Is steam down'best clicker games on steam CONAN EXILES: ISLE OF SIPTAH game all right i think we are live now all right lets see okay so weve got a bunch of people waiting in chat uh lets start off with that well actually lets go hey hows it going everybody welcome to the stream im flingerfoo and today were launching a new server theres been a ton of uh updates to uh conan recently they did a bunch of changes to the isle of sifta their new expansion that came out a while back and a ton of stuff has happened to it so um i decided that i would uh start up a new server and then go see exactly uh what uh uh what all has changed because theyve added new islands theyve changed a bunch of the functionality theyve added a new deity which is awesome on the new religions but yeah lets go through and say um hi to everybody hey ben uh um mena zilnar uh chameleon uh mike noel dakota uh lira uh lets see richard tim all things uh lb uh josh i hope everybodys having a good day im having a great day all right uh so yeah i started off where this right here uh where im just creating a new character because i decided i was gonna do this i wanted to the one the favor one of the best parts of this is uh uh when you click in and then you see exactly what is all on this list right here lets see all right hey jay all right pop in here and it so say flier foo sumerian oh my gosh one way passage to the exiled lands for the crimes of sullying a virgin yay spreading malicious rumors and poor use of punctuation okay ive got to share this with everybody you guys ready to join um chat with everybody thats uh in the stream all right lets do it oh hey uh dominic hello everybody hey hey all right so i brought i i brought you guys a little bit earlier because i have to read uh what uh my all my crimes were here really quick uh are you guys ready for this show all right my first one is selling a virgin i know right spreading delicious rumors and poor use of punctuation the last one i believe thanks all right so im going to confirm that pop in and then my guy stares at the camera for a sec and then i will meet you guys on the beach all right im on the beach beach uh lets see uh so how do you uh do the clinic at home let me start up a clan and you just go to clan roster right and then there we go uh clan is created see uh all right captain get back here kevin youre looking mighty spiffy dude old strategy lets see if it pays off for him alright is that everybody we need more people wheres everybody else dina get in here oh theres police hi please i didnt catch the park where we spawn sorry oh north all right let me see let me go back to clan and then promote everybody to how do you promote again oh you right click oh yeah whatd you guys do to please i dont know i dont know well it was that broken pinky promise right did you die i didnt know i had quick everybody chop her up lets uh lets make some police stakes we dont have any tools yet Laughter see thats how they get you all right first time not being late for a stream i was like an hour late last time hey welcome here lets see oh wheres dina is dina here everybody has the ability to uh i mean oh here let me go here we go dina for a second so were letting her come back oh okay thank you oh weve got two courses here quick everybody get some tools to chop them up dude what does it take for these again um and crazy uh wolf blood said hi foo Applause fighters i gained a level nice suck it to everybody that hasnt gained a level i found a water skin did you thats exciting all of the rocks im picking up apparently are not real rocks i had a similar problem with branches im getting im getting rocks i totally did it okay apparently the branches ive been getting arent brand oh there we go okay now im getting branches your regular brands getting pro right i know dude nobody gets branches like me they say oh yummy guys i got bugs well thats rather important now all you have to do is get the cream to get rid of them all right how many got all right lets get up to 100 likes and uh im gonna turn on the face cam oh hold on hold who wants to uh oh dina do you mind if i hack up your uh corpse here hey i got d to hide and some human flesh but did you get a leg maybe an arm um ill tell you here in a minute i have okay um ooh just uh arms i have four arms oh all right so did i miss where everybody ran off to uh literally just very slowly down the beach oh there you guys are okay all right lets get some likes everybody oh hey we got another corpse right here oh you can open these oh you can search the cr you get a journey step for opening the crew the corpses of the crew yeah heres the corpse if anybody wants to here to see im jumping up and down on the corpse its its okay they dont mind can open up the box too right i just want their armor why cant we have their armor right oh yeah thats right you can open up the box oh heres the water skin i found it what oh theres a corpse over there in pieces well thats okay thats their natural state would you go out of fight mode again i never remember which button it is okay so picking up the shells doesnt get you anything its like its kind of lets go psych some motions do give you oyster meat though oh ill make garments empty then theyre deceptive they are its not fair go for it jay lets see oh yeah thats right and conan you can climb totally forgot thats one of the best parts about this game oh i found another corpse up here oh and black uh big angry bird oh oh no did you name him yet fred oh is it fred oh big nasty spider up here yeah i found a journal oh thats exciting all right so where are we heading off to now uh maybe other side of the do we want the redwoods all right meet you guys at the temple im gonna take a dip potato chip yeah ice cream did you bring potato chips everyone would like some oh theres a wolf oh okay are there puppies not yet you have to wait a little bit for them to make puppies for you okay all right lets see i have my hatchet oh can i make a pick yes nailed it i can make a couple more shorts if anybody wants one oh yeah thats what i need to make oh i can make adidas skin uh um bedroll oh hey thats handy right oh man exactly douglas you need two wolves to make puppies Laughter i hear a bird its probably fred oh yeah hes over here running around hes chasing someone and theyre off running through the woods i need to make a sword uh if you want to make when you can otherwise have a couple spares oh do you heres toss on the ground here okay you learn my attributes oh yeah help if we actually leveled up this stuff huh right did they increase the hitting on the resources with the pickaxe the speed of it they might have they did so much this last update right its more exciting i dont mind it being faster because oh its dark can we make a torch i got one nice yeah sure theres nothing in there oh it should be yeah theres blue back on the ground i got a torch to me its empty Music but thank you i see a torch im towards the light i got nick and feral flash have a great stream man ill catch up later awesome thank you aaron dude appreciate that oh oh hey guys yeah who wants a head thats personal i know but its a quest step oh okay yeah sure there you go pass it around all right where where is the head whats right on the ground oh hey oh hey i got a level from that all right dropping it on the ground there you go i wonder if what happens if wed all grab torches then use our powers of torch to combine oh i know right all right heres the uh head whoever wants it along with a uh sword oh no oh isnt drop when is blood strap oh oh is that one book still over here oh i dont know it is its right here oh its the box the head is still in the bag i found the message in a bottle oh and the dance thats right this is the one that gives you the dance yeah all right now how do you dance again r r is that oh yeah it is celebrate chick fist miscellaneous no back no i think its under dance oh no you have to read it right oh yeah you have to read the message dance instructions use thats where you learn it whats the message yeah is that something that you could drop for us no no i think it has to respawn thats right sorry all right but here hold on just where you know all right this this is the awesomeness that i have that you guys have to wait on oh yeah look oh yeah oh yeah this is the best dance ever i was going to say at least you got your favorite one fast right this is the best answer in the game i beat the game already and we just started all right now oh uh how do i oh thats right you have to press r all right lets head in here lets get a campfire so we can cook dinner and please okay oh and some uh ostrich and some bird oh and some bird okay all right but yeah we have to get our butts inside of here and i think that we want to build a redwoods uh base among the trees i mean if the redwoods are just gonna be there presenting themselves to us why wouldnt we do anybody know how to stop surrendering just asking for yeah hit it again Laughter there we go all right just turned on face cam i stream it didnt pop up on mine yeah oh it didnt oh its a 15 second delay 157 watching and only 90 likes i know we need more likes everybody hit that like button likes for cookies if our cat a brother yeah pretty much this game is just like if arc had a brother Music slay oh i forgot about stamina right thats a thing yeah stampin is totally a thing in this game oh heres a nice flat spot up here see its even so flat up the hill oh no im not what what oh oh doggies i found doggies i i found a moose thats a nude deer captains on a moose too get him captain dont let him run away from you okay it was more of a deer and then somebody stabbed me in the face but its okay well i mean so long as we oh and these are the holes underneath the tree what did we name these oh these are the vanden holes these are the bananas go in and then you can hide bannon holes are amazing not as good as a bob hole but yeah right the bobble but the bubble its always uh the color it is oh god my god its been a while since we had this conversation but the bob hole it a mikey is always licking things and then he makes them uh every time he uh licks something or breeds something he turns it into uh he makes it a teal and since the hole that appears in the ceiling and the sky is teal that means that mikey licked and also the hole uh belongs to bob we nicknamed it bob thats the name we gave it and so that means that since the hole is teal mikey has officially licked bobs hole i love that explanation i really do it makes total sense too Laughter okay ive made it in where are you all right uh yeah uh right where youre at well here ill go get him if you guys want to uh set up well i think i mean because right theres the spot where you can get uh baby wolves at least that used to be they probably changed it since then but we can start setting up um this flat area right over here is just such a great area right here yeah you guys want to start uh getting some uh stuff going for and we dont even have to build foundations if we dont want to but if we want to we can its all up to everybody else im gonna go get mikey ill be right back pretend that the like button is a candy bar and smack it thats right i like that that works let me get my stamina i keep forgetting stamina i think so i used to pick on the last when i was getting feathers oh i see a dog do you yeah if you see a dog you went too far well im by the broken ship in the temples okay come across the water to the uh little broken temple ill meet you right there on the dock im coming up on it right now and the wolf is on my butt oh i see you do you i just got oh lets see if i can come get it yeah tore that doggo new one and then mikey helped by punching his corpse good job dude anytime all right thanks for doing it yep no problem excuse me for a sec while i chop up this wool all right lets go were going were uh going inside of here like he licked this hole he totally did Laughter oh see and this is mikey every time he breathes an arc or does anything of the sword it always turns teal nine times out of ten not every time but most times oh i mean it happened to my eyes i dont know its like the constant running joke in uh all of our servers is that if its teal mikey licked it all right but i dont know what settings cause uh um bobs hole to appear anymore maybe its just random like it used to be i dont know i mean im kind of dying to find out all right do we need wood or uh fiber what all do we need a lot of wood a lot of wood okay yeah probably more fiber too im holding 238 wood dont forget the stone do we need stone yeah i think its five stone for 15 wood 20 wood okay well im gonna go get a bunch of wood and ill bring some back you know this is confusing me i have my pick and my uh axe on the wrong buttons there we go oh no i know right so i use my mouse to uh grab them and its like just have it in our one is always the uh pick oh do we have a campfire going yet we just put one down nice ive got some fresh adidas to put on there oh delightful uh-huh these dare are new right thats not just me saying things all right theres some fresh deeda and police have some feral flesh around here somewhere probably on your hot park yeah probably um these deer dude look different youre not wrong what is that dinner oh you guys are so mean all right this tree all right tree if you want to be a tree just be a tree all right this one too right theres two trees over there that are pretending to be trees that really arent trees this ones a tree it knows how to be a tree it could give lessons to the other one exactly everything does have a place on the hot bar im right there with you gator thats mine oh my encumbrance although that is one thing i absolutely love about uh conan is even when youre encumbered you can still move all right do we have a box that we can throw stuff down in uh if i get some more twine we can have a box happen all right how much more twine i have two pieces i can give you yeah more than that i think its like five to make one im getting more fiber i i got nine here oh which one is it again that oh theyre no never mind i guess box banker is the one that um gets boxes right yeah i know its tricky and i was pretty sure they were trying to fake us out right but apparently yes you see they they tried to fake us out but it just didnt work oh yeah thats right i forgot are we building this out of flotsam please see us please yes oh yeah theres already nice i like the flotsam one right uh box is boxton coming oh okay i saw that you pooped out a bag i did no such thing you totally did i watched it i watched it happen right in front of me and also heres some hide if anybody needs hide remember this comes from adida and please so use it wisely is there a mini map you can toggle in this game yeah i think its m the actual man hey nick oh hello everybody hey you gonna join us dude im just spawning on a beach thats suspiciously bereft of anything oh okay uh someone want to go get nick hey look him oh awesome thank you im busy trying to hack down these trees that arent really trees i should have inviting privileges right yes are we going to tame a thyla if we see one we will totally tame it yeah i mean i were not far from something hey i seem to recall right we could do a little mission over there i mean yeah im im in me too i would be fine for going over and doing a mission over there oh remember uh while youre harvesting up all this wood everybody uh use your pick on it at least once where you can get bark and thats a step oh and everybody remember to uh get yourself some more sticks and make a fiber bed roll everybody should be able to now i may i i have a beat in police in bed well you you have a very special one i really luxurious nice and cozy at night but you know the rest of us arent there yet right coming up on the temple over here what is that its around the uh hey guys remember how they used to all have a male uh deer with the horns yeah now they have female deer without the horns oh its kind of cool its the little things thats kind of cool yeah i see three of them over here i do not recall seeing them no wasnt it always the horny dudes yeah it was always the horny dudes in the woods you go theres a theres a head if you want it thank you actually if you want you can just take this to your protection theres some more stone theres some more wood heres some spark theres some bugs theres some sticks see im healthy all right guys dont forget to uh pick up your fresh deed and please out of the campfire guys i found a fake tree yeah i found a bunch of fake trees they think theyre trees they want to be trees but theyre not really trees oh what is the kick button again ah there we go all right and then also use a bedroom ill put down my bedroom in a minute ill find something oyster oh wait if we go in one of these bannon holes cant we find shelter in one of them i still think so nope not yet we have 40 dudes in the woods eat the bugs do it i already ate some bugs im gonna go see if i can find a uh a puppy while you guys are doing all that stuff ill probably end up dead if i end up dead its fine maybe okay well itll just be one more thing for the campfire okay no i just see a bunch of adult puppies oh but the adult puppies arent nearly as cute as the small puppies wait did i miss out on adventure no not yet no no were gonna go on adventure once the building is made yeah suck a puppy i got puppy fangs those are handy i know right okay come on puppy come on there we go all right i am clearing this out so were hopefully uh little baby puppies will spawn nice i need to make a bow where was dodge again do you have to hold the direction same time maybe no i just smacked it yeah just rebound right how do we uh what are the wraps again uh oh yeah no its just uh pounding picking plants and they beat the island gamma beta and alpha boss battles red i love this game and extended with 10 hit points remaining wow nicely done though dude congratulations that is awesome its always a great feeling to i mean i i want to say the first time you beat the overseer but every time you beat the overseer its a good feeling it never gets old it really doesnt its kind of cool what music do i like to listen to just about everything i listen to all sorts of different stuff hey pineapple i found a rock with lots of metal in it what happened to valhem um im not done with velhim uh just letting it simmer for a little bit dont worry i uh i have my saved game and im looking forward to getting back into that eventually ever played the souls games yes some of them uh not all of them um i wouldnt be opposed to getting into them hey boyd you like rock only aussie is your favorite metallica sector i like all sorts of different stuff my favorite though is uh anthrax i just love anthrax theyre theyre such a good band um im kind of surprised that recently in one of my videos i named uh a whole group of things after the entire band members of anthrax and nobody picked up on it but yeah have i played star wars battlefront now i i havent played that game oh hey bad he does not get a milk bun oh yeah flinger did you get the uh book up behind the cages here yes i did cool thank you all right im gonna craft uh 11 wraps and put them in the thanks where when everybody needs one they can just uh grab one for the achievement zombie by the cranberries yeah thats a good one um i like the cranberries um matter of fact when it comes to music i id listen to all sorts of different type of music all the way from bach and beethoven i know classical i love classical um all the way to uh um like the uh oh the orchestrated uh theme music you know like star wars jurassic park stuff all that stuff um i listen to that a lot actually and then um all the way up to rock jazz heavy metal stuff like that the only two uh genres of music i really have never been able to get into are rap and country and i just im just not a big fan yeah theres all sorts of different uh things that ill listen to i was like and just kind of put it down walk away whats my favorite foo fighters song Laughter well depending on how theyre spelling it we have an entire music channel that they can come see what all the fighters like um but foo fighters as in the band uh my favorite foo fighters album would probably be oh probably everlong i like that song a lot i like the video for uh big me that was a good one all right theres a whole bunch of wraps inside the second chest up here cool whoever wants them and also ive got some uh cooked puppy dont ask Laughter found like a white walker or something orchestra is really fun to listen to i like a lot of that stuff um matter of fact um i know it sounds weird but when you listen to a lot of especially like bach and beethoven and then you listen to a lot of the heavier stuff um like the thrash and speed metal a lot of it is very similar i mean it is its pretty cool once you uh listen to it and you can make that association its pretty good awesome i just got conan exiles its great its a great game this is its a really really fun game i dont have to send it megatherium saddles today it was pain oh my gosh yes it is fins here yeah that is yeah you go out and you farm all that stuff you spend hours and days uh going out and getting all that stuff and then just with a click of a button it all just bye yeah we can take them around in uh atheist then uh yes i have done soloing conan i had i did a complete series of uh uh the exiled lands i went from start to finish and beat it in how many episodes was that everybody its like 35 episodes right yeah i cant i dont think were gonna take a three skull it was less episodes than i think we all expected yeah yeah it was fun though i i went through and i hundred percent of it for the most part i mean there was a couple dungeons i didnt do but those were ones you really didnt have to uh well see whats in the chest real quick uh dominic when is the next uh ark video tomorrow its already uploaded and im waiting to go yeah soloing the ark i had a lot of fun with that one too hey will hey luca uh the steve miller band yeah i like to do a lot of those when i was um younger dude i found a thrall cam did you yeah they added a bunch of new thrall camps to this oh wow okay its coming together nice its amazing what happens when you just keep throwing things in here and you walk back and its like oh i know right okay so heres a bunch of wraps uh matter of fact you guys could take a half stack of this each i just been crafted up a whole bunch looks like somebody else has two i was im still making more oh cool a puddle of mud yes actually uh matter of fact recently ive added a whole bunch of uh puddle of mud songs to my uh uh workout playlist that i listen to every morning 90s and older songs yeah youre on the right track uh all things uh beetles yep beetles are good salvage uh uh salvage i havent listened to too much of those sabotage and stuff like that um i listened to a lot of that when i was younger good stuff green day yep i like green day green day and rancid and a bunch of bands like that ramones i really like the ramones and cretaceous season three i need to finish watching camp cretaceous i started it and i watched uh most of uh uh the first in the second season and then i stopped i need to pick that back up i dont think ive heard too much 21 pilots i love some uh stone temple pilots though i can listen to stone temple pilots all the time not a big rush fan though all right luka uh rob zombie i like rom rob zombie when he was in white zombie once he went off and did his own thing not so much disturbed yet disturbs good a ghost i dont think ive heard them matter of fact if theres any music you want to pitch to me if you want to be like hey flaker take a look at this stuff uh post it pop in my discord and then put it we have a section in there called wicked tunes and just be like hey flaker check this out ill definitely listen to it a new one that i really like is uh um wolfgang van halen he just hes started releasing a bunch of his stuff and i kind of really like a lot of the stuff hes been releasing really good stuff yeah alice cooper matter of fact alice cooper was the very first concert i ever went to uh what else do we need our or do we just need to craft stuff i dont know i just keep dropping stuff off okay hey i found shelter if you stand right here underneath the boxes you find shelter yay weve got shelter oh hold on hold on the best way to uh yeah oh yeah weve got shelter anybody go check see if the bottles up no i havent looked uh what is my discord theres a link down below itll take you right to my discord also what the discord is what 5 000 people strong and growing at least yeah its getting crazy jeff leopard oh yeah id love jeff lepper def leppard so how fast do you think we could get a uh uh thrall wheel of pain up uh well you need battle for that right yeah this means we need to go find a metal mc hammer no im not an emcee hammer fan thats more of the rap kind of thing that i dont get into yeah we need 50 iron bars which also makes me get a forage up and going klinger have you ever grown your beard out into a massive goatee um well ive got the soul patch right here and the soul patch used to be come down like this but i got rid of it because i kind of got tired of it but for years it was the soul patch and then just right here covering up my chin but on the sides and everything like that and then mustache i i just cant stand it ill grow it until it itches then i just have to shave it off um ive never grown this out i havent watched castlevania thats pretty good ill have to take a look at i used to love playing the games good stuff oh dang i look away and then a bunch of the building appeared that is great lincoln park yeah i like a bunch of lincoln park stuff hey albert welcome to the stream you spin me right round i like that song motley crue yep like them but yeah ive got uh um some playlists well my main playlist i think is up to about 700 songs that whenever i go in the morning i work out every morning i exercise every morning while im doing that ill just put it on ill put it on random and its just got tons of music i listen to all right which side do we want the furnace on uh right over there away from the door oh hold on it looks like weve got all the bed rolls over there lets see um well we put it over here in this corner where theres no we want it inside i was gonna put it outside oh youre gonna put it outside okay go ahead i use the bed roll good job i need to make a skinny knife can you make stone skinny knives yes you can uh see why is the stones getting knife under uh sir oh never mind i have to hit search and then itll pop it up gotcha one more thing i wish theyd changed on this that is if you get killed by someone or you kill someone with a specific weapon you get to keep that weapon right oh that would be cool midnight prowler welcome from the uk well thank you very much and welcome from the u.s i appreciate that man lets see uh first iron cooking up oh where did we get on oh did we go over to the river i dont know it was in a box so i cooked it okay maybe ill go there was um there was one stone over there by the uh animal hat and im just now bringing back some more all right well if anybody wants to go over to the river we can go over there and go see if we can grab some more metal oh yeah hes just sitting around while im waiting see i also might have made more wraps ill stop now right yeah i just harvest to the middle note too ill come back i need twigs oops bye walking dead saints and sinners in vr ah thats gonna be a tough one yeah flat plates and center on vr its pretty pretty cool is it its Laughter yeah well you really need to put some force and so some movement into stabbing the zombie its funny really okay yeah like the axe is stuck into the head and you do to jerk it out otherwise oh man okay all right id be able to give it a try i guess all right im up by the uh um the side of the house whoever wants to go get uh metal im coming hey theres monkey and lori and ryan i just uh died so im gonna go get my money how did you all right well save your body were cooking that up and everybodys enjoying it Laughter i need to figure out what uh five nights at freddys vr no thank you all right you guys ready ready all right ready dina are you here man just in inventory um fat hmm that  __  thank you all right lets go all right lets go on a little adventure over here to get metal and also remember uh we have a rumor there was a knicks or corpse over here so if you see a knicks or corpse uh we need to hack it up and well enjoy it later like im just getting the knife right okay yeah um bodys actually over where theres three other um exiles and im trying to oh nice this bird um and this is why were on pve right i was nowhere near you guys i dont know what to talk about i love being able to climb down the uh oh hey aloe oh yes please aloe yeah oh theres oh crocodiles lettuce okay so that happens i gotta wrap up some wounds somebodys a little bloody and i think its me give me a sec all right lets go all right so there should be a bunch of metal right along this river and of course its getting dark oh dont worry i brought the torch oh good hes gonna say if it hasnt changed mind the big guy up on the rock he can have the rock uh itll be fine the same guy that me and ryan visited earlier uh no this is a different big guy up on a rock i dont see a big guy up on a rock oh i think he might have moved although if we keep going the direction were going were going to find that thrall camp i saw earlier yeah im going to go up here i want to go see if theres a big guy up on a rock you guys have my interest piqued i remember him being here but i dont see you right oh yeah nothing geez he must have relocated i i heard something bad oh wait no that was just my torch breaking all right lets see yeah that the thrill kid definitely did not used to be there before where wow no come come back down the river oh oh the gate oh we must take that over all right come on were on the reason i was asking about the uh the wheel of pain earlier is because theres a level three blacksmith right here we dont need to get thralls down we just hack them in the face i approve of this plan all right you guys did all the work and i came in and hit him once oh theres some orbs here if you want to take a look at those oh nice oh ooh or obstacle a green dye yes thank you oh i had a feeling you might like doink all right whats up here you should really talk to osha about this bridge thats actually a person oh it is oh hey hes a big nasty dude with an arrow in his face oh hes a taskmaster jailer thats a little border oh whoa whoa whoa hes kicking my pooper all right kick his pooper back everyone are you dead dont be dead its bad for your health oh its a vitro breeze sneak up here while theyre down there killing everything oh hey heres the cage oh its locked did anybody get a key no uh yeah i did jailers yeah get the jailers key theres a um up here theres a girl and she just broke my torso really oh oh i got the battle going on here if i get some help here why dont i give you the key so you can all right all right thats what here toss it down coming back with danger lets see oh hey it opens up oh is she gonna fight us oh shes following oh hey dude we just got a free throw really yeah thats really cool that is wicked cool thats great fighter two later lets get him equipment all right whos fighting who you were killing exiles its fine oh okay did you guys uh pillage the entire camp uh i think people did yes okay booboo finally got back to get his stuff so you know theres that oh nice im gonna go climb up here and go see if theres anything up here theres a dude up there is there a dude up there oh hey there he is hes like hes standing there oh no now he is above oh theres 405 ironstone in this box oh nice sweet see and thats what we get for going out on adventure oh hey theres an archer right here and hes going to shoot me in the face well shoot him back i am oh whoa big dude big dude another one yeah big big dude one skull yeah oh cigarette ow he just stabbed me in the butt he butt stabbed me well all right everybody up there wow oh that is so great all right let me respawn all right running back so uh yeah falling from a great height into a sudden stop not the best idea hurt him hurt him i dont think we can get up that ledge yeah watch out for cigarette he likes to uh um stab you with a big sword and its painful saying hes with us shes with us you know what he did is there still somebody to kill up here yeah yeah thats the ledge thanks gator cat i will man the guy who was trying to snipe your body i saved your body oh nice and i got purple dye for my you troubles so im not mad oh thats cool oh hey oh theres depressed the youre just touch right yeah wheres cigarette did we oh hes down at the bottom he just uh gave me a little uh okay so you remember how they were saying that when you lose all your stuff that it goes on your hot bar yeah yeah yeah yeah it didnt fit darn it i was so excited right i just died who died cigarettes dead oh is he nice see falling is perfectly safe and its fun i mean it can be really fun its when you collide with other things sometimes the ground while youre falling thats the problem so really its the landing right all right so we got a bunch of metal 200 of it i dont know so when you grab the other 200 ill check real quick all right um theres also should be more metal over here i remember there was along this i dont know if they change the resource spawns thats a big crocodile though you dont have to outrun the big guy you just have to not run off a cliff right see that thats where they get you all right so im back over at where the uh tall dude was that we were looking for originally before we found that you guys want to meet up over here iron right here guys somebody wants to grab it where wheres the middle where im jumping oh shes one of ours shoot oh yeah dont kill her uh good news i dont think we can oh okay well name her not bob and then bring her over here we could kill her we would have already Laughter of course yeah we need a bigger name ah is it the ground or gravity well you know what unfortunately gravity usually wins and you know you just have to you know say yo you win again gravity you know bravo right thats about it yeah theyre theyre grabbing the thrall i think shes with us did you guys run off the opposite way uh were still in the uh in the camp i havent made it out of the camp yet the camp respawned oh it respawned that passed okay yeah i had new people hanging out there oh well that was very nice of them yeah having coffee we just interrupted their coffee break just chilling out with the coffee thats good did we grab the medal after all that uh i think please got it okay cool all right also there should be more over here this there used to be dont quote me on that oh yeah is that it this here yeah right along here along the edge um by this crocodile i mean this one right here were interrupting his lunch theres some hero there used to be yeah like right up around this way i got some here oh nice im harvesting right now uh the ai for the thralls theyre pretty good um they actually have a teleport mechanic for the enthralls in this game its where if you run out of range of the uh thralls theyll just teleport to you supposedly they no longer die from a lava oh thats big right how many did we lose that one right how many times have i eaten a spoonful of caffeine never you mean like eating right ground coffee i dont do that ive never been one of the people that do that i prefer is chocolate-covered espresso beans personally why eat the coffee when you can use iv got him nice oh theres metal up there is there you see across the way up on the ledge theres a little bit all right well lets go also i found a wreck oh found a wreckage for the puppy and the lighthouse hey lets go explore this come on oh you guys coming down or no yeah were gonna come down were just grabbing the medal quick oh okay im im im defending you guys from this puppy ouch nevermind im having the puppy hit my face Music never mind puppy no longer ate my face yeah thats hurt it sounded like it hurt captain i gotta admit youre looking spiffy dude i wouldnt i couldnt agree more all right there it looks like a lighthouse over there we got to go see whats over there but i want to see whats hidden inside of here when you learn the um uh healing wrap skin or is that already its all right you already have it ah nice pretty similar to our starting location it kind of is so were heading towards that lighthouse yeah yeah im just looking inside of here to see if theres any like chests or anything okay now im heading up to the lighthouse i have to get there before captain get started lose everything you know how he is this is my mini ballast wait is there balls in this game no guys guys guys guys come here pepe pepe got a puppy i got a puppy not yours its mine here you throw that away lets see i need to be able to carry it because apparently puppies are like wicked heavy all right here who can carry my iron stone for me oh maybe a little in my insects and my seeds and um oh wow puppies are heavy i got a queen bee too there we go um theres some fangs oh hi yeah i could carry stuff down i got ready to hide right theres a bunch of stuff in there if anyone wants it can you throw the water board does that count yeah two gas orbs and three water orbs if somebody needs that uh attorney really were at im right here uh ill take one so i can chuck it at you press these uh water orbs on the ground okay ill take one and i can let me grab those and then ill drop them as soon as i all right hold on stand still did okay there you go oh hold on all right heres two more i didnt worry im not sure up there too theres two right here so whats up here puppy is the most important part right hi julie you you can believe that and youre not wrong but deedy and i are still holding up for the kittens hmm oh hey theres metal up here too this is the flame of the east i bet you we get up here oh yeah right if i die i mean whats the worst i mean if i fall whats the worst that can happen right you can land your puppy is suddenly missing oh hey theres a whole bunch of metal right over on the other side yeah right there underneath us yeah theres uh uh well need a timing pin for that puppy right oh hey blue chest oh i got our gaussian dream dust oh and already pre-made iron bars hold on if theres an achievement step here um let me drop them there you go pick up those uh bars hey look we found this here keep passing them can we light up the fire oh yeah no sadly we cant light the uh fire of gondor right i love this dance this is the best dance ever theres a dance up there too no theres no no hes still belly dancing i am im showing off my uh dance superiority oh go ahead please i wonder if theres anything on top or is it worth even going in check oh i bet you its probably not worth going and checking dont well climbing bracelets out the tower oh hey sorry did you make it it seems to be able to make it oh can you get up there up here yeah you can get all the way up there all right so oh theres a spot down below us a whole bunch of things oh but were going the wrong way where is the island that were going to to get all the stuff for the other things yeah yes um Music it involves going back to camp and then starting this metal cooking right it does involve that because were gonna need empty inventories and technically its on the way all right well lets go already cooking a bunch of metal maybe itll be done by the time you get back all right well lets go and dancing the way to establish dominance thats right all right so hey whos gonna win a uh the dance-off you know for the soul stone well the only person all right big puppy wolf puppy oh okay well we can head up this way and see if that dance has respawned head up to um the beach oh yeah hello hi captain he just likes to feel the the breeze going through his armpits ringer started dance off but then he pulled out some wicked moves so i just gave this is where we spawned right think so power stone oh yeah thats right sorry thanks gator cat not the soul stone the power lets go to it at least i think the eyeball on the map is where we started thats where i went to find nick what turtle hatchling i have an eyeball icon on my map just north of us turtle hatchling oh thats scavenger oh yes yeah thats a landmark and thats right next to where we spawn though right right now go over to the spot where the thing spawns but i wont be able to see it but ill be able to show you guys where its at and whoever gets there first you get a dance and you get a you get a you know show off your superiority to everyone else i love how everyones so quiet right now focusing on i like to dance let someone already get the dance i dont see it here so somebody might have uh okay pizza i see the dance well i see like a shadow thing doing the dance is that what youre supposed to get i dont know if i can no itll be safe right basically uh be right adidas feet oh this guy likes like dance look he came in to take a look so you have a bird dance yes bird mating dance hey look see theres a bird up top it even attracted those see look theyre all coming into i mean my my dance brings all the birds to the yard so yard birds right wait all right im heading back to camp thank you jay yeah terror birds yeah those things are totally terror birds theyre not as vicious as terrors theyre a lot easier to kill than terror birds because terror birds ah those things have got a ton of hit points oh is the base complement is uh the building completed oh it is its got a roof oh i love this uh and we have a blacksmith uh did do that i didnt do the roof the roof was it wasnt me the blacksmith fence rose armored bench already uh no oh thats pretty cool all right so as we get more metal i can actually i have all the expansion so i can craft anything anybody wants all right now im gonna throw my dog in over here because puppies are extremely heavy and really encumber yourselves and really encumber you but this is my thorough puppy right there wow this dude weighs wow thats a chunky puppy that is a chunky puppy oh my gosh oh i found a puppy in the box oh my god all right you know what we need to do because all of our stuff we could all we can remake it super simple lets go see where is the nearest one of those shrines thats what i want to go see if we can do right off the get-go because were super low level but i think we can do it well im level 14. theres one just a little ways uh north of here i know weve done it before right yeah its uh just up through the woods right yeah kind of on the far side on the opposite side of the cliff face from us right its over the river and through the woods yes right to grandmothers house right i i dont know their relationship they have a good relationship i think i dont know its been a while since last time i checked right oh i need to make a shield if were going over there i need to make one everybody grab food out of the fire too theres a bunch going the hey beets and the first pacquiao trees it sounds like right um if nobody else is gonna do it im just gonna make an arbor bench real quick i just wanna make sure were not duplicating oh go for it im glad you spoke up because i was about to hey every second healing wraps if you need them you have any twine in here i forgot eight you throw some in i put seven in the box with the pokemon in the box i put eight in the box with the wraps i im not seeing any twine people are saying theyre putting it in but im not serious there we go its in the middle box okay i hear something outside all right does anybody want a shield i have enough to make one more no and with that who had two-handed mace okay i got an extra shield as well someone needs one theres a few extra swords kicking around if nothing else im just repairing up some of my stuff here before we head out right im just about ready to head out and we only have stone stuff so it doesnt matter if we lose it right um and there we go all right you guys ready lets do it all right come on out lets come out by the uh forge and well head out ive got my wooden shield i can tank all right we got this guys my coffees gone oh no i know right i sympathy all right we ready lets do this all right come on everybody hey my character just said yep all right so we have to go if i remember right i mean its been a while so i did this but if we go down this way and we cross this little river here then we go if we follow the river a little bit and then veer off after the fork go to the right and then there should be one up there or we can climb that hill and then we can get a better look lets climb the hill and get a better look oh yeah i think its literally like on the other side of the hill yeah which shield plus already compromised oh hey never mind i found it guys its right here its up oh theres people oh never mind i found a camp guys yeah this is where my when i died yeah also keep an eye out for uh nyxs corpse right here they come Music and a scroll as our small fleet slid into the harbor i immediately recognize the handiwork of the asheroni oh hyenas the stones of the small queens Music okay apparently im having a hard time actually pointing in the right direction of these guys i just want to put my wife through my house this guys still talking to me i read his scroll and he just wont stop talking new luxembourg this is what happens when you uh volunteer to read peoples scripts it just keeps going on and on and on all right report that they have been working on a site further into the forest and that we will be able to move to those lodgings soon for now okay theres a uh burial like a a marker right here amazing also built upon foundations placed by somebody else all right im up here the thing he mentioned on the hill she looked unlike the others oh youre up there im the wolf behind you hyena oh finally he just shut up thanks dude oh heres the wall whats this so much Music either all right a few too many bodies in there for me all right good job all right here we are found it right here now were all gonna die in here just so everyone knows oh yeah totally right dont be fine right hey theres still silverstone here nice yes mine all the silverstone so we can lose it in there leave it for when we come out we might survive but then oh theres a ram coming there going to headbutt you i saved you guys good job nice oh hey thats right theres black ice here too we need to go down right yeah oh by the way you cant climb the structure so dont land on it oh no yeah it hurts everyones just standing around using rats right i think theres a really weird box in this little corner here dont worry i brought my torch well be fine i also brought i brought our booboo well be fine too oh yep nope everybodys got a torch now this heartbeat is very ominous ah thats fine its just designed to scare you its fine its fine let me read the story for you guys here it says welcome oh doesnt it right okay that looks like a lot of symbols used for uh to say welcome but all right okay were ready like 60 words for snow the same thing with this okay right all right going in its not loading for me no maybe were not going in yeah i had the translation wrong maybe it did maybe it just said go away vault not open maybe your poor translation offended the door right check the business hours right here i might remember reading like a few updates back that you have to be level 60 now oh no that would suck all right well lets go over this way then i mean theres got to be some trouble we can get into nothing yeah lets go over this way arent there like werewolves close by yeah i know theres a whole like city over this way where were the werewolves again all right watch out its right here big one sharp pointy teeth uh yeah dude that guy is actually gonna get you pretty bad did you bring your holy hand grenade oh here we go easily a dodge to that attack guys i found the big city it was hiding in the woods right here i found it hi water here didnt you get the complimentary water skin on the way oh oh skeleton what religion does my avatar worship oh yeah i forgot i they have a new one thats like the spider god and i went with that one and i havent made this shrine yet but it should be theyre up on the walls too oh they totally are get them and theyre spiders too oh hes there right well hurt oh theres a big dude right behind you and a little dude right behind you and he took my torch all right wheres everybody running off to killing skeletons ouch they have arrows oh this guy hurts hard okay yeah im trying to get to a spot where i can actually use a wrap this guy keeps chasing me and i dont like it oh hes trying to grab my butt hiding in a van and hold doesnt work no no no i could have told you that theyll chase right into that bannon does anybody have a water disconnected barrel because im currently oh ill check my body all that spider hit me in the face i know right all right dont worry i hit him in the face back ill be back up in there another big dude wait another or the same one oh this guys got spiky head thats the kind of cool Music all right lets get in here lets see what kind of danger we can uh stir up no elaria oh yeah yeah ill be back dont worry oh did you die oh absolutely well wait for a laureate here uh next to the bannon hole or actually we could go in there because i mean yeah we can start clearing some stuff dont trip lets do it look at the bow i can shoot them and get them oh that thats a really big skeleton lizard thing over there ah thats fine oh here comes one all right everybody if we surround him and hit him so much he wont be able to swing his weapons here we go guys hey you guys got a big bad dude coming your way and a butt ton not the other button sadly it doesnt seem to work as well as you would think against elephants i was so hoping my daggers dont seem to be doing anything against there we go that guys toast oh no all right all right now im pretty confident that we can take this guy on hes only hes only three yeah i mean its fine no no no its fine hey i found new luxer oh ive been snot rocks oh okay you found oh we everybody needs i found gold never mind unfortunately i dont have my pick back yet all right guys if you can hit him im kind of just luring him around batman thirst oh okay im gonna be dead soon dont be dead im trying not to all right let me see if i can get you a spot and bandage all right im bandaging keep doing what youre doing youre doing great ill be your cheering section i just forgot my pom-poms on this bow its shooting off to the left im blaming the bow already theres a big skeleton right behind you oh no im trying to run away from you yeah just youre keeping it busy which is kind of what we need and then we can dont run no it out you out but if i climb over this wall no no dont run were not trying to lose aggro were trying to have somebody hold aggro where everybody else kills it i think it gets stuck on the wall all right guys tank tank tank tank tank tank tank think tank oh wow that is a big one isnt it yeah hes just a little big as opposed to small big right right right crap thats fine oh im having a hard time keeping up i mean his health is going down by doing this he likes me oh yeah well thats what we want we want him to like someone nope but his archers like me too we havent killed all the archers i think they may have respawned i think they respawn fast oh okay well then well probably have to just get out of here all right well lets lets take off uh to the beach um we can dodge out back the way we came in and then run along the mountainside the hillside over towards the beach all right im running out if all of them respawn then its just theyre gonna just pile up on us constantly all right running oh theres spiders did you manage to get her huh i was just asking valeria was managing to get here yes yes i did all right run away thats right all right im on the back wall im skirting the edge all right oh dd you died in there yeah oh okay all right lets run lets go across this way and the cliff wall is a little too high for us to climb at this low level but um mind the spider behind me and im behind you yeah well just keep going its fine just giving warning before i bring new friends to the party you know right theres a lot of skeletons in there what did you guys do in there we dont talk about it oh okay now if you want the good news one of the skeletons that i actually killed i got steel bars off of them oh thats cool yeah i got a steel cleaver off one oh nice yeah im too bad oh hey black ice although i have a feeling this is uh like a level 30 plus area which is cool good one to pin on the map for later you know right all right i found the spot you can go up the hill oh the other way okay yeah other the fireside towards the beach huh well you can work your way around the side but im just going to go straight at the top im going to go see whats up here somethings chasing me again ugh oh hey i found the werewolves oh no nick are we ready to kill a werewolf sure yeah we totally got this dude hey i found the coal and a butt ton of metal oh Music oh oh yeah because the other temple thing is up the hill oh hey you tanked them masterfully man yeah you got stuck on the stump whats the key button in this game um just spin around right yeah i dont know if there is all right hey im im bringing a werewolf already no bringing a werewolf over here hey you get a werewolf he wanted to say who is this ellaria person and i said i was like hey i can go show you the right over here ouch Music Laughter up just in time to watch you guys die i wasnt just sitting here watching you die oh it was a degenerate howler slasher now what determines is the degenerate and then how do they have that right to actually call them a degenerate i dont understand that is rather mean of them well obviously the wolves named him that and thats why hes fighting the wolves because they were me right hes addicted all right well im not running back to get my corpse well just end stream here right okay you guys want to pop back over to base if youre uh dead or just throw your corpse at a werewolf its really cool and all the cool kids are doing it im just saying very effective right Laughter hey mikey im a little punchy i was kind of amazed that bobs hole didnt make an appearance uh at all you wait its coming all right but hey uh yeah all right so hey i think thats uh gonna do it for the stream i hope everybody had a ton of fun i had a blast uh on the new uh conan uh oh sipta server i plan to do uh some recording on it as well it should be a bunch of fun so hey um i hope you guys enjoyed it if you havent already make sure you click that thumbs up button not just for me but for all the foo fighters that were here uh helping out in the stream uh if youre new around here subscribe and until next time this is flickr foo and the foo fighters saying bye bye all right take it easy everybody steam winter sale 2022 games list Subscribe to Phlinger Phoo TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS BY CLICKING THE BELL ICON AFTER SUBSCRIBING! 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