Conan Exiles: Isle of Siptah Sigil Buffs!

Steam dinosaur survival gameblack and white steam game CONAN EXILES: ISLE OF SIPTAH game hey everybody welcome my channel today were going to be looking at sigil buffs and what they could do for you um here you can see that i dont have any of my buffs active at all um so were going to get uh the first one active its going to be called the sigil of the wolfman this one allows it to when you kill an enemy you get health back i tested it out you get about 20 health back when you kill an enemy and there doesnt seem to be any type of cooldown so here you can see that i get damaged here uh and then i kill him and i get 20 health back um so this ones pretty pretty cool uh the next one were gonna have is snake men um snakeman is a pretty awesome one um it doesnt allow you to have any bleeds on you and it clears any amount of stacks of bleed every two seconds so this one is uh pretty awesome and uh i really like this one a lot the next one we have is a demon im gonna run all the way over that rock here so were gonna run and uh check out my stamina as were moving because my stamina is burning down pretty quick and then youll see that when i use the the demon buff it actually reduces your stamina usage um so here i use it and then were going to run back to our follower and youll notice that our stamina is burning a lot slower so this ones pretty neat this ones pretty good for running around and exploring and stuff so uh i like this one quite a bit for for getting around places the next one we have here is the gremlin and this one that says that it increases your capability of recovering resources and im not really sure what that does uh so if you know let me know down in the comments below the next one is a sigil of the bat this ones pretty neat so while youre sprinting after you sprint for a bit you can jump and you actually jump a lot higher um this ones pretty cool for exploring and getting around and jumping over gaps and stuff as you can see my jump height i can nearly jump over my thrall now this only works after running a long distance as you can see here im not jumping over just by running and jumping you have to get a running start and then jump and it will activate the next sigil is the sigil of the drowned and this one allows it to increase your capacity the more damage you take so the lower your health is the more you can carry and here were going to damage yourself just a bit and then i will activate it and show you guys all right here you can see that our health is very low but our capacity is almost 50 percent lower you can even have really low health here and uh and carry even more which is awesome i really like this cigarettes its really cool next up is a sigil of the outsider and this one actually cleanses corruption from you slowly over time uh this ones pretty cool if youre going to be dipping in to the center of isla septa or going into corrupted zones but its really nice because it cleans up your corruption off you slowly over time next up is the sigil of the twice round this sigil allows you to attack and has a chance of not using this stamina while attacking i tested this out quite a bit and and poked around to see whats a proc chance on it it doesnt seem to have any cool down but it seems to have like a 10 uh proc chance so this is pretty neat to get some extra damage in next is a sigil of the goblin and this increases your heartiness now i initially thought that this increases your amount of armor or damage reduction but this doesnt seem to be the case so im still testing this and trying to find out again if you know uh put it down in the comments down below if you know what it does but it might have something to do with um perhaps getting knocked down next up is the sigil of the wolf brothers now when you use this it increases the stamina of your mounts by a hundred and its the same for horses and rhinos but this ones pretty neat if youre using your horse for combat or traveling long distances it gives you that little extra push next up is the sigil of the serpent and similar to the sigil of the snake man this one will remove any amount of poison that you have on you every two seconds as you can see here i am going to drink some venom and im poison for two seconds and its removed and it will also remove any amount of stacks as you can see here i highly recommend the sigil because it is very strong and poison is very deadly next up is the sigil of the harpy and this reduces the amount of stamina you use while sliding down a mountain so this is pretty neat one the next one is the sigil of jills brood and this one reduces fall damage um i tested it and it only seems like it reduces it very minor and the last sigil but certainly not the least is a sigil of the fiend and this one is really really awesome uh this one the main purpose is when you die instead of losing sigils and unequipping them itll sacrifice itself and keep all of your other sigils intact um as you can see right here this one is huge because i know a lot of people are worried about losing their sigils when they die um and this one is not too hard to obtain so again you get all these sigils from the bolts theyre very very strong um i wanted to make this video because theres not a lot of information about the sigils out there um as well as them doing extra damage while youre in the maelstrom but i think that the added buff and utility to these is pretty awesome so thank you so much for hanging out today and watching the video hopefully this helped and catch you next good co-op games on steam Here is a video explaining about what Sigil buffs do. I decided to make this video because the information isnt out there and some of them are pretty awesome buffs. Here is a Google Doc I made incase anybody wanted a visual referral: Note: I dont know all of the buffs as some of them arent exactly clear but I will update them once I find out! Check me out on for more content! Thanks for watching! Any feedback leave in the comments down below! If you enjoyed the video make sure to like it for me. how to download non steam games on steam deck louis vuitton steamer multiplayer board games on steam games played steam best 1v1 games steam