Isle Of Siptah - Conan Exile Analisis Completo // Review a fondo ( español )

Steam download speed slow but internet fastgotham knights release time steam CONAN EXILES: ISLE OF SIPTAH gameplay very good friends and welcome to the channel we are in the quran excite and we are on the deserted island if you have already played it for a few hours and I can firmly say if it is worth it if it is not worth it if they have not cheated if it is worth it spend the 20 bucks and what news does it bring that they present to us and what is this about the date island if you want to know more if you want to know if it is worth it or not to acquire the new expansion of conan hexais stay because we start right now first of all I have to tell you that youre going to see the whole video smiling because Im liking it okay Im liking it look at the little face Im liking they havent disappointed me okay Im happy the first thing we see is in this a shipwreck an abandonment the ship here stamped against the beach we see dead people here in front of us I want you to also change some textures or something like that it all looks a bit I dont know how different the menus are even different with the desert island attached Oh and how is the map if I go to the map I know its huge guys its not small I dont see it small I honestly dont see it small okay maybe its not as big as the other one because its not its as big as the other but damn when I started to conan excites and they took out the desert everyone was freaking out about the desert then the icy zone ends after each one of the jungle and they gradually took out stations little by little I dont make it so small for now I like it we are going to see three interesting points about about the what they have brought they have presented because there are many things to bring you today and news that you are going to freak out because I have to justify the reason why I smile and I am happy so lets go to it we are going to justify the reason why I feel happy for having bought the expansion we are going to go point by point analyzing exactly everything new compound and what is beautiful and what is worth it is worth to start in a section of skills under construction we have the salvage which is the salvage the east shipwreck construction kit is worth the salvage because we recover the parts of the boat and we can build our house through that ok they are gorgeous lets see the construction of this and continue with this topic because there are cool things Here you have the example of the construction of castaway. The most surprising thing is not that it is very cool and that it is very cool and very well achieved, but it is that it is a tier1 equivalent to sandstone constructions. God, you are also seeing there is a mastodon head. For new animals they have put new decoration things we are going to see it we are going to see the construction, this is from tier 1 of the castaway no the windows are very very beautiful they are very well cared for and inside is how the ropes hang look at the columns they have also put buffaloes uncle and turtles there is one thing that they have put that is to make the armor that I wear and right now that the armor of the expansion that they have put I think I do not confirm hosted that they have not yet investigated so much you do it with this uncle this is a research bench position you see it explains a little that with the material that we take from the tower that is the material this new that they have removed We will also see it now, wait for you, you can build those armors, okay, and apart from that, there are also a lot of things to build in relation to the structures of the pirates, uncle, I dont know, it is a tier1 and such, but they are very beautiful once we have seen the ones from tier 1 we are here sandstone we are going to see now the other constructions that there are that are still here you have them storm glass constructions very, very cool dude very like a spooky castle look what an image dude through those of the crystals as the light passes the tower did not throw me here a castle threw me here and it shows that we are in early access because look the contribution is not finished they lack the textures ace and all the fishing can be done with its very cool cities like this like castles the truth is right I like I like I like the small cover is not finished either and the one that is not finished the house but well it stays with a star on top that It looks very cool, very pretty, man, they are equivalent to tier 3 and are built exactly the same as the reinforced ones, a lifelong strip of a certain gravity, not the normal ones, in addition, there are a lot of forms of structures, you can do stupid things, there are pillars, there is everything in addition All the roofs, as you already know, there are structures, sometimes in constructions, in which there are little things that are missing, one that has other dlcs or that has a type of construction and another not, in this case I think they are all there and apart, but a lot has They are super cool like that, dark castles and there is the simple move of the lord of kings look what an image by god tioté in the expansion we can also form black ice also it will not have We have these types of resources and werewolves, there are werewolves around here, Im looking at the artist, from what he has spoken with my aesthetic colleagues, Juanes is silver stone. and I have given them feedback on how they felt in the game, they are players who have played 3,000 4,000 5 million times, that is enough time to have a fairly broad knowledge of the game and they have told me that the game is indeed as we said in the live and as we said in the summary it is hardcore it is difficult it is complicated things are very complicated and I liked that a lot of course we will also have mat bites and very very very small news it is not worth 20 payments behind all this the news that I believe Yes, for now, Ill tell you, it seemed very correct to me, very correct, uncle speaking of a notable before the work done by po r funk as we are in early access and these bugs hit a lot we are under siege there are a lot of things yes it is true that when it exceeds a city or somewhere the blank sign appears as if it was not finished damn guys failures that will appear a lot you will tell me that this is not later I would also like to comment on the fact that there are some pots that are these here with a discharge follower that are to capture lightning or to use them with the containment altar rays it is also to invoke and to make a comment about a sandwich that the psirv has been testing and it is to make a macro beam in the bugs so that they stay studied I will investigate more about this because I still have not mastered it to see this is very new what is being studied today and still Im missing a little bit of what the hell those are, those are, this is a world of chaos of destruction and of linked brown guys, in relation to the new regulations, specifically, there are three that I know and three if you left me any excuse me but I think you did not leave me any there are three armors that the island of excita brings the first of all is to be here that is that there is a storm that is coming that way they would be on the island that is to freak out well what we are going is the first armor the armor is called cruel and it is a cucumber of armors honestly I think it is a great bonus in the and you will see it force vitality and courage on the left hand future the same gloves the same and everything the same gives a good strength bonus from vitality and a courage bonus 3 brutal heavy armor 2 points of resistance to heat and a point to cold just as we said in the previous videos that this will change funk with he also said that if he What they explained is going to change, rather we repeat it again and thats how it has been, its okay that the two points in defense against heat will mean, well, to put up with the two points in heat and a little cold point of armor made mainly from heat but it gives you superstars of resistance to one thing and to another its worth the following armor we have the armor of the shooter who is here and the shooters armor gives us precision bonuses you are lazy but as every host knows lightning the shooters mask the equipment and shooter gives you bonuses in precision and agility the chest piece agility the mask precision light armor defense against heat one point and defense against cold or resistance to cold one point weighs very little and you can make interesting combinations with others armor that we already have decorates itself its worth what else we have already well we have the believe of the believe its worth the additional import if a second this is impeccable the impeccable here you have the armor that made me crazy myth in the trailer when we saw it live it can be here when the girls are very pretty very pretty aesthetically I think its spectacular lets see if its ta n good as it says how it is aesthetically heavy armor bonus in courage lightning again one of resistance to heat juniors dt to cold weighs a little less than that of cruel but it is that the cruel one gives you pons in all three and one point more resistance than They are the least of it and the same armor is good, its good, its not bad, its not bad. My score in courage in red is very good, well, thats how the new armor is and I hope you liked it. I ve left what I think for last that more people have hype not for me but for many of you the mounts the new mount of the king we are not going to see the there are also sailors we are going to see what kingdoms there are and everything that we have there one all 4 5 do not fit me anymore 6 and this one is huge 18 ok here are all the kingdoms i think not all of them can be ridden you see there is no mount hole in this one there is no mount hole in this one yes some wines can be ridden others no you cant ride this too Who can set up the kingdom okay, you see, its that they call the day Im not missing it either if I killed her before without wanting it so were going to catch a host its the blue eyes that wa well look look at this price lets see Music rim or boar uncle __ What does it have that I cant ride this attitude? Lets go riding with this. Help someone, I dont leave the house. Well, it can be ridden. Its normal. I would change the resonant travel chair to another travel one, its medium and light, were going to see them, it doesnt cost anything, we have it for the q3, its here, it seems like its a __ camel in it, well try it well and see, these hands are more tactile, Im not going to remove the camera because I want to that from being here already very pretty they feel Indians and now comes the believe of the we believe the pretty the loose a lot that makes them so fast but I want to see this lame eye is like this is like this is if we are going for a little walk how slow it is the son of a __ with space attacks okay its slow to the mount quite slow its quite slow the mount has surprised me aesthetically it seems beautiful of course they could not miss new animals new monsters that we will discover on our trip here is one of them that we have seen before There are a lot of these bicharracos, the truth is, they are of a skull, they cost a lot to kill, as you can see, all the fauna on the large map of Conan, diversified in this small map that we have of the island, excites me, I say small because it is smaller than the other one, but it is not. little one, talking about the map, lets review the map a little more, lets see the map, speaking of the map, lets review the map a little more and take advantage of the fact that it was now an activated storm, which is this one here, it is the eye of flavor here, where the writing of these demonic creatures appears, there is also some altars like this one and several here there is another there is another there are several altars in these altars they are as if they were they were alien technology because I say that because I have had it in my hand because I have dedicated myself to spending a good time looking at all the items there are and they are like some kind of drones I think you can put them here so it also talks with the companions you can invoke that the lightning storm falls on top of the npc is that what their coin opens is a portal and you bring them from and to here we will see this in another video because it is very extensive and I lack information to be able to explain it specifically so that it Lets see, okay, but hey, you put them here and the storm studies them and you can piss them, okay, France, its easier if I can also piss them with the baton and the rope, as always, but those gadgets are used to do this kind of thing, its also okay if we go in here we find a map uncle here we have it from the island of yep it is uncle it is all very strange state very everything is very green to me too everything very strange everything very green and it lacks a lot of my research work and such and also a lot of development to finish taking it out we are from the trips before finishing the video I want to add that on the island of sita there are practically no humans there is a town of merchants that is of pirates than what my companions have told me and a little more there are no humans the Romans come from the portals that are created from Hyboria to here the addends that can be captured are invoked if they can piss but if not we are the only inhabitants of what is the island we also add that if there are more legendary new weapons yesterday there are bows there are a lot of new things in relation to weapons I am preparing a specific video for it that is why you are not detracted today because it is going to explode the head with everything that I brought and I had to upload a video already of the dating news because I know that you are all looking forward to seeing it and I also want to bring you not because ad Also, I dont know, its a very interesting video, there is practically no content in Spanish about this, and I think the platform needs something like this, before finishing the video, it reminds you of our attachment, left a good like, subscribe, its free, it doesnt cost anything Uncle it costs nothing and you help me a lot thanks as always and a video of the entire map going around without shadows or anything will not be uploaded today or tomorrow so you can see all the holes and holes and everything we find in this new dad the little rays of the island successes as always until next time bye Music ok Music photo photo another photo for for for us get games cheaper on steam Amigos estoy jugando a conan exiles isle of siphta! 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