The Glowing Cavern - Conan Exiles Isle of Siptah

How to tell when you bought a game on steamrecipe for steamed mussels CONAN EXILES: ISLE OF SIPTAH game Music hey everyone its javi and welcome back to javis gaming in todays video im going to show you a cool little island thatll lead you to the glowing cavern this is a secret underwater cave with a few chests and a legendary chest at the end but before we get into the video i want to ask everyone to please like share and subscribe to javis gaming more conan tutorials gameplay and walkthroughs to come now lets get into it Music so Music Applause Music for the purposes of this video ill be wearing the aspect of the drowned and ill also be using two fish gill potions and a night eye potion so i can see in the dark just walk the plank here and it will send you to where you need to go Music you can find a few chests throughout this cave so Music Applause Music Applause Music make sure to bring a skeleton key with you to unlock the chest at the end of the cave Music evening Music Applause thanks for watching everyone dont forget to hit that subscribe button down in the bottom right hand corner and i cant wait to see it for the next video Music you steam engine industrial revolution Like and subscribe for more Conan tutorials thanks move games between steam accounts steam deck online games steaming crab restaurant steam deck unable to sync steam won't open