Beginners Guide to Crossout for PS4 (See Description)

Steam game online statsklarna steam games CROSSOUT game hello and welcome to a quick tutorial on cross out for ps4 you know you might feel a little overwhelmed if you just starting up you never played it before I know I was I was I hated this game at first but it is well worth getting used to it it is it is worth the learning curve you know when you first start out and you had you start driving youll notice that if you try to turn you just kind of go crazy a little bit Ive gotten used to it so I have to over I have to exaggerate my movements a little bit because once you get used to it youre fine yes the starter car is really  __  it does turn way sharper than it needs to its really sensitive that way but you can get used to it its not not unusable but yeah you you definitely want to change that as soon as you can and with there the way you do that the way you improve the handling of your car youre going to build as you go youre going to get access to more and more parts now what youre looking for are any of the wheels st you want s t specifically because a regular wheel is just something that you pull along they dont give you any power the controls in the the garage thing here are a little wonky takes some getting used to but once you do youre fine go ahead and put these away put these away with r1 if youre not clear you push r2 when youre in the garage itll tell you what every one of those buttons does so you can see up above there or below each of the buttons it tells you like when you start out it looks like this but it I mean what the hell does a hammer on a box mean well lets find out r2 is labeled the  __  so its removed part Im going to show you how to make it handle a little better so once you get some parts rolling in and itll take a while you have to level up a few times before they start giving you some some parts you can really do anything with youre going to want to first of all extend your frame that will help balance it out the hells your problem there what I thought you do have to snap to a grid or the grid I suppose and then attach your wheel st Im gonna extend the frame out both directions and this will help you keep from falling over and you want to use the st and not the standard because you know theyll all drive this way itll help you control it a little better think of them as training wheels that you want throughout the game the other option would be to extend the frame backwards with little frames like that and you know eventually you get long ones do this and then put some wheels on that there are buttons to make this go faster than than that but I just never got used to me yet you can see the difference in the steering and the handling here we go much easier much less likely to flip over so this is how you go about making it so your car doesnt fly all over the place the fastest way to make money early on is just to go into your inventory find anything that you know is sellable that you arent going to use a lot of times youll see like an extra wheel or a gun that youre not going to use or whatever in you um once once you find that lets lets sell a wheel all you do is highlight the item hit triangle and then you want to never you never want to hit the sell button thats a problem this will instantly sell it for the highest price that somebody has offered to buy it and Ill get into that a little bit later you can also buy one thats a little safer if thats what youre looking for thatll give you the quick price though the next lowest price that it is for sale and available what you want to do if youre going to sell this though hit trade thatll bring you into this menu here once youre in this menu here you can hit sell and it will suggest that the price you should sell it for this is what youll be selling it for here on the top and what youll get after the taxes is take it out is is here now you can change either one of these like lets say you want to get a round number and you dont want to do the math lets just go in here and delete this I want 1 gold for this done and it automatically figures the map for you so theyre going to sell it for 112 this is an advisable for this amount in this situation because nobodys going to buy that because as you saw theyre suggesting 43 cents because well I mean thats that would put it at the lowest for that item so when somebody comes in to buy it theyre not going to buy one thats that cost more than that because that doesnt make any sense so theyre going to buy the lowest one sure its possible to buy on the tire but why would you want to do that you always want your product to be the cheapest if you want to move it fast so lets go ahead and sell this and once I have the information that I want there I can hit square now this will not always well this will never sell it instantly but if there enough people playing and somebody happens to be looking at the market just then and click on it you know you bother youll probably get the money right away but as you can see its my money hasnt changed there but you might have to give it a few minutes might be a few hours a few days depending on what it is how rare it is how expensive it is Ill show you an example here Ive got Ive got this Eagle up for sale now the Eagle OS mines the only offer and nobodys gonna buy at this price but thats why unless some rich kid wants to come along and spend their money thats thats fine I dont expect it to go but I want it there just in case somebody does happen along and have that much money to drop on it thats fine depending on the item it might be up there for a few minutes few hours a few days whatever but you can get an idea of just how popular an item is or how many people are selling it by just looking at the offers here theyll tell you you know so there are 1088 people selling a huntsman theyre not often the same for the same price but this is the lowest you can buy it for right here so 51 cents and the fast or the the highest amount somebody will give you to just buy it right away is 11 cents like if I had a huntsman in my inventory that I wanted to sell I could sell it without waiting for 11 cents to put down an offer on an item you need to have that much money in your inventory the amount you you want to give you have to have it because you you deposit it you dont lose anything if you decide to change your mind or whatever but you do have to have the money up front well use this for an example well go into wyvern here to do this to put an offer on an item Im just in the market here the main menu over there the the garage menu here hit the market button and Im going to click on the wyvern just with an X with X button and once you get in here you can you know sell one like we did before or click on buy now that its going to ask you how much you want to pay for it now this is where youre going to go up here and change this too Im going to change it to $10 nobody in their right mind is going to sell this for $10 so I have the $10 there or entered here this is how much Im offering to pay somebody for a while ring and once thats in there I can hit square to place my order and your request has been placed you will receive a notification unsuccessful purchase so and youll see that my money has been reduced by $10 if you make an offer on something and you want to cancel it you want to get your money back just again just go to the market go to my offers and youll see all your all the offers here currently making the things youre selling and the things youre offering to pay for and you just go over to the right here and you click the X with the X button its going to ask you to confirm and you get your money back hit yes which is square and once again I have 1063 when youre building your machine there are a few things that you want to keep in mind first of all the part limit when you first start the game I think your part limits like 20 that means you can have a total of 20 parts that are attached to your your unit and I do believe this counts as if it does so your cabin counts as a piece as well so you have 20 pieces that you can have at one time and they all have to be connected obviously the the numbers that you are going to be looking at most of the time are going to be the structure which ends up being your hip points total parts obviously thats you want you want a higher total part limit so you can put a bunch of stuff on there your energy which is going to be the major limiter and its really kind of nice the way they have it set it up it kind of keeps everybody on par with each other sure some people are better about our skill set or whatever theyre better at constructing these things but its a lot of hit and missed its a lot of just trial and error until you get the right combination that works for you energy is for things like guns see um you can see here energy drain for the Hornet is - I have a total of total of seven for this cabin and since Ive got two of those attached and then one carjacked thats a total of five point so Ive got two points left I could put another machine gun on there if I wanted to and then the mass youll have a total weight limit the heavier you are the slower your acceleration is going to be so you want to keep that low the other thing is the power score the big number on top there in the bottom right that is basically your ticket to higher level fights thats the limiter as far as which which people youre going to be playing with its its kind of a range but for example when youre just starting out you have a power score of what under a thousand Im assuming when you start from the beginning youre not going to be be able to play with people that are like 6,000 power score unless we did find out find us out with dip if you join a party with somebody thats a higher power schooler power score and you and you go into a mission with them you will be playing against people on par with them so youll be at an extreme disadvantage there so you want to get your power score up as high as you can get it for the part limit that you have the the other thing that you want to keep moving up is as your structure because thatll thatll translate directly to your hip points so you have 392 structure what text test drive this I have 392 hip points youll see those at the bottom thats thats my life bar there that that white thing in the bottom middle and youll see the the other two of the two symbols above that are my my guns you see as youre firing that meter fills up thats the the coolant meter if you hold it down too long they overheat you are stuck without guns for a few seconds so youre better off just firing let it let it cool a little bit so you just kind of you know theyre going to be a lot of times where youre just holding it down the entire fight and you know youll get by ok with that but its its always better to just always have something available just in case the right opportunity presents itself to back out of the test-drive you just hit options for hit points were going to go into our inventory here all of the little attachment dealies will have a power score and or structure that they add to your to your vehicle so lets use this plate for example this half wall youll see that it increases vehicle structure by 57 so that gives me 57 hit points increases power score by 44 it also gives you it gives you the mass there so were going to click on that back up a little bit here the best way to do it is to cover your main cabin because thats where you know youre going to get it hurt the worst if they cant get to your cabin you know they cant kill you so cover it up the best you can these plates do not last very long the more structure they have the longer they will but do not expect them to survive the fight you never lose the item permanently unless you sell it but it will come off in battle after its shot a few times so were going to go ahead and put a few plates on here doesnt need to be pretty you can actually put it wherever you want as long as its connected to a part of the grid so lets go ahead and take that 4 spins uglies ugly as can be well no Ive seen far uglier and you will too youll see all kinds of monstrosity okay and the test mode is kind of nice because it fits you against but well a dormant of an unwritten version of your car so you can kind of test the defensive qualities now the different numbers there the white ones are damage to the parts and yellow numbers are damage to your cabin yellow is bad you dont want that you will notice that your life does fall off as your your parts do thats fine because its all factored into your total life score so well go ahead and spawn some bots in here by pushing down on d-pad when youre fighting things you want to look at their tires do they have four wheels if they have four wheels go for the go for their tires if they only have four and you knock one off theyre going to have a hard time sure they can move around a little bit they can still drive to some degree but the more wheels that you knock off the less they can do that I also want to try to take out their guns because if they dont have a gun they cant fight you except for ramming not easy with these starter cars there we go and knocked his gun off hes pretty much useless now hes got a little melee thing on the front so he can Ram us with a good amount of speed you can damage us if he friends us at a decent speed rather one more quick thing before we head out to the field youre going to be tempted to sell a lot of like the stuff that you get like just the raw materials the scrap metal the wires I would suggest hanging onto them yes you can make a lot of money doing it and I mean thats how I made my money early on but as you progress in the game youre going to wish you had hang onto them because they are much more much more important later on sure everybodys a little different some people wont use the coupons some people wont use the electronics Im one of those people the electronics are from what Ive seen for for really high-end gear and Im nowhere near that yet so Im just like yeah its easy enough to get them and theyre super cheap because everybodys selling them the other thing is the coupons you need so many of them to do anything so you know if you sell them I dont think youre really out anything sell extra wheels and an extra chassis xored cabins so extras of the cannon just throw the shotgun away nobody wants it now if you have different guns on your your vehicle you can actually you can map them to different buttons on your controller to do this all you do is youre in the main garage menu here you click on the first button this one here and like the little gun symbol then itll actually point to each one as you highlight it so lets say the one on the right I want that to be are to the one on the left I want to be O l2 and you can map it to any of those buttons any of the face buttons there and like the triggers Ive never needed more than the two triggers and then maybe r1 but who knows you might have a situation where you have six different guns you want to fire at different times thats fine whatever whatever floats your boat but thats how you do it and when it comes to different blueprints like lets say well Ill just show you because Im going to switch to my good vehicle for for now so I can show you some some missions but when you want to save your creation you just go down here the little state of save symbol floppy disk dealy you have four oh theres more Oh blueprint storage thats a thing okay cool anyway Ill look at that later but you start out with four you can have four different blueprints of your own making and if I wanted to save this which Im definitely not going to I would just highlight one of the slots here and hit the Save button and then once Ive entered the name and confirmed it it would save it Im going to back out of that let me go ahead and load lose neck so when you want to load when you click on want to click on the one you want then you go down over here to load bottom left hand corner and its going to warn you its going to say you know the car that youre currently using is going to be taken apart is that okay and as long as youve saved it or if you just dont want to say that you just hit yes youre good to go now Im in my primary vehicle and youll find that your private primary vehicle changes constantly like Ive had the same base structure for a while but its everything about it changes here and there like every few fights so it depends a lot on your your levels the stuff that you get from leveling up your money situation if you end up with a bunch of money you want to spend it on a new gun you know youre going to change things around just for that between the limit the part limit and the power limit youre gonna be changing things around a lot so lets head out to battle you hit just square or you can click on it that works to your basic missions are right here its under missions the first one you get is going to be get the machine gun and really all it is is a reward pool its just a reward pool this is the first one that you have available the only one you can start out and tell you thats the only one you can do until you get to like level five maybe three I dont know level up a few times then you can move on to the next one and each one has like something that is like Oh get this get that it doesnt really mean anything it just means like thats the ultimate prize from that from that mission and then when you get down here okay see these beautiful ever level requirements here and then as you go on or when you get to the bottom here you have a power score of 3000 and you need a power score of 3000 to get into this mission 4000 for this one its not that big of a deal youll get there pretty soon after you after you hit the level seven mark the next set of game types would be right click on that raids take gas youll see your gas up at the top right here your total I think you start out with a total of 50 it goes up over time its fine as you level up gas you can receive by equipping one of these gas barrels to your machine and it doesnt need to survive the fight it does explode I dont I think theres a problem with the damage at the moment they they might fix it they might leave I dont know I dont I dont see it actually doing that much damage or especially not for 10 meter radius but anyway you you attach them the feel barrel to your machine and you take it into a mission if you win you have a chance to bring back some gas and its usually 25 per run the fuel barrel does not have to survive you you dont have to survive as long as your team wins you have a chance to bring some gas home so thats how you get the gas to enter the raids the raids I find that cargo race is the easiest while things like defense are doable but theres there a few that are just they feel so unbalanced theyre really difficult so I would suggest cargo race just start out with defense is okay but you know if you have a garbage team it might not go very well oh one more thing about the raids there theyre always changing out I think its every two hours and youll see how long like in right here it says two minutes two and a half minutes thats going to change our new missions are available that means all these are going to change in two and a half minutes these are all going to go theyre going to put you know no ones in there there might be some of the same kind of things it might be completely different but yeah thats thats what that means and its its like every four hours I think maybe maybe two hours I dont know anyway brawls are the next set these are a little more frustrating that says new missions available in 24 hours its my experience that when these things do start up theyre usually only on for like four hours but maybe they change that now because this is you know this is going to be up for 24 hours the free-for-all thats a great way to make scrap great way to pick up scrap and if youre lucky enough to get first place you get a little loot crate thats cool this is thats garbage nobody wants those you can sell the pieces thats fine otherwise you will be saving them for a long time and then saving up your wires or whatever whatever other junk they need to make that stuff youll be saving stuff for a long time there are different different modes here these these all change out to storm warnings a little different you just kind of stay alive as long as you can you know obviously everybody shooting at you but stay away from the storm the storm kills you free-for-all self-explanatory race is self-explanatory yeah so well head on to lets head into battle here click on the mission you want hit square it usually loads within a few seconds the loading times are fantastic in this game the weather what the hell is the matchup time come on theres theres a term for it what kind of think about anyway the time it takes for them to find enough people to play with is great its usually got a few bots on each side youll notice those with the simple names of a good this time there are no BOTS so these are all humans on both sides thats going to be a good fight damnit Oh you okay done now youll notice as youre playing this how most of your point most of your experience points come from breaking pieces of other players not necessarily kills kills are okay but its definitely not something that you need to worry about definitely dont need to worry about getting just a kill assist on stuff because you know there are only eight kills usually in a match too even for anybody to even have because theres eight players on each team if you can do a lot of damage to somebody really quick just take all their stuff off if you ever get the opportunity to sit and pick pieces off of somebody like as long as youre not in a hurry and maybe youre completely disabled but you have somebody thats disabled in front of you and you you still have a gun you can sit and pick all their parts off thats thats a good way for experience to get experience obviously capturing the the enemy base its good experience but theres only 300 points to be had there so its kind of a one-time one time for a match and really only if youre six if youre successful so its not really something you can depend on you know and there is no respawn so everybody gets one life thats where the extra the structure comes in you want to stay lets stay alive as long as again as you can see here you can hover over points or seat it shows total points kills I think I got one kill maybe parts theres parts destruction I got 468 thats pretty low really but still its its higher than the others that didnt stay up long enough for me to show you but Ill cut it together and show you at the end of the next match the other side haha oh I wish they could all go in that way damn it none of that none of that none of that none of that not gonna theyre not gonna do that today aw damn it wait can I get it all dude I aim for the one on the right and they rock the boat a little bit and the crosshair went to the left but it was in perfect position to hit the other guy great well thats okay were gonna be well be fine and this is how you self-destruct kids hold the two sticks down ah hes not gonna be here when I go damn it oh I hit him look at that yeah you just hold the sticks down until that that little neither meter fills up you let go and you go boom just a few seconds later theres a little bit of a delay between the time you let go and the time you go boom but its very useful especially if you get some of these stuck on top of you or somebody has you stuck on top of them and you cant really do anything and you just want to end it all there you go do some damage on your way up might as well get it you can do it yeah you go victory must Bend the last one okay and then on the left side here youll notice how this changes out automatically itll switch back in a second it shows me all the things going on down here youll see rewards that youve received these are stickers which are useless youll notice that this number is higher sometimes because you have a bonus then higher than the one the number on the right there but thats because its got all the bonuses factored in so if thats a little confusing that that should explain it if the time runs out and your team has one point and they have zero or like if you have more points than them at the end when the when the timer runs down to zero and you have more points than your opponent you win they have more points than you you loose pretty simple you also lose if they kill all is you kill your whole team damn it damn it no comeback fine now Im done damn damn oh well so ways to win kill their whole team have more cars left than them at the end of the you know from the time runs up capture they base have more points than them by the time when welcome time runs out points Trumps number of cars if youre trying to capture their base and theres one of them on their circle with you if youre not going to make any progress as long as one of them is on the circle itll hold hold the progress still so I sucked that time okay and you can see right here sold one piece of mini medium wheel for forty three cents after taxes so you know that was one of the things we we put on the market there it wasnt instant but you know its been probably a half-hour since then so thats not too bad post enough stuff youll get some spending money I would suggest going into the market and buying some decorations at the beginning just something cheap you dont need anything fancy just go over to the sold for minimum sort it you dont have to hit it a couple of times because it puts the expensive ones first the first time buy some like headlights or candle bags or whatever theyre good for 1 percent extra experience each they take up one part on your of your total parts limit but its worth it especially if you get enough of them early game work where you have like three or four extra experience you know from the beginning thats going to make a big difference every day when you come in well after every 24 hours youre going to see this little thing up in the top right corner these are your daily challenges theres usually couple theres usually like one to play the game for two hours and then one random one you have them challenge is there there are some more challenges under the season thing that changes but you can go into the season Deeley click on one of the dudes I do believe youd have to be a certain level to start the stuff but maybe not I could be wrong basically you just click on the first one start the start the process and you know do the the challenges as they request like with this is when 15 battles that that this is normal though the easy one is lets see the first one is use cannons so you have to have a cannon equip that and destroy 15 players now when it says something like that you dont actually have to get the killing blow as long as you did damage to them the yellow damage as long as you hit their their chassis itll count as a kill assist and thats thats what theyre asking for here its destroy 15 players so as long as you had a hand in destroying 15 of them youre good and as you progress after every challenge you just move on to the next one theyre all a little different you get to the end and you get the big reward so thats what Im working on now is the normal one this is much more annoying but its very doable I can I can do this in the next few days thats fine but thats all Ive got for you right now anyway thank you for watching I really appreciate it I hope it helped let me know if at Disneyland let me know if I did or didnt let me know if I miss anything simple thank you I really appreciated if you like to hit the like button subscribe for more check me out on Facebook and Twitter at Caillou 82 for the daily schedule and check out my twitch channel to follow me there and Im going to be doing a lot of streams there good place to go I dont have a lot of followers yet so as I gain followers Ill do more stuff there yeah thanks again Ill see in the next video uninstalling a steam game Looking for something specific? 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