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Star wars squadrons steamsteam best sex games CONAN EXILES: ISLE OF SIPTAH gameplay Welcome to my channel welcome one more day to a new video we are here in conanciles with our new character Leidsa and we are in the shitpad island dlc well we just started and lets see lets jump the kick I can climb around here its worth scale the drawer this cant be taken seriously but if I havent had anything to drink lets see here it has to be I dont see it its supposed that in this area its okay in this area it would have to be and lets see if we can do something because We already have Well, lets do it, lets see, Ill say it, okay, we cant do it, the beak also, we cant do it, Its there too, and were missing some branches, I always get confused that we still had to do Music the agreement, wait, I have the knife, Im missing to do this here, okay, we all have to go with the ax in hand and see if we can find it or not. Come on, there isnt a puppy, lets see, we can do the feats now or not because weve already gone up one level I want to make a bow and daggers and I have three left, well, we are going to do this one here and for this one I can take it, the bow is not worth it I can make myself a bow yes, the wounds are also worth it and I want to make arrows I need bones but I dont want those arrows I want some normal and current arrows these how many I can create four because I need more stone does not remove currency here the bow is also going to be removed from here because we have to put the arrows on it okay okay it moves well but knowledge and attributes you know we are going to go as always with the expertise Well, to authority agility and then we have a little bit of each thing right now I think Im going to put it okay Seriously I wont do it Well I dont give it man okay And this was for lets go with this we need food okay we already have skin we dont anymore we can do but Im fine, its here, what were going to do is look for a place to see on the map to start the base, maybe we wont do it here Okay, I have to m Lets go there now, but I dont know whether to pack my canteen now because it has to be here if I dont find it Well, nothing good And to all this were going to make the clothes, at least its going to go a little bit there not to see. I want to go there but first I want to explore this a bit because I know the canteen is here but I dont remember where it was were going to make one and thats it And no and we dont complicate you know how to create a huge repair hammer and construction hammer this We need it and this is worth seeing Many of them are two and at the moment with two I dont know if Im going to be able to after what scare more hit oysters What a scare it has hit me it hasnt given me anything seriously it doesnt matter okay we have done it okay Its just that I am fool, lets see No, here where you have put me, okay, because we dont have water, we ll have to get the water, no, he did nt take it for me, now I ve filled it up, heres another little dog, well, there are several little dogs around here that I just saw, dont come, okay Lets see where we are here but I want to do it, are you going to lower me or not? You dont have the nose to go down, right, lets see what I do of course, I didnt remember that I had the dream knife on, uncle, okay, look here we have to see where we are in this one here were going to need feathers I have its okay to see if we go thats still the coast where we built the base uncle I have no idea okay we have to start making some bandages if not I think we cant do it I already think Lets see first lets Do the Petate I want to stay at least three as always and believe yourself 15 at least not go for the moment to resounding death to see but that we are going backwards again or what is that over there to see no and over there neither this Its that way but I dont know whether to risk going through here but were going to separate for a moment a little because at the moment I dont have the level to stick with them and even less with so many we dont have to go there towards those mounds there and were almost overweight okay for now We have here Heres where one was coming okay lets throw some things because I want to take the wolf thats for sure or the dog or whatever it is the puppy this wild puppy of a wild dog Okay and were going to let go Well, in principle, were going to do it here to cook our food, lets see, were going to make a kiss here, put it here, put it here with the meat and let it cook the meat because were going to eat a little bit so I dont see where is he now Ive seen him use it and we already take it every day is that we have a lot of weight How much does this weigh 50 kilos My God Well maybe Ill make it here well make it here what is a normal little house I can make the drawers or I have nt put them yet, wait, I do nt know that this is also with this and lets see and I can build this, I need it, okay Well, I think that at 6 oclock there are going to be there we are going to put the Petate we are going to put the first petate here damn I want to go out ok we are going to leave it here in principle ok How many more do we need that I am not going to take this off I need 6 out of 6 and 50 ok How many do we have Luis we have 64 ok I can do it now but first we are going to where we have the duffel bag petate we have it here I do nt see it Now I do see it and now we are going to put this here it is here we are going to leave this we leave this we leave This is worth to see we have Where is the until here wait Lets make an oyster I dont see anything I need fiber Its going to be done at night and I dont want this. Its going to be temporary, that is, were going to make four walls and thats it, you know, that is, until I find a better location because this doesnt last long. 4 for 4 of these bad guys are already coming for me where are you I hadnt seen you thats why I do nt see it I think that with that we will have to make ourselves 4 for 4 not at least to spend the night I need also stone Well but stone here at the moment we already have excess load But since we are here next to where I want to make a provisional base I repeat again it will be provisional but very provisional that is, this chapter will last us nothing and I do not think that We already have this house in the next chapter or maybe it could last a couple of them, you know, but Im not going to see this either, so its okay, its okay, its okay, its okay, and look, I think that with this its okay with me, but you the facade Sara, Im going to do the threads, Im going to directly check the roof to put the door, Im missing a stone, okay And I was missing a stone, no, but now now to look for the stone. Well, I dont know if I can do it. stairs well lets go to knowledge Well lets take the wheel of pain for sure the armor crafts not the stairs the roof and this recuperator has broken the torch I dont care This is not essential it goes but I want the bed and from here we need this this this this this this this the one we have left n I need this this the food for fishing I need this and I need this and the poce water How much does it cost cost 3 okay I do nt see a damn we have it fact is exactly where the bears that is, the dogs reappear Its that Im the host but well Okay now I want to make my bed and we put it here okay because thats okay take this model Because if I have to keep anything that is inside the house and its not for nothing simply because they attack me or whatever I can leave it here No you not the knife not this No just when I took it off it broke okay lets see whats around here okay we have to repair the weapon I would like to go through this area next to the river or even in this pond Okay and well see Lets see were not going to get there today for sure I always go and get confused to see not everything that is skin right now is great for us and there u Na whole family I think Ive seen a ok its not a baby I didnt think so but you dont want no oh no now you know that from the next the next video and everything that is Construction and things like that then off camera everything The rest is to visit the places in the next one, maybe well do something like that, but well see why going to that part over there is to go here to the castle, this one here, and I want to go there, okay, and for the moment, what I want I mean picking skins and stuff because then Ill take them to the area where we re going to build the house Music Ill start looking at this whole area, well Ill surely get some if I can, one of those around here so they can start helping me from the beginning we are going to leave all the skins logically the beginning this we leave this and we leave this this we throw it away ok Well guys we are going to leave it here ok And in the next episode I dont know if we will be in another place and we will talk Ive investigated a little bit or if I havent done anything, that possibility is also okay But hey See you in the next direct video or whatever Bye bye Music steam science meaning Llegas a la isla completamente solo y como un náufrago. Con nada más que con los restos que llevas a tu espalda, fabricas las herramientas que necesitas para sobrevivir. 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