Conan Exiles-Isle of Siptah: Gold Node Locations

Green beans recipe steamedbest racing games steam CONAN EXILES: ISLE OF SIPTAH game youre watching games with nyx and today were going to explore a little conan exiles isles of sipta so one of the challenges i had when i started playing aisles the sip dog kona and exiles is finding the gold i moved all around the map even in admin mode looking for just an ounce a node of gold and i couldnt find it i found silver i found brimstone i found iron nodes i found coal nodes i found every kind of node but i could not find gold and i was thinking to myself how am i going to make anything out of gold if i cant find it sure i could find some gold and some chests around the map that was possible but needed some actual gold nodes then finally i found it i found some more after that so if you look at this map it will show you all the points where i found gold sure there might be more but as for right now this is what i found hope you enjoy get out there and find your gold compress steam games One of the main currencies in Coanan Exiles: Isle of Siptah, and one of the main ingredients to make your map rooms and Alchemical base is gold. But where is it? This video will show you all the locations I found gold nodes to harvest.Please make sure you hit the subscribe, and follow me on all social media as GamesWithNix. steamer man games not showing in steam library sign up for steam account how to steam veggies horror games online steam