Steam vac enabled gamesdwarf game steam CONAN EXILES: ISLE OF SIPTAH during the year of the cobra a prisoner captured by unknown means was to be transported to the exiled lands chained and bound aboard a slave galley out of argos the prisoner was carried south under threatening skies until fate intervenes and here we are again stepping into the breach of conan exiles the isle of sita lets roll through everything you need to know to get started and kicking off with the brand new dlc lets play today is going to be a little bit different i am going to pretty much just skim through some things you need to know and then were going to kick off where hopefully i wont have to show you the boring grind as youve seen it and done it all in the excel lines what we really want to see is the new creatures new items new weapons build pieces thats kind of thing i really want to show off in this little lets play though we are still going to start with the basics like getting a base and explore some of the starting area you guys know ive been talking about the issues and why its been such a problem this not coming to console at the same time as pc nevertheless i am still wanting to give this a try and see how it all pounds out so one of the big changes is your start location other than starting on the deserts at the south of the conan exiles lands you will be able to choose four different locations this is one of the features that i said they absolutely should have when i was speaking about the map a good few months ago that would be nice not to have to always just spawn in the same spot so theyve improved it ever so slightly youre still kind of on the south for the easy part the north northwest is deemed a hard start zone so its there for people who want that challenge straight away the southwest is an easier place likewise the northeast is also still a dangerous zone and the southeast again is a little bit safer still has that little bit of a premise that southern areas are a little bit more safer of course yes you cant transfer your characters i dont think that will change that is a thing that funko decided you have to start from zero slave cargo for transport jay plays games the zing guardian cultural appropriation unauthorized disembedement and defiling a temple yeah well go for that one all right here we are another dusty sound but its actually nice to be on the coastline weve already some little mini temple and theres already some vultures eating away at some something can we get these guys will they run off oh and theyve gone off well thats okay well just pick up some of this gear apparently i drank there dont know how ive done that but you know well take that there we go picking up some journey steps already be interesting to see how much xp thats given me with the nerf thats meant to be taking place with this dlc finding journey steps wont give you as much as they used to its all about actually crafting and gathering resources and taking on enemies but this is a nice little find still havent uh i did say to him please let us not have 50 stone in a dead body anymore can we actually just get weapons and armor something beneficial in that respect well i suppose it stops you having to do the grind but there we go right plenty plenty of wood flotsam is going to be the new build piece so well unlock that first ill just gather this up and uh well come back oh no weve still got a few more bodies i might as well uh take them all this is a canteen oh yeah weve got a silver skin as well man i feel like uh super super duper easy were picking all this gear up okay whats going around this side i like the ruins obviously it does feel like lots of its been um just sort of re-skinned from other things weve seen but its still pretty interesting not that one oh i guess not oh god hes falling underneath the uh the thing was he desperate for water i think that was the idea he was desperate for water uh is there is there anything around these ruins itd be nice to just get one more bit of loot theres obviously all this wreckage as well so well get all this wreckage before we take stock and i think about making the very first stages of crafting and stuff there are lots and lots of chests i have seen lots of chests in wreckage when i tried it out briefly before so we aint havent put too much time into it i have had access to it for a while but you know things going on in the survival world it never stops too many games to cover and im kind of glad i did because now i know its in early access it doesnt really uh therell be so much changing that i feel like ive not lost out really im out of so many bodies so i guess thats first top tip is yeah just run around the beach for a good while collecting all of this debris and stuff or cranking out levels i am playing it on a civilized setting aint got enough time no time for that ground are these guys gonna be dangerous at any point probably not any chest down there dont look like it doesnt look like it theres so much wood so much stuff going on here branches oh another little chest yeah so were definitely going to get like pretty much all the resources we need to build maybe a first little uh base and safety all right thats a good start lets lets go and find somewhere now to plonk our very first base down on super cracker lacking now obviously weve got two building pieces weve got the flotsam and then weve got the the sort of looks a bit like obsidian oh man theres still loads of stuff going on here damn these sailors werent doing well were they to be fair none of them looked like they were actually dressed for uh sailing oh okay big big chest these ones oh im about to get tapped by sam yes i am go away bird go away oh my god whats that oh my god its i oh my god theres eggs there you go well ill take that no i might as well get out get away from me go away from me my weapon or sword oh no its still coming for me its still coming for me oh sugar oh my god theyre pretty speedy theyre pretty speedy hes gone back thank god thank god for derpy ai so far i quite like the atmosphere it does feel like i know i miss the cold sort of warm day on the beach its very foggy very misty right we are completely thats it were done were done okay its time i think its time to actually build something okay so this is the map of sipta now it does look rather small when you think about all this extra space youve got going on i think some people can automatically assume its like only a quarter of the size of the excels map but reportedly its about 75 so yeah its about 25 less big than the original exiled lands so thats scavenger coast thats where we are obviously thats where you start from the other side or the north section weve got some big old areas and actually when you start zooming in you really start to see how big the map actually is it seems like the grids the quadrants i dont know they just seem like theres um you can zoom in on them a lot more maybe thats just just me thinking that but it seems like the scale is slightly off or different but you can see weve got some great big runes over on this side and obviously weve got the the tower in the middle and this strange structure here that looks probably one were going to go investigate theres another one there too so lots lots of mysteries lots lots of things to take a look at and this is the salvager level three its exactly the same as the apprentice mason teaches you the flotsam foundation the flotsam wall with lots of ceiling the wedge the frames its pretty interesting how this stuff is its going to look good i imagine its very peculiar though a little bit of peculiar the roofs look alright as well its a little bit glitchy you have to come out of here whats going on i havent spent it so there you go ive spent that one ive got that right what do we need i need lots of twine better start making some of this bad boy stuff up so cant build right on the beach we are gonna have to actually go and learn a little bit more so i reckon a nice little green area here close to the wood that means ill be able to get a lot more resources pretty quickly yeah this could be a good location just a quick start base till we get till we get our groups of things also dont have to worry about other people because its single player oh i quite like it i quite like the style of it its big and big and chunky all right guys im going on the grind ill be back soon ow go away dog go away im trying to just build my base aint got time maybe i should have totally built the swords before uh i was still just gathering all this wooden stone maybe that would have been a good idea probably oh can i make it before it kills me go away dojo so its a completely new skin it looks like an alsatian dog i dont know how people are going to feel about killing the cute dog goes oh my god these swims i didnt think they swung like that right right hang on hang on let me get a theres got to be a weapon i can make all right cujo im ready for you now pal im ready for you wheres he gone is he proper scarfed off okay well there you go doggo said hello you can pet the doggo fact oh dear there needs some of that anyway to finish off this this iron as well straight away oh hes back hes back oh eat my lead doggo damn son thats it get out of my face my stamina was pretty low there though all right i was making weapons more weapons before i was making stuff oh god i still need sticks i still need sticks well its a good thing theres a bunch of these around all right were back and i have got myself the worlds most fabulous seaside box play good money for this type of uh house premium real estate on the beach um yeah i got to finish it off i didnt want to have to make foundations because it used too much stone uh its cool its its very a lot going on i gotta say its probably one of the most interesting pieces weve had for the most basic build sets and its fairly cheap as well you dont need too much to make it you can see the flotsam frames are pretty much the windows 27 wood four stone foundations are seven stone and 54 wood so a lot a lot easier to make that than it would be to get sandstone foundations especially here with all the trees that are like right next to you and all the wood thats just laying around so yeah its a lot easier to get yourself a starter base i reckon that has probably taken me about i dont know 15 maybe 20 minutes to gather all that up i do really want to get my cooking on though because i have literally been surviving on nothing but the bugs that ive been finding in bushes and i did make one big error ive built my base too much into the land so literally i literally cant i literally cant get into it unless i crouch which which always sucks also its a ton of iron ore just here as well so again its not going to be too long before we get some of the other stuff going on but i think thats probably a good start at the moment like weve got all the iron ill put that in i guess well unlock it weve got a bunch of points as well now too ive got 16 points were gonna go for encumbrance as usual because you need a lot of that on single player the agility is still pretty good i want to go for a few vitalities or maybe not actually maybe not save some points up for that one it would be good if we do come across some raw meat just to be able to eat it okay here we go furnace yeah well do that one our gosi numbers were last times dlc the slave forged garb so this is some of the new stuff that you can actually make as well and its got new temperature system in it as well theyve changed it now to give you a bit more of a heads up of what to expect with these temperatures uh although these look pretty i dont know if theyve actually implemented properly because all these armors arent displaying proper temperature effects theyre just listening as one one one one one one which im pretty sure its meant to be uh some of them are better than others but anyhow so yeah uh sleigh full ceremonial face mask the chess piece the braces the legs they look pretty cool theyve got the slave forged guard you know i know maybe these are all part of that set they i think they are thats the real thats the real one if youve uh want to be someones slave there you go thats the big guardian helmet with the big spikes on it so you get the idea one two three four five is that five new armor sets then and then the epic versions are obviously just gonna be better then saddle wires what have we got in terms of the is there any new saddles for horses no just the just the rhino cavalry so youve got the rhino cavalry saddle and then weve got the rhino war saddle like both level 60 for them too like is there no cheaper rhino stuff yeah that one there okay there we go so journey insider one you get the scout saddle there as well and thats the normal saddle maker okay yeah yeah yeah level 20 a scout saddle designed for travel on the rhinos okay thats cool now as far as im aware things like emotes if youre worried about oh well ive got to start from zero so how does that work i think you can find all the emotes again so weve done all stage one weve just got to get affiliate meal using the torch and wrap your wounds and use a skinny knife okay well there we go theres one and then lets uh see if i can cook something oh come here come here bambi no bambi oh my stem is so poor still considering us because im maybe a little bit overweight oh oh well i didnt mean to run into you but you know what ah oh my god they they hit pretty they hit quite a bit oh something else is here its another its another motley what is this one about its got a black and white skin on it so theyre not all um brown and lassie coloreds okay so getting feathers from these bad boys ive got some eggs good oh science getting murdered wheres that coming from where is it roll ah the sounds in the forest are great i thought someone was firing a bowler at me then but it was obviously just a bird going past all right lets get this back and start cooking man why did i not build on top of the grassy plateau right here this lovely flat space overlooking instead i built on a slope where im gonna have to constantly go crouching down to get in my base right ive got enough that took a while lets place this you know what im going to place it on inside were going to make a much better base one day todays not the day kind of just want to get to the point where weve got enough decent armor to go and explore fine fine im going to have it in a really derpy location because i didnt plan this out very well at all all right ive got me iron cooking up lets go and sort out some actual bit of stuff for armor there you go right ive got a perk ive gone for that already even though i can cook food and stuff its still just use useful to have and we really want the hard work on thats what were going to be working on next ive got wheel of pains and stuff i think well go for the tinker no i dont really need that yet we aint gonna be repairing weapons just yet do like a spear as well spears always good and yeah lets get the uh butcher one i guess we could try seeing if we can get close to getting some pets maybe it might be worth it we come across something youre good to get a rhino pretty quickly oh yeah you know what im gonna go for the the blades and yeah were gonna need some hello extra and stuff like that soon too okay thatll do thatll do for now okay lets go lets see if we can hunt some big game i did i missed that oh i was into it i didnt do it oh no oh thats when you knew i  __  up there we go finished him off also also joe oh my uh oh done theyve got quite a bit of health on them oh oh did i get that from that distance are you kidding me are you kidding me i gotta go and check out that kill that was that was shot and a half come on guys wheres the kudos for that one oh no i didnt get the kill it just dropped down it just dropped out i thought we got the kill yeah i did get the kill yes oh oh my dogs done it i might get some more francine actually its been a while to be fair there we go thats the story once completed oh damn right no lets get the swords up oh my god get out of here oh he died thank god i think i need some bandages i think i need some bandages okay but this might be enough hardener that we can actually make some decent stuff all right were back after our little hunting expedition 15 gold yeah ill take that mate racking away now racking away this stuff oh damn purebred gray rhinoceros purebred right rhinoceros savage gray one okay so there must be like different skin sets maybe right lets get an armory table done up okay right were back ive got my armrest bench and now we can actually think about making some more bits and bobs and really its going to be the level i want the most so lets put that inside what do you got so do light gloves gonna do light helmet and im gonna need a bit more like chest pad in oh i need more damn thats all of it already im right i need more i need more more dead things oh oh stop go on there we go right so ive got the basics now now i can actually start making some proper armor pieces ceremonial stuff doesnt look too bad i just need loads of hide so lets go on the killing spree and see if we can make some of this new stuff you learn doggy get along oh now ive got a few different types you know what lets just go for the most basic of stuff lets try that one i need three hand wraps why do you need free hand wraps for two braces that dont make no sense ill cut the shackles or we can have them um okay right finally got the stuff that i wanted thats taken a while but i have gained a couple of extra levels killing all the creatures to get all the hide so well take that one that one that one and that one lets see what it looks like on not bad not bad at all hello sexy damn girl youre looking fun talking about that master aint gonna lie dont know about the mask and i dont know about the jiggly breasts im not a weave guys im not a weeb im not im not feeling it ive never been that bothered about colons naked ladies aint gonna lie uh but there we go that is i think a good time to call it a brand new armor set a tiny horrible showcase of the build where you see the rooftops the roofs look pretty cool actually ill give it that the roofs look good its more involved and stuff and weve got the beginnings of our first steps into the siptar island lands so far pretty steady we havent got anything too spectacular just the basics of getting set up killing lots of creatures gathering lots of stone lots of basic resources and then hopefully next one well think about getting some better weapons and then well um well go venturing i think its about time we go eventually like that place looks pretty cool in the distance so maybe well go and check out what that is and i definitely saw some ruins in the lands um but yeah as a first episode i think thats thats what were going to call it guys i hope youve enjoyed that all in all thats probably take me about nearly two and a bit hours to get all that gear two and a bit hours i would say so yeah hopefully ive condensed that down into a nice little 25 minute video for you this is sipta a brand new chapter in the conan exiles game let me know what you think about it and ill see you at bags for another video very soon why won't steam download my game first letsplay of the new conan exiles isle of siptah dlc! #conanexiles #isleofsiptah💰===SUPPORT=== join youtube members and get additional emotes and badges in livestream chats and members only videos, special discounts and more or Join my patrons here and and get same great content as members with some small tier differences Epic games store code JADE-PLAYS-GAMES 🕹️==DAYZ GAME SERVERS== Nitrado Servers use this link 🕹️==ARK GAME SERVERS== Nitrado Servers - use this link Use The Code JPG at my link page for 10% off 👕 Buy merch here DISCORD 🐦 twitter 📸 insta Snapchat jade pg ⌨️ MY PC BUILD 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