Conan Exiles - Isle of Siptah 61: Setting Off a Level 4 Surge

Fastest steam download speedrowenta perfect steam station dg8520 CONAN EXILES: ISLE OF SIPTAH Music hello and welcome back to the isle of scepter and weve got another exciting episode for you today i hope because were going to do a surge weve never ever done a surge on the island were going to go to a lay shrine ill show you on the map we are here in our southern base and the late shrine were going to lay shrine of the drowned which isnt too far away at all and weve got all the stuff we need with us hopefully so ill just go and pick a companion and a horse and well get going yeah so heres that guys i cant remember what your name is sir do you forgive me uh that is why the accursed and this is bourbon the horse so lets get going and ill explain how you start a surge and what you need to get them going once we get there and heres the lay shrine its a lovely morning so weve got all day to do this in hopefully as long as a maelstrom doesnt come down so just to explain what this is if youre not clear this is a lay shrine and theres quite a few of them dotted around the island some of them come on auvar thank you lets finish him off are you going to all right yeah theres one lay shrine for each elder race so i think theres what seven elder races or eight i can never quite remember some of them arent working and have been taken over by a cursed and some like this are still in working order so youve got the central lay shrine then youve got these collection points and theres three of these and what will happen when the surge starts is the thralls will fall from the air some will be crafts people some will be warriors and youll get animals as well theres so theres another collection area here is it just the two i thought there were three collection areas lets have a quick look oh no there are three areas here that one one on the other side and this one here and in the lore the elder aces would summon people to as servants and sacrifices and ultimately food so the people landing here were essentially drawn from the mainland they were sucked up from the mainland by magic and then dropped into the laps of the elder races for their unpleasant purposes so thats what we want to do weve got our own unpleasant purposes thats very interesting i came here yesterday and that barricade control was missing believe it or not yeah ill explain what that does in a few minutes but youve got that broken barricade control down here and if you go upstairs there is a shutter control so theres quite a lot to do here ill explain it as we go around thats the shutter control here is where we create alters and we can create a variety of different alters so if i open that on the right hand side youll see theres a focus alter the center thats for the east the north the north east the south and the west and those compass directions refer to the different parts of the mainland so for example if i were to create a focus altar of the south i would be pulling in people from the southern parts of the mainland like tafari etc whereas if i made one for the north north of the mainland i get veneer and people like that sort of northerners essentially so well do that in a minute are you gonna block me in no no that makes a change so what we need to do to get a surge going actually ill come out because its a bit noisy in here lets just jump out its a little bit noisy inside yeah theres this stuff weve been collecting around the island its called the question mark question mark question mark question mark stuff and its a really annoying name i wish theyd come up with a better name than that but theres three different grades theres greater theres unstable and then theres lesser and these question mark things are used to produce something called swirling chaos and for lesser one lesser is equivalent to one swirling chaos okay but a regular one just an unstable is equivalent to two swirling chaos and one of these graters each one of these is equivalent to 50 swirling chaos all right so its a weird jump you go from one to two to fifty and there are four levels well theres technically five levels i suppose of surge level one surge only requires 10 swirling chaos level 2 requires 200 a level 3 requires 400 and a level 4 is a thousand ive got people over there so for example this is the greater each one of those is worth 50 swirling chaos so in that bundle of 20 ive got a thousand swirling chaos which is enough for a level 4 surge right sorry i was looking to see what yeah thats what i heard i thought i heard something these guys are quite dangerous so thats what were going to do today we are going to do a level 4 search um surge from the north i think that should be quite fun so im going to go and make an altar and to make one of these altars we need what do we need we need hard metal i think which ive got hardened steel bar so lets go and center east north lets just craft one of those oh put that in first um east north there we go lets craft that good well thats dropped okay thats my stuff down there isnt it thats my extra metal its just dropped out i cant pick it up now yes i can take that so thats the focus alt of the north in place looking nice then what i want to do is repair oh thats the shutter control i dont really want to get the shutters going ill repair it just to show you what it does right we need to put some proper eldarium in there so ive got some eldari with me lets craft that up take this out so that shutters working now and if i press it then this happens these little shields come up they only come up that far though i didnt mean to do that they only come up that far and what you can do you can crouch behind them so what i could do is when the thralls come down i could sort of pep with them with blunted arrows and hide behind the shield if i wanted to i dont think i will um but what we really want to do is get down here and get the barricader this needs a little bit more eldarium uh so well craft that and thats 20 you see uh lets take our spell to rm out oops whoops sorry about that ive been playing a different game and im still a bit sticky on the controls for conan its a bit stupid lets interact and youll see what happens over there get these shields up here these shields appear and these sort of keep the throttles contained a little bit which is quite nice now what im going to do in these things is put some decayed eldarium in there um lets split that lets add that in i think this is how it works now ive got decayed aldarum in there and if i press this lever now then thatll send out electric shocks and the idea is that that will sort of electrify any trolls that fall in there knock them out which means i can grab them up be quite good there are some thralls that cant be knocked out though yeah and theres some that cant be tamed at all its a little bit confusing lets put in another 50 here i dont know how much decay deltarium that uses but well put in 50 that should be enough for our purposes put some more in here then ill split that in you go very nice so were all set up i just want to make sure ive got my slaving stuff with me lets move that down there i dont need a club but i will get one just in case oh and ill put my helmet on i will put my damn helmet on so what were gonna do we might as well kill this guy over here actually because hes just gonna cause us problems isnt he one filler thats it sort him out hes down put these away Music like i said were gonna do a level four surge here we go and that bottom one is already lit up for some reason im not sure why yeah the steps on this altar represent the four different layers of surge the more of the swirling chaos that is created the more of these steps are lit up once all the steps on a row on a layer rather are lit up then that shows you the altar is full for that level so if i put in all of this then all of those should there we go so were getting all the all the swirling chaos being created if i mentally done this right is that going to be enough do i need no there we go yeah were getting up to a thousand lovely thats it theyre all lighting up now look you see isnt that good if i put more than a thousand in then youd get something called um the chaos surge or something like that i think so this is the maximum there we go there we go yeah chaos surge its quite unpleasant you get just weird animals coming down i think and now we can press this lever to summon the surge then well go and watch these feathers falling down here we go so whats happening now come down here look look youve got this big donut appearing in the sky thats really exciting isnt it there is look right the tentacles coming down and presumably those tentacles are grabbing people from the mainland and then dumping them down here i have someone the most powerful surge brilliant i didnt know theres a journey step associated with that oh guys come on come away please all right here we go can i interact with that is that gonna zap anyone right okay everyones going crazy all right well there wasnt anyone there to actually knock out lets go to another one theyre all quite feisty these fellas lets can we knock you out come on interact yeah i zap someone then i zap someone listen all right were gonna get killed here lets run away oh come on come on get going get going yeah these guys are really dangerous we really ought to get going i think look theyre really really unpleasant something on all of these theyre still coming i really do need to get my fellow over i get little animals too so what i want to do is get one of my get my lariat up there we go its over here see over here i knock them out no i dont think it was someones coming lets run and run and run where was it yeah i right my fellas really really are under the weather there weve got to get away from here all right lets get one of these whoever you are im taking it acr fighter doesnt seem to be that powerful though Music what still on me um lets drop them like how do i get rid of them now i cant remember lets go back here what were you oh no rubbish all right lets go nice lets get off get you in there thank you i already got something in there and then lets get that started lovely so lets go back what i might do though i might give you a rest i might give you a rest sir put you over here im just going to take that stuff that i gave you yeah hes been well beaten about um not you um you are marcos the accursed excellent well lets give you some stuff hes got a lovely big sword there lots of healing uh lets get going lets see if we can grab another one i cant remember how long these surges last for i cannot recall theres a nice view of the doughnut there isnt it pretty good so like i said that is theoretically pulling people from the mainland and then dumping them down on us yeah i think what you can see there is like a reflection of the mainland in the sky its all a bit grim for these poor focus in it but there you go look at that jeez all right this might get hairy again look okay lets not make it more difficult for ourselves like any more healing on me ah ive got no more good healing crap well these guys will give us a fight i think so theres the archer we could always go and grab them i suppose all right bastard oh theyre both okay these are really nasty these are really nasty guys right okay marcus has finally caught up thank goodness i will cut your heart out get him Music you sort them out sort them out i havent got yeah this isnt good yeah again and again and again i dont know what kind of loot these guys give you oh straight i see a veteran wow he had a nice pride of i see a chess piece i have that dragon powder good kill the other one did you where is he i cant see him which would you leave him uh i came out without much healing on me at all thats ridiculous oh right there was some other people we killed around here werent they well i didnt kill them so youve been knocked out how much darian was used 31 i might actually take that back look at these guys absolute menace absolute menace oh theyre running back there now thats strange uh you had oh god look at this i rubbish want any of that and you had oh your dancer unconscious oh i will tell you i didnt realize i knocked you out what are you what are you you the dancer ah lets put that down what are you you are the dancer nice excellent okay sorry im gonna pick you up then yep lets go back home good deposited another one in there put that down im going to get some healing might need another rope as well well ive got a little bit of potion i cant hang around though come on through here i cant hang around get the donut still there up jump across come on fellas one thing to know is if you put in more swirling chaos than is needed for a particular level surge then thats not sort of counted its like you cant put in enough for say a level three and a half search you get a level three and youve got a level three search but anything else you put in above that isnt counted till you get to level four for example so you dont get fractions of surges you just get complete levels and while were doing this obviously anyone else on the island can come along and pinch thralls as they like oh no look damn right the shields are coming down shields are coming down i dont know why that is theres a horse over there oh thats that right theres another person theres another player over there come off lets run over here lets try and zap someone whats that i didnt interact with it did i or not you unconscious do i interact with that lets grab them whoever they are i think theyre dead no no i i did lets see if we can zap someone come on did i interact with this there we go zaps that not enough decaying aldorium damn lets go around the corner uh all right these are the bastards come to steal my stuff you dead run away run away why is the search almost over then is that how it works theres no one here we got any eldar aldaram in there at all lets take all that i dont know how many more surges i want to do really ive done one its all quite interesting Music isnt it its true theres no weapons up whats happening at you all right okay loads loads loads of people joining in here im not sure whos doing what um lets take some uh nothing there skull take that whatever it is right a nice sword there youre right there july all right his health is good ah if these guys sort of materialize well i want to rent a tractor with this thing look its zapping zapping has it knocked out anyone interesting i dont think it has i think were just very confusing concorde 2 was killed i dont believe it are you bastards you absolute bastards use sods kill my poor concord i didnt give him any grain i didnt give him an arm such a bad master right back off back off back off run away run away take some take some potion and then run away a bit further theres more okay its getting too dark now isnt it crap im not just having a i bit off far more like a chew here im afraid oh we gotta run all the way home i think Music come on marcos come back crap they killed concorde too i i do feel genuinely quite guilty about that it looks nice lit up from the inside doesnt it that looks very pleasant its still going on look at that its mad theres marcos oh no i want to go back and get what did he have iris how you doing look at that jesus christ were going home chum weve had enough were putting down our weapons and were going back all right safe and sounds minus horse that is really disappointing damn uh i should have filled concord up with grain so he could heal himself its still going so these guys should keep reappearing for some time now shouldnt they i dont know how long it lasts though thats really nice though isnt it it looks really good i used to see this all the time when i first came to scepter its like it was rare that you get a few days would pass without seeing one of these surges but theyve become very rare indeed now i think the noveltys worn off for most people i dont know how im suddenly encumbered here we go the suns coming up another lovely day but its a lovely day without concord 2 i feel really really bad about that its stupid i know but there you go and the surge is still going weve got some interesting throws out i think is it just the one dancer was it so we got an asia fighter level one and we got an easy dancer level two and that bit of armor lets try that armor on that looks pretty good little god piece made out of some animal skull down there that does actually look nice so presumably you could collect the whole set if you did this enough times uh is it worth going back is it worth going back whats your health well hes on his way to recover isnt he hes on his way um wheres that rope yeah lets put it back weve got a bit more life out of that rope lets do it once more lets get on you lets get on bourbon and well go back for one last try not getting close again loads of people down there look at them damn just hanging about waiting for someone to come down and give them grief um they seen us whos fighting one all right is that like mini boss uh let us picked up a bit more healing over here lets get down there ill put our helmet on again put on the helmet oops sorry about that can we just attract someones attention is that just like there just seem to be just one person over there if we ignore these people can we sneak past them theres like a couple others now theres three now they just keep popping into existence if i drag these people around here right wheres my guy wheres marcos where is he ah i dont fancy taking on two of these guys i dont want your armor though oh bastard all right all right come on what do you have well ill take that i want some armor off you we did some arm as well nice excellent i dont want the black eyes take dragon powder resin yeah um lets take a bandage so i think this is what we got to do isnt it was that i didnt go through the whole animation then is that so i moved away oh there we go its better than nothing your health is reasonable lets go back so what we could do is just kite someone over couldnt we no ammo okay there we go Music yeah all right attracted quite a lot of attention here perhaps more than i wanted um all right lets go over here right over here come with me markus one two three once an archer probably deal with him all right going down fairly easily thats not me thats not me thats someone else uh whats that just a trunch triple boss damn Music take another one um right lets take that what did you have freck the wild you had nothing at all thats ridiculous ill take all of it but that was rubbish and your health is what oh look at him okay that is really bad oh no what else can we do here without getting my guys killed i cant believe this surge is still going though its just mental absolutely crazy ah whats the horse like whats bourbon like whats your health hes alright hes okay i gave him some more seeds aggro music for some reason Music uh less than half health why are we aggroed why the aggro music lets see if we can get one of these guys up come on ah are you gonna are they just gonna stay there are you ill just kill you from a distance yeah hes standing there i dont mind this ive only got about 15 hours though i think this might not work out very well i dont actually moved come on she gonna come down yeah shes had enough oh no not quite oh no ammo damn ive got no more arrows at all thats stupid ive normally got a million arrows oh hes going down hold on he got tired of just watching crap dont make me hurt you wonder the other one that was standing there did you have just a fighter ill take that i think theres a repair kit you should have had to marries on you skilled um take all of that this is still going on i think one of the ways you learn religions is by summoning priests through surges yeah you probably get the yamir religion from summoning one of these northern peoples down wouldnt you its your health like uh better better lets see if we can kite someone over oh no we cant kite can we well just have to lure okay theyre all interested theyre all archers though thank you very much come around here right i dont like these guys theyre really really quite unpleasant lets just hold him up for a bite stab him in the back okay weve got one of these sods all right youre gonna have to sort him out im afraid its getting dark again get up here uh ill tell you that thats the advanced reinforcement here oh raw rash why did i take the ash do i put any altar in there one of these has still got some of my aldorium in it lets try this one or someone over there look in there no another archer another one of those horrible things get around the corner oh we got someone else just materialize here oh yeah no someones going pinch mile darium come back come back marcos because i think we really do have to go this search looks never-ending here he comes right well get this one last archer then since theyre interested Music you had a drum is that a drum a jar not even a drum still going strong still going strong ah have people stop materializing now get some water down us well theres this thing what are you i dont really want a i think thats a leopard i dont really want another pet though hello all right you only half done Music the skulls i dont know these people ive never heard of skulls dragon bone sounds interesting a few arrows star metal uh what is that was that a healing ram okay oh thats definitely empty definitely not interested in you so is that it lets have a look inside actually lets have a look inside whats going on in here is this like it was all winding down oh look its all gone red must mean its active can i switch it off now i could do another um alter thing now couldnt i what if i tried to put another alternate i cant i left my i left my hard metal at home yeah i needed to drop some weight so i left the eldarium and the hard metal its all broken again its intriguing isnt it i do now just want to see how long this surge lasts oh its gone its gone the big donuts gone look so how long did that last i shall put the time on the screen its gone oh well ive had enough i cant hang around any longer thats still lit up in there but the search has definitely ended so at least we have a rough idea of how long they last i hope youve enjoyed that episode i shall get over the death of concord 2 at some point i suppose and hopefully i will have done so by the next time i see you so until then i shall say goodbye okay then cheerio Music bella food steamer Its about time we got to grips with the Surge mechanic so here we are. A while back I did a weedy Level 10 Surge just to test the water, but this is the first Surge Ive recorded. Lots of action and interest, but theres a somewhat tragic ending to this episode, so have a tissue handy. how long to steam brocoli steam vampire the masquerade sauna or steam room for hangover how to steam hot dogs how to request a game on steam family sharing