Conan Exiles - Como pegar o Pet Brutus, cachorro gigante na Ilha de Siptah (Gameplay PT BR)

Steam roll back game updatecan you pirate games on the steam deck CONAN EXILES: ISLE OF SIPTAH gameplay Andthen Applause Music and Hail hail guys first sorry for my hoarseness my voice still has nt come back without percent on Sunday at two oclock in the afternoon Im going to play the rerun on of the last live I did and in it I I say what happened to my voice, its two oclock in the afternoon there will be a rerun there today Ill show you who dont watch Live how to catch the brutes the giant dog Where to catch it on the island of Cita how to catch it where to catch it and how to develop the brutos that gave live watched live the com helped me Thanks com and now Im going to show the people who didnt see the life if you didnt see the Live and dont want to miss more Live link in the description of my channel on Twitch TV because you dont if you miss the lives that I do from Conan exsyliss there and leave a like already subscribe to the channel If you are subscribed and lets go there its just for you how to get the brutes this little dog here is a giant dog in fact the brutes are in this area here from the map right in the heart of the ashes in this area here the brutes are here normally they are under a hole in the underground in the underground there underground there are many traps there you have to be very careful with the traps if you can kill the brutes that are still there its a puppy But the last time I got him he wasnt underground he was walking among the minions It may be that the developer took him out of the basement of the hole there and put him walking among the minions to make it more difficult but we re going there and were going to see where Brutus is going to be Lets get it lets bring it back and Ill show you how to step on it can develop the brute lets go lets go guys I crossed the bridge here ah Im right here on this part Im going to climb over there to get up there to get to the place we want Im going to show you the thorns here in general you see oi lets call you have to be very careful here its full of armad islands and and Im going to come here on the left side ok look bear traps here in one two theres three theres another one over there on the other side ok and be very careful in here theres a minion a weak NPC is not very strong but there are traps that can kill the brutes for you, you have to be very careful when going down the NPC is there, kill him, be careful there is a trap here, the brutes have to be here on the side, Lucas is not here on the side, you just need to be quick, look and see what happened, maybe the group decides to walk around oi oi G1 Andthen and even he comes with the meat that the brutes eat on the Gabriel Burger King its shape here the trap here the container there but the groups that should be ok here in the car and and now Im going to take a look up there to see if I can find him up there Andthen Andthen and maybe hes walking around here and the problem is that up here theres a lot of inpc what to take a lot be careful there if you want to be walking around here look, look, look, I found one and show this exporter here and Im going to eat it. there to have a good life for us to do agility ours that does not give agility that gives nothing and lets go and run oh he oh oh he got me he let me go And oh oh And then Andthen And remember that theres a trap here in it was and now its chipped that Im being the horse here and it ends up assuming Jesus Andthen and today I think my horse left I think my horse just left but thats it guys I wanted to show you where the brutes get now Im going back to the base and Im going to show you how to make the brutes develop And then, well, guys, I arrived here at the base, I m going to put the brutes in here, one here, take another one here, I put the brutes in here, Im going to put this meat, which is the meat exquisite she who will develop the brutus ok then guys go to this area here in the cnsmd the gray there Brutus will be there its the second time I found a group walking so Most likely the developer took the brutus down there and left him up there walking to make it difficult for the guys to catch the brutes so this is the second time Ive caught him walking there in the middle of the npcs thats it guys I hope you enjoyed this video Leave that like Maroto Sorry for my hoarseness again nobody not YouTube TV for you to see the lives from the kitchen there constantly is from the guys thanks A big hug and for steam dwarf fortress sales Hoje vamos mostrar onde pegar um dos PETs favoritos da galera no Conan, o Brutus. Em qual parte do mapa ele fica, que tipo de carne devo usar para evoluir o Brutus.Não perca nossas lives: ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­----------------- 🎮Lives: 👾Discord: 🐦Twitter: 📸Instagram: 📰Site: ghost song steam steam cloud for non steam games game content manager steam play unsupported games on steam deck steam library only show installed games