Into the Maelstrom - Conan Exiles: Isle of Siptah EP3

Best steam management gamessteam best idle games CONAN EXILES: ISLE OF SIPTAH game all right its time to hunt larger things um like the big bad boy over there we need heavy hide i dont know about the the do you mean you talk about group yeah i dont think i dont think were groot ready yet personally bears i dont know about group but im pretty sure we got heavy off of the lions those uh those wolf things the lynxes or whatever did i grab my gloves right okay so yeah im full medium armor now youre full medium armor now theres two up here i dont know if we should take two on should we take two on each take one on i dont theres one down in the field alone lets do this one first what is glowing here oh my dead body yeah were not gonna talk about that i thought the gladius was gonna be incredible not you know its better but its not okay here i am i no longer have a head not at all its eating something over there right now actually Applause there it is i killed i killed a couple of things its coming up yeah its got like a different like its got like a poke oh i dont have my shield out should probably do that there we go i blocked it it didnt do as much damage by any means oh it didnt do any damage when i blocked it correctly nice dude yeah still lost like a third of my hp but oh and it gave us that hide yep this is what we need to kill two dead hyenas right here too all right so lets go kill those two up on the cliff there hey you think we could take two one no i guess well find out im gonna ban like we gotta go far gonna bandage real quick yeah true and full wow they still hurt then huh all right two of them hit it with an arrow to start off may as well can i not get stuck on this rock please game holy moly i did some good damage to it to start theyre both interested in you all right well i just got sundered by that oh yeah blockings great dude if you can get it up in time oh i got a i got a challenge for it yeah literally get like getting stuck inside this thing now im gonna die oh my god dude i might too Music its those dash attacks theyre so fast im like im basically im doing two hits and then im just holding dodge until it attacks me i oh my god two hits then block thats the strap got it mines dead literally about to die though im gathering mine i believe in you with that i do already i literally i got at the same time yeah im literally like one hp as well these things are powerful no more band-aids jesus yeah im almost out too we could take this down want a wing suit yeah right we could take what do you mean tell me youre gonna just jump in slide gonna eat yourself i guess we could slide our way down thats just the river down there i mean weve been here before we could just go back and follow the river again crew or we could jump im a eater what can i say i see that made it same nice dude whats up dude five high five pound it all right gator oh jesus thats just so we dont need we dont need that we dont need it nobody likes were past that now christian were better than them were better than the gators honestly were probably just going to head up this way and were just going to get attacked by those rock demons again but we have better swords now so i dont know and a lot more band-aids i have six for now thats fine ill let you know if i need more i see bridges and fire lets go you wanna go check that out looks like this is a path that leads up there for sure hey oh god you want to try to take them on them up oh yeah there it is the injured one i highly recommend just holding your block and just left clicking through it you just poke over and over i say that and then im getting pwned you dont gain stamina back though youll be current keep on that one try to kill the one if these dont give thick hide i dont know what would they definitely have some thick hide i got it i need help with this one im gonna heal real quick this one good for now huh hi gregan hi thank you here i come save the day dead all right let me see what it gets over here okay they just gave me crystal i think i need to gather the pickaxe maybe it literally just gives you stone imagine dick good xp things are the coolest yeah i leveled up a couple times okay theres christian hairless man lets get him shoot him with arrow first head shot him oh oh i dont think we have that option anymore oh okay christian christian theres a lot theres a lot of them and they hurt im crippled i mean double teams i cant take these i cant take these theyre coming at you im trying oh god oh god oh god no no no no no no no no no no no no im dead im dead you died i just got i just got juggled dude oh my god yeah and were jumping well i uh i got killed by a bleached skeleton not to be confused with a bleach butthole hi christian oh thats nice you got a torch the stuff is over i always put that out i dont know if theyre attracted to that stuff i gotta put my bdsm armor back on hmm i am gucci i mean i may not have gotten too close i say we slide i did to get away last time yeah just oh my god it was almost eight all right im healing literally grabbed on at the last second yeah when i fell down that large gorge my knees went into my skull gotta be careful about that all right lets go where are we going were gonna go up to is that a is that a vulture one of those things on the beach bro i want to murder one of these things just for just for vengeance purposes of them attacking me on the beach in the first first hour also curious if it gives you feathers and maybe we need feathers or something oh theyre easy well i headshot it three times in a row they do give you feathers i dont know if you need feathers for something with your aircraft maybe except for knife arrows later yes nice arrows okay lets head this way see whats up we can go up in this way and see whats into like this new kind of like weird biome Music sorry i was killing a bird theyre very weak i love the feeling of progression things are dying im killing them i see your torch im coming keeping my beacon lit the beacon of hope were right on the other side of that bridge we didnt go very far because there isnt there is an athlete did you go left or right right up this brick this this road just like i see you through the road yeah i see you i ride here hello okay its getting different up in here were getting really close to the death tornado which is spooky not sure something growl up there i want to ride a deer i think we can tame him i dont know whats happening in here theres iron and coal everywhere though okay this is like an actual stone cobble path yeah like man-made so lets follow it some kind of road so if you actually zoom in on the map we keep going up here and take a right it looks like theres some type of structure inside that death tornado oh yeah a triangle in there yeah i see that Music our lives very eternally grateful there it is into the maelstrom yeah lets go do it and do that lets see what happens you know yolo right yeah content yep content content content into the maelstrom what hope im looking up at it for dramatic effect christian im done my voice can only take so much all right here we go and weapons not drawn where is the maelstrom is it right over that hill there oh my god look at the giant bear on the right giant bear i repeat giant bear oh and a giant rhino bears thats a rhino maybe its not a bear maybe its a rhino youre right i know yeah yeah it looks like a bear whered you go im coming up im really im really spooked i want the world to know just to dont die okay im in the maelstrom theres horses over here horses christian i cant see you i cant do you either christian oh christian okay hello christian go to the structure go to the structure of destiny theres horses in here whoa oh do you see it i see you i see you the structure of destiny okay the structure has some really evil markings on it what are these thingies i dont like i dont know yeah we can light this noises how do we light these what do we put in a torch we need a green a green stone a green stone what is this one uh also a green stone where do we find the green stone whats this idea whoa wait a surge harvester oh wait theres a lever i pulled the lever dont wait wait did you see look i saw it wait what about these crystals out here are these green are these green can we i guess try this is ice black i got black eyes yeah im getting black ice and regular ice bro were rich diamonds wait theres a door yeah go in oh my god lay shrine of the demon the shrine of the demon or lay shrine whats it go is this water or is that floor whoa this is the world look the world its like a warm map its kind of loud and hummy in here what what what are you selling its broken the shutter control over here right here whoa these are my notes of the work on the working of lay shrine translated by sipta with the notes of the year of the lemur this is lace trying of demon translation notes seems to be referring to one of the silver elder race the several elder races the gods have given us a means to summon bounty could also mean sacrifice so we need to sacrifice something fragments missing theres a diagram container here translation multiple words could fit here surge is my choice the maelstrom will power the surge the you get stone will be is the mention of the book of skelos most cross reference so hes just like deciphering notes from what i can tell each of the late shrines is tied theres multiple a shrines a different type of summon possibly a preference of different elder races and sources experimentation will be required is this a sacrificial altar late shrine is dormant weird summon the surge its dormant okay so i assume that we need to go outside and put crystals in those things turn them on flip the leather to power the altar probably i guess and then sacrifice you well a good one i heard that you got hurt i jumped down i wanted to know okay so thats all thats all this is i guess okay thats all thats all this one is i think that theres probably more than something yeah yeah so what happens if we keep going to the middle of the map i dont want to go towards the middle of the map how are we going to get back here are you scared why are we gonna get back here if we die where are you bro i cant see three feet in front of me and its so loud where are you outside uh christian christian christian what oh crush head please come to me i dont know i dont know things are talking things are chasing me right yes out front where the ice was uh where did they go bro theres things talking oh my god i see that wait i see one i see one you see one yep im on the other side hold on im coming down oh jesus no no no no no no i need help coming oh were not ready for this christian im leaving were not ready for this im leaving the death noodle zapped the ground and spawned in frog soldiers and they hurt im leaving im leaving im done here you cant pay me enough for this did you see that yeah do you see the frog soldiers oh okay what an incarnation i cant see four feet in front of me so im eating rhino horn are we gonna walk off a cliff randomly is that whats gonna happen here so that must be what the maelstrom spawns in frog people crab people cram people walk like crabs look like people are you out yeah yeah i just got out of the tornado kinda all right you want to try to take out a rhino we need some thick hide i guess where are you im im to your left are they out here do we have to go back in no theyre out here this is their domain this wind is ridiculous theres two rhinos out here are you coming to me if i can find out im right here theres two rhinos right here i try to headshot them and draw them in ill start with the bar no close one hit the close one arrows do a lot of damage to him actually i think hes glitched heck yeah im down were just far enough he doesnt register it maybe a lot of stamina i think hes bugged this works for us i dont think we could take one thats not glitched i dont know hitting the tree there it does enough damn it you wouldnt you would think the other one all right here we go i think that ones going to be uh attractive to us maybe not but yeah well we could just cheese the heck out of these and get a ton of thick hide works for me and im assuming these guys are going to have a few more horns than the deer do i think going into the mouse room you get thirsty quicker because i had like a like a face covering icon in the top left only if they had this awesome partially royal face mask merch then they wouldnt have the issue bro all right should be dead nice let me know ill gather them up with the the knife the knife i might need you to carry some stuff though because im assuming these are going to have a lot of stuff exotic flesh eat some exotic flesh christian i need water im dying same lets run back theres a pond behind pawns to the left yeah lets go there i taught thirsty epic oh okay thats christian ah christian uh oh epic christian oh oh oh christian oh oh oh christian oh oh maybe we should find a different uh different water i hear anyway so i wonder why this place is called the claws im dead i wonder why really thats not i was literally dude it was literally like so much damage oh my god oh god yeah im gonna die too nope and its daytime now i can die in the sunlight im just gonna try to get closer im out of stamp because of the water and then this i dont even know jesus christ it is evil up in there i should be approaching my body coming up now im gonna grab my stuff and turn around because were not ready for this area im going to grab some metal while im here though oh god theres a big boy right next to mash dont die again christian you died again didnt you do you need help no i cant literally just keep killing myself you should probably just make a make a bag and slap it down when you get close next time so im gonna start running back with the gear and pedal yeah i literally just ran up on some random dudes and uh hey oh shut the  __  up octopus one more time christian whats up sudden just some bushes were like blocking this little cliff face that i walked on it wasnt even like it wasnt an enormous cliff it was just a small cliff and i had low health and i just walked off and died because i didnt want to get attacked by those other dudes that i was by oh that critical head shot does does take out some animals satisfying oh my stone knife broke repeating i havent seen 3pm i look like c3po there we go no horns off of that one unfortunately i really need some horns so i get us the heavy armor im almost home i ran out of food but im gonna cook some exotic meat and eat it without you i dont think im gonna find my stuff its on your dead body yeah i only have the one death icon thats the most recent yeah when i just fell off a three-foot cliff oh well you glow green and youre looking i can i know where i died does that help you im i know im near it but i think i feel like you wet your back up up into the claw more not down by the water because we ran away from those things and we went up the hill see all these i see all the lions and stuff again and oh yeah we were going oh great that couldnt have been worse timing okay youre going for this lake i gotta i gotta keep going this way i think Music i think we went well im gonna die again why no well i killed a deer and then i went to go gather it and now im over encumbered and fighting a lynx and im dead im not good no really just bad timing really bad timing okay first of all i would like to say im in a mean spider space opposed to a good spider space uh i thought that was i thought thats like cooked pork rinds it did okay whats making me so heavy uh jared jared what did the thing what did the thing what thing i i i was being chased by a spider and i saw this thing and it looked like a big glowing door so i walked up to it and it was a big glowing door and now im inside youre in whyd you go inside the big long door i thought it was safe whats inside the big glowing door curiosity im pretty sure its a vault of spiders oh get the  __  out of there burn it with fire yeah we should really just nuke it can we build an atomic bomb is that let me im going to search that real quick um search atomic atomic bomb nope no atomic bomb sorry christian you should you should really come check this out uh we could check it out mark it mark it on the map i think its its marked automatically now i can leave we could head back there then so its the its the nope cave i dont i guess i dont know ah the spider was waiting for me out here no thank you i am not coming over there all right i can do iron broadswords right i can do iron war axes i can do cutlasses if we want to stick to the one-handed what do you think or a kopesh cutlass iron war axe i dont know iron war axes has the most damage at 26. the cutlass has 23 and the kopesh has 18 so i think cutlass and im kind of just kind of curious on the war axe honestly i dont want two-handed weapons me and christian are you sword and shield for the time being until we uh stop sucking who knows if thatll even happen oh Music do you want a cutlass or a war axe war axe okay well were not building cutlasses then dont know why i learned them okay i think im back where my stuff is gonna go give this a try do you like a good axe whoa that was cool my ax turns purple when i right click just saying uh attributes im gonna go up in we have 48 points im going to go up in some more strength here so we have salting wounds which you now deal 50 increased damage but to enemies with negative effects 10 less stamina when you climb boop and probably more grip right an additional 10 percent per regeneration tick whats the third up here slice and dice each light attack you do inflict 10 more damage lets go towards that actually thats 10 just more damage across the board okay all right lets see if we can smoke one of these stupid lions now by ourselves im ready to murder this kitty you wanna ill let you know how good it goes yeah its around me right now too and i do not like it oh christian youre gonna like the war axe just murdered a kitty ah it took about 15 seconds heck yeah something in that range whered all my bandages go did i use them all i dont remember using all my bandages am i blind did i miss them that was much better yeah still need a celina a little armor adjustment because im still taking a ton of damage but it definitely is a damage adjustment i guess you losing your stuff isnt the worst now that im starting to make heavy armor if you cant find it if its really just like not happening oh my god pog inbound oh god major pog that looks so cool oh i cant wait to wear it what does it look like bro i look like  __  thanos bonus grit ancient chess piece worn by elder guardians do you want an elder gaudy in chess piece sure im telling you right now you dont want the other heavy chess piece it looks stupid compared to this just just pure dum-dum compared to this go put on that chess piece in that bin right there tell me its not the coolest armor youve ever seen in any video game oh oh you just feel stronger you know go grab your war axe upstairs too mama wait is this this for me huh wait oh thats just patio for the helmet underneath that im about to craft get ready for this part too i look like uh uh uh loki yeah you kind of do except different horns yeah or whos you almost look more like heimdall the guy who opens the bifrost door thing mm-hmm all right lets give this new armor a try shall we axe bruh right over here on the right yeah this trust me this is so much stronger you dont have a shield now by the way just keep that in mind the cat behind us too getting that one over there hitting much better combos now theyre dead no these give regular hide feels bad man that stinks theres a cat right there thick no these get thick yeah oh just murdered it in one hit oh we just hit bleed on it and i do more damage to enemies that are bleeding just smoke and stuff now theyre not nice ill tell you that oh oh see it is me oh thats a boss dude see all those spider webs on all those rocks yeah i see a bunch of rocks and a bunch of spidey webs all right so this is like the cave from lord of the rings to fight the whats the whats the whats the spiders name aragog wait is that you or is that harry potter here the door spiders oh my god yeah come on no thats a nope man another one big one thats a bigger one thats a bigger one i dont know about that christian we got it im not scared i dont have iron to repair brother this has a big glowy butt oh oh my god what is it doing that hurts thats bad stand out of it get out of it its poison im already dead its too late oh well im getting the kind of here hold on i have stuff to make bananas uh no no uh big boy big boy big boy big boy big boy stop stop bring it i blocked it its a small one they look big from a distance and then they get close i dont know if were gonna be able to kill the big one honestly i dont know either brah but theres only one way to find out how long to steam edamame What is Conan Exiles: Isle of Siptah?Isle of Siptah is a massive expansion to the open world survival game Conan Exiles, featuring a vast new island to explore, huge and vile new creatures to slay, new building sets and a whole new gameplay cycle. Fight the elder races in new underground dungeons. Defeat demonic monstrosities that spawn from a storm of pure chaos. Dominate the surge to secure the island’s only supply of thralls.🔴 LIVE on Twitch: Weekdays 4pm CST & Weekends 📺 Series Playlist: Soon 📅2020 Playthroughs! 🌲 DayZ: ☢️ Rust: 🏜️ Last Oasis: 🌲 The Forest: 🚣Raft Multiplayer: 🦖 Ark Genesis: 🧟 7 Days to Die: ❓ Want to Become a Member ❓ ⭐ Exclusive Discord Role! ⭐ Game Server Access! ⭐ 10% Off PartiallyRoyal Merchandise! ⭐ Monthly Movie Night!! ⭐ Community Play Days! ✅ JOIN NOW: Stay Up to Date with PartiallyRoyals Content! 🐦Twitter: 📷 Instagram: 😃 Facebook: Music Provided by EpidemicSound Ropes Away - Adriel Fair A Hero Will Know - Bonnie Grace Mural Legends - Adriel Fair Leviathan - Dream Cave Behind the Dusk - Trailer Worx Tremors - Eludent Chromatic People - Max Anson A Chase Across Borders - Hector Posser Playing With Thunder - Max Anson Hybrid Rhythmics - Jon Sumner Knights Templar - Adriel Fair Come Forth - Jon Bjork Magnified XY - Farrell Wooten The Invitation - Farrell Wooten Jupiter Aurora - In Dawn The Trial - Jon Bjork hat steaming near me is it safe to use an idle bot on steam the invention of steam engine steam whistle biergarten can't play steam games offline