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Steam keeps stopping downloadsteam games with ps5 controller support CONAN EXILES: ISLE OF SIPTAH game whats up everybody and thank you for joining me for another video my name is whack4863 but you can call me whack in todays video im going to review the isle of sipta dlc for conan exiles now the isle of sipta dlc initially launched in early access on pc on september 15th of 2020 and between then and now the isle of sipta has gone through a big big change there have been some major development changes from what it was originally released as to what it is today now as of the making of this video it has not been announced what the price will be for the dlc in full release which happens on may 27th 2021 now may 27th is when itll be fully released on both console and pc this is when funcom will stamp it with their approval of it being done at least in the grand scheme of things of being developed there are still some things in the isle of sipta that need some polishing and ill get into some of those things a little bit later on in the video i do know that funcom is very good about keeping up on these kinds of things so eventually those polished changes will happen and they will sort out the issues that ive come across while exploring the isle of sipta now i am gonna try to keep this video spoiler free but some things are going to give light to some of the endgame content and some of the content that youre going to run into in the game theres no way that i can explain everything that youre getting without spoiling some of that stuff however if you are looking for guides for isle of sipta i will be covering more things in depth in other videos so i recommend that you click that subscribe button click that bell so you get notified when i upload another video now early on when they launched the isle of sipta i actually said that it was a conan exiles 2.0 i think i may have said that in a couple of videos and maybe a live stream as well and i dont feel like that has changed at all the game today plays much differently than it played a year ago or before the isle of cipta was released many changes that have happened mechanically to the game seem to favor the gameplay style of the isle of sipta but the big thing that i want to cover in this video is whether it is worth it for you to buy the isle of sipta once the price is announced so youre going to have to gauge that for yourself i cant tell you what the price is because i dont know but what i can tell you is that ive been playing on the iola sipta again for a little over a week now ive been really diving into it and ive been having a lot of fun the changes that were made from the initial launch of the isle of sipta when it came out on early access to the way that it is now have drastically improved in the newest version of the isle of sipta theres a ton to do so before all the changes came through there wasnt necessarily that much to do yes there was 14 volts theres still 14 volts and those have been revamped to be more difficult and more challenging but theyve added a lot more to the map itself theyve added a lot of npc camps honestly in the week that ive been playing it i havent even visited a quarter of the number of camps that are on the map i havent made it across the entire map yet in order to engage in all the new content additionally they added more land mass which is almost like playing its own minigame that whole section of land is so much different than what the entire isle of sipta island originally was so the first thing that im gonna really hardcore say about the isle of sipta is theres a lot of content packed into this dlc and im honestly gonna say its probably as much or more content than what is on the exiled lands map they have packed an absolute ton into the isle of sipta map so you can expect to be involved in hours and hours of gameplay should you find these interactions as fun as playing on the exiled lands many of you are going to find some of the mechanics of the isle of sipta slightly annoying the storm dependent on how you handle the storm can be a little bit annoying it can also be a really fun interaction so thats going to really come down to your gameplay style if you feel like an event being on a regular schedule gets in the way of your style of play in the game then the storm may not be something thats suited for you but it is a mechanic that can be totally avoided should you want to do that because on official servers first of all it only lasts for 15 minutes and that it is centralized in the center of the map so if you didnt enjoy this storm and that kind of mechanic you could totally stay away from it additionally if you have your own private server you could just turn it off entirely now something thats quite different in the isle of sipta versus the way things are in the exiled lands is you dont feel that same level of progression through dungeons and things like that most of the content that is on the isle of sipta is geared towards a level 60 character it is geared towards characters or players that have been playing on the exiled lands that are then ready to transfer their character to the isle of sipta although on release of the isle of sipta you will not have character transfers this is something that funcom i think really wanted to have implemented by the time that the isle of septa came out and it just didnt work out that way so eventually they are planning to allow you to move your character between map to map and have transfers of some sort but at this point in time thats not included and i think its really smart that they kind of backloaded everything as level 60 content they probably got some backlash and some feedback about why they were doing that but i think its really smart because if you look at how you play on the exiled lands you are able to kind of do a lot of those things early on in game and you never need to go back and revisit them whereas on the isle of sipta its a little bit different there really is a lot of content that youre not able to handle well at lower levels or without really good equipment so that being backloaded to the end of the game means that once you hit level 60 youre actually able to open up a lot of the content and play a lot more of the game so theyve left a lot for once youre all the way leveled up and youll have plenty to do and explore now thats not to say that you cant do some of these things earlier on in game its just going to be extremely challenging early on in game where it really is going to be much more manageable later on in game and i think backloading it for end game content to keep players that have reached level 60 engaged and having fun is a really good move on fun comes part now i want to go back to something that i mentioned earlier about the isle of sipta feeling like conan exiles 2.0 and the reason again why i say that is because theyve jam-packed so much into it youre gonna find brand new armor sets youre going to find brand new weapon sets there is so much armor and weapons that have been added with the isle of sipta that its almost like a whole new game like they packed so much into this single dlc that it really is almost like picking up another game and i havent even mentioned the fact that you get a full set of dlc armors that you can use on either map you get a full set of dlc weapons again that you can use on either map and you get two different building sets so you get the flotsam building set which is much like the sandstone its an early game tier 1 building set and then you also get the storm glass building set which is in my opinion the best building set in conan exiles its absolutely my favorite looking building set that they have so far additionally with this dlc you actually get rhino mounts so you are with the dlc you are able to ride rhinos if you dont have this dlc you wont be able to ride rhinos and you can do that in both the exiled lands and the isle of sipta so thats something that is very cool additionally i think with the isle of sipta they add some really good mechanics that conan exiles players have been wanting and ill mention a couple here real quick one of them is going to be the convergence trap now the convergence strap allows you to play the game even more the style that you want to so for instance the convergence trap allows you to enact a purge so if you want to purge you pay a certain amount of resources and you get a purge instantaneously i actually did this twice today and it worked flawlessly getting those purges to my base right then and there the other thing the conversion strap can be used for is actually letting the purge pass you by so if you want you can pay to not get the purge and something that ive always found really great about conan exiles as a sandbox game is the ability for players to play the game however they want and this just adds to that ability the other really cool mechanic is actually the summoning pool so what youre able to do in this area is actually summon different bosses to fight and you do this by finding little figurines or statues i dont want to give everything away in this review video but this is something that you can just decide hey i want to fight something big and dangerous and i want to fight this and you can rally your friends all to one point in order to fight that specific creature and this is a great way to get some of the amazing resources that are hard to find in the isle of septum now going back to some of the things that just arent quite right about the isle of sipta dlc some of the areas have mesh issues so theres mesh entirely missing or there are npcs that are spawning inside of the mesh theres an invisible mesh theres a lot of things going on with the mesh in a few of the areas so this is something that youre gonna have to watch out for one of the big things and major concerns that i have about the release of the isle of sipta right now today is actually the rubble that is in the vault a lot of that rubble is very difficult to run over and it becomes very challenging to engage in the content and not just get stopped dead in your tracks and wonder why youre playing the game and i bring it up and say it that way because i literally went through this during a live stream that i was doing the other day where i was playing the game and i was going through a vault and it seemed like every step i took was like hitting a brick wall running into these small pieces of rubble which i would either have to jump over or walk around and i was having a just a very difficult time engaging in the actual content and not being just overly frustrated by the fact that i was always feeling stuck on rubble and thats the one big negative that im gonna put in this review is the rubble in the vault really needs a hard pass through to smooth that out or reduce the amount of rubble because theres an absolute ton of it across all the different vaults the other things that i mentioned are really not that big of a deal they just need a quick pass to fix them up theyre not going to stop you dead in your tracks if anything youre going to notice it and giggle a little bit about how it looks and go on about your business now i thought about putting in this video how much i would pay for the isle of sipta dlc but im not going to do that at all im not going to try to inflate the price or deflate the price at all what i wanted to do was just tell you exactly what youre getting if you buy the isle of sipta dlc i obviously already own it on pc ive had it since early access and i will be picking it up on the playstation products because i will have a server for ps4 and i offer four servers on pc so if you want a place to play go ahead and click the discord link in the description of this video and all the information on how to join this servers is over on discord if you happen to be looking to host your own server i have a link in the description of this video over to g portal thats going to give you a 5 discount on the purchase or the rental of your server and it also benefits me so please use that link now what i want to know in the comments section below is are you going to buy the isle of sipta dlc regardless of what the price is or are you waiting to see the price in order to decide if youre going to make the purchase the whack moments in this video were sponsored by my legendary supporters thank you very much if youd like to become a member you can click the button below that says join thatll give you all the details id like to thank all my subscribers for their continued support likes comments and general awesomeness if youre not a subscriber you start your free trial today and cancel at any time clicking the bell is highly recommended so you get notified when i upload another video now if youre not done watching theres two videos on the screen you could pick one of those to watch next i hope youve enjoyed this video as much as ive enjoyed making it ill catch you next time peace can you play steam games on macbook Isle of Siptah will launch on all platforms on May 27th as a fully developed DLC, this is my review of the DLC as of 5/23/21 ★★★★ Membership starts here★★★★ ★★★ Tips★★★ ★★Discord★★ ★★Server Rental 5% discount★★ ★PlayerOne Coffee 5% Discount★ ♬Epidemic Music Referral♬ ES_The Launch - Jon Bjork ➥ ➥ ➥ Conan Exiles is an open-world survival game, in the brutal lands of Conan The Barbarian. You are an exile, one of thousands cast out to fend for themselves in a barbaric wasteland swept by terrible sandstorms and besieged on every side by Enemies. Here you must fight to survive, build and dominate. Hungry, thirsty and alone, your very first battle is that against the harsh environment. Grow crops or Hunt animals for food. Harvest Resources to Craft Weapons and Tools. Build a shelter to survive. Ride across a vast world and explore alone, or band together with other players to build entire Settlements and Strongholds to withstand fierce invasions. When strong enough, march forth into battle and wage war against your enemies as you fight to dominate the exiled lands. Sacrifice enemy Players on the Altars of the Gods and shift the balance of power your way. Unleash your fury in savage, fast-paced Combat and execute bloody and bone-crushing attacks that will see heads rolling and limbs flying. 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