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Game removed from steam20 euro steam games CONAN EXILES: ISLE OF SIPTAH game Mi Music Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, everyone has a new conical hair from the music e-games screen Greetings Again, Im here with a nice topic, friends, we are here to answer a question that is frequently played to me on my YouTube channel, and in this section, I will give you information about the schematic trailer, horses, that is, parchments. In the game, Im sure many of our friends do not know what these pieces of paper are for, and therefore, when they find them, they throw it away, seeing it as unnecessary. And you will see that there are incredible things. Now, if you wish, lets give it red and lets start our video after informing you about one more thing. Many of our friends ask me if you have a discord address, either via the channel or via message. Friends, our disort address is available, and I usually write the disort pain under the video every time. You can check it from there. Of course, if there are friends who want to join my disort channel, they are welcome. Our disort address is available. Friends, this is now if you wish, lets start our section, yes, lets start our section, first of all, for friends who do not know what schematic trailers are. Let me show you the image of these pieces of paper. Friends, as you can see, their name is written on them, when you find them, do not throw them on the ground, make sure to save Dursun in our provinces, and when they are 5 pieces, that is, when you buy 5 pieces of this paper on you, they can give you a weapon or a lot of Aydın that you cannot see right now. They have armors in them. There are arrows and bows. so you can have almost all the gold that you cant see, which is special in the game, these are very meaningful friends. They are really beautiful. Intellectuals have weapons, armors, and a lot of decor items and so on. I cant finish counting them to you, and most importantly, one of the most important is the Grand Master Armor Kit and beep 10 Kit Scroll on the Aytop site map, it is very difficult to find him, that is, different me, friends, it is very difficult, of course, you can go to the map and learn Esra through the server transfer. but in this business, matic Break tapes help you find them. Of course, it gives in a random way. Thus, to indicate that you have such a chance. As I said, when you collect five of these paper pieces from here, they can give you Armor Kit or dip10 Kit. For your information, friends, it was among the frequently asked questions to me. So lets answer this, Yes, now, if you wish, lets move on to the part about how we will obtain the schematic direct tapes, friends. I will show you three sculptures about this and I will tell you their names. First of all, I want to tell you about the shedai figure, that is the statue, as you can see, it has such an image and its name is written on it, when you find this statue, be sure to pick it up and the next issue is the Russian statue and the next toko toko statue Of course, there are many who do not know this. Since our actor friend does not know, he puts it as a decor in the house or in front of his door, these are not decorations, friends, he created a video about it two or three ago, MiƧary Kayso was in the cancellation bowl and it was about these sculptures and what is the title of these sculptures, and of course, you can see it more easily by looking at his channel. You can have detailed information. This is for your information Yes, our job is completely that you find these sculptures with these sculptures, especially when you find these three, definitely get them and these sculptures will give you a schematic fragment Yes now if you wish, how to use these sculptures, how to access these pieces of paper First of all, let me tell you about how we can reach it. You can use the statues. So it doesnt make any difference. You can use each of them. With these statues, this is also for your information, and when we come to the part of how to use the statues, an interaction appears as you can see on the right when you come near this stone. Lets start with the hand, when you click on it twice, it places the statue and it enters such an animation. Yes, of course, its a little scary animation, but the people who come are not very intellectual creatures. I can give you more information about one thing. There are many different variations of these statues. There are versions of them, friends, of course, you will collect them when you walk around. Probably some of them represent very strong very dangerous debts Let me inform you about this, so think twice when you put this stone in it, I say, if you dont have a good morning with you, you may face very dangerous friends. creatures died. Of course, we can say that they are small flying drones that come out of the statue. Actually, drone- looking insects are singing. When we look at the inside, you see a lot of material as you can see here, even here there is Kay and ringtone download ver slow. You can also find Fiat Punto Power stone home These are the friends we are looking for, or a piece of matic fragment, that is, a piece of paper. What you see is that I have collected two of them right here. It is written here. These papers you see are all made up of five schematic fragment papers, Intellectuals, scrolls. things are under normal conditions and you can easily find them from here. So when you find these pieces of paper really valuable, never throw them on the ground Yes lets try again Lets call the law again Yes guys, a different creature image and five ediyo a warrior killed quickly as you can see when we look inside them We see a lot of different materials here again And of course the trailer soft Power gave a carrying weapon And gave a schematic trailer again. I bought another one on it, as you can see, it was three. When you buy two more, pay attention to the right corner of the screen for us. Another parchment. Yes, okay, lets get another one, and when I get the last one, youll see it on the right side of the screen, as you can see, there was another one, as you can see, there was another weapon given the parchment and this is how it is. About this, a name will appear on the screen now and you will be able to see where you can get these statues from in the summary picture As you can see, this is yours, you can visit the whole area and you will find about a percent of statues here Yes, some of the statues you collect will have different visuals. you will also see ETS villages around while you are walking around the section and you should definitely wander around these villages in detail because you will definitely find a lot of these statues on the edge of a table, under a counter or in the corner on the coast. Good luck, friends, you can easily take a good warrior with you and spend your time both enjoying the game and collecting statues. Yes, of course, we need to learn these scrolls first. As you can see, you see the Russian one on the right from the bottom right. You are learning all of them in this way and them now. Armor Banker pintir wenge this blacksmith goldist So you will definitely find parts of these in all the embankments. These are both Armor- shaped and weapon-shaped decor and so on. When you check all Ben TV, you will be able to see all the increments you have learned, for your information, friends, and also lastly, these Do not forget that the Run is generally used in the construction Of course, since the Moon is on the site map, it will not be difficult to reach the Elelim Stones. There is a video about Elder citizens on my channel. You can also take a look at it. And friends, I gave you information about schematic frequencies in this section. I hope you like the video. So to fellow players About it Thanks in advance everyone, see you in the next conical service episode Take good care of yourself and bye Music steam best free strategy games #conanexiles #musticegames #conanexilesturkce Information about schematics fragment ! 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