Conan Exiles - Isle of Siptah ★ Die Konvergenzfalle ★ Guide 4k

Steam king crabfl0m steam CONAN EXILES: ISLE OF SIPTAH hello and welcome to a new conan exile of seventh guide this episode is about the convergence trap that found its way into the game with the expansion as the seventh entry of king sales i will show you how to get the production recipe and what you should consider if you want to use the device to get important resources and now i wish you a lot of fun with this new episode lets start at the beginning you first need the talent older constructions you can do this from level 30 in most of the six carpenters get the island from the seventh simply go to the respective sanctuary and activate the clear console to learn the required recipe currently in the early access phase the symbol for the older constructions unfortunately does not appear in your talents yet you can only do it there under the search find tab there you will also see the various altars for the drivers licenses scold But he also traps the convergence that you can craft in your personal crafting menu, so you will not be able to save any material or time by using the crafting companions in the crafting workbenches. As a crafting material, you need 200 times the target 50 iron reinforcements, 25 crystals and ten alchemical basic substances set up your convergence fall in the radius of the x stream around the black tower during the wild flood mechanic because while this mechanic is active you have time to prepare everything for the change to the chaotic maelstrom look for a surface that is as flat as possible because of the use of foundations you should avoid it if possible the reason is that the active Maelstrom destroys parts of the building bit by bit should a convergence trap stand on a foundation and this will be destroyed the trap will also be destroyed should you still want to set foundations these should be t3 since you can be attacked by demons in the maelstrom, you should arm yourself for these attacks. the use of palisades around the trap is recommended here. they are not exactly cheap to produce, but they hold almost the entire 30 minutes while the maelstrom is active stood while even t3 foundations crumbled after only ten minutes on the use of mounts you should do without electricity during a time their stamina is continuously drained in this phase so that you cannot fly you will not only be a but also the band and your companions during this phase you can lose after everything is prepared you have to wait for the wild flood and the mal stream to alternate constantly each mechanic lasts exactly 30 minutes in the vanilla settings of the server this can be defined by the server administrator the transition to the next phase i.e. from the wild flood especially since electricity also lasts h another ten minutes the convergence trap can only be used during the current active time as long as the storm is only gathering the clouds around the tower are thickening so the trap cannot be activated until the moment when the dark windy gray turns to demonic red the mechanics are ready to serve you the trap is ready and secured the maelstrom is active and the sky in a diabolical now its time to activate the trap as fuel you need a weathered altar and 100 ore chunks of it these are enough to keep it active for the full 30 minutes. it is also recommended that you have materials and a hammer with you for repairs so you can gradually repair the trap and the palisades over the 30 minutes as soon as the trap is active from time to time a bright flash will strike the top of the convergence trap with each flash different skis will be seen Noble resources deposited in your trap can be stones, wood or iron ore, but also rare things such as dragon bones, shadows, blossoms, stars, metal and much much more that you may already know from the exiled lands but on the island of sitter rather scarce goods are available Possession is not only useful is for you each hit destroys the trap by a few points so you should swing the repair hammer after every short flash of lightning so that it is not permanently destroyed your trap can also be attacked by enemies who fire another flash of lightning that nothing comes close to you but also opponents who regularly roam the area such as rhinos, elephants and many other things attack your trap of course you too you will have more than enough to do in the 30 minutes you will fend off an attacker trap and possibly repair the palisades after the frist there probably wont be much left of what you built before, but as long as the trap itself is still standing and useful things i was in the field for, all the effort was probably worth it now youre up to date on everything important about the convergence of the trap i hope you enjoyed the episode if you did i would appreciate a like for the video as well as a comment from you friends and now i wish you a lot of fun in the world of conan the barbarian at funcoms kone max as refund a game steam Dieser Guide wurde überarbeitet nachdem Update 2.3 erschienen ist. 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