Top 5 Questions Age of Sorcery Chapter 3 Conan Exiles 2023

Can i play two steam games at onceplay steam game while downloading CONAN EXILES: ISLE OF SIPTAH whats up everybody and thank you for joining  me for another video my name is wak4863 but you   can call me wak in this video Im going to answer  the most burning questions that Ive found coming   through the internet so this could be from  YouTube it could be from Discord it could be   from the forums but these are the most burning  questions for the age of sorcery chapter 3 that   Ive seen floating around the internet and Im  gonna answer those today and I want to know in   the comment section below if I answer any of  the questions that have been burning in your   mind and if you enjoy this content make sure you  smash that subscribe button ring that notification   Bell so you get more content just like this go  ahead and whack that like button lets get into   this video number five surprising enough one  of the top questions that I see being asked   is where to learn golems and thats interesting  to me because I already have a video showing you   not only where to learn Golems on the Isle of  Siptah but on the exiled lands and the Savage   Wilds mod map so Im gonna link that video in  the top right hand corner of this video and   if youre not sure where to learn Golems go  over to that video and its going to explain   everything right there number four Im seeing a  lot of people having issues either crafting or   assembling their Golems so theres a two-part  answer to what could be going wrong if youve   gone up and youve met the trainer already  he only teaches you the workbench stations   the rest of the Golem crafting is going to be  unlocked through your knowledge tab it is under   sorcery and you are going to need to spend quite  a few points to unlock all the different crafting   that can be done if youre having an issue with  the assembly station its likely that the issue   is caused because youre over encumbered even  if you have the Beast of Burden perk it is not   going to allow you to complete this ritual  if youre over encumbered it does give you a   quick notification at the top of the screen that  youre over encumbered but it really doesnt say   that you are unable to do it while youre over  encumbered number three many of you noticed that   your horses HP increased by quite a bit now this  is not something that was in the patch notes so I   went ahead and reached out to Funcom to ask if  this was intended and at this point they said   that it is intended now that doesnt mean that it  wont be looked at for balance fixes or changes   in the future however it does mean that as of  now you dont have to worry about your horses   HP decreasing with a hotfix in the near future  number two another question thats cropping up   quite regularly is where the new dungeon is on  the Isle of SEPTA and I have to tell you there   is no new dungeon on the Isle of SEPTA the new  dungeon is reserved solely for the exiled lens   however you can still participate in Golem shaping  you can still search for the Bloodstone Rock nose   and receive the blood crystals however you are  going to miss out on the mecca Moses armor and   youre going to miss out on the dungeon if if  youre playing on the Isle of SEPTA because it   simply isnt there number one the most burning  question that Ive seen asked is about thralls   in the new Golem crafting bench people want to  know which thrall theyre supposed to put on this   bench and as of right now this is being treated  as a UI bug apparently there is no thrall that is   going to be placed on the Golem crafting bench  or at least thats what Im extrapolating from   the answer that I received from Funcom is that it  is not intended at least at this time to receive   a crafting thrall so you can stop trying to put  your thralls on this bench at least for now Id   like to thank all my YouTube members for your  continued support yall are absolute Legends   if youd like to become a legend theres a button  that says join on this page click that for details   theres two videos on the screen click one of  those to watch next and Ill meet you over there thank you best download region steam These are the Top 5 questions I see being asked about the Age of Sorcery Chapter 3 for Conan Exiles. The Number Countdown is the Voice of JordeeKai. ★Website★ ★Merch★ ★Discord★ ★Twitch★ ★ Tips★ ★Need a Server?★ ★Need Gaming Gear?★ The Age of Sorcery comes to Conan Exiles, the multi million-selling online survival and crafting game set in the lands of Conan the Barbarian. Survive in a vast and savage world, build your kingdom, and dominate your enemies in brutal combat and epic warfare. Develop your character from surviving Exile into mighty barbarian, corrupted sorcerer, or anything in between. Sorcery Become a master of the dark forces of sorcery at the cost of health and stamina. The deeper you draw, the more corruption you let in, enhancing your powers but visibly withering your body. Perform summoning rituals to summon demonic and undead followers, vanish from plain sight, and conjure darkness or storms at will. Sorcery requires preparation and madness in equal measure. Expanded Perks & Attributes Character specialization in Age of Sorcery is deeper than ever. Every attribute has been rebalanced and its effects tweaked. Additionally, players now receive a choice between perks for each attribute, letting them specialize further. Sorcerers who have become sufficiently corrupted will unlock a special sorcery perk. Building Overhaul Building receives a complete overhaul, complete with a new and dedicated interface, massively improving building for both keyboard and controller players. Ages arrive in Conan Exiles The way Conan Exiles expands is changing. Following Age of Sorcery, each Age will continue to have its own theme, free gameplay updates, and Battle Passes. Ages look to the future, in order to deliver evenly paced content drops and an easy way for any player to support the game’s growth and receive exclusive themed cosmetics. Creative Mode Directly available through the main menu, Creative Mode allows players to focus on building without material or movement restrictions. 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