Infantry Combat 00:51 COH3 Infantry Combat 01:22 Infantry Combat Comparison 01:33 COH1 MG Combat 01:52 COH2 MG Combat 02:15 COH3 MG Combat 02:35 MG Combat Comparison 02:43 COH1 M8 Greyhound Combat 03:17 COH2 M8 Greyhound Combat 04:04 COH3 M8 Greyhound Combat 05:05 M8 Bradley Combat Comparison 05:19 COH1 M4 Sherman Combat 06:15 COH2 M4 Sherman Combat 07:01 COH3 M4 Sherman Combat 07:48 M4 Sherman Combat Comparison 08:05 COH1 Vehicle Explosions 08:13 COH2 Vehicle Explosions 08:22 COH3 Vehicle Explosions 08:30 Vehicle Explosions Comparison 08:43 COH1 Flamethrower 09:00 COH2 Flamethrower 09:09 COH3 Flamethrower 09:33 Flamethrower Comparison Twitter ▶ Twitch ▶ Second Channel ▶ Gameplay recorded on PC | Audio recorded using a Rode NT-USB #companyofheroes3 #rts #realtimestrategy jump scare games steam how to share games on steam with another account uninitialized steam game steam games that run on low end laptops 90s games on steam