Conan Exiles: Isle Of Siptah - Como aprender as armas dos macabros. Gameplay Pt-br

Steam game websitecrimson steam pirates game CONAN EXILES: ISLE OF SIPTAH gameplay its good now lets go there right in front here crazy Lima and and they are dangerous because its a blow and a death on our side we have to do a job I did it there but I managed to call only one Andthen Music and already tomorrow the magician from here talking about where he went there that already interests me is and it seems that a great sword of the macabre came but it has a right corner, damn just at a crazy pace huh Im going to use it even if I dont like life and nine dont work Ill have it so I wouldnt go there I 78 a yours and how much Music the 66 I wont change Music it doesnt keep even you dont spoil Andthen and put it out now and test it is And then another look Vanilla and Andthen and I killed myself scale head here Look, I can go Hi Rose mala This here will give a website I cant help me with one other thing so far but your box C goes and the mother comes there was a lot of gun in this guys hand here 16693 mano mano mano Machado dos Macacos 93 from giving life mano e dei let me come and improve you So return this weapon here, take this one and see which one you are doing now good so guys idea here to take this one here or in the hand of there it falls as it doesnt wear out in their hand and they are super the priest if we use to end up spending on there is how we can fix it you can go to the store there to fix them there are two in the same thing send him there go there in Free to play there but in his hand its not funny lets see there with here we go later that He defends well you see look I m going to leave your beautiful side Recreation then I can erase that Silva Machado Knocked down two in the region I asked for nothing Im te ture before working out the research of another sword is but Im going to change the young sword because he already has the best one with the other one saw it coming down Strong but I think you family it seems that even my watermelon from the sun or recover life there son o and still work Andthen where are the brothers and another statuette over there I dont want get heavy will I have to weigh it to get it, I did not if I go up there And Music then I want to be here over there and ounce of they played darker there its good for me to play too because we learn to make these weapons and we corners to find everything Music your Arrows arrive and the bar to look for you in these corners where you live there is Andthen and those makarley go up lets go I forgot the right name God take me your level of scoring the best this time To be with Oops who Its talking, you see those bakery I dont know write here how you can find each other but this is this one but for example you have to know its not to interact you learn a new talent picking up Macacos and there are several of these weapons scattered around these places here look, im picking up one i was nothing i saw he had it you had silver Where is it written and not in another one for collection but im heavy and in a little while i can pick up a side a which has a personal thing like like this you who took it very easy like that because in my view hes busy hes a good check and he doesnt come hesitating here us thinking its Bambam not that for people who are in the cradle its a beating and its gone they die easy but he hits the I said it does a lot of damage, too Music Armed military capital wasnt even coming soon Its a photo there, look, in honor of the sword taking souls, everything, not here, this spear wanted to fix it, thanks to And then Andthen the tail in the skirt goes there with him ok coming Go there my son attacks much better than me Machado didnt even defend much later I liked that sword and I think Andthen And then Buzz Tambaú Andthen And then I was heavy here Im going to take nothing more like that man and the other statuette here I Im connected to take it, dont know it, Im collecting it, I got heavy TV and the side doesnt let me see if theres space there, my son, the statute until its just putting the souls there, too, arrow of others that I dont get tired of the stone, much less the stitches, were doing the cleaning here look and I slide macabre Alice be smart right Music the other figurine I get everyone this figurine that we put there in its so local there like 1 pool 1 put yourself in the middle and come back these advices face for me saw talk with the tag there you dont answer with me crazy thats it theres nothing already and here if theres audio learn here too Im not mistaken and here look its not even about the Monkeys also the DAE here is just in this region here these two weapons to do that already Andthen there is a report from the scout here she is you take this veiled one here Dagger lets see if theres nothing else and Music Hi guys here come here, I dont know because who is this other bigger city the smaller that is also part of here me here and I dying from above with water and full of making you come here with a drop well be careful not to take blows from the guys if it takes you to lie down it s a way out with only two there Clay to do the military cadet m the Music poor thing is a loop of nothing that I surround Andthen And then the x 2 there goes there to play Val And then and I tiger Im going Mateus he didnt even see the other time but this city here is only silver, you know nothing and always on the other side here there you already like this this region here you cant fool me it has a fixed respawn of a baby rhino where did my little knife take a while And then, look, I did it overloaded. ready resolved And then thats it, guys, heres the next video, we can go to the other places but we have monkeys because were going to make the clothes and in these places everything for us to stay, too, our characters here evolve our story so much thanks for watching auntie let me theyll go there for us and see you next time say no Music Whats up Applause Whatsup Music Whats up how to steam shrimp without steamer Continuando o vídeo anterior, vamos enfrentar os Macabros para conseguirmos as excelentes armas deles e aprendermos algumas delas quando encontrarmos. 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