21 The Black Hand Capital! (Conan Isle Of Siptah Multiplayer Gameplay)

Redeeming steam gift cardsteam deck battery replacement CONAN EXILES: ISLE OF SIPTAH gameplay at the message of the day I think I just heard inventory on my character so thats a positive yeah Im in okay just try it again wow you gotta end fast yeah I also need to uh get you guys some torch lights so you have a legendary Hammer weapon gotcha does this thing freaking wrecks or at least it wrecked the harpies by the way Tara congratulations on getting a shout out from the devs of uh yeah I saw that those builds are insane guessing you uh entered god mode and and didnt solo gather all that stone and stuff because that would have been absolutely insane it meant you had zero life um I dont know I mean Im feeling like that was a picture taken like in god mode but I feel like it was a build yeah spawn them in aint nothing wrong with that you still got to do the planning and making it all work and all that all right Im getting pissed why are nurses always running out of red crayons um I want to say color theory but thats only because I I have the Tumblr joke in my head should I take Marty with me no I need to take it you you have food of course you do not have food because nobody has food actually I have food for some reason s apparently it does not expire easily um shes just not feeling so fantastic no uh shes having a rough day we had our d d session and I think she inserted herself a little too much for that yesterday our our little tabletop group had to uh deal with a green dragon Young because were low level I mean dealing with a dragon is uh always a thing in D like like even if its young its a pain yeah well also yeah its because it has minions and stuff so it was dealing with all the you know guard Drakes and and slaves I dont remember what human food is good Savory steaks for Vitality all right Im gonna close Conan real quick because I cant find my server clearly ghost is getting in on it just fine so maybe well just let it close well let it figure itself out youll just have to listen to me um if I knew an easier way to show you my desktop with no pictures and all that I would do that put the source to that but I run a double monitor setup and I dont know which screen it would pull kill some area and butcher them oh  __  I also need to keep that Sickle on the hot bar because a bunch of aloe because we are super super low on that we are but fortunately were in a pretty Hollow Rich area so that will help like I closed the game and steam is still like Conan is playing would you like to force a stop its like no I dont because that will make it sit there and Ill let the sit here for half an hour verifying all my damn files but Im gonna have to do that anyway damn it thank you foreign whered that other deer go oh youre gonna be the pain one look everybody its a cat get him all right follow her will chase them and then when they break for it oh nope this deer is so fast this is Sparrow or at least the side of sparrow and by hand hi everybody get back here stupid here Sparrow we got enough meat yeah youre facing the camera now hey Conan sorted itself out a little bit well reboot it now obviously his ears are very itchy hes taken to doing something absolutely adorable late at night when Im on my couch because my chair I have a reclining chair and late in the day Ive put up my feet and I lean back and well be watching it or something like that and hes taken to climbing on my tummy so he can get onto my chest and he will basically lean in and boot my nose with his head oh my gosh yes hell run in hell lean in and use his nose and his forehead to Boop at my nose its absolutely adorable hes horribly cute hes not very smart but hes hes got it in cuteness dont you but yeah there you are these pharaohs providing entertainment for everybody while going inserts himself out oh dang I didnt realize oven has 30 strength already yeah so lets get the Vitality up so we can actually survive  __  theyre all didnt even think to check his stats I dont yeah of course Eed has been in the news a lot for everyone whos been following that stink bomb that happened all right whats the name of the Yu-Gi-Oh monster will oh yeah but I heard about that DMD thing like thats I I love the fact that they like hard reverse I want to know which executive thought it was a great idea to release that even for beta testing like they claim for you know opinions and Gathering theres right before their movie comes okay well first off that was not a beta theyre trying to claim it oh yeah yeah yeah I know those were sent out to content creators with a week to sign with a contract you do not send out s for feedback with NDA contracts to be signed oh yeah no theyre theyre back pedaling and also theyve already taught to uh Kickstarter to get uh people who fund projects on Kickstarter oh less royalty wow they tried to say oh its because we dont want people to be doing racist stuff the original ogl covered that so pretty much everything they did in their apology later letter is a bald-faced live save for like one or two lines uh its clear that like they have been reported in and insiders have talked about Wizards doesnt really care about the community they see customers as an obstacle to to your wallet hey look at that theres our server hey nice um so yeah they they didnt talk to the community they didnt think about it they just wanted to know how to get more of that money because if you think about it like critical role probably the biggest no well-known uh tabletop streaming service and Matt Mercer who has created books for Hasbro and for green running in the past has made literally millions and millions of dollars I mean their Kickstarter went over 10 million dollars to do an animated Show Now mind you critical role is a role rule is pretty good about doing charitable works and donations and things like that so its not like theyre just like you know Scrooge mcducking diving into piles of money yeah um but watsi wants a cut of that pie so I I love seeing some of the memes and stuff people made about it though because they had like you know company trying to sneak things by you know you know obtuse legal documents and then its like the community that has spent years you know arguing over the minutia of every Rule and legality its six months in a row you are incredible thud much love to you everybody give love to thud for those of you that do not know the great thud is my sister yes Music uh yeah I dont know why a company whose game is about finding rules exploiting rules and finding the loopholes thought something like this would get by said people because the people who uh run the company dont play D they dont they absolutely do not and lets be honest wat c is now part of Hasbro and Hasbro is a huge huge company it is like a billion dollar company people they own a lot of properties they own Terminator oh not Terminator them all into the ground Power Rangers they own My Little Pony they own Dungeons and Dragons they own a lot of games Hasbro is a big thing and d d is I dont want to say its small potatoes because it isnt but its not up its not general or comparatively all right hey were in the game oh thats my challenges today uh chill Birds Harvest gossamer uh I can Harvest gossamer you eat crocodiles dance at the Rave in the rubble apparently there is a raise foreign well I mean part of the only reason they responded so quickly uh Watson all this stuff is because basically some of the smart people like theyre only going to listen if you hurt their bottom line oh yeah everyone started unsubscribing yeah they lost a rap ton of money their servers crashed because so many people were canceling their DND Beyond subscription so quickly yep if you make a company hurt theyll do you know the right thing theyd only take you have to get to the where it hurts though super Doom King purple Armageddon that is crazy I here we go this will be for you the great thud ah done coming in with the 1000 bit hip smash safe there it goes I can hear the cat here theres Asha oh I love this Torchlight Hammer all you gotta do is just throw it on your back and then unequip it and uh you can like mine and have like a mining light its nice uh how many coins do I have can I buy you one yet no I need one more coin size May sword shield all right well lets thats not what I wanted to do but whatever skinny nice size nice pickaxe thats the one to see my pickaxe there we go this is a regular storm and not the storm the magic storm interesting probably gonna forget that Im putting all this iron on the horse but uh iron on the horse even though I have it Im not putting my sisters character in the dorketto armor that will be a little uncomfortable possibly I I love my sister my sisters incredible shes awesome shes smart um yeah all right I need to get some spider webs and I just hurt myself oh did you turn our uh Bearer thrall for into your sister yeah I did nice they are not a high level of air thrall so theyre going to need a little bit of training to survive my sister and I are pretty great uh our Russians are pretty great uh we care about each other a lot were pretty close uh we never really fought a whole lot of some siblings too um oh  __  I know I annoyed her ones in high school because I am the younger one by a not small amount um she was trying to be a cool high school arcade in her middle schooler little sister was trying to hang around stop up my horse but we early on developed our own language we talked to each other in movie quotes oh what the hell yeah yes I did run over my sister with a car to be fair I was a baby the worst yeah my family visited some family friends my sister was behind the car I was a baby in the car and unless you forget you know this is well before the age of lock your baby in a car seat all the time and I was a very very active kid um even as a baby my mom had me on the floor in the kitchen once left the kitchen for like two minutes and came back and I was on top of the refrigerator damn no idea how the hell I got up there but this is how I was from pretty much birth much to my poor mothers uh pain and suffering uh as I were oh team the spiders is way the hell down there do I want to go that far yeah I guess dont you run from me you oh my God wheres this oh I got one hell did it even go yeah it wasnt on purpose but I knocked the car out of here it was on a slight Hill and it bumped over my sisters leg okay youre my superpower no okay chasing after a horse on a horse obviously squeak knows this story because she is the thud and the Barrels mother hi squeak love you two barrels mom but no we never really hurt each other you know little bumps and scrapes when we were goofing off and stuff but Id like to say we have a pretty good relationship wheres my mace did I put my mace away I am an idiot did I drop my mace did I I think I dropped my mace where did I drop my mace it was a nice maze we just made it no I put it on the weapon rack thats right oh Im glad you still have it come on so glad you were able to make it here hope you all are doing good over there havent gotten to see my family in quite a while they are not close and well covet happened uh beryllium do you happen to know what it takes to make two Stables if you could make those up by my forge on the hillside Im coming back with the forces now um I am not near the base oh okay and Im currently in a fight so I will let you know what it takes in just a bit I could probably take care of it then if youre if youre away from the base three construction Hammer Stables he said yeah I dont think they take refined material I think uh the single Stables take a hundred wood 75 Stone five twine for a small animal pen oh sorry Staples you said yeah 15 brick 10 shaped wood oh it does take we got that yeah I love passive light in this game its what its needed do I have a torch because its dark dont build a stable out here get some good throws at that building Ill keep that in mind Sunny if youre here can you kill that bot please ban them and burn them crush them into ugly Gems or something I dont thank you youre awesome Sonny thats a movie quote in the night in the dark where no one can hear you far from town one of the quotes we like to do which always gets people to look is we did one of your things we killed the pimp and the fat man its time to do one of my things which is probably a movie not many people have seen because its not like its you know quoting Goonies or James Bond or something but its a hilarious film I think let me climb careful Wicked you might find us out that were secretly John Wicks rivals it is a more useful uh quote than you think uh yeah ban that person also that that start the furnace when even twitch is like this is suspicious wow yeah which is uh not usually fast on the uptake there so likely ban evader restricted to hi I wanted to offer promotion engine yep thats another another person to ban oh apparently they are banned nine seconds ago yeah you dont get to say Im assuming nobody else has seen that message from uh Theo Chen you you might actually be seeing yeah I was gonna say the streamers get the uh banned message stuff I know I yeah its its from that movie whos that girl starring Madonna which is kind of like an 80s remake of bringing up baby what are you hi rhino oh yeah Rhinos fun theyre real Annoying they like targeting your horse so uh keep them away from your horse I dont have a horse my horse died well soon you will have a horse I am working on that now uh lets see you know Im just gonna take a hundred and it was brick wasnt it uh do I want to butcher or do I want to skin the horse oh theres more or not worse uh always skin they have really good hide um uh Stables 15 bricks of 30. was that a hundred shaped wood no 10. okay I can put a lot of this back oh it is blizzarding out over by me oh thank you Wicked thats so nice of you now squeak has all the emotes to join us can you ask if beryllium is watch Doctor Who and if so asper Liam thinks Doctor Who is a thief uh yes I have watched Doctor Who all except for the most recent doctor I havent had a chance to catch up on uh 13 14s run um I well I should say I have watched all the modern who I have not watched a lot all the classic I I have seen some classic stuff um but not all of it uh I do consider myself a bit of a movie and I do like it uh my favorite is Peter Capaldi um followed by David Tennant uh do I think if the doctor is a thief uh technically the whole concept is that he stole a tardis or she stole him I mean that gets into a whole bunch of stuff about that uh where am I you are over where the horses are you are coming up the valley theres kitties at that Lake um there are that is the uh the valley we used to try settling at yes tenant is a fantastic guy I loved when he was at a convention and you know because he was the 10th doctor and someone asked him uh or rather was a Doctor Who convention and someone was talking to the fifth doctor and asked him what is the weirdest thing a fan has ever given you as a gift and his reply was a daughter or granddaughter because well damn sure is the character Jenny who is a clone of tenant and uh shes was a blonde character in one of tennis episodes the and what have you they fell in love and they are now married and have a kid well there you go hey where are you thats a lot of uh am I near the spiders yes Im getting near the spiders good I need my Scythe out okay um can we build the upgraded stable yes I can build the upgraded stable but the horses takes long enough that theyre gonna be done next stream regardless of what I put them in so I dont bother doing anything special something is attacking me ah go away spiders actually is there even an upgraded stable theres theres the little animal small animal pendant stable thats it yeah I dont think the the animal pen has a higher tier the stable I dont know theres like three tiers of animal pen yeah thank you Trolls best weapon is a mace there we go yeah I feel like the uh the Hammers and maces are real good against most of the uh wild creatures like Spears might be good against the humans but uh yeah no this uh this Warhammer is uh definitely doing more damage okay eating food that was dumb theres usually berry bushes around so shift but yes whats your problem overlapping Im so happy that you two get to be here for the Stream Im sorry its such a dark its because Im in the stupid storm here Im near the that storm needs to go away but I guess I should be glad that the Elder things or whatever those arent coming out after me in the storm so small blessings yeah I think this is just a normal storm I dont think its the store I think this is bad oh hi what are you you you stay there nope stay stay there wait am I trying to build the right things I know they were working pretty ragged there for a while yeah Rock nose boss oh lets be stupid how many skulls is that what do you guys think one or three um three yeah big rock nose um nope yeah the Sunder because they have such good armor thats yeah definitely he is really fast wow wow ow is it Rock nose from uh the old series Rock nose a rock slide uh yeah hes turned around I got a cat chasing me I got two cats chasing me I can deal with cats ow oh nope three cats I said there never was a cat as clever ow get my stamina back all right your horses are in theyre working uh uh Im gonna die what do you say where the hell did my bludgeon go I have put my bludgeon in a random container oh boy put them horse its probably in the horse nope my bludgeon is somewhere all right I gotta go find it three Skull Rock slide okay I I it was it the three skull yeah it was a three skull yeah I got a little hell back piss off theres only one of you and youre almost dead correction now youre all dead the storm used to go away Im tired of the dark Music in the dark and the night no one can see me look lets see the bloods in here now thats a regular mace is it up in my chest Im gonna go to his cheek and turn on Advent mode and just be like slash and storm have uh like you saw in the 1000 bit that Marty likes to do and that my uh that thud does I do have a few uh special things that dont just do the default uh bit gifs uh uh I believe it is four and five are the other ones I have set up so far um that will do something unique uh one is uh a head desk and the other one is you know raging where am I I need to go through the mountain pass found it dont have the expertise makes me think of that old fantasy movie called I dont know why it just does uh just when you cheer uh just type uh is it slash cheer I think I think so yeah uh just do like slash cheer four slash cheer five um instead of doing like a hundred um and instead of the little coin popping up youll youll see it uh uh oh I have lots of things to learn all right lets go through these but like here Ill Ill redo the 1000 one that thud did and Marty but like how this one does that weaponsmith armor Smith have you ever seen uh crawls ghost crawl not coal I think you want the other slash thud I dont think so its a fun fantasy film where am I Im going the wrong way thats where I am 55-ish Im also super dehydrated lets eat some food eat some more food eat some more food there we go and there should be some water up ahead try without the slash just do like cheer four maybe I dont know uh I havent done it in so long and I cant do oh Brimstone I didnt know there was Brimstone this close to our base uh theres Brimstone usually near each of them silver where you at oh yeah yeah yeah theyre silver and theres actually gold if you go around the corner there yeah thats the deposits Ive been hitting up for the gold and silver coin making all right now why did that not work hang on everybody now repair the trunchkin inventory go over here and I should be able to make advancements Ill see if I can test them for everybody all right lets see variations ah my bad its five and six so uh this should be thats for the five bit and if you do six the volume changes because Im tapping in and out of the game I I havent figured out why that happens youre about to square to get into a car accident I did not Sunny Mr fat after the fact fun fact David Tennant episode one Doctor Who his wife got to act as his own daughter huh its now a rectangle uh the jokes today oh theyre good what am I carrying thats so heavy lots of stuff what dont we need do we really need wood or bark right now uh bark we need wood we dont we have a bajillion bark wait where the hells the water hey water okay 10 hardened steel we also have a million oil now so were not urgent on oil Advanced weapon fitting but I dont have any Master stuff yet I havent learned that were not the master the uh weapon oh I dont think you guys got to see it before you logged in and the suns finally out uh thud and uh sudden squeak theres the base I built a little blocky on that one facing but you know I havent done that ever yet uh Wicked I dont even know where that is uh ghosts and them have gone out hunting ghost and star uh but Ive usually been the one stuck here well I should say stock Ive been the one whos been trying to get our base because if you remember like two two purges ago we had them spawn inside our base and we really didnt want that to happen again and star said if you enclose it like this usually it wont oh hey its a puffers okay you just want to burn a thousand calories usually fire Fires pretty good thats a lot of compost yeah uh all of the uh Stables that we were having all the horses from had tons and tons of poop so uh no but I mean actual compost like its actually they must have upped the product rate on that or something well I mean it sat there for a week too and we had tons of Supply so it should have had all the ingredients this is true all right I am now on my way to get you and star some porch lights so Im gonna go knock out a few people because I need to set my troll to not attack please kind of follow me around an absorb experience that is your goal engagement do not attack we need bone meal well there are plenty of Bones downstairs in a box so lets throw them in the grinder you say burn thousand calories leave the pizza in the oven ah do not burn the pizza the pizza is good I will definitely check that out Marty or Tara kill the rabbits killed uh well take the pain Express down I passively regen health only in video games do do that logic Im gonna throw myself up a three-story building Crush my hips into my chest because Ill feel better eventually life would be a lot better if our entire you know physical state of being was expressed with just a simple HP bar and all we had to do was anything that fills HP bar fixes anything that caused a problem with it with ebar broke a leg Im just gonna have a nice meal and Ill read you in that health all right okay thick hide in there put the lime in the coconut add some bark who gets level up punches you both do oh thats what I was gonna do I was gonna see about drying out some uh some of this to see about getting more seeds so lets try 50. that will get us seeds lets take the meat out yeah I think I have the regular steel um we dont have star metal yet so we havent gone to the center to grab a star uh we do have some of the aldarium from our uh journey into default last time all right we need a better box bigger box hammer decoration storage large chest 15 and 5. wait was it 15. crocodiles all right Ill do that one next all right get ourselves a nice chest I had 1 000 hardened steel when you were making it oh I must have uh left star or uh black ice in the furnace oops well or did I get that oh I know I think I got that from the loot boxes imagine being so burdened with Im just carrying like 800 pounds of dried meat yeah this new bludgeon Works real good on sorcerers take care quick thanks for stopping by you guys are on my nerves hope you have a sweet dreams and I hope to see you next time hopefully I didnt miss you stop throwing grenades or you dont keep throwing grenades because youre only killing your own dudes hitting with arrows theres the Archer you oh rest well lets go here because we gotta turn the Rhino hide into this strip it down I need to get more aloe another hardened spear Ill grab that for one of you guys sorcerer three and a sorcerer two today on the ship thats actually a real good profit for me do we have any like spare bone just sitting around that we dont really need to be uh down next to the armory in the wooden chest down there wooden chest next to the Army oh yeah there we go thats lots of bone Ill take about 200 of that yeah take it all like I dont think we really have much use for it so maybe alcohol or maybe the uh I know theres a few like recipes that do use it but I just need to get some of it all right 11 thats not bad 11 ancient obelos um I think I need yeah no this one this is the this is the tier three album or sorcerer there we go all I need for the weapons from them all right random dog comes in for one bite and then backs off all right thats all I needed for uh bad dog all right lets see here you guys cool with me okay I was just attacking the dog that was attacking me so knife out and start looting no the witch Camp location sell the black blood tools are gonna be the best most legendary and best tools in the game yeah I know I saw about that they are basically equivalent of the uh star metal here oh hey weve got more seats down here nice speaking of seeds and things lets check out the temple theyre doing everything we cant care if its in a chest its worth something Ill either dismantling Ben  __  or something later since I know Sonnys a fan and I will go ahead and put on the darketto outfit real quick I dont know where this guys actual body is but its not rare there you go this is the keto priest armor battle ax I love this ship it this ship is the most broken ship in the game because you get all of this resources you can grab all this reminds me of is the joke video about a female armor and fantasy stuff where uh its of course sexy and skimpy and and form-fitting uh and the the female Adventure is not happy and like why just the other day a woman was killed when she was shot in the boob boob everyone everyone knows a boobs a womans weaks point shes like no she was shot in the heart no Im sure thats not right your own spear prepare some stuff oh my God I have so much carry weight I looted this entire base and Im still not full I love it I need hide huh do we have any untanned hide oh we got plenty we got a lot hey yeah no Im working on this thats why I said we definitely need the bark because it was the one thing that didnt run and Alexs best one-handed weapon for the combos yeah if you get the battle ax with the hatch rowing Hatchet yeah beryllium is the expert at the uh spin of Doom I wish they had like an armor rack that you could put things on oh like a mannequin or something is that your mannequin I thought I thought there was something like that we just usually decorate our thralls with them because we usually had more thralls than armor anyway yes armor is very much a loose term well yeah just gonna leave that there and just not say anything else probably dont need to be carrying quite this many arrows anymore oh um in The Alchemist bench there is a Dragonfire thing so you can do the mix the elements of uh the jars combined orbs I might have actually done that one do you know what path or what step thats on I have no clue combine orb effects I actually managed to get it I think uh one of the their fire people threw a fire at me when I had thrown down an iron uh a oil patch uh or grease patch so it got the effect off thats another thing we need to build as a trebuchet hey whats the status on Stars oh its completely gone they got it all yeah are you punch us wants you to wear this armor all right lets see what armor the one youre wearing yeah all right throw it in the uh freezer here I guess probably in the freezer you want this armor colder okay game on there you go ghost uh uh that one and that one is that the bracers too yeah yep there you go sunny I look fabulous little breezy just just a little bit I could probably make a second set of that I need my heavy armor values though eight eight or eight four eights a 15 and a 23. uh silver steel steel yeah I dont have hardened steel unless its in this thing yeah I dont have hardened steel I thought we had more but were still were not quite up to the hardened steel tier yet Im a little bit on the over level s because Ive been out uh doing a lot of the Gathering and stuff yeah what level are you three almost four yeah Im 44. so ghost has got 10 levels on me actually you know what we dont even need that steel fire Im gonna put the steel fire somewhere else because man I think I had some fire powder Ive got potent compost on me thats what you need to grow uh Lotus stuff um take care thud just kind of loot whatever and uh yeah end up with a lot of weird stuff in my inventory all the time hey where are you ghost hi next yeah hold still okay good our uh oh ah ah careful the thrall is here and the cat is upstairs I didnt know it was a gas cloud I thought it was like the snake or whatever how much does that hurt that does a decent amount does it hit a second story no it doesnt look like its going up but no its staying for its still going what the hell arrow is that I have learned how to make poison arrows yeah no thats real good it just dissipated so thats a great one to do when you have a crowd of people that you need to deal with definitely since Im going the archery route I made sure to make a bunch of specialty arrows ah which Rhymes uh wheres our arrows the chest back here yep got a whole bunch of arrows on me that I do not need Im gonna get rid of this hunting bow I need to make get a better bow made for me Iron Head iron head razor Steel honestly these Flint heads could go to a Archer Ivory is good is there a reason Vines oh okay that makes the uh the loaf of bread okay I was wondering where the kid being vines in the temple Im like um losing the wrong spot nope all right Im gonna go run to our original base location because the uh slaver Merchants there sell the Torchlight and Im gonna get torchlights for both you and star nice we still do not have an edge Smith so Edge Smith is super high priority it is worth dying over it is worth losing our armor over if we can keep one and keep it alive so lets see heres our single biggest thrall need the bone meal and there that should make us a bunch of compost we need more plants need to make some bigger chests yeah I think Berlin was yeah I really wish it was like Raph where you could put the chests on the wall yeah that would be cool or she okay oh wow I did not take much damage for considering how far I just fell hey doggos damn nearly killed it out grab like 35 of these make some bigger chests oh uh beryllium on the wall right above the uh um blacksmith the lowest weapon rack has a hardened steel Sphere for you that I looted from the boat near us as well as Sumerian battle ax are the agility weapons uh the spear is not its a strength one but you should actually be able to make the uh I think what was it I was looking this up earlier thing wheres our ancestral knowledge knowledge the stuff we learned from the harpy vaults oh hold on murder that dog at least I forget Brimstone needs to go in the fire bowl yes um what is it what was it called Harpys Armory or something Barry probably bald harpia signature statue Harpy Armory the harpies daggers um I believe you should be able to craft those now they are a I think theyre bleed and  __  knives and they are an agility weapon takes 12 of the oladrium and weapon handle 64. so I dont know theres a weapon handle I know how to make weapon handle doesnt look like it uh can I learn to make a weapon handle uh weapon handle weapon handle weapon handle uh search handle that would be candle foreign epic weapons that unlock at 60. ah the weapon seriously its um sadness specialist two-handed specialist one-handed and specialist epic which is where you can get that so not gonna be me for a bit oh hey I need to go Harvest a few more trees have a lot punches level up punch someones already killed all the trees at our front door yeah I said blue I said the bark into the uh thing oh my horse is one level away from the new uh perk yeah you are successful I kill that please hey the storm finally went off we should give you a hardened steel and steel you know what you can just take my heart and steel spear Im just gonna use the words like forever you are kind of  __  with those Steel knives I find that as a rule for all seem to do better with bigger bigger swing weapons as opposed to the Fast and the you know flurries does there were yeah they just started with knives and then I had a steel knife that I looted so I gave it to them but yeah theyre definitely not benefiting from it bounty hunting turned into body all right so that do I have to like knock somebody out or do you have to drag it out how do I do uh you to you knock the sorcerers out they are the only ones that the bounty hunters care about and the bounty hunters are just north of us or whatever um if you go to I dont think theres a the the north Camp above us does not I think have a sorcerer if you go west like Northwest along that Beach Road um arnos Prospect is uh where the boat is and theyre usually less two spawns there Ive never been there but Ill check it out yeah thats the thats the boat Ive been camping and farming the sorcerer is on because its been giving me a lot of good points so knockout uh Sorcerers and then kill everyone else hey I need to get some uh need to get some uh Rawhide bindings do we have better than Rawhide yet um I can make steel I just havent yet well leathers the top tier Im talking about bindings not yeah I can make the chain ones I think or maybe that requires the I I currently have Rawhide is what Im running on yeah Ill Ill get some Rawhide and Ill just bring some leather to repair it if need be Im always disappointed by these prisoner cages they never have thralls in them I have a weapon to use from horseback its a bit of an oversight but not a big deal I see a glowing uh goop deposits my sickle make sure my bow is using steel arrows it is put the not back there like all righty and I put my construction hammer on the wall I can nice love and Rex can hold construction hammers nice are you leaving too squeak are we saying bye to thud awesome the storm ends just in time for it to get dark story of ilocipda yeah thats why the torch light is enjoy that four minutes alike good now have 50 in darkness like can I learn just how to hang a lantern for my hip or something you can hang one from your back once I get you this uh Torchlight hammer take care squeak love you okay so that throws it yeah close enough yeah all right so you said go west from our base like down this road like I mean uh Northwest Northwest yep youre on the right Road just follow that youre gonna hit a patch of birds and then over the cliff from the birds is a ship theres ship a lot of people on it I need to kill birds oh I might have killed them already I dont know if theyd come back yet we think about modding nope youve been playing pretty vanilla oh theres a bird thats a dead bird come here bird heres somewhere I just saw you whered you go person Music looks like meats back on the menu boys this implies there are restaurants in Mordor foreign tells you interesting things I mean mortar used to be like a massive Empire like if they never developed no Mordor was never a massive Empire that thats uh something else that was uh well there used to be a massive Empire in the area uh not really in that area there was a bunch of fields and other stuff before and there was an l and some Elves that were out there for quite a while but it was never like you know ministeria or anything like that no not for that part as far as I remember star is star is your Tolkien expert there they are you okay so these are the people I take them to free Warhammer on starter Beach all right this mod let you have two thralls um I think the skill lets you do that too I just havent expected charisma lets see Authority uh maximum followers increased by one however your statistics no longer influence your followers damage outputs but yeah I know what I mean admittedly a mod that would allow more followers would be an interesting one but one we necessarily need hi sorcerer I need to knock you out oh why am I getting shot from oh along the cliff wall theres usually a couple archers that just hang back and pick at you theyre like on the lower side of the wall against the Stone Edge all right were just gonna run away for a bit because my torch just broke and Im getting hit by like eight people there was no people and then suddenly I had yeah its a very crowded boat if youve walked into the actual boat area oh you stupid Archer oh great and now Im stuck in the wall go away need wood and fiber cant even see anything so tired of dark one of those mods help where youre playing solo yeah luckily when uh you know we have the whole group together three people we handled the Vault pretty well with three I see like two would have had some troubles of dogs just so many dogs have they finally stopped following me can I repair my damn torch foreign legendary weapon Jesus well that was annoying as hell is me which one of you sells uh uh Fords light I think its you Im gonna poison that damn Archer light Im not a waste of poison arrow item just for spite that you ghost are you there now no Im way back in the other like where we spawned oh gotcha I saw someone running around I was like wait is that ghost in the distance or is that somebody else oh  __   __   __  run run run run run run dislike that the flavors have an issue with you pulling your weapon in their proximity I will kill you all right you know what truth one blow huh and youre dead hey its an armor I dont even have anything on you youre not even worth killing did I bring my religious weapon out here I did not oh you have a named armorer no oh Meanwhile my follower is stuck on a tent pole that guy died from one arrow shot Im not here to that Ricky what are you some morning yeah its a pretty low level cam so it makes it pretty easy to farm they other than the one skull like the sorcerers are actually the most threatening hes got a blunted spear right through his skull wow and its the sorcerer stop beating on my horse and my thrall enjoy being able to One-Shot them yeah do I get lucky and is there a kitty spawn no oh theres a kitty come on fall asleep I have stolen the kitty youre gonna be the crazy cat people and have so many cats there stop walking away from me slowly I never wanted to be here so I just take this guy take this guy unconscious to the so you get in with the gate yeah you drag him over the wagon walk up the back ramp and then click on the cage Music all right bear thrall too bad I cant well actually no I guess I could just put you on scouting and youll oh hello nice oh that got me to level six laughs more of you in the camp I didnt realize you get experience for turning them in but thats nice no uh it was about a a task thing for me ah really I love how ghost is the reason for always having you want to see whos the better the whole Camp so like if this cat belonged to one of them uh mine now I claim right of Salvage Salvage the kitty the bounty there were more Sorcerers here before there should be two theres one on the top of the ship and one on the point of the bow of the ship okay well Im not finding the other one all these chests are empty because youve been here recently Im assuming yeah that was where I went to grab the gold that I needed to turn into this card fights two months thanks for resubscribing but yeah I needed the uh the ancient obelos where are you guys the torchlights yeah Im over encumbered but it doesnt bother me because I have the park oh damn it I put all my food away well theres Exquisite stew stop now they just like full stop will not go anywhere hey those are birds I need to kill birds theyre one wow did that go thank you Music lets get rid of these crappy Iron Head arrows real quick all right how do you turn a thrall to scouting uh uh have another thrall follow you without telling them to stand guard or anything ah okay follow and then actually no you need to stay here because I need you here so I can grab my thrall out of the spawn zone so I dont leave you in the spawn Zone and have to just die on me hed in a rack thing Ive already gotten the book here I think I did but I dont know where it is oh its this thing I need a shovel I have not learned how to make a shovel yet or have I Im totally leaving all this bird meat here I dont care there we go that Bearer may or may not make it back to base but its only a bear one so I dont really care all right how many ancient overloads do I have 37 hey theres people on top of the thing there you know maybe Ill go to this Camp maybe something new overburdened right eat you know I dont know when the last time I looked at my attributes was your level you are level five get good Vitality gains though I need to go uh drink some water wheres the wall River yeah you know what water bottles he murdered that dog for me thank you no Im kind of far away from you ghost you know what Ive got the spare overloads Im going to buy my thrall a torch Sprite like not do enough damage with that hard steel sphere and then hell act as a torch when hes following me around which just makes him a little bit more better excuse me maam Id like one more torch light please thank you and then one more bird and a prey and oh I bet you the deer are prey animals Ive been ignoring them I should be killing them yeah best isnt worth the Salvage material and the weight I think I need to kill purchase ax with the lion for 15 obelos yeah that was where I got your guyss acts of lions oh they just closed the chat what are their supply materials uh those are tier four the little caches of loop that come off of the uh Bearer thralls but those ones are the tier four version which means they have usually like a bunch of steel ingots and stuff in them theyre really really good exchange deal but uh were kind of good on steel at the moment no I need to get the cap just doing the thread between your legs thing oh come on was that another one of those poison yes fuming cave I do not have a poison resistance mask unfortunately all right the level I very much like to go in there though cool I did learn Sandstorm math so I just need to go make one look at that shot from downtown dead eat crocodiles defeat prey animals interesting oh do you mind dog just need to watch out for the bear traps and the mines shot of the dead silent lets you ll be delivered into your inventory thats nice see how good this uh thrall with the legendary is where is unicorn how many black and Alliance unlock level one to come to claimed okay so Im guessing they either want me to buy a battle pass or have to earn it the old-fashioned way yeah theres certain free ones and theres certain paid ones and stuff oh hey I was gonna check out my attributes nice just got the third perking agility nice oh yeah I havent actually put an attribute point in it a bit well I think I might change out of agility and turn into grit instead because extra stamina seems to be a good idea and slight in stamina increase not so much but backstab might but I do hit from behind a lot when were distracting people with like the heartbeats so that are better knockout Arrow stuff things those are cool okay inch of bow damage 15. not needed for that bird and steel tools need to be level 50. whats my Bose damage 11. so yeah that would be better um knowledge weapons thats what Im using but thats better by Four Points Music before I wait five levels dont waste the pen knowledge points yeah not Ill just wait I hear hooves oh youre up there ow dont shoot me with arrows so far away I need to kill them sorcerer ah Applause you guys are not sorcerers and boom Music how dare you live with 6 hp I had that with a deer its like I did my combo and it had two HP in the and you know you have to recover from your combo and then youre like bye its like oh you suck okay I dont know where I can deliver him yet so Im gonna just leave him here and Im gonna remember that theres a sorcerer right there I dont see the uh I really like the fact that the slavers are around most areas but they arent they dont seem to be up here yet or at least they havent discovered where theyre sitting where are you lets see ah I think Ive got a lot of these shitty little uh potions and stuff from uh wandering around Music so I need to find another yellow named brawl we dont have anyone left here right now Im going to be a good thing to have tell me your name so that I can carve it up here just climbing a random thing because its like whats up here I can see you again Im a cat that Quacks sorcerer yeah I know youre there so the claws are digging into my flesh stick to the Outlander must be held like a baby are you considered a pretty animal s a minute youre just a goat you know I dont actually have to uh you know turn these in alive I do get a minor reward if I just kill them I dont know where the slaver Turning Point turning skulls dont do that Beauty arrows at me I will come up there and kill you sir can you uh finished murdering this dude on the ground for me buddy youre probably programmed not to now its the fish people all right you know Im just gonna wait till they wake back up yeah I dont want to deal with the fish people these people suck I tried fighting them they take forever they do giant sacks I hit points they dont even have very good loot theyre guarding a dungeon of their kind yeah just keep stabbing you with the carving knife oh its gonna take a while I have a gas bomb no all right well I guess you live until you wake up and then Im gonna come back for you guys theyre way up where the hell is your staircase I will oh hello are you sleeping in a boat smelter three get better smelters from the slavery how do you get better slaves slave uh better um if you talk to the people near the turn-in cage uh if you pay 50 of the ovalos you can get either a worker or a fighter the worker has a chance of being smelter or a dancer or Carpenter stuff like that not an edge Smith unfortunately but everything else kind of hey is that a really big crocodile oh we already have a better task master than you look at that shot from all the way down here Music boom yeah kick me with your little Peg Leg Harvest of course using a religious tool but I forgot mine do they only take Sorcerers or just Sorcerers give you the best just sorcerers if you uh chat with them theyll tell you theyre here to like learn about magic and stuff and so we basically want you to kidnap the sorcerers so they can learn the magic from them the higher level they are the more reward you get too so do opy uh the backside works really well though uh if you have you know a group of people doing a dungeon together ouch  __  stop shooting me peace pieces of  __  I like walk anywhere and I mean Im immediately Im in their enemy base but thats a thats a skull dog oh wow were just gonna wait for that Thunder to go away finisher murder that guy for me you guys give me any food how rude well I guess oh lasting piece no thatll work that dog hurts Im just gonna kill you guys thats right all righty sorcerer go squeeze all right so combat 50 worker for 50. gotcha how many do I have 10. buxby I havent seen you in a while how you doing oh okay oh that did like a hundred damage I didnt think the spikes would hurt that much ouchies Im so welcome back Flexi how long to steam eggs for soft boiled Lets Play Conan 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