What Now? - Isle Of Siptah - Conan Exiles (PC Gameplay)

The amazing spider man on steamsteam guard not showing code CONAN EXILES: ISLE OF SIPTAH gameplay hey guys im skb and youre watching skv plays on and welcome to another stream of conan exiles the isle of scepter related gameplay uh let me just start off first give me a second or a minute or two that would help anyways i have been kind of constructing a bit of uh well its my version of whatever im hoping my my uh construction or my building set or whatever ive kind of made of attracts the uh purge towards it rather than my base and uh yeah hopefully i uh oh also ive kind of made uh blunt arrows and uh well im kind of waiting for the purge to happen its not gonna happen just yet uh still have quite a bit of ways to go uh but yeah i am also wearing the new armors that i got well its not new but uh these ones are from the vault uh or dungeons if you will and uh yeah im kinda wearing those armors theres no waste related armor so kinda using the white forged dragon leggings as you can see and a pretty good though i would say uh this one kind of gives a whole lot of strength to this one too and then this one gives grit this one uh resistance to cold which means i dont have to worry about the center of the tower that much with the well actually to be honest i dont i havent seen any bad temperature zones or like really really cold zones or whatever some kind okay for now and uh yeah ive been kind of testing out a bit of the mods that im using uh just changing up the loadout order and all that im always kind of testing it uh also sometimes some updates and a mess up the i dont know kind of messed it up a little bit but anyways i have also kinda made some changes made actually not changes editions uh which i will show you when it becomes dark hopefully i remember when it becomes dark i need to show you uh what ive been up to uh in that area near my base about this one right here near to the triple skull boss lizard i have made this particular place let me get straight to it and yeah ive put the uh maybe i should make some gruel i forgot to make gruel and also ive kinda emptied most of my uh inventory related stuff well not most of it i guess i dont know i always feel like i uh i kind of need the materials and i keep kinda hoarding all of it along with me and i thats the reason why i kinda end up wearing a large backpack from the age of calamitous mod uh but yeah i did kind of get rid of one of the mod that gives me some boss pets and whatnot uh didnt really use them other than just for two or three days thats it they seem to be way too overpowered so i just it just throws the balance off when you get too overpowered you kind of tend to lose interest in the fight itself and it becomes too easy yeah keeping things a little bit challenging would kind of keep it interesting and of course otherwise it will kind of become like uh one punch man where you become too powerful and then you get bored of every fight you look for a challenge and luckily every bit of this place is a challenge if youre not too careful anyways today i am going to be doing a few dungeons not few just one or two maybe depending on how long it takes uh im just seeing where else uh this one ive done this one ive done well go for this one right here and uh maybe well finish some dungeons on this side there are three dungeons in this area one two and uh the three right here one two and three dungeons on this side so yeah this is what ive been up to im kind of waiting for the purge to happen those are archers by the way yeah i got the accursed archers i didnt find any named ones plus all the named ones are on my base i didnt want to move them yeah because i kind of made them get stuck in that granulated wall so that they dont get to move so why should i move them these guys though uh i will be placing them up here or on top of those pedestals up there or pillars so that they can kind of shoot down and yeah have given blonde tattoos to them hopefully theyll use that i do have some more i should probably make some more but uh lets see and also ive given blunt uh truncheons or something upgraded blunt weapon kit to the truncheons gave it to sonia there and uh frida over here so hopefully they kind of knock out quite a bit of them but then if its the accursed who show up i probably might be in trouble because they have way too many archers like last time so i dont want to get into trouble anyways i should start off with todays gameplay which is of course not this this i just wanted to show off uh need to find a way to yeah okay there we go and when it does get dark uh hopefully i remember to show you what ive been uh making over here but actually i can show you now but uh i wanted to show you during the night what ive been up to uh other than that uh purge area that im hoping im really hoping that the amount of foundations are used at the bottom really kinda attracts the purge over there rather than here the problem is if they get attracted over here but if they spawn here and go here that could be a problem uh yeah i dont know how this is gonna work but lets see no idea uh hoping the purge kind of goes to that particular thing ive constructed and leave my uh nice vacation spot alone anyways uh yeah i think ill show it to you when its actually dark it would be better also somehow i kind of feel like something is off Music wait a minute the hairstyle seems to be the same the previous mod i was using with the hairstyles and whatnot that thing well i kind of removed it so most of my character creations have gone well old no hair for some of them because i was using the other mod related hair cells so i may have to kind of do a few changes later this was supposed to be he-man but yeah oh well anyways time to go for a dungeon what else do i need uh yeah the weird thing is should i go for obsidian weapons all of the gray ones this one now i dont think i even need to unlock the uh specialist weapon do i need it because ive already got the recipes from there uh lay shrine is the one thing i probably may have to kind of do is so boring lace friends are i mean i can get trolled so maybe they should have lay shrines or maybe they should have made lay shrines a way of getting you know uh bosses or elder things rather than the grey ones area with the arena that way lay shrines would have still had a at least for me it feels like since they added camps for trolls and just having lay shrines for better name trolls or something or a chance of better name trolls just seems too much of a grind now doesnt it i mean even as a single player it feels like that i wonder if its different for any players on the server what am i searching for oh yeah where is he oh there you are lets go we are headed to a dungeon im gonna be taking uh sep up visual and uh oh yeah those two still havent ranked up um yeah why not lets take step up and you two need to rank up still so follow me lets go look at this decoration from the age of calamitous mod if it was on the exile lands it would have been easier to kind of Music kind of craft this uh depending on whichever faction i chose elvis you really need to kind of move correctly lets see uh tactics no no no no no no anyone said uh should i set like uh whose melee attacks i mean he is pretty much melee attack all the time he doesnt have any ranged attacks other than the aoe damage that he does uh lets go lets go maybe well go here today ah and just in case check yep everything seems to be normal i know there is a troll here but i dont know if its a i mean its a guaranteed name troll thats in this spot im going to but is it a priest of yamir or what i still dont know i think it could be a priest over me what is up there ah uh so other than the dragon giving this torch man this torch is crazy awesome because well look at this look at the hours of this torch but then its still a chance for the red mother dragon to drop it i got lucky anybody here in this ghost town i have been here before and uh man this feels like theres supposed to be something here but oh what is this wait what theres a dead person here wait did someone try to use this as a camp to take shelter and something happened here hello i somehow feel like there should be something here thats supposed to happen i dont think they would leave this place empty what if i oh theres nothing here i thought at least there would be some type of uh skeleton bosses or the man you know what from next time probably just run here and make yourself uh a nice i dont know a village for a home like a small look at this empty place is easy to just line up your workbenches such nice empty places i dont even know if its uh if theres a bug right now but this is pretty cool i could probably place some uh nice workstations here easy peasy even if it is big ones i could place it in just one of these i dont know whats or whatever they are what do you call this anyway hello what if i light up this torch or something no i cant light it up yeah get out of here lets go lets go wait is it getting dark maybe we can go back uh to my place one second and then well come back here again i need to show is it getting dark its 17 i think it should be dark in a few more minutes or so thats the place where you get a name troll but uh i dont know if its a priest or actually a fighter or whatever well go check well go check still seems to be bright and is it gonna get dark i wanna show this part and then uh head off for a little bit of adventure man this feels like as if im in front of some castle i dont believe ive been making this i made this oh man i dont even believe how a few foundations will lead to this at some point pretty cool right lets see anyways i need to okay so check it out um im kind of using the well if you remember if anyone watched yesterdays stream you were i was kind of wondering where to well put the alter exactly i kind of want to use the zodly related sword so i kind of wanted to put it somewhere and i was trying to see if i could put it up there near those altars with the lights going up into the sky but the place wasnt uh i dont know it was feeling way too congested so i kind of made some arrangements for it and uh i shall show you but before that do check it out i put a little bit of a decoration on the side over here and you see a parchment paper right there let it get darker a bit i will show you what it is and uh here it is this parchment paper when you read it it says do not take it with you do not take it with you and if you do do not let go of it and no matter what happens do not throw it but once it is thrown thinking it to be just a mere spear it may be lost forever you who reads this message heed my words do not think it to be a mere means to catch fish in the water or it is not made by man nobody knows of its origin yet just holding it in your hand alone is enough for you to know how oh for you to know of where it originates from no man has ever been able to understand the sea and nor has the sea been kind enough to let any man venture freely out into it to find out what lies in its darkest of depths this spear it feels like water the spear it flows like water hold it in your hand and you yourself will feel like you are one with water and with it a mere mortal such as yourself might be able to venture into the depths of any part of the sea itself and however far and deep it might be just remember one little thing do not take it with you and if you do do not let go of it and most important of them all no matter what happens do not throw it for once it is thrown thinking it to be just a mere spear it may be lost whatever you who reads this message we heed my words the same thing on the top poseidon wrote this hey alan welcome to the stream uh right now im just uh kinda reading i kind of placed this yesterday just a little bit of uh i dont know i was kind of role playing a little bit uh it feels weird when youre doing it alone anyways uh this particular apartment well if you kind of missed it alan uh do rewind the stream a bit and just check it out and uh right now check it out do you read the title of this storage right here this is the last one do not lose it this my friends is the riptide and why it is here is because well check it out you see that man and now you all stay right here stay right there check this out look at this crystals leading to another spot down there and this particular spear helps me breathe underwater so look at that i dont have a breath meter anymore i can stay in water forever with this spear or javelin riptide and also check this out so cool theres so many small things in the game that you may have missed out and yeah this ones not part of septa obviously and check it out these crystals lead me to this particular altar that i made for the altar of jolly and look at someones actually in down here and ive kind of made this troll look blue in color and kind of makes it feel like as if its uh some type of uh aquatic humanoid i dont think its a mermaid but yeah well shes just praying down here and also the flames are blue in color which is pretty awesome and this riptide kinda i just put that little bit of a lore or some bit of information about the thing even the riptide itself if you see the info not this one this one info an inscription reads do not throw this away or it will be forever lost and ive only used one of it so that if i lose it then im not gonna be bringing another one from the admin now this is mainly to kind of i just wanted to show you during the dark because look at this look at the water reflections i mean whatever it is look at those lights on the floor its the surface of the water looks so cool down here i mean i i really wish there were some more wines here you know like more maybe i can place some wines i dont know i dont know if theres any decorations that i can use from mods but yeah this is the javelin yeah this is probably my most favorite weapon of them all mainly because it lets me breathe on the water and look at that ive been down here for quite a bit and im not even in god mode but the problem is this one you can only get it in exile lens i dont know any place on isle of sipta that you can get it on exile lens it is a base game related weapon but for some reason its really uh hard to get because you have to fight unnamed city bosses uh there are three bosses that you may have to fight to be able to get this i got it once from one of the skeleton triple skull bosses in unnamed city Music but up until now ive gotten it only like once or maybe twice thats it and ive started the game over so many times anyways i dont need to see what all i need to put in here i think i need iron and lets see i need to make this particular dagger i need iron i do not have iron where where where dont i have iron okay ill go get the iron probably even this one ill put it all obsidian i need ah okay obsidian i guess the oars are gonna be hard to get because i have to go fight those guys uh okay i think i need to put some more plants down here even if it is decoration i need to make it look more i mean it looks so empty even even without the foundations i dont think anything was there here see all the wines are on this side but yeah i think after today today ill be doing a few dungeons so ive already made up my mind for that and also ill be going on this side i need to get a new armor set recipe uh probably the black corsair outfit if im not wrong and also see if i can maybe get uh i dont actually want any more pets to be honest this way what are you doing are you stuck anyways i always make sure to put this back in here so that i will be able to know where to get it and hopefully if a purge happens they dont come here and destroy it because if its gone im not gonna get another one from the admin ive made up my mind that should kind of make it a bit more annoying for me to be in water ive been in that water so many times even before i did this bit of uh help for myself and oh my god i almost died at least three or four times almost because i forgot that my breathing potions are only for a minute uh question can you make monsters spawn on a scheduled time with the premium yeah definitely yes schedule time you can even have uh duration or a cool down if you want uh you can get it done uh however you want all you need to do is make sure you put a spawner uh npc spawner theres uh the pippy related npc spawner if you go into buildings youll find these type of black and white icon related items and this ones the npc spawner but let me just show you exactly how after the base game if you have put pippi all the way at the top of your loadout just after the base game related yeah there it is as soon as the base game related items end the mod related stuff starts so there it is choose the npc spawner and then you place it on the ground pretty much it looks like a ball and then you can kind of go into it and then there you have all the options but always remember whatever type of npc youre spawning it could be a neutral npc could be a boss whatever uh ill just put boss theres so many bosses you can kinda spawn lets see maybe ill spawn a dragon red yeah there it is the red mother dragon look at that if you select that then that one will spawn here but i dont want to select it now i dont want a sudden spawn of that here uh well just destroy this do you want to remove this and yes please thank you uh but yeah wait did i keep the spear back okay thats back okay okay lets go lets go we are gonna go do some uh i do need some iron let me just put some iron in there and come back uh but no iron here come on man no iron yeah its supposed to be a decoration table okay forget it ill come back later i do need obsidian anyway so might as well go get some obsidian and maybe some iron along with that tusk king moose lets go king moose time to move out of here i mean move out of here to uh are we going to the gray ones nope we are going to the left side uh i do want to see if i can uh finish off there are some name trolls in that area as well i just dont wanna i dont know ill probably lose the name troll i guess i dont need any more name trolls i just keep stacking up trolls which becomes a problem maybe thats why they kind of added the new update you know where you can kind of have only a limited number of npc trolls but i guess for single players you can have the usual defaults whatever number but not in a online shower oh whoa this place has sunlight all the time if you do not like uh it to be night time you can obviously make some uh i dont know some bass over here youll always have a little bit of light on that side of the well make sure its theres no cliffs or mountains anywhere nearby so that it doesnt block the path okay who wants some anyone home hello i know youre here hello hello do you have iron hey whered you go no no no do not that was weird his rainbow colored thing didnt show up when he was doing it yeah oh oh my god i have to be very careful oh what is this scout report no scout report move oh did i get a axe axe of the adventurer high grade armor pen 0 health damage 50. thats weird i thought this was a scout report thing and i ended up getting an axe of what axe nonetheless if im not wrong lets see oh wait its a double-handed no its not a water its a what yeah boy it looks awesome oh yeah i wish it had a little bit of bleed on it or maybe i can use lets see yoho anyone here i would like to test this thing out wait do you have one wheres the iron no one has iron hello anybody home holy moly where did you show up from Music there he goes mr sipop singing all the time causing trouble wait a minute stairs yes yes Applause Music what is there here i think theres a lot of weapons here if you want i found oil look at that easy oil as well just have to pick it up this place has some really uh nice amount of interactables especially a lot of weapons if you want to start off as a new player you may want to just run around here see if theres any weapons in the weapon rack and then pick it up and run away easy weapons you get most of them uh hello iron was looking for you thank you and lets see anything else i can interact with usually should be more that you can interact with or you could just go upstairs and up uh if im not wrong Applause this place has a lot of interactable oh hello oh there it is these are the weapons you can get lots of easy spears in this place just pick up one one disappears you pick up the other one the other one disappears pick up each one of them this is actually pretty cool see steel spear and also steel javelins you can get i dont want it right now uh just uh showing this place its over here on the map right here this big dark triangle type design on the map and also theres a name troll upstairs there there he is right over there is probably a yamir priest or i dont know what he is i dont know if hes a fighter what and i ended up getting this axe today i didnt know it was that lucky coincidence or i dont know i guess you can find a lot of it okay if you guys could move a bit uh that would be helpful for me yeah its also actually bad to go with really gigantic trolls with you you end up getting stuck in really small places and i wonder how the dungeons are going to be now hey boy whats that boy okay wanna piss on my boy his name is something something he died already wait one shot what thats a name troll dude the wayne and he does drop that a hardened steel hammer and there it is if you want to learn your mirror i think i will lets say use it boom i just learned the altar of yamir this is where you want to learn your uh whatever related religion without wasting 50 anyways uh theres a lot of weapon tracks here if you can get rid of that guy you could probably end up getting quite a bit of stuff from here oh i got obsidian shields and what you see is what you get look at this obsidian shield iron sword helmet another shield iron shield whatever you see on the rack is watch oh wow pretty cool right quite a bit of defense even without crafting it i dont want yet right now so obsidian shield is good but this is the exile lens version of the obsidian shield not the grey ones related obsidian shields keep that in mind but still really good shield and its a full durability what do you know full durability but the cold place and uh probably if you search a bit more you may end up with some oil also like i did i dont see any oil anywhere else now but whatever uh moving on to the black corsair area lets go uh do i jump from here oh that hurt that hurt a lot do i have anything to eat of course i do lets get that going seated wheres my horse boy horsey lets go and pretty cool we got a cool looking axe and anyone see the details of it you hold it like so and then check out oh that actually looks pretty cool relax what the oh what the wait what what is going on help help how did i get extremely hot and die that was a bit weird and im in the lighthouse all of a sudden uh hello did you come up please thank you what the heck did i get to oh i ended up eating uh im so stupid i ended up eating exotic feast which already kind of increases the body temperature and then i went and ate spiced steak which increases it way more than this me and my genius brain now i have to go find those guys yo wait for me im coming for you i dont know where you guys are but ill ill try to get there quickly uh alan did you get to know i i showed you the npc spawner i hope you got to know that cuz i did not get a reply whether you saw that or not if you want i could show it again and i got killed because i ate food as the ah good thing i wasnt on the inside of that place i mean they can take care of themselves theyre pretty strong those uh even though that thing goes away i wonder if the weather here would change that much though uh i guess not the weather here is always the same oh come on lizard leave me alone what oh hey little baby lizard i got a little baby lizard leave me alone why are you stuck inside ask king moose i should be really careful i thought im eating something and then i ended up getting killed by what i ate because it was too much heat too much heat okay i guess i was lucky because i was close by now i know what not to eat and get into trouble oh theres a spear right here uh but thats only in case of emergencies and i cant find my spear or go into the inventory just immediately in the horse and then get the spear and done ready for some fights lets see if theres a named troll by any chance nope level 3 blacksmith and yeah there is a boss over here yeah there you are hey bossy you wanna pacing me come here this one gets poison oh yeah boy oh that was close oh he got me okay relax a little bit get your stamina back up uh oh ah there we go some demon blood what a skinny knife oh lots of demon blood and a skeleton key what do you know Music hmm Music um money um oh boss here okay i heard spiders there is some gold ore here gold ore knows lots of it and if im not wrong yeah theres a triple skull boss here as well uh lets get ready for another fight but first okay it is um this guy gets hurt way too quickly maybe i should give you why are you not putting more points into your vitality dude wish i had some divine magic right now to heal them up pretty quickly but we are going in for a boss fight it should kind of give the um what do you call it uh that question mark gold color question mark thing unstable something i dont know what it is but there are some pretty crazy enemy types here theres an elder thing right there and theres some dragons the storm related dragons are also done in this place Music actually you know what you could follow me dude if anyone chases you or something ill probably yeah do one thing i should probably place a bed be safe hmm easter one oh boy oh these guys are here the big boys theyre not that tough but they do hit hard though uh forgot what they are theyre like the neanderthals or whatever like the early man uh they do give the ash thats good and im collecting all those question mark stuff anyway oh hey buddy where does that drag it hello dragon oh where did you show Music um Music uh oh look at that got the daggers again nice now i have two pairs of dragon daggers dragon what daggers there we go greater version of it all right Music oh way too much need all of okay here we go we are going up against the boss right now triple score boss which should give the gold color shining something and uh i think you can use it as fuel also but i dont know for what i forgot i need to get that information later on wow this ones aoe damage is way too cool way too good as well wheres the other one oh and also if you go down that i think there should be some type of uh i dont know inside here there should be like a loot box down there if im not wrong okay never mind there it is right there is the boss if you can see it has a pretty big triple skull elder thing right there time to say hello maybe i should stand back and let them do the work would you oh thank you for getting the attention lets see if it get poisoned and also explosion there we go poison works stack it up a bit if i get a clear shot whoa look at that that is a bad attack i dont have to worry about anything now its almost done what the whats that whats going on oh look at this erupted liver wait it didnt give me the uh its supposed to give like that oh wait i know how to deal bleed and bonus vitality health damage blood moon what does it do capable of cutting and dicing slashing and slaying daggers or those who like to give blah blah blah then move to a safe distance while their foes bleed out well thats what all daggers do dont they anyways take all and then there we go got it shining question mark thats what you get that one can be used as a or something i dont know anyways look at that well a lot of these guys showed up is it and these guys kind of give abysmal aye abysmal bang theyre like the uh what do you call it the the the the the basilisk of this place scepter but more smaller version of it there it is hello the huntress bow okay lets get out of here i think we should leave now and uh right now im kinda headed to this place a small early man village and uh i should be able to get the armor recipe from here and there should be a corset black black corset pirate outfit over here somewhere and maybe two bosses and also i have to pick up some uh crates from the water hopefully i get a shovel i heard that you can get shovels from that what is this guy is not a scout report oh crap uh maybe we shouldnt uh waste time on these guys here just go back the way we came shall we lets just go back the way we came in why does it feel like theres a storm here oh its because its night time of course wheres that bed i put down i dont want to spawn back here if i die somewhere else lets go uh horsey why am i going that way what is that oh what is this is a camp up there lets go say hello did i just get uh yeah go away im trying to see what i just got here that kettle tablet learn i got the today i got like two easy recipes for the religions one is the yamir now the kettle is a paise  __  that a long leg and oh crap i wasted points uh actually its okay its okay no problem lets go up here seems like that person kind of fell off from the cage or something that cage i think that person that attacked me was actually in that cage up there and it fell down she got loose and then she tried uh well she got killed by me well i dont know she was the captured person here but uh whats up there shall we still have to do a dungeon or two but hey buddy whats up buddy what do you know everyones down you guys could move that would be helpful oh no okay for a second i thought it was a name troll but Music who dont give enough space or take away all the credit for a kill see if theres anything up here hello black spit up here oh Music i already have a zed priest i have quite a few of them thank you very much but i guess i found a spot where i can get a set priest it seems like i mean orchid priests uh lets get their attention whos this guy though a cook this is sparta Music oh geez i almost fell off oh man i almost fell off trying to push that guy off thank you goals ill take it oh hello we got a dragon miniature statue and i got encumbered uh im trying not to use the large backpack and keep everything to a minimum in my inventory but i guess i keep getting way too much stuff these days that really cant help it yo check that and actually you know what you give that back you take your food and ill give this big guy right here whos supposed to be able to carry quite a bit of things for me do the work right right oh that one heavy ones like this the really heavy ones uh dont want the stone yeah keep you dont need raw ash okay good uh demon bloods anything else medals i dont think you need to but okay you eat yes there you go excuse me ill take it away you take that and uh just gives him more vitality hopefully he gets a good amount of vitality this time at least hopefully uh yeah ill keep the putrid mates what does this give me uh probably use it oh wait a minute it has a timer two hours i have but i might forget i got what Music did i get wait a minute im supposed to get something from a not eat it what was i supposed to cook it or something oh i forgot what to do with that i mean i got ah yeah now what food poisoning for two minutes come on man i dont want food poisoning now there we go no more food poisoning thank you week week weak healing potions also work i dont have aloe do i no i dont great thats great is this supposed to be that uh push you off for a very far distant type of uh lets see oh it is oh my god where am i going where am i going why did i get jumped i mean thrown here yeah why though theres nothing down here whats the reason for you to i kind of liked it but still there should be some type of treasure here at least for me theres nothing here and i dont even have that riptide spear with me thats only from near my base would have been really good here though i dont see anything down here no ruins no not what is that what the heck is that what the yeah what did you guys see that wait go go go go i saw two like large fishes with tails wait where where did they go there they are you see it like right on the surface i dont know where theyre going are they taking me somewhere is this what im supposed to be following please tell me im not gonna get killed im not able to catch up to them though maybe ill go this way speed i see them i dont see them down come on keep going full speed full speed fast the fast the fast though i cant even see them now where they go okay do you guys see what i see right at the top of that dark surface right there theres two tails left and right side is it oh what the its leading oh i see it oh i see the shapes now whoa look at the size of that fish two of them on top of that i have not seen that before lets go full speed a bit more faster please i wanna catch up to them what turn around before walk come on oh no way did you see that thats uh i see the shark fin on uh i see one on that side i dont know if you guys are able to see this straight ahead it just keeps going forward is that what that stupid uh where am i now wait which way am i supposed to go again dang it i do i dont even know where i jumped off from was it here holy theres something here now i im not even able to kind of go i see the film do you see the fin what the heck come on wait a minute there it is that is definitely two giant megalodons luckily im not kinda cut anywhere i dont know if they would attack but they have been like swimming far away the more closer i try to get to them they keep moving far what the heck that was a bit of a nice surprise luckily theyre not coming after me they are not right okay keep going i mean things in the water do not attack in this game no matter where you are things in the water do not attack unless a land-related creature falls into the water they might go all the way to the bottom and then attack you if you are still there or if your trolls are still there but i i have no recollection oh my god look at that oh its supposed to be that way the closer i get the i think its the same distance no matter how far i go see now theyre it looks like its coming back towards me okay now i go oh there it is there it is you guys can see it ill try to keep the angle of the camera a bit there you go that crap i dont know if its clear to you guys on the screen definitely see two regular dawns am i going in the right direction like yeah this way going in the wrong direction also again yeah it seems like the closer you try to get to them they maintain the same distance from you now that im going back oh there they are look at that glowing king moose right there that is glowing king moose right i hope so yeah i see my horse now at the bottom now go go full speed go that was actually kind of nice i mean i have kind of heard of the what the where where are they now i dont see them i guess the more you follow them from this spot here see i can see them now look at that at a far distance probably others who may have lowered that graphics or something so that the water is not this blurry under they would have probably seen it and got towards it way more easily me i had to kind of figure out what that wavy thing was it was the tails of the sharks its actually pretty cool how the fins were on oh maybe in some future update they might actually give us sharks i mean we are able to attack in water with a single handed weapon now look at him dance oh scout report got it 25 easy 25 gold are you stuck here oh youre not okay uh good because we are pulling out of here lets see any other camps nearby oh what is this that was kind of interesting hello oh scout report another one but i see someone out there holy i knew it uh you know its oh thats a trap right there okay nobody go that way uh we are going around this place spike traps oh hello are we actually wait am i actually near that cam no this is another one ah okay you have anybody home you all are in big trouble by the way i got some friends theyre really good at fighting and one of them is uh did someone whistle just now wait did someone whistle at my female character just now it definitely hurt someone whistle do you want go away Music oh thats a big lizard oh not uh this place doesnt seem like its trapped ill take that wow these guys destroyed even the uh loot box i need to be careful what the who shot me someone shot me yep someone is showing me who up there oh camouflaged are you just wait a minute yeah moving back scaredy cat gear we have here and these are all like uh very beginner level raiding camps you can kinda at a very initial stage you can kind of come here saw something i heard something are you the one who whistled oh whoa not even letting me climb are you how do you like that oh what about this this is not sparta bye bye it probably spawned back up here but what do we have here nothing much i guess thats a long way down oh hey buddy what you doing there i didnt find oh hello what is this one is dash we got another one of these things lets see what are you what are you oh boss what are you doing here bossy hello black corsair gauntlets high grade thats it okay oh at least you drop the uh black silk thats a bit rare indeed of which i think the bosses dropped the max hill called the time oh there you were mr jailer lets see uh if we can free that uh person obsidian ill take it ill take el purple die i had to make it yesterday yall found the key man youre free to go except i dont want you in my team though because youre a level one uh maybe well just break your bond bye bye yeah this is actually a nice head gear you can kinda use that backpack hey why cant i wear the back oh of course there we go look at me im a sharepoint now lets go i see a triple scope bossy hey bossy this backpack is in the way i cant see look at that i look like this with the helmet skeleton key thank you i want to lose the pure trade meals are you getting a good amount of come on man rank up your health why are you putting all of it into the strength youre already strong you need to have more health just in case you know time to i need to go up here maybe i should go around the place i need to get a armor recipe what are they called again the early man no i dont know i dont know what theyre called but uh whoa i feel like the the deer is probably a bit or is probably the same speed as the horse they could probably give us a deer mount maybe an elephant mount would be great the way it runs making the choo choo noises sounds great and ill be going to that camp over there in a bit but first the heck am i supposed to oh wait oh this place has the uh oh i can make one of those as my pets from the zodly altar but kinda is weird to have them as a pets and also theyre pretty much the same as the normal jaguar and you do get them what do they drop on septa i dont know what they drop on september you drop concept uh do you drop anything other than the usual stuff oh same stuff demon blood and sand beast volatile gland or whatever or beast gland or something like that theres two more here wheres the big guy boy tusk where are you are you stuck somewhere of course you are crazy i mean it takes just a little bit if theyre stuck maybe they should make a programming where if theyre stuck running in one spot or moving in one spot itself for more than 10 seconds or 20 seconds they should go around that spot and then try to move lets get moving lets keep on moving this place is nice actually really really really a crazy looking vibe imagine someones base over here that would be full-on storm glass base right here because of the dark sand and the darkness of that face as well oh boy bleed damage at the back yeah you dont mess with the moose okay hey bambi my shop bambi point two bambi three four five bambi i headed oh wait is this that spot with the name troll like a guaranteed name troll if im not wrong or not oh wait this is that early man place okay oh time to switch to say what weapon oh i want to try this i just got it from the looks pretty much the same doesnt even have the blood that it showed on the icon nice specifications are me toxic weapon the musk figurine you carry this for me anything else i have actually you could carry the soul prison but meh thats okay hmm i dont think we can make these guys as trolls though and they dont even have a name wait why dont they have any names on top of their head what are you called you dont have a name ah miss me oh he got me though Music these guys have gold on them silver what do you know im pretty sure they dont know the value of it today ill take the obsidian thank you what do we have where do i go to get that oh do i have to go a bit more further i kind of like the hammer itself its more fun maybe ill keep the torch with me and then this one does poison damage this one does not hello and they look so cool they have some weird face expressions this guy look pretty cool who shot me who shot me someones shooting me hello yeah there we go late reaction oh its pretty windy here Music oh jailor i was a jailer with these guys up down goes oh one skull wasnt uh so bad this anyone in here i got a key if you want me to rescue you looks like theres no one in here huh just uh its empty yeah i know its empty but i cant open it even with the key unless theres someone inside oh there you are i was searching for you primitive man armor lets see there it is oh looks pretty cool primitive chess piece waist this ones probably the medium this ones the heavy its like yeah looks pretty cool not that right oh hello is there some water in here now oh hello what are you oh youre that easy boss die ding im really dead i can handle it solo now i dont want need to help okay is that it we get out of here come on still here what are you doing in there okay could you pull out pretty windy am i missing anything else here i dont think so lets keep moving key moment i kind of like i think i kind of have to see if i can find these objects i want to decorate my place with those rib cages like that make it look all creepy Music but i cant use gladius on my horse its a single-handed weapon how is it that i cant use it its not fair okay time to go say hey to some black corsair pirates uh you made my friends angry now you deal with them then oh i got cut poison spear actually uh it is kind of dark here i should have got the hanumans gada that would have been better oh hey norma im from india the action access accent should have been uh pretty pretty much okay okay this stupid king moose is taking all the credit for the kill so easily with his aoe attack now provide me some light here i should really uh as soon as you guys rank up to 20 im only gonna take only one guy from then on and that guy is this guys hip hop star right here see if i can find anyone hey uh what you guys doing here oh wait a minute if im not wrong there should be some good amounts of i almost forgot uh give me this now well take the poison one stop shooting me if crazy just wait until i get up there and well see how good youre off i shall why jumped off downstairs just because i got up here scared cat but then again i have friends down there youre in big trouble okay i need to see if there are oh boy spikes spikes down here wait what is this ive been here and it feels familiar oh yeah this is the place where you find all baboons and wanna hey baboon whats up baboon no no no now that hurt you like that you got the red butt baboons here if you want to fight them theyre always on top of the hills along with bambi there uh same here just started playing this game from a week or so it is beautiful design the map the levels enemies and everything youre playing the base map or ive been playing for two years now or probably more maybe two or more years ive been playing this game are you playing the base map or are you playing septa itself septa got released very recently so i mean not for pc but for the consoles i mean hello oh i see you right here what are you uh looks like minion oh oh bossy the boss showed up oh my god you guys are way too strong i should probably rank you oh hello we got the black corsair top and we got the yeti protector look at that i got a yeti shall we uh invite mr yeti into the party i mean i dont know if hell survive but hello the yeti professor you heard of nutty professor this is the yeti professor man hes too maybe lets put him on the floor hey tusk meet yeti professor hes the same height as you and way more like probably a hundred times weaker than you look at this guys health only thousand but then again hes also really slow what do you eat uh seems like fiber would really oh fiber is more than enough to make him get white salad i dont have fiber do i crap uh wait a minute i have 39 of it you could have all of it ill get you some later for now just follow me lucky for you i had a spot on the team right now problem right now is where is that is it here i think that recipe should be somewhere here recipe recipe aha found you sneaky book black corset outfit all mine deep red color white dye oh look at that oh boy ill probably get trapped i need to be very very careful got that black horse around me there we go oh our gaussian dream does ill take that helps you see in the night youve been playing uh for two weeks now boys did you play the bass map you said you started recently did you finish the base map though because most of the things that you would find on the base map uh you wont find it here and uh most of the things you might be seeing are from well the age of calamitous mod these pets at least and this horse is also age of calamitous mod just in case you do not know about it okay yeti professor is uh kinda ill just name him that but hes really i have already ranked him up once during the conan exile gameplay the exile lens gameplay but uh they dont really kind of turn out to be really good pets oh boy too late to rescue these guys i guess you who any name trolls here that want to get killed by mistake im pretty sure these guys are just waiting to okay oh boy and those are profession trolls thats not good theyll end up getting kills level two i dont mind and uh please be a shovel i wanna shovel from that supply box what are you what are you are you named by any chance please dont win oh wait never mind that one just ran away are you named or not hey hey okay oh hes in trouble now not even the mini-map feel the pain its like a private server no mods oh actually thats pretty cool if youre playing on a wait private server as in youre playing the pve or pvp like with other players thats actually way more fun i would say even if there are no mods theres a whole lot of things for you to do what is that what is that another crate im just hoping to get the crates to give me like uh oh theres one more over here hopefully the supplies i get from this crate gives me a shovel so that i can kind of dig up some of those areas which require a shovel oh hello i cant rescue you because i do not have the car wait a minute if youre here then there should be a jailer nearby that probably got killed even without me knowing Music like that why is that box already open did someone raid this place i just feel like the dungeons in the septa are all a bit too same yeah they are dungeons are pretty much the same uh if anything they kind of do help you get these uh pretty cool armor i mean these are from the dungeon but to be able to use all the dungeon related uh recipes you do have to be at level 60 and trust me they give some really good armors i got this and uh the feroxic weapons you definitely want to get to level 60 and youll be able to get these pyroxic weapons im using right now this ones the void forge from the tower recipe but i crafted the feroxic hammer ferrox egg spear and the other uh spears and daggers you see are from uh from the dragon uh what do you call those the maelstrom dragons though those ones drop these really good poison type weapons which are kind of really helpful if youre able to take out a dragon before level 60 probably youll get lucky with the weapon that is really good really helps but yeah once you do oh uh i would say going to a dungeon would help you with a lot of xp doing dungeon fights and go to the tower with sick fragments come back with six white force wait you got six with six fragments oh my god i always actually go after i have like more than 10 or something but thats just me i have only two right now i wasted some yesterday if im not wrong what is someone here oh youre lucky i dont have a bow in my hand but now i do where do you think youre going come on easy shot oh missed it oh wait poison healing arrows oh where did you show up from wait a minute one two one two three look at that posing one two three and right oh pretty cool look at that looks like achilles or something uh are we done with this side there sure is there anything else theres another camp here yeti professor is lucky that he has uh three more trolls to help out but once theyre ranked up yoho anybody home now come on let me fight a little bit uh you guys could have racked up at the in the tower but no they want to rank up here oh boy i kind of kind of have a bad feeling that they might end up you know killing a hello figurine what are you doing here are you oh you will do a little bit of uh oh whoa where did you show up from i cant move too much what the did i just drop my weapon what the heck are you kidding me thats a feroxic hammer why would you drop it dude so you want single player or like i said uh this is a single player dude im just playing i do try to play co-op but if the region is far away or something do you want to join me or something for isle of septa gameplay or even the normal conan im usually looking to try playing co-op games so if you want to try or if youre okay with it we could probably do a little bit of uh trial run of a co-op oh hey jailer wow you guys dont give me a chance to fight at all and then you kind of block my pet there wait come back i didnt even hit you correctly no no no no no no it is my kill no god theyre stealing my kills you okay youre named oh crap no dont run away oh youre an archer of course youre gonna run away really want to finish up with the ranking up of these guys especially what rank are you 19 okay one more rank to go you 18 you already ranked up you i dont care nutty professor i mean yeti professor hello uh you can join us on our server it has like 10 or so players all having fun on pve oh okay cool ill join but then do i have to get rid of all the mods though i mean i dont mind but i have to kinda put it in the load order again uh do one thing just add me on steam uh let me just show you my name there thats my steam name at the bottom rickster underscore plays add me on steam and also tell me your steam name so that i know im adding the right person ill join you ill message you on steam and then join you i mean single-player stuff and the server should be separate right so i dont think i will lose the gameplay okay time to do some dungeons today lets see which one do i go for this ones done this ones done i need to go and do this one right here the bird dungeon hey is this the one that has like uh lots of chain related stuff or whatever in the dungeon uh but first lets get rid of you guys were going back to camp of course i love the game dude oh look at that so much more better now oh a tusk stop walking so slowly oh got it today the bottle has spawned so i can get the what is this uh its supposed to be some type of uh shy emote or whatever no what is it wheres the uh the the thing the the emote there you are 80 shades of pink it seems oh blow kisses flirt bad hug and on the head oh this ones pretty cool look at that i forgot where to get that uh ah i dont know where to get that uh another emote i got the belly dance emote got the other ones it will be a fresh start on a modless server will you be up for the yeah dude i always kind of keep starting the game over and over again i like the grind youll probably find a whole lot of videos that ive already made of conan exiles with me just starting over again and again this probably ive started i love septa maybe i dont know five times now or six times i guess its pretty cool uh hey number uh take out the number dude armad no need of the number uh take it out is there no personal information please uh be careful if thats your number please do take it out now itself you can text me on steam well chat on steam oh oh you did see the videos okay awesome i played the game without mods at the very beginning and then i mean the base game ive probably played without the mods i love scepter i guess itll be a nice start without mods lets see but well talk about it on the steam chat just add me on it and ill uh yeah oh its a friend code of steam oh wait i dont think you have to do that do you okay one second let me make a let me make a quick note of it oh um got it right now then uh yeti youre not used to the desert area are you mr fluffy white man lets go welcome to my humble abode thats how you say it anyways uh you you you what the heck i gonna select you you stay out here itself youre too big so you stay here make friends with the dragon ill come back what am i supposed to do here again now oh yeah get rid of first few things Music and comrades oh no you guys are getting inside now thats not good Music cant find you you cant find me really oh uh one second let me show you the name again how can you not find me uh wait did i put it on okay let me let me let me just check uh just give me a second um just kinda oh whats your thing your name on steam let me just add you now itself second just playing see um oh found you i found you uh ive sent an invite did you get it uh did you get it i sent an invite i mean ending in and format get it i dont know what did i uh i myself im a bit confused i did use the code that you gave me oh there we go okay okay ill just get back to the stream there Music yeah definitely uh well talk and uh boy why did you guys get inside here wait is it night time why is this one switched on um yeah sure well talk it out uh well try it Music i dont think i need to use the mods or i dont think i have to get rid of the mods to go to a server without mods do i uh but lets see um lets see how it goes anyways i need to kind of kind of do some things here before i go to a dungeon first things first uh putrid meat here no no no putrid meat in the fluid press i need hiker yeah what is it there you are mates thank you and ill put this also in here and it gets uh and its time is done it will become future meat anyway so now you guys need to get out of my way oh these things are in here so stop running tusk you are creating quite the bit of ruckus so speaking of which lets see supplies i dont know which ones are the betters alchemical base lotus and whatnot and then okay supply what is this oh man oh the supplies are the corrupted stone okay a whole lot of that okay stop running you cant fit inside that no matter how much fast you run so Music stay here wait wheres the big guy stuck in the f yeah youre stuck in the ceiling now stupid told you to get inside eh stay out here ash goes in here here what is missing uh what is missing again compost wait what was oh yeah gr oh crap i forgot um yeah what am i missing raw ash compost stone no wait what was i supposed to put here i forgot already oh ash im definitely missing something wait what what is it you uh how the heck do i get this again addition of blood oh blood okay okay uh dont i have a bit of the blood only two oh man thats not good you not you you well not you either who has it oh you you give me this you have way too much of this ill be taking oh wait a minute hello how did i forget about you two the new weapon and then mr blizzard wizard going into this one no occupied occupied ah oh hello bear is ready uh maybe you can actually oh you guys dont eat that do you bear consumes honey and uh does this one consume uh flesh okay let me get some for you but first to get some blood to get some blood while that gets done uh exquisite meat maybe you like some exquisite mates Music ah there we go and the bear probably likes wait a minute the bed also likes uh highland berries doesnt it or no what does the bear eat again i forgot mr burglar what else do you eat oh fish of course iron there is also they do eat but then again i can get you easy honey uh honey look at munch on this uh i dont know what the bears actually kinda and there we go more dog i guess dont oh you already said that i didnt even see the message oh i need some blood done much more time do you need man that gets done there should be alpha foo in here way white there we go and uh seeds have any other seeds do i a storm already oh boy theres a lot of violet berries im going to take all going up here in case i do get some seeds ill use it over there but right now how come you stop no bark oh come on i keep something on the other is always missing here behalf of that oh i had bark and i didnt see it okay polite no no no stop dont even have the let me take these away from ya and then fill you up with those just a bit of it because im giving the highland berries to mr munchie here because hes gonna be producing more dung im guessing what the sounds already oh a greater one look at that gave it exquisite meat and see what it looks like um where do i place this guy yo this guy looks so cool wait inside he looks pretty cool but then again hes not the spitting type so he doesnt do ranged attacks like the spitting spider oh hey liquid uh welcome to the stream a belated welcome uh do i use him here i dont know why but i dont even know i have no idea what theyre good or good at these guys and i ended up getting a greater version uh crested um the serta the crested luscerta greater version of it no idea whether i would find out anyway lets find out here wait quite a little bit of meat dont ya uh oh you eat arms okay youre pretty much crazy two thousand uh are you really good at dough do you do any poison damage i dont think so he is like a dragon or i dont know hes like a giant version of the giant triples called crocodile or whatever not sure what hes good at but i guess ill get to know later anyways am i done here i need to go do one dungeon at least one also has a timer why does it expire in two hours man wait do i have eggs i dont have eggs i need to go farm eggs again oh i gotta go farm eggs again dang it hello uh i guess youre going in i guess for now ill stop making too much of these i just needed them for the trolls the trolls are leveled up im waiting for the purge to happen and when the purge happens hopefully it happens over there nowhere here okay lets go go for a dungeon god too much weight again okay like that take that uh grass grass where do i put it but put it there a little too much dung i have already so much i dont think i need anymore i do need to kind of start making aloe why am i wasting time on farming yet uh aloe seeds do you have my aloe seeds please i know i put it here no you dont have my aloe seeds you got golden lotus yeah not that about you oh of course but only star metal i did put another mini over here to get rid of all the things i had in my inventory oh there you are island midnight bloom the aloe oh you dont have my owl seeds island berries the mystical plant balls mandrake i dont need those oh well uh i guess im gonna just get rid of these as well gosh this oh hello the blood was here no wonder hmm i think i should stop uh harvesting i have way too much things in here oh wow look at the amount of island buddies are you kidding me thats way too much dude dragon over there horn and this one go over here i do want to make at least lets see do you have the coin related stuff there you are lets say gold bars make gold coins there we go much better and then you make the gold happen and what else do i need so wait why am i putting it here i want to put it here Music okay time to go do a dungeon fight now exit is it uh i have the skeleton keys in case i have to come across something oh yeah Music okay lets go step up like for a dungeon uh lets see well go do this one here a bit far away from here or do we go for something oh yeah theres one over here well go here this ones close by Music yeah well go here lets go lets see as well drag these guys up they have only one more level to go so oh wait a minute what did i need obsidian for again i needed 10 obsidian right oh come back again later really want to make this one and i needed iron so here give me this dagger now lets go time to start using the dagger get a whole lot of these uh demon blood is needed here wait you want a demon blood oh you should have told me earlier i could have had a hundred of it and this one alka hest oh great raw ash i have a chemical base i have dragon powder is gonna be a bit annoying to make why dont i make this thing drop from a boss or something that way i can go grind the boss if i need it that would be better right make it drop from the dragon boss itself red mother dragon its pretty close by might as well do that right alcahest this one i can make this one drops from a boss near the tower which i made happen and this one to make that i need the okay got it is hmm uh Music easy skeleton key for me you guys level up level 18 you still have quite the way to go king moose what about you tusk okay fine still have a quite a bit lets go do this dungeon maybe youll rank up quickly oh yeah there is a maelstrom going on so probably you can rank up on the crazy enemies that are in there if they spawn in front of you youll take care of them while i do the support wait a minute why do i have this hmm so that the blue door i see all the way at the top ah not bad people would definitely see that at a distance and want to go explore it thats good making a door visible all the way from the bottom itself is kinda nice and from this distance as well pretty cool never lose stamina in the middle of a maelstrom or never let it go down to zero because i kind of found out that you kind of get thrown off your horse if you kind of let it go to zero have to go over there thats the vault right there and where is the way there it is the way up right here so yoho monster i know youre here somewhere show yourself i got a few friends who want to level up where are Music could they been here oh there he is hey buddy whats up buddy its not that tough its 2000 health easy peasy taken out look at this and he gives raw ash nice what else do you give oh devolved fiend bone and blood lots of putrid made which i do not need right now so i put it here okay lets get inside should i put a bed down yeah sure why not i like the way it slowly opens up and then a bit of bright light from the inside okay so all of us are in here and tusk looks really cool except it doesnt run too quickly though uh hello lights in the dungeon okay one second oh just give me a second let me just go to the loo and come back ill just give me a second ill be right back Music um Music Music Music um Music um uh sorry about that im back and uh probably best to eat something and make sure you eat something thats not too hot and kills you see where is it lets go where thats our extra bit of strength and uh yeah time to finish up with this dungeon thats ready lets go wait wheres the sigil sigil theres always a sigil that you may want to get oh there you are give me that its just a decoration sigil or whatever Music um Music i want to use this or boys ah you should be pretty easy why was hip-hop not fighting that was weird hes got a shovel no thats a spear Music now he does thats his attack uh supplies yeah sure how come this ones giving putrid meat thats weird that this ones overlapping another huntress oh man i dont want huntress balls youre making me waste my skeleton keys take that though someone gives me the opportunity to get a red last return um oh um whoa is that a born trophy what devolving bone trophy that oh what the uh take that extra bit of weight ow that hurt yeah get him attack him dude yeah so dead that the one devolved fiend bone trophy on a pedestal eldrium plinth a finely shaped pedestal yeah yeah he wastes a lot of oh hello eldrio wow this thing just one hit gives like so much putin made hello something good the intelligible unintelligible i already got that one yesterday i dont need any more of that what is this oh im go there okay what do they drop again wow hard and steal stuff from these guys no match for the king moose are ya yeah getting rid of the putrid uh oh geez thats not good thats great he dropped a hardened steel whoa wow these guys are pretty good to farm at the very beginning it seems like thats the lever that will open the doors yep it took him out already the big guy oh not yet oh my god that king hoses a beast demon blood okay Music then all this is unwanted right now i have way too much over a day of those oh wait usually there are statues that you could get from dungeons as a decoration recipe whoa look at that attack okay and then look at this attack one shot that horn this time he gave okay how do you pronounce this armor pen 29 okay ill take that then everything else is me no boss fight yet okay man just go attack everyone why do you oh there it is thats the statue i was telling you always a fallen statue gives you a recipe for how you stop always try to fight the one im fighting oh there we go thats the boss right there maybe ill send you guys fight that one horsey you getting hit how are you youre getting so badly hurt dude are you done with the boss already um oh what is this themed bone hammer looks pretty cool that and give that back there we go bismol flesh is what i was looking for but all this though okay fine ill take it oh that looks cool looks pretty cool the details of it though sunder only nothing else balls and warhammers are slow to swing and leave their user vulnerable okay but when they connect they are yeah armored foes are particularly vulnerable to these massive block weapons while we lost shatter skulls sculpture yeah pretty much the same yes time for the cutscene oh wait a minute now well watch the cutscene first here we go the music stops as soon as you enter into this place the music is only for the boss fight or after the boss fight i think Music wolf man against harpy against demons we had lived in fear and isolation for long for spent up rage seems like the harpies the the werewolves whatever these guys are the fiends kinda ended up fighting each other hello sigil like what is this gravedigger i know flimsy paper grave digger use what does the gravedigger give me hey yeah boy i could make the shovel myself thank you i was looking for that today nice i got it in a dungeon instead what do you have ill take that elixir of might goals brimstone others like getting farm steel fire ill take that also and then uh being the walt armors and the vault armory fiend armory okay lets see what it looks like the end uh there we go oh it looks i mean i have seen this before this looks pretty cool though i like the axe its a battle axe that is awesome or what it does does it have any special attacks ill get to know this helmet looks awesome i like it what does it do the oh heat resistance nice im gonna be wearing this after i reach home lets go ill have both heat and cold resistance the hand gives me cold resistance which is up till there and then the helmet is gonna give me the rest of it i guess is it is that it anything else here i dont think so lets go Music lets go time to go back home and make that armor part a helmet i was using the wolf related one because it gives you extra eight points or whatever into your attribute oh look at this this bit of sunlight attributes so i got some points maybe increase grit perhaps i dont know go with strength shot me shot me get in trouble now Music hmm lets get out of here actually you know what theres a shale back up here till now i have never gotten the healing water skin lets see if i get lucky now i got lucky with the uh gravedigger recipe just now maybe i could get lucky with the healing water skit not that it heals you that much but enough that you dont have to kind of use aloe potions unless youre in real trouble its my favorite spot as well theres a nice cave probably showed you that hello wolfie sharp wolfie dont go after my attack that thing went flying what did you give ah man nothing today as well what else do you give demon blood no no demon blood ah thats weird okay whatever oh yeah this thing always has a bit of gold here wait you dont have to go oh there you are and okay ill head back home head back home and make the helmet and then finish up for today gonna make that really crazy looking helmet wow foreign Music oh i just missed like that much uh um oh no what did i kill ah i jumped over here though so um thats just something im trying to see if i can attract some crazy troll purge or whatever to that spot rather than my base ah Music um um foreign its night time what are you doing lamplighter why is everything switched off are you come on man was the use of a lamp lighter who doesnt work late sounds because everythings loading up now suddenly Music um so uh um Music um come on why does it take so long these days oh look at that but ill be making this today hardened leather so oh by the way this one its not the same as the riptide even though it says water breathing it only gives you like extra extra 30 seconds or so of breathing 20 to 30 seconds of rather than whatever normal breathing you can do underwater it kinda increases it by maybe 30 20 to 30 seconds perhaps thats it i was hoping it would be like the riptide spear but yes man and then wait a minute 203 this ones 253 with this full cold resistance and then a bit of heat resistance pretty cool right now i have both heat and cold resistance and it looks something like this when not using the passionist mod okay that i look like shredder that looks pretty cool guys you my friend are going to stay over here wheres that guy its hip hop scepters uh pop star theyre right there anyways uh i guess im done for today and uh yeah im gonna finish up by putting these things away i can make that myself uh black corset outfit yeah there we go one two three i can make each of them and then primitive was it primitive chess piece what wheres the other one oh there it is oh prime evil and primitive okay p-r-i-m that should be yeah there we go uh 336 not bad wait this ones the heavy one i thought this was the heavy one this ones the medium ah the heavy one is looking like a medium one the helmet looks like its a medium wait why does this one not have uh arms is it the same arms as that one yeah this one doesnt have arms the armor arm or whatever thats weird number two yeah primitive bracers Music primitive bracers primable doesnt have it okay i dont know why maybe theres some legendary part of it maybe why am i encumbered ah that heavy armor i tell you too much no way so this is what it looks like i look like a pirate yeah it looks weird because obviously im using the fashion body mod which makes this default septa related armor is a bit too weird because the body type of that mod is for the other default uh exile lens related outfits and uh yeah so it makes most of the outfits look a bit a bit too pointy i would say but the default uh body type should look pretty good im using the other one so just makes it look that way yeah this is uh related to the passion body mod so its like that if im using this one it looks a bit too weird and the body type changes those textures also change yeah yeah anyways thats about it and uh what was i supposed to do again demon blood yeah from the blood just now though to make this i need two of this and then i need 75 of that alcohol is gonna require a bit of alchemical base dont i have alchemical base nope no alchemic obeys here right and the armor also yeah quite a bit of uh that is required this one needs the obsidian i want to fight for now ill go get that Music and the dark ritual the thing that made me look like a demon in the age of calamitous mod yeah this is from that lets see lets see i need to make this one then this one requires that and the alkahest oh wait i can make one of this required i will make that later raw ash i did get raw ash here michael bay say okay okay all right this one is also water breathing but whatever underwater breathing i dont think you can get that here lets see put it back left side okay okay i think i can make a few of it Music here and so crystal ill make two of it i dont know how much is required but it again Music crystal is needed a whole lot oh wait a minute this one has crystal oh man used up the crystals okay may have to get some more crystals ill take that dragon powder now all i need to do is get a whole lot of those uh essences that looks like some character from avatar what is it what of that all i need is one and then now to start farming for 75 manifestation of zeal right right right right and i was supposed to put the the fiend bone into the fluid press you get iker sauce huh Music i guess the best way to get the human camp is over here over here and uh take them out or here this one has a lot of them over here as well its the closest ore could go here but then right in front of my uh camp itself all i have to do is just go up to here just go inside come back out allah and probably those guys would have spawned back again like that and i can just keep doing that and keep taking them out Music oh and this is what i need to keep doing uh but anyways uh shout out to norman shout out to liquidfire thank you for joining me on the stream chat shout out to alan also thank you for joining me today on my stream and uh i am done for today i will catch up tomorrow again we will continue with this i probably might do a bit of grinding and get my uh short exaltly wow look at that hammer kinda looks pretty cool in water and then again where is it i have to reach like 75 manifestation of zeal and i will be able to make this particular sword of zolly and this beard is pretty cool look at that water effect of it looks so cool water effect huh yo anyways thanks again and ill see you guys uh tomorrow for another stream until then a shiny narrative issue and a bye bye im done for todays trip and uh you guys always keep smiling ill see you guys tomorrow till then please stay safe and yeah stay healthy see you guys im done ciao white dance up here uh yeah well just go to sleep that would be better dont think you can sleep with all this light whatever something better than nothing sleeping on the hammer oh man thats gonna be uncomfortable anyways see you guys im done ciao vr desktop steam Please LIKE & SUBSCRIBE. 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