Conan Exiles Isle of Siptah - EASY ELDARIUM FARM, 180-300 Eldarium Per Hour. NO VAULTS NO TRICKS!

Steamed papu crabcooking steamed clams CONAN EXILES: ISLE OF SIPTAH game Music hey exiles and welcome to another conan exiles video on the iowa sipta today were going to be looking at how i like to farm aldarium ive tested a lot of different ways and this has always been the most efficient way that i have found to farm it what were going to do is head down very south to the new islands and farm the uh accursed bosses one skull theyre guaranteed spawn and ill show you the entire run and then at the end well meet up and ill show you my findings but generally when i farm this i generate roughly 200 to 300 alderian bars per hour and its a very good run so i hope you guys enjoy and i hope this helps somebody Music uh Music Music Music uh Music Music Music wow Music Music do Music Music do Music Music oh Music oh Music Music so as you can see we ended up with 70 bars for one run the entire run with a horse took less than five minutes so i recommend that you do the run go up and farm some whites get some white weapons to deconstruct or use or some hearts then head back down and the nice thing is you control the spawn so you know when theyre going to respawn so youll always hit them and profit away youll never have to worry about alderium again thanks a lot please subscribe if you enjoyed the video and have a good day steam can't find game This is my favorite Eldarium farming method. I have produced thousands of bars while I farm grey ones casually when I play. I do hope this helps someone out there and Happy Hunting! how to use a steam game key dragon ball fighterz steam chart steam deck rescuing sd card essential oils for face steam how to download free game from steam